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3 favorite stories part 2! :)
« on: July 26, 2017, 09:34:58 AM »
The main reason I share my favorite stories is that maybe you guys would share yours? and save me from reading the ones that don't match my configuration of bondage etc. that I'm looking for

1. Story 1 is a oldie but a goodie far as I know it was published to usenet.. and I'm not sure it's on any websites? but we'll find out..

science project

This story is fictional (because some of it uses technology just not invented yet ;) ) it's a mistaken identity story a bit.. I would say the themes are non-consent, identity mistake, heavy bondage or choking/chains, vibrator, shock, gag,

2. Story #2 pretty sure this is a grometsplaza original.. :)

Beta Test

Story is fictional (because it talks about technology not available yet) like robots, collars with electroshock, this story is about a person playing a game that allows the game to bind them etc.

basically themes are non-consent, submission, collar, cuffs,

3. Think this is a grometsplaza original too..

Two Ghosts

Story is probably fictional though ahh I wouldn't say events or technology is per say fictional.
the story details with halloween, shock technology, chastity belts, handcuffs, ghost costume, gags, and a new mistress

okay if you see any themes I obviously like..? please share something to save me lots of surfing/speed reading :P
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