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The Embrace of Darkness

by Papa Palpatine

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© Copyright 2017 - Papa Palpatine - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; prepare; robe; sacrifice; other-dimension; deity; other/f; naked; caress; kiss; first; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

The cultists in dark grey hooded robes led Abigail through the torch-lit corridors of the underground temple. The 19-year-old blonde's street clothes were long gone; she was now dressed in a white silken robe after some female cultists bathed and perfumed her.

As they came upon an imposing, black marble door, one of the cultists knocked thrice. As the door opened, Abigail could see little more than darkness beyond. After a bit of a struggle, the cultists shoved her inside and the door slammed shut. She tried to run back, she was going to pound on the door with all of her might and demand to be let out; but to her astonishment, the door was no longer there!

"What in the Hell?!"

Confused, she looked all around her. She thought about finding a wall, putting her hand on it and following it until she found an exit, but she was unsure if this place even had walls. For all she knew, the darkness went on forever in all directions, and visibility was so low she could barely even see her own hands held out directly in front of her. On top of all that, she couldn't shake the feeling of eyes upon her, observing and assessing her.

It was then that she turned around and caught sight of a small patch of light in the foreboding dark, like a spotlight for performers on a stage. Not knowing what else she could possibly do under the circumstances, she slowly walked towards it, trembling in fear with each step. She wished she still had her cellphone; she wished she could call the police, her parents, or just about anyone else to come to her rescue. But even if she had it, she somehow doubted she would get any bars of signal in a place like this.

"Hello?" She called out as soon as she stood in the light. "Is anyone in here? Hello?"

"I am here." A voice replied from the dark.

"Who said that?" She asked, startled.

"I did."

A pair of red eyes, glowing like burning coals, appeared in the darkness just outside her little island of brightness. She could just barely make out the haunting, otherworldly silhouette the eyes belonged to. With a gasp, she took a step back.

"Forgive me, I sometimes forget the effect my presence has on mortals while I’m in this form..."

The silhouette and its red eyes faded from view, and then a figure stepped forward into the light; a tall man with dark hair, dark eyes, and a handsome if vaguely sinister face. He was clothed in the darkest black imaginable, as if he was wearing the darkness itself.

He smiled pleasantly and said, "...Perhaps a less threatening form will put you at ease?"

"Where am I?" Abigail asked as soon as she could muster up the nerve to speak. "And what happen to the door out of here?"

"This place is my personal sanctum," He explained. "It is its own separate dimension, and entirely under my control; no one can enter or leave unless I choose to allow it."

"Who are you?" she asked. “What are you?”

"I am the god of primordial darkness, and the sire of all things that dwell in the night and the shadows. I've had many names down through countless eons, though my most faithful worshipers know me as Lord Erebus."

"The god of darkness?" Abigail's face turned ashen. "So those weirdos dressed like Death Eaters offered me to you as some kind of virgin sacrifice?"

Erebus looked at her with bemusement and then chuckled.

"Is that really what you're so worried about, my dear?" He replied. "Let me assure you, those few deities who still demand human sacrifices these days find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel for worshipers. Personally, I'm quite content so long as my praises are sung and my commands obeyed."

"Well that's a relief, I guess," Abigail said, trying to calm her racing pulse. "Could you please let me out of here now?"

"What's the big hurry to leave?" Erebus said. "I don't recall saying we were done here."

"Then what do you want from me?"

Erebus snapped his fingers. A few feet away from them, within their same circle of light, a king-sized bed with black silken sheets materialized. He raised an eyebrow and said, "I imagine you're a bright enough girl to figure that part out."

Abigail looked at the bed and then to Erebus. "You want me to sleep with you?"


"Is that even possible?"

"It very much is," Erebus replied with a lazy smile. "Not to sound like a braggart, but I've been a father more times over than most humans can count. The mothers of my progeny have included goddesses, princesses, and quite a few comely peasant girls; and to be sure, all of them considered it an honor to be seeded by me."

Abigail cast her gaze downward. "If you're as powerful as you say, I don't suppose I have much of a choice in the matter, do I?"

"Come now my dear," He placed his index finger beneath her chin, gingerly tilting her face upward to meet his. "Would it really be such a bad thing to give into me? To feel my darkness lovingly engulf you?"

Her skin goose pimpled as those words stirred within her the strangest mingling of fear and sexual desire. On one hand, if there was anything to all the mythology and folklore she had ever read in her life, engaging in coitus with an otherworldly entity might not be the smartest thing to do. But on the other hand, how many women these days can boast that they had their first time with darkness personified?

Abigail moaned softly and then looked at him with pleading eyes. "If I let you have me, will you at least promise to be gentle?"

He nodded with a smile and ran a hand through her hair; her scalp tingled wonderfully from his touch. Reluctant at first, Abigail undid her robe, allowing it to slide off of her shoulders and drift silently to the floor. For a brief moment, she stood there blushing and vainly trying to cover her nakedness with her hands. As he encircled her in his arms, she allowed hers to fall to her sides. An intense, pleasant tingling rushed all throughout her body, starting from where one of his hands touched the small of her back. The more he caressed her, the more she wanted to belong to him; body, mind, and spirit, for all eternity. She let out another moan of pleasure, rested her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. He patted the back of her head, swept her up into his arms bridal style, and then carried her to the bed.

As he stepped passed the foot of the bed, Erebus sang, "Deepening shadows gather splendor, as day is done. Fingers of night will soon surrender the setting sun..."

He laid her out atop the black silken sheets, her flaxen hair cascaded over one of the black silken pillows. He disrobed and then joined her in bed. With a snap of his fingers, the light soon dimmed...

And then there was darkness. It had engulfed her just as he promised. Abigail couldn’t see Erebus but she could soon feel him astride her. She felt his hands tickle her sides and his mouth plant kisses on her neck. Not knowing what to expect from him next amplified every little sensation. Her nipples erected and her vagina moistened. She moaned and panted with every touch; with every little way he played with her body. His power over her was undeniable, and yet she felt secure in the knowledge that he would not harm her.

She eventually spread her legs, ready to receive him. As she felt him move into position, her entire body tingled with anticipation. In that very first moment of penetration, the pain was enough to make her grimace, but it soon gave way to pleasure unlike anything she had experienced before. Each subsequent thrust of his godly penis brought her closer and closer to the climax; to the crescendo of this symphony of carnal desire.

The orgasm that followed was an explosion of overpowering pleasure, robbing her of voluntary muscle control and causing her toes to curl. At the same time, she felt the warm flow of his semen inside her, and the muscular contractions of her vaginal canal carrying it deep into her. Just before the flood of feel-good chemicals completely overwhelmed her brain, it briefly and dimly registered in her mind that she hadn’t asked him to use a condom and that there was a fair chance he just impregnated her! Addled as she was, however, the thought faded to nothingness before it could raise the alarm it should have. In the afterglow, she lapsed into a state of blissful semi-consciousness. As Erebus lay back down on his side of the bed and wrapped her securely in his arms, she was soon fast asleep.


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