Halloween Teeter-Totter
by SG
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Storycodes: Solo-F; costume; corset; gag; rope; breast; insert; impale; outdoors; cuffs; chain; display; caught; F+/f; hum; tease; torment; cons/reluct; X
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Halloween Teeter-Totter SG Solo-F; costume; corset; gag; rope; breast; insert; impale; outdoors; cuffs; chain; display; caught; F+/f; hum; tease; torment; cons/reluct; X

Halloween was almost here and while most of the girls in my classes were worried what they would wear to the parties, I was more concerned with planning a special bondage adventure. I'm eighteen years old, five foot three inches tall and have a small cheerleaders body which is also the only activity I'm currently involved in.

As Halloween approached, my interests in American history had pulled my attention away from parties. In my American history class, leading into Halloween, we were being taught about the Salem witch trials. Although our teacher spoke of the trials as being torture against women, when I saw the pictures of the restraints they were locked in I immediately started to feel a sense of excitement. I pictured myself as a witch, naked, in a stockade in the center of school.

At home, I went on the internet and researched the witch trials, specifically the torture devices, looking for instructions on how to build a stockade. As I researched Salem torture methods I discovered a device call the Pear Of Anguish. Absent from our history books was a device our puritan ancestors used for both vaginal and anal stretching as a method of punishment. I was astonished to read that a society founded on religious beliefs could use such an intimate stretching as a punishment for infidelity. Continuing my research on the subject I discovered another torture device used to dip witches in the river. All of these details about torture devices fed into a bizarre arousal about being tied up.

Taking all the things I had been reading about, I attempted to combine as many of the elements as possible into one bondage device. Standing in the backyard of a vacant house not far from school, I admired my creation. Owned by a couple whose kids had moved out a decade before, the house sat empty most of the year while the couple vacationed in the warmer states. In the back of the house was the small playground built for their kids. It was the old teeter-totter which held my attention. Their kids were much older than me so we never played together but I do remember watching as their heads rose and fell behind the roadside fence that provided their backyard with privacy.

I had shifted the pivot point so that three quarters of it was on one side and only a quarter of its length on the opposite side of the pivot point. Shifting the pivot point so far to one side would allow the long end to fully elevate me above the height of the fence before the short end touched the ground. As an 'A' student in our physics class, I knew the teeter-totter would work on me if something four times my weight was sitting on the short end of the balance arm.

On the short end of the teeter-totter were a pair of large fifty-five gallon drums capable of holding 920lbs of water when full. Typically these barrels sat innocently next to the house collecting rain water from the gutters. In the spirit of recycling, I thought it acceptable to repurpose them. Tonight, I would use the massive weight of water that they could hold to facilitate my bondage. All that bulk would keep this teeter-totter unbalanced even when I applied my own weight.

Currently the barrels were empty but that would all change once I stepped up to the long end where I planned to mount myself. Recently my parents have had issues with critters eating fish from our Kio pond. To scare off the animals they bought a sprinkler that is activated by motion. When something comes close enough to the motion sensor the sprinkler turns on. It's been extremely effective at keeping our fish safe but more importantly it provided me with the inspiration for the key feature of my bondage.

Walking to the house, I turned on the faucet and mentally prepared myself for what was to come. Walking back to the teeter-totter, I waved my hand in front of the motion sensor I had placed under the long end of the teeter-totter where I planned to be mounted. Sensing the motion, the sprinkler opened the valve and let ten seconds of water flow. Having changed out the sprinkler head with a hose emptying into the barrels, all that water went towards weighing down the short end of the teeter-totter.

I didn't know how much water had actually gone into the barrel which made everything even more exciting. There was no way to know how many times the water could be triggered before the barrels filled enough to lift me up. Thinking about what would happen in the barrels were filled enough to counter balance my weight made me shiver. I pictured myself stuck high enough in the air that everyone passing by on the street could see me. If that happened, I would have to wait for the drain valve on the bottom of the barrels to open.

On the release valve was a programmable timer used for watering lawns. It was set for sunrise, 7:30am. During the night, the chance of someone noticing me was slim but if I was still elevated in the morning light, the chances of going unnoticed quickly dwindled. I had no idea how fast the water would actually drain so it was impossible to guess how long full barrels would take to empty enough to lower me. There was also no accounting for the fact being lowered might trigger the motion sensor and further complicate everything.

Before approaching my bondage-totter, I quickly changed out of my normal clothes for my sexy witch costume. Starting with the black corset, I meticulously tightened the strings to squeeze my waist as much as possible. Next I pulled up the short black skirt that was barely long enough to cover my naked butt. Almost complete, I added the black boots and tall pointy hat to finish things off. There was more to the costume but for tonight I only planned to wear the sexy bits

Next was the large gag I had made. Purchased from a pet store, my gag was actually a dogs chew toy with a long throw rope running through it. There was a smaller version for little dogs but it had looked too easy to spit out. Wanting to feel like one of the witches of past being punished for her wicked ways, I had opted to buy the toy for large dog breads. The large rubber ball was about the size of a tennis ball. Obviously, trying it out at the store would have drawn a lot of unwanted attention, so I bought the toy without knowing if it would really fit or not.

Now, as I attempted to fit the hard rubber ball into my mouth, I realized I had drastically underestimated how large it was. My teeth barely dented the dense rubber which meant it was my jaw that had to yield to get the toy in my mouth. As I attempted to hold the ball in place by tying the ends of the rope behind my head, I pulled too hard. Slickened by my saliva, the ball suddenly slipped behind my teeth, nearly dislocating my jaw in the process. Wedged behind my teeth, I discovered I couldn't simply spit the ball out. Still, I pulled the two ends of the rope behind my head, tied a knot and ensured it would be staying in place.

While searching for information about the witch trials I had found a picture of a girl hanging from her boobs by a pair of hangman nooses. The image was something I just couldn't shake from my mind. Using a medium length rope with a noose tied on each end, I cinched the rope loops around the base of my boobs. Immediately the ropes had an effect. My chest swelled growing at least one full cup size if not two. Well above me was a tree branch that I'd already thrown the middle of the rope over.

About five feet in front of the bondage end of the teeter-tooter was a table with half a dozen large pumpkins weighing twenty pounds each. All had been tied together and placed on the very narrow bench, primed to fall off with just the slightest nudge. Hanging from the pumpkin rope was a block of ice with a pair of eye-bolts frozen in it. The bolts pointed in opposite directions with their shafts frozen in the ice and only the loops on the head exposed. I used the free loop to anchor the rope to my boob nooses to.

I tried to judge how much slack to leave so that when I was in place could fall the foot and a half or so to the round and leave me standing on tiptoes. As I was tying my knots I shorted it just a couple inches more, stupidly excited by the idea and risk of being lifted completely off the ground. Weighing a combined 120lbs, the pumpkins nearly matched my own body weight. In combination with the teeter-tooter, it would only take a small amount of water to achieve.

My level of excitement skyrocketed as I tested the limits of the slack by squatting down to reach for the keys I'd placed under the teeter-tooter. I didn't come close to reaching them before the ropes went tight and the one of the pumpkins teetered on the verge of falling. I was very close to reaching the point of no return. As soon as I cuffed my hands I'd have no way to remove the nooses or reach the ice forcing me to stay here for however much time it took for the ice to melt.

Stepping up to the teeter-totter, I pulled the long end down and slowly settled myself down onto the massive pair of plugs I had mounted to the seat. Built as bed post ends, I had acquired the heavily polished wooden rods from a garage sale. Each rod was made up of a series of spheres that gradually increased in girth to create a tall bulbous cone shape. Eight individual bulbs were stacked twelve inches high starting with a narrow one inch width and progressively increasing to a hip shattering three inches of solid shaft.

Nothing even close to that size has ever entered my body and I never would have imagined it was physically possible to take such ghastly violations like this had I not read the stories of people taking the pear of anguish. Only after reading the stories of the witches of past and whores of present did I discover that the human body could be stretched so significantly. I was obsessed with the stories of the witch trials. That obsession drove me to want to feel what it was like to be an accused witch back in the puritan days of Salem and forced to endure the erotic suffering of having my personal places severely impaled.

Having already been partially filled with water, the weight of the barrel caused the teeter-totter to rise up between my legs. My movements approaching and straddling the long end of the teeter-totter was more than enough to trigger the motion sensor. Since I first approached the teeter-totter, the water had been continuously running. The upward force was not significant yet for me to press down onto the plugs without holding it in place. I forced the first sphere on each of the plugs into my body. This being my first experience anally, I found myself gasping as the sphere popped into my pooper. Only the gag in my mouth kept me from waking the neighbors.

I knew I had only taken one of eight bulges and that the rest would hurt even worse. Feeling an overwhelming urge to step off the teeter-totter, I quickly reached down to the short chain screwed into the end of plank and locked it to a metal ring on the front of my corset. Behind me I did the same with a second chain. Knowing I was trapped on top of these two massive plugs with water pouring into the barrels behind me sent my mind into a panic. Before I could even think about removing the nooses and going for the keys, I closed a pair of handcuffs around my wrists. The cuffs were connected to the chain securing the front of my corset to the teeter-tooter.

Fully secured and un-able to lift myself off the plugs, I froze. After several seconds, the water stopped filling the barrels and the force of the plugs thrusting up between my legs stopped increasing. The keys I needed to get free were on the ground in front of me but I couldn't reach for them now without pulling the pumpkins off the table. The chains connecting my corset to the plank made it impossible to pull off plugs.

Beads of sweat were rolling down my face as I desperately tried to thwart the advance of the extremely uncomfortable anal plug by squeezing my butt cheeks together. All of my movements getting into position had let a lot of water flow into the barrels. The upward force was quickly becoming too much for me to resist. Subconsciously, I shifted my weight with no realization I was doing it until I heard water pouring into the barrels again. The added weight was enough to painfully force the next bulge past my clenched sphincter. Jumping up in shock, I desperately tried to expel both of the plugs but they stayed in place. Frustrated and in pain I screamed out. I couldn't believe what I had done.

My mind quickly focused on several voices coming from the street. Curious about the noise they had heard, a group of girls came into the backyard. Before me were a dozen girls, all were classmates. Most were seniors on the cheerleading squad. All were wearing very revealing Halloween costumes. Despite only being eighteen like myself, most of the girls were carrying bottles of liquor.

While most of the girls could only stare at me in stunned silence, the one who was wearing a very revealing nurse's costume, quickly stepped out from the group and started inspecting me. As she approached I suddenly recognized her as the biggest bitch in our school. Everyone else was still gawking at the massive plugs I was impaled on but she curiously approached. I was forced up onto my tiptoes as the nurse pressed down on the barrels. My movement triggered the motion sensor adding to the upward force between my legs. After checking the timer and the motion sensor, she had my situation completely figured out.

"I doubt it will be that hard for you to stay still given the enormous size of the plugs you've used to motivate yourself with," just about everyone of the girls cringed from the thought. "I know you are all tied up right now but Halloween is a once a year event and I don't think you should miss out on the experience that all the trick-or-treaters can provide."

Walking over to the motion sensor, she picked it up and started walking towards the fence. I watched in horror as she found a gap between the boards and positioned the sensor so that it would fill the barrels with every passing person and car. At first I thought that was the cruelest thing she could do to me until the sadistic bitch pushed one of the pumpkins off the bench. Like a zipper, the rest of the pumpkins followed.

Laughing as they walked off, the group of girls left me there hanging from my boobs with only the increasing pressure of the plugs between my legs to offer any relief to my tortured chest.


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