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Secret of the Seamstress

by Rubberbando

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© Copyright 2015 - Rubberbando - Used by permission

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The fashion industry was all a flutter over a new seamstress who came onto the scene from nowhere. Her name was Ginger but she preferred to be called "The Seamstress" by her fans, colleagues, etc. She came out with a line of activewear made from a new form of spandex that she apparently invented herself.

Her competitors were desperate in reverse engineering her amazing new fabric as it conformed to the body better than anything that came before it. It was super silky, shiny, and beyond stretchy. Each of the garments in her clothing lines had one size that fit all and it really meant it. The fabric could be washed at any temperature and seemed impervious to fading and staining. In fact, her competitors were completely baffled as to how she was able to offer it in so many colors, prints, and patterns as conventional dye didn't seem to work on it.

Her factory was even more mysterious. It sat out in the middle of the Mohave desert, up against a side of a mountain. Trucks would arrive to pick up clothing and fabric while strange 'faceless' figures would load up the trucks. Oddly, there never seemed to be any supplies delivered to the installation, only items leaving.

Out of desperation, an industrial spy was hired to infiltrate the factory compound. His name was "Mike Smith" (or at least that's what people knew him as.) Mike created a cover story of being a government inspector from the department of labor and safety.

After being buzzed in, Mike walked into the tiny front office of the compound. Awaiting him was Ginger's secretary sitting at the front desk.

"Welcome, Mr. Smith. Pleasse have a sseat," she whispered. "The Ssseamstress will be with you sshortly"

Mike was dumbfounded looking at the woman clad from head to toe in tight shiny black spandex. Even her head and face was covered.

Mike sat down on the loveseat adjacent from the front desk. He noticed that it too was coated in the same shiny black spandex. It felt so good against his skin that he was subconsciously running his hands across the fabric as he sat there waiting.

A few minutes passed and the door opened to the inner hallway.

"The Sseamstress will sssee you know." whispered the secretary. "Her office is at the end of the hall..."

Mike got up and walked down the hall towards the Seamstress' office. He couldn't help notice all of the pictures on the walls of people in outfits similiar to what the secretary was wearing. Many of them were in rather erotic poses. He was getting pretty aroused.

'Focus..' Mike thought to himself. 'Don't want to walk into her office sporting wood when you have a mission at hand.'

Before he knew it, he was at the Seamstress' office's doorway.

"Welcome! Please come in." The Seamstress called out to him.

Mike's jaw dropped at her beauty. Long flowing red hair, tied tightly in a cute ponytail. Creamy white skin, freckles, and pouty red lips. She was dressed in a skintight blue catsuit that was very shiny and silky looking. It looked almost painted on, completely covering her from the neck down.

"Hello, I'm Mike Smith from the department of labor and safety." Mike said as he reached out to shake the Seamstress' hand.

"I'm Ginger but I'd prefer it if you would call me Seamstress." She smiled as she shook his hand, rubbing his her fabric clad hands.

Mike felt a slight static shock as she did so. She seemed startled for a moment and then put on a somewhat sinister grin.

"Ok, then now that the pleasantries are over, lets get down to business." the Seamstress grinned.

"Well, I'm here to inspect your factory for labor and safety issues per the federal government's requirements." Mike replied.

"Not a problem, I am more than happy to show my factory to you. However, due to sterilization procedures, I will need you to remove your clothing and be fitted with one of our protective suits." She smiled again with an odd look in her eyes.

'Crap.' Mike thought to himself. 'How am I going to sneak in my hidden camera?'

"You can get undressed in there..." the Seamstress pointed to a dressing room adjunct the her office.

"Put your clothes in the laundry chute when you are undressed. I will make sure they are cleaned before returning them to you." She continued.

Mike stepped into the dressing room and undressed as instructed and put his clothing in the laundry chute.

'I hope they don't find my equipment in my clothing or I could be in a world of trouble' Mike thought to himself.

"Are you undressed?" the Seamstress called to him.

"Yes, I... um... don't see a suit for me to change into..." Mike replied.

"You will need to be scanned for the perfect fit. Please stand in the middle of the room and extend your arms and legs like you are doing jumping jacks. Oh and you might want to close your eyes." she instructed.

"Ok. Ready." Mike called out.

Mike closed his eyes and heard a loud humming noise as a warm light moved up and down his entire body.

"Scan completed. Standby for suit application." said the Seamstress.

Mike suddenly felt a tickling feeling on his feet.

He looked down to see what appeared to be thread weaving itself over his feet and then up his legs. It took all of his concentration to avoid getting aroused as the smooth fabric forming on his body worked its way upward over his crotch. Then moved up over his stomach and chest before spreading down his arms and coating his hands.

"You might want to close your eyes and mouth for a moment." The Seamstress warned.

Mike did as he was instructed as the fabric moved up his neck and over his face and head, completely sealing him inside the suit. A moment later the suit seemed to squeeze ever so slightly as it worked its way into every nook and cranny of his body and smoothed itself out.

Looking in the mirror on the inside of the dressing room's door, Mike was awestruck at how amazing he looked in the suit. It was so smooth and shiny and silky and of the same blue of the Seamstress' catsuit. It hugged every curve as if it was painted on. Even his spandex coated face still showed his expressions.

He ran his hands up and down his body, drenched in pleasure. He started to get aroused but the suit seemed to hold his manhood in place, leaving a smoothed out area between his legs. He ran his hand across the area and could feel his man hood but it wasn't poking outward. He was also rather suprised at how well he could see through the fabric.

'Hmm... that is weird but I guess it will keep me from any awkward moments..' Mike thought to himself.

The door slid open. The Seamstress stood there grinning at Mike. "Another perfect fit."

Mike chuckled. "A little too perfect. Shall we get onto this inspection."

"Of course.... Follow me..." The Seamstress motioned for him to follow her down the hallway.

She led him to a large open warehouse area. The walls were adorned with hundreds, possibly thousands of bolts of fabric of all colors, prints, and patterns. In the center of the room were dozens of people in the same type of suit as his but of varying colors. They were all stationed at sewing machines, creating clothing.

"As you can see Mr. Smith, it is a pretty straight forward operation." the Seamstress explained.

"I can see that but where do you get all of the labor? Our records don't show any staff or tax payroll." Mike quizzed.

"Lets just say they are all family and they all live here. There is a loophole in this state's labor laws involving such." the Seamstress responded.

"I suppose so. But also there has been chemical analysis done on your new fabric that shows some sort of organic compound. I need to see how it is made to rule out any threat of toxicity to the wearer." Mike demanded.

The Seamstress chuckled. "Very well, Mr. Smith. The machine you seek is right over there."

Mike was a little distracted for a moment. It felt like his suit was shifting and tightening ever so slightly as he walked. He felt a bit light headed. Feeling weak, he stumbled and fell to the ground.

"Oh my. Are you okay?" The Seamstress grinned. "Let me help you up, the machine you seek is just up this way..."

Mike was amazed at how easily she picked him up. She was either a lot stronger than she looked or he was suddenly a lot lighter.

As the Seamstress walked him over to the machine, Mike began to feel even more light headed but also rather aroused as the fabric tightened and shifted. Right before reaching the machine, they passed a full body mirror. Mike saw that his face had completely smoothed out and was featureless. His nether regions, on the other hand, had gone from perfectly smoothed to a raging hard on, completely encased in the fabric. He wanted to touch himself so badly.

"Here we are. Our timing was perfect. You look ready Mr. Smith." The Seamstress grinned as she looked him over, noticing his bulging manhood.

Noticing her glancing at his manhood, Mike looked down at it and then back at her.

"Would you like me to take care of that or do you want to do it yourself?" The Seamstress chuckled.

"Please... I need... releasssse..." Mike managed to whisper.

The Seamstress obliged and began to stroke his shiny silky manhood with her gloved hands.

Mike was in heaven. Pleasure shot across his entire body. Thinking was getting very difficult for him.

"Well, Mike, it's too bad it has to end like this for you but I read your mind and I know that you are a spy. The recording equipment in your clothing didn't help your case either..." The Seamstress sighed. "On the bright side, you are about to learn the secret of my fabric..."

Mike was too distracted by the pressure building in his manhood as she continually slid her silky hands up and down his smooth shaft.

At that moment of release, Mike felt waves of pleasure as his cock fired a massive blast from its tip.

But instead of cum firing from it, a long thread flew outward. The Seamstress caught it in the other hand, giving a little tug as it was still attached to Mike's penis giving him another wave of pleasure as he had cummed again.

As she tugged some more on the thread, Mike felt slightly weaker but didn't seem to care as another orgasm hit with each tug.

After getting a good length of the thread, the Seamstress attached it to a spool on the fabric machine that Mike had been so eager to see.

Pressing a button, the spool began to spin and pull on the thread attached. Mike found himself frozen, stuck in an orgasmic bliss.

It didn't matter to him that his manhood began to unravel into thread, followed by his legs.

He dropped to the ground onto his back, moaning in pleasure as the rest of his body unraveled into thread as it was pulled into the spool.

When it was all said and done, Mike was gone and only a spool of spandex thread remained.

"Well there you have it Mike. Soon you will be woven into fabric and sewn into clothing and eventually worn by someone who you will slowly convert into a spandex being like myself." The Seamstress giggled as she pulled off her mask and wig, revealing a smooth spandex face.


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