A Vicar Tames A Devil
by Emma Bond
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© Copyright 2015 - Emma Bond - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; strip; enema; latex; catsuit; boots; tail; bond; cuffs; chain; armbinder; harness; toys; insert; hood; nipple; electro; tease; torment; public; denial; climax; sex; cons; X
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A Vicar Tames A Devil Emma Bond M/f; strip; enema; latex; catsuit; boots; tail; bond; cuffs; chain; armbinder; harness; toys; insert; hood; nipple; electro; tease; torment; public; denial; climax; sex; cons; X

My husband Peter and I had bought tickets to a Halloween Ball at our local fetish munch. It was our first Halloween Ball and I know Peter was looking forward to the evening.

Now don’t go getting the wrong idea that we are swingers and attend orgies with the neighbours. That’s not what a fetish munch is all about. It’s a meeting of likeminded people who get together to discuss and yes, sometimes act out our fetish fantasies in one of the playrooms. Ours is bondage with a little light spanking or tickling. We both feel the same way that “Each to their own.”  If you want to tie and torture someone, as long as the Sub is consenting then its game on. We aren’t going to judge, even though it isn’t our sort of scene. 

When we usually play, we like to do this in private, as the bondage fantasies we act out at home are really sex games. Peter and I love each other and we play little mind games with each other when we tie each other up. Tied and teased on the edge of orgasm is amazingly intense and frustrating too, when not being allowed to float over the edge of the precipice. I do get my own back though doing the same to him. A tight cock ring around his balls and shaft keeping him erect while using the pads of my fingers or nails to stroke and scratch his hard cock to keep the pre-cum flowing but not letting him go off while he is begging to be released.

Using one finger to stroke the Frenulum just under the glans on the underside of his cock drives him nuts as it’s the most sensitive part of his penis. With his foreskin stretched back, it’s like a taut little string waiting to be plucked. With gentle strokes and soft rubbing, I can easily edge him for ages while I decide to be kind and take him over the edge with my hand or mouth; or whether to just ruin his orgasm with just enough stimulation and then leave his cock jerking and bouncing around on its own, as his cum dribbles over it while I laugh at how sad it looks and how much he really wanted me to finish him off properly.

A few weeks back when we got the tickets, we tossed a coin as to who would pick the costumes. This would also decide who would play the Dom/me or the sub. Yep. I guess shit does happen, as I lost. That put me technically at Peter’s mercy for the evening. I put on a bit of bravado and asked him what we were going to go as.

He went upstairs and returned in black trousers and a black shirt with a white Vicars collar and a dark suit jacket.

“Ta dah. You like it Honey?” And he gave me an on the spot twirl.

Peter is six foot two tall and definitely not catwalk material as he is tall and gangly. I burst out laughing. He stroked his stubbly chin and grinned back at me.

“You are going as a priest. You wear black as the male dress code yet again. Boring! Okay, so what am I going as? A Nun?”

“Well you are as pure as the driven snow. Not! And then there is too much devilishness in you to go as a Nun, even if I were to buy you a kinky rubber Nuns outfit. Mind you. Seeing you kneel on pencils or having you saying penance at my “Alter of Love” may just make me change my mind.” 

“Alter of Love? Kneeling on pencils? Well that’s not going to happen now you told me Sweetie.”

He rubbed a hand through his short hair. He was cutting it short as he had started thinning on top. He stared at me and I could feel his green eyes bore into me as he grinned. “Guess not Em. Back to the drawing board.” 

I didn’t think any more of it, only he was organising my costume and I would have to wear what he picked out for me to the Ball.

Curiously, I watched out for the post every day to see it any parcels and packages turned up that would give me a hint. The closer the days got to the Ball, nothing had turned up, and this played on my mind. I knew Peter was playing his little “mind fuck” games again. I even started thinking I was going to walk around at this Ball stark naked. A five foot four, blue eyed, mousy hair, naked Australian girl put on view to the world! I could have gotten away with it I supposed, if I had long hair like Lady Godiva or Rapunzel, and I could cover my private bits with my hair.

Well the Friday night of the Ball came, and it was driving me insane. Peter had given no clue when I subtly dropped a hint a week or so back. Then I came right out with it in bed one evening and he fobbed the question off and started nuzzling my neck and ears. Okay that would usually have me at his mercy and I would do anything for him. But I sat bolt upright, and I just blew up and shouted at him.

“I am not walking around this club naked. Got it?”

“Of course you aren’t. I would have to fight them off.”

Well a woman likes to hear that from her other half, but I was still pissed off. I had learnt nothing from him, and it riled me up. I smacked my arm into the pillow a few times and turned over pulling the duvet up over me to stop Peter in his tracks as we both sleep nude. If I couldn’t know, then he wasn’t having me. Simple!

“Sorry Honey, but I am not telling you until a couple of hours before we go. Needless to say I will have a few new presents for you to play in and I will have all the fun, and maybe you will have some too. But that won’t be down to me.”     

He turned on his side and spooned his crotch into my butt and put his arm over me. His hand wandered to my breast and started stroking my nipple. Good god! My nipple became erect. My own angry body was betraying me. I slapped his hand away “huffing” displeasure, but his hand found its way back. I put my hand over his to stop his stroking my breast.

“Tell me, or there’s no fun for you until All Saints Day.”

I could feel his erection pressing against back of the top of my thigh.

“Fair enough!” Peter whispered in my ear.

He held me still and his erection still pressed, but like a spoilt little bitch, I wanted to know. I also wanted him, as his body was turning me on.

“You really are a bastard sometimes, you know that?” 

He kissed me on my neck. He was snoring shortly after still hugging me. Okay. I don’t know what happened there. He could easily have teased me around to his thinking if he nibbled my ear. I wasn’t expecting him to stop. And with his arm over me I wouldn’t be able to get to the drawer and find my little silver vibrator to relieve some of the tension.

Fuck him and this bloody Ball!

My mind kept thinking this, and the more riled I became. It was hours before I was asleep.
The next day sort of passed by in silence and then there was a bit of a truce the day after.

The day of the ball Peter went off to work as usual and still didn’t give me a hint. I was sitting at my desk excited one minute, nervous the next. The mind really does play tricks on you if you let it. I couldn’t think straight and the accounts spreadsheets I worked on and updated for the Month end, I had to redo again. It was a relief when I could get out of the place for the weekend and whatever he had in mind for me that evening.

I was rattling around in the kitchen whizzing some Pine Nuts and Basil together in the blender. I threw in some grated Parmesan and a small clove of Garlic and then added some oil as he came into the kitchen.

“Is Pasta okay for tonight?” I asked. “I don’t think I can eat much. I am so nervous.”

“Fine with me, Honey.”

He kissed me on the lips, and then headed straight up the stairs. My jaw dropped. He gave nothing away. I banged the saucepan on the hob and splashed the Pasta water everywhere. Swearing under my breath I threw the pasta in the saucepan once the water was hot enough.

I was surprised I didn’t cut my fingers off as I cut a baguette up, toasting it under the grill before rubbing a garlic clove over the bread before adding a drizzle of melted herb butter. I left it in the oven on a very low heat, until Peter came downstairs with a towel wrapped around his waist and damp hair.

We munched away in silence at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. And as I slid back the chair with a screech on the tiled floor to put the dishes in the sink, he asked me “Aren’t you going to ask what your costume is tonight?”

“No.” I turned and crashed the dishes into the sink to wash.

“Well let me show you.” He said forcefully.

He took my hand and literally dragged me up the stairs.

“You have been a right nightmare this week. There.”

He pushed me through the door into the bedroom and there on the bed was a bright red Latex catsuit. There was also a box with a bunch of wires hanging out the partly closed lid. 

“If you want to act like the Devil, then you should be the Devil. Tonight you will do everything I say and don’t complain. Understand?”

I sat down on the bed and just murmured “Yes, Peter.”

I picked up the thin Latex. Red is a favourite colour of mine, and also reflected the anger I had for Peter the last few days. As I felt the catsuit I thought I would put my finger through it. I had wanted a red catsuit for ages, but I had baulked at the cost of a custom made one. I sat literally purring at my new garment, but feeling very red faced and feeling ashamed how I had acted towards him. The catsuit had cost a fortune if it was custom made. I really felt like a heel at my attitude to Peter.

“This will fit you like a glove. Oh yes. There are gloves of a sort too. But that’s for later. Go shower, but use this first with warm soapy water. Do it a couple of times too.” He threw me a small plastic bag with a thin tube and tapering nozzle on the end of the tube.

My jaw dropped open. It was an Enema bag. I had never used one, but knew of people who went for spas and had enthused about how good they were. I wasn’t convinced, but now Peter had ordered me to use it.

I padded into the en suite bathroom, and pulled my white t-shirt and black leggings off, kicking them into a heap in the corner.

I figured out how to fill it then squirted some non-perfumed liquid soap Peter uses into the bag before shaking it up. It was with trepidation I sat on the loo and pressed the nozzle up my ass. There was a mini tap under the bag I held up high over my head, and as I turned this the water ran down the tube up into my butt. I shivered as it tickled at first. More water flowed until it became very uncomfortable. I felt so full and bloated. It even made my stomach cramp. I was so full, that I couldn’t stand it anymore. I turned off the flow of water and pulled the nozzle from my butt.

Seconds later after trying my best to hold it all back, the water flowed out of me a lot faster than it went into me. That’s all I will say. The water had pressed on my bladder too so I peed as well. After cleaning myself I put more soapy water into the bag and pushed the nozzle back into my butt, feeling the nozzle spread my ass until my sphincter closed between the flared and tapered end of the nozzle to hold the thing inside me.

Again I repeated the procedure. I felt so full and then so empty it was hard to explain. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed myself down. I walked back to the bedroom with my hair in a towel drying my naked body as I walked.

Peter had already dressed in the priest’s costume, so I sat on the bed and dried my hair.

“Okay Emma when we have gotten you into the catsuit I would like you to put on the black high heeled boots. You want to do your eyes first? Something sexy, but also naughty.”

I sat at the mirrored dressing table and did a smoky vamp look with a catlick with the eye liner. Then I added a set of false eye lashes and a coat of mascara and I was ready for Peter. I was applying a coat of shiny red lipstick when Peter turned the ceiling fan on high and I shivered.

“You won’t be cold in that catsuit. It may even be too hot.” I could sense the concern in his voice, so didn’t say anything. “Had a pee? It will be tricky to have one with what I am going to do to you.” I nodded that I had.

Peter had my full attention now. I shivered again. I was a little scared, but also excited. When he asked me if the fan was too cold I shook my head to hide it.

“Talc or lube?” He asked me.

Puzzled, I didn’t know what he was on about with the lube until he explained water based lube could also be used to put on a catsuit. I went for the Talc as it would smell nicer if I got to sweaty due to the Latex. He poured a load of Talc into the catsuit and spread it around. Then he asked me to slip my legs into it.

It was a really tight squeeze until my feet popped out the legs. Then Peter helped me pull the back of the catsuit up as I pushed my arms in. As he brought the back up over my shoulders I was desperately wriggling to get my hands to pop out of the sleeves. I zipped the zip above my breasts up to the neck and stood in front of the mirror.

Jeez, did I get a shock. I thought I would look like a bag of Walnuts with lumps and bumps pushing out all over the place. But the catsuit was squashing me in all the right places. My breasts jutted out and looked huge. I have a 34c measurement anyway, but my reflection made my jaw drop. The catsuit pulled in my waist too.
“You look really hot in that. Do you want to try one of these?”

He held up two corsets. A black Latex waspie under bust corset, and a fuller red Latex corset, that cupped the breast. He stood behind me and held them both in front of me one at a time. The black contrast with the red and looked incredible, but the theme Peter mentioned was a Devil. I nodded to the red corset.

“Good choice. It’s the one I wanted you to wear.”

He stood in front of me and positioned the corset under my breasts and started to close the corset using the metal eyelets which left it loose around my body. Then he asked me to hold my breath as he started to pull on the laces at the back.

All at once I went from being able to move easily, to my waist being cinched tighter and tighter as he worked his way from the outside into the centre of the corset. My ribs under my breasts were also cinched in and I gasped at how restrictive the corset was. I already felt like I was in bondage without a rope tied on me.

Peter kept checking with me if I was okay, with every pull of the laces. Then one more yank and I felt him tie the laces off before he tucked them down the back of the corset between my catsuit to hide the excess.

I took another look in the mirror and gasped. An hour glassed rubber goddess with an amazing figure looked back at me. Peter put his hands about my waist and kissed my ear. His hands almost touched, as my waist was now so tiny.

Next he asked me to sit on the bed and put the black leather calf boots on. As I bent to pick them up I gasped at how hard it was now to bend and move. He saw this and knelt and unzipped them. He opened my undie drawer and pulled out a nylon pair of pop socks and slipped them over my feet before positioning my feet in the boot and zipping them up to the calf. Then he did the same for the other foot. 

Before I knew what was happening Peter followed up with a set of leather cuffs strapped over my booted ankles, and a short chain of about six inches was padlocked between them to hobble my walking abilities. I wouldn’t really need the chain as these boots had a five inch heel and no platform sole, which would keep me tottering, but were also reasonably comfortable. Any higher though, and my feet would ache terribly and I wouldn’t be able to walk hardly at all.

While I was gawping at myself in the mirror Peter had taken what looked like a black leather bag out of the cardboard box. Then he stood with it open in front of me. As I could see it better now I noticed it had a triangular shape.

“Is that what I think it is?” I looked up smiling. I had always wanted to try one.

“Yep. I found it on Ebay, but this thing is real leather rather than that false leather or that plastic crap. Stand up and try it on.”

I turned to face the fitted wardrobe mirror once more. I wanted to watch Peter put it on me.

I stood with my back to him, arms behind my back, palm to palm as he loosened the laces a little before sliding the leather glove up my arms. I admit I am not overly flexible. He yanked and pulled and twisted the glove up higher and higher. Every move up forced my arms closer together. The feel of my elbows moving closer made my breasts stick out further as my shoulder blades were pulled back harder and harder. I could also feel the burn in my arm muscles and my shoulders and upper back.

With the glove on my arms Peter positioned the straps about my shoulder and strapped these to the back of the glove. I wriggled and I knew there was no way the armbinder was coming off now. Then Peter started to lace the glove up properly. I gasped at every pull on the laces. I thought the glove was tight already. Now the feeling that I was so helpless came over me. You really are a damsel in distress if you get that feeling. No escape. You are entirely at someone else’s mercy. It’s a feeling I want every time Peter and I play. And only have had a few times before. Peter plays too nice sometimes.

This time he wasn’t and I shuddered at his touch as he stroked his hand down my enclosed arm. My body tingled with excitement. He came behind me in front of the mirror and he ran his hands over my breasts and down to my crotch. His fingers pressed the zipper into my pussy and I instantly became aroused. His tongue licked my ear and he kissed my neck as I purred from his touch.

“You want me so bad right now don’t you, Darling?” I could only nod as I closed my eyes and pressed my bum against his crotch hoping he would throw me face down on the bed and take me to heaven and back.

“You only have a few more hours to wait. It will be All Saints very soon.”

I turned and glared at him. Yet again he could have had his fun and I would have mine, but he abstained. He had damned me to my own vow. I was about to swear at him when he held up a ball gag, so I promptly kept my mouth shut.

“Good girl.” He smiled at me knowing he had the power over my speech as well. One sometimes forgets how empowering it is to be able to speak and communicate with someone. When gagged, you feel like the little kid who should only speak when spoken to, and gets ignored by the adults in the room.

“I may not be able to have my fun with you yet Honey, but I have a few things that may enable you to have a bit of fun though.”

Then he tipped the cardboard box over and the contents fell onto the duvet. He closed the box and tucked it in the bottom of his side of the closet before shutting the door on it. I stared at the bed. There were a jumble of wires, an electronic box, a shiny metal dildo and a butt plug that looked like it had some Velcro glued to the base of it. Peter picked the butt plug up and shoved it in front of my face. It had a small thin black and red wire attached to it.

“I would have asked if you wanted to do the honours but I guess I have that pleasure.”

He span me around and literally threw me face down on the bed. Not quite the way I had wanted him to but his hands were roaming over my ass and I wasn’t adverse to him doing it either. He found the three way zip and undid the catsuit from the small of my back and unzipped it exposing my butt and fanny.

His hand felt its way between my legs and groped my Kitty and I opened myself up to his touch. It was then I felt the cold of the plug stroking over my ass and between the crack of my butt cheeks. Peter leant across me pressing me into the duvet opening the drawer of the bedside table. I saw him pull out the bottle of lube we keep there.

Then I felt the cold wet feel of the plug as he slid it around my ass before gently pressing it into my butt. It was a lot bigger than the nozzles for the enema bag and he took his time pressing it in and out of me while stroking my pussy. He was drilling three fingers inside of my Puss and I was gasping with pleasure when the plug popped around my sphincter and closed around the plug. Then he pushed the metal dildo in my Puss and started to zip the catsuit up making sure the wires hanging from both the dildo and the plug were out.  He dragged over what I thought was a red rag but it turned out to be more rigid than it appeared. Then it dawned on me. It was a pointy Devils tail. I felt him press the tail onto the butt plug and then he zipped me up. His hands kept up a steady knead and squeeze of my Latex covered butt cheeks, before he cracked his palms down on each cheek spanking my butt. I squealed thrashing side to side trying to escape the stinging blows. “That’s for acting like a spoilt little Bitch all week.”

Peter got off the bed and then he helped me stand because I was lying face down on the bed and was struggling to do it myself. Boy did I feel helpless. I was also enjoying where he was leading me to. I stood there watching him take the electronics box and then plug the wires into the box. He turned to face me then he unzipped the zipper at my neck and exposed my breasts, digging them out so I was exposed to him.

“Like them that much do you Honey?” I asked sarcastically. Then I giggled at him. It was only then did I see the plastic half cups in his hand. He placed one of them under the cup of my breast, then the put the other one in place. I felt the cold of them and saw the same red and black thin wires on each of the cups. Then he zipped me up.

Puzzled I looked at him, which he saw.

“You know what this is, don’t you? It’s not a vibrator. Is that what you thought?” He said as he joined all the wires together pressing them into the electronic box.

I nodded dumbly. Then I saw him press the button. I could feel tingles in my ass and pussy and also on my breast and nipples.

“You guessed it. I bought you a Tens unit to play with. We just need to set a few limits on these dials and then we can go. Tell me what you think.”

Peter played with the dials one at a time. The first was for the pads on my boobs. I could see him twist the small dial and the electricity increased. It was when it felt like pins and needles that I told him it was enough.

“Okay Honey. This is the acupuncture setting on the same limit. It is all run by 9 volt batteries so can only gently shock rather than burn or electrocute you.” As he said this he pressed the button, and I felt like I had been pricked by needles. I squealed until it stopped. Then Peter turned it off.

Before I could protest he turned the dildo current up. He kept increasing the voltage until I was panting and wanting to orgasm. Then he pressed the acupuncture button and the jolt was almost enough to make me orgasm in one short shock. Then he turned it off.

“This one is going to be strange for you Em. I will take this slow. Okay?”

I just nodded as I was still coming down from the dildo. Then I felt tingles in my ass. Peter very slowly increased this. I guess he thought I would get used to it the more it was on. At first I didn’t really notice the increase. Then it became a little uncomfortable. He turned it up another notch on the dial and I yelped out in pain. At the same time I felt my ass contract around the butt plug and a spasm ran through my abdomen.

“Please. It’s too much.” I pleaded. I was totally at his mercy. He could easily have turned it to full. I am sure I would have collapsed and cried if he did, but Peter turned it down a half. I thanked him then I felt the jolt from the acupuncture. Shit, did this made me squeal out loud.

“Is it too high still?” Peter asked a little concerned. “Get it right because it’s staying like we set it. You want it down a bit lower?” I shook my head. I was more surprised at the jolt than when it was on full time and I told him so.

“Okay. Let’s finish you off with the body harness I got you.”

He pressed a bunch of straps on the front of my body. They were held by three large metal rings. Peter placed one above my breast, one below them and one just lower than my belly button. He proceeded to strap the straps around my arms and back pressing the armbinder into my back. The strap around my waist pressed the wrists into the small of my back. Straps went over my shoulders and down my back. The dandling strap from the ring in my belly was passed through my legs and Peter looked up at me and grinned as yanked the strap tight. The dildo and the butt plug pressed deeper into me and I staggered, tottering from side to side in my heeled boots. I was so tightly bound in the straps I could hardly move my arms. I looked in the mirror to see the rectangular red and black pattern the straps made with the catsuit.

I loved the look Peter had created. The red corset being made of thin Latex too, seemed to disappear leaving only the outline of it at my hips and under bust. There was no way I could wriggle free of the armbinder. My elbows were not touching but weren’t far from it. My arms were practically useless and the yoke strap held the armbinder in place and I would not be able to rub on something to pull the glove down my arms.

“One last thing.” Peter held up a red leather Beanie hood.  I could see him open the laces at the back of the hood.

As he slipped the hood over my head, my eyes and nose came out of the opening but my mouth was covered by soft red leather. I hadn’t really expected to wear a hood or a mask. As Peter was lacing the hood, he pulled my hair into a loose ponytail with his hand, taking my hair away from my face and eyes. Then he lashed the hood tight, pulling the laces from the top of the hood down and around my neck. The hood fitted very well. I tried to say so but I could hardly open my mouth to speak. Wow was this new to me. The Beanie hood had practically gagged me without me wearing a gag.

I looked in the mirror. A Latex clad pair of walking boobs looked back at me. I noticed the hood had more Velcro on the top of the head. Peter faced me and pressed something onto my head and turned me back to the mirror. On the top of the hood was a flashing red set of plastic horns. I really did look like a Devil. I turned and noticed in the mirror, the pointed red tail hanging out of the zipped catsuit I knew was attached to the butt plug. It was sticking out at a little angle, and was about two foot in length. Peter must have put a thin wire in the tail to make it look like a real tail. I guess he must have stitched the Velcro to the hood to keep the horns from falling off. I was secretly hoping it wouldn’t ruin the hood, as it looked gorgeous and felt so soft against my face.

I was a Devil even if I felt like a trussed up Turkey. And boy did I look hot.

Peter turned me around then he taped the wires from my ass and the top of the catsuit to the black body harness to hide them. Then he taped on three little remote buttons down between my breasts. I wondered what they were. I could feel him tucking the Tens control into the armbinder to hide the controls from view. On the latex on my right boob, he pressed a little white sticker with some writing on.

I moved to the mirror to see it. Although it was backwards in the mirror, I could read “I’ve been a little Devil. Please press my buttons to punish me!”

As he stood in front of me he pressed each of the buttons in sequence. The breasts tingled, the dildo turned on and I gasped through the hood. The butt plug started shocking my ass. He pressed all three buttons again. All power stopped. And then turned on again in acupuncture mode as it zapped my breasts and ass and I squealed. The dildo shocked me enough to almost make me come. Then they all reverted to the original settings. Peter pressed the buttons again and the power shut off completely.

He strapped a black leather collar about my neck and clipped a leash to the D ring and led me out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the car. He moved the tail out of the way and adjusted my seatbelt. He set the house alarm and we were off, driving to the Munch. We parked and Peter helped me out of the car, adjusting my tail at a jaunty angle and he led me into the club.

I was led around the club tottering in my heeled boots, hobbled by the small chain about my ankles. He stopped and chatted to people along the way, commenting on their costumes and accepting the praise for ours. Peter the Vicar who had captured and tamed a Devil.

We waked over to the bar where Peter ordered a beer for himself. He asked if I would like something but I shook my head in case he undressed me. I was getting to like being on display and several fit guys had said how hot they thought I looked. Latex and stiletto boots always worked better than rod and line when fishing for guys.

At the bar we met a couple of regulars we knew. I nodded at their greeting. One of the ladies dressed as Elvira Mistress of the Dark Peter was chatting with saw the buttons and asked what they were for. He just told her to press one. I felt the shock to my breasts, and gritted my teeth squirming as I stood near Peter. The guy she was with dressed as a Zombie pressed the butt plug button and I yelped as the electricity shot through my ass. The woman saw my fidgeting and burst out laughing.

“You put toys in her you wicked man. That’s so delicious.”

They went through a range of button pressing which turned my legs weak. The Dildo wasn’t on long enough to make me come but they both enjoyed seeing me dance my electronic dance, as I stepped from one heel to the other as my ass was jolted on acupuncture mode several times. I was thankful that Peter led me away into a corner of the club and found a quiet corner table and sat me on his knee. In front of the whole club he groped me and stoked my pussy making me open my legs wide at the small dancefloor that had started to fill.

Alice Cooper was blasting “Be My Frankenstein”, as Peter’s fingers were playing their own tune over my Latex clad pussy. I rested my head against his chest waiting for him to make me come. But then he stood me up and walked me through the club once more. The more people we met the more the buttons were pressed. They hardly glanced at me. My Latex Devil costume with the flashing Devil horns was ignored. People were coming over who had heard about a trussed up, arms bound, Devil Woman, and wanted to try the buttons themselves.

I was zapped by Ghosts, Ghouls, a tall muscular Devil in a red cape, Frankenstein and his bride. One woman dressed as a hot, semi-fur clad werewolf, with booted heels taller than mine, zapped my tits over and over again.

Jack Skelington zapped my butt twice, before a Selene like Latex Vampire pressed the acupuncture that finally shocked the dildo to make me come. I was so horny and frustrated I screamed out my orgasm. Then she opened the zip at my neck and revealed some flesh of my breasts before she sucked an ice cube from her drink and rubbed it over my breasts. She flicked a painted red nail over my nipple just sticking out over the shock cup and smiled as she left a lipstick kiss on my left breast and left. I could hardly protest. Peter smiled and stayed in the background when I was teased.

I was so frustrated he let these people do this to me. I wanted to shout at him to take me to the toilet and fuck me in the stalls.

It was a relief when he shouted at me it was 12:30. He picked up the leash and led me to the door and took me outside. Even with my hood on, the street was quiet and I could finally hear after the music and the loud talk in the club. Peter led me back to the car. Pressing the key fob he opened the back seat and sat me down on the seat. He unlocked the chain at my ankles and forced me back onto the back seat. As I leant back onto the armbinder, I could feel the Tens controls digging into my shoulders. Peter unzipped the catsuit at my crotch and pulled the dildo out and dropped it on the seat. He put his right arm under my left thigh and fell on me fumbling with his trouser zip.

With one thigh up by my head and the other foot hanging out the door he plunged his erect cock into me. It only took a few thrusts and I was coming. As he thrust away, his weight pressed the breast button and he shocked my boobs. Several more thrusts and he grunted as he came and thrust into me harder. This time the butt plug shocked my ass, I could feel my ass contract at the shocks and my Kitty gripped his cock as a result of the spasm. I could feel his cock jerking inside me and I came again loudly from the shock as much as the pleasure.

“Jeezus that fucking hurt.” Peter screamed and pulled out holding his crotch. His balls had come into contact with the base of the butt plug as it went off. It had shocked him as a result. Payback is a bitch, I giggled behind the hood. Albert Schweitzer once said that man hardly recognises the Devil of his own creation. I felt like Peter got his just desserts.


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