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The Christmas Competition

by Sogo

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© Copyright 2017 - Sogo - Used by permission

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Bob stared at the house across the street with a crazed look in his eye. The hundreds of lights and Christmas figures that covered the house and filled the lawn lit up the whole neighborhood.

“This time Fred isn’t going to win the holiday display competition! Not when he sees what I’ve got to offer! Isn’t that right, Jenna?”

He turned to his wife, who was standing by the wall. She could only give a muffled reply because of the thick rubber horse bit in her mouth. Underneath her harness and bridle, she wore a brown fur-covered catsuit, complete with hooves for her hands and feet, and a pair of reindeer antlers on her head. Her wrists were cuffed to the waist belt of her harness, and her ankles were hobbled by a leather restraint. Her wide, frightened eyes tried to convey to her husband how insane she thought the whole idea was.

“C-mon. Let’s show him what a real holiday display looks like!”

He grabbed her reins and frog-marched her outside. The tall, shapely woman could only whimper as she scurried along behind him.

Outside, it was near-freezing with a light dusting of snow on the ground. The bound woman knew it was useless to resist as she was guided to the life-size Santa in his sleight and positioned between the shafts. Still, she struggled as he hitched her up to the sleigh. She didn’t want to spend all night out here in the cold in this humiliating costume for all the world to see! But once he set his mind to something there was no stopping him.

“Stop it! Is it asking too much for you to stand here and entertain people for a few hours?”

Even if she could say YES, he wouldn’t listen. She heard him flip a switch behind her.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” said Santa. “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

He then stood before her and pressed a spot on the harness between her breasts. Red lights over her nipples began flashing.

Bob stepped back. “If Rudolph was this sexy, he never would’ve gotten teased.”

And with that, he went back in the house.

The helpless woman never felt so hopeless and vulnerable in her life. Even though it was early evening and few people were out, she still felt as if everyone in the world was aware of her predicament.

A car turned down the street, and Jenna felt herself get weak. As it approached, she started to prance, reluctantly, lifting her legs as far as the hobbles would let her. If she didn’t perform, Bob would activate the remote-controlled sex toy strapped to her crotch, making her give a more humiliating performance.

As the car slowed the windows came down, and she could see hands holding up cell phones. Oh, great, she thought, before the night’s out, I’ll be all over the internet.

The car left after two agonizingly long minutes, and Jenna breathed a sigh of relief. But it wasn’t long before other cars came cruising down the street. People took videos, made comments, tossed snowballs at her. There was no escape—- not with the ankle hobbles and the fact that the sleigh was anchored to the ground by heavy stakes and nylon rope.

Bob didn’t tell her how long she would have to spend out here. The cold was not a problem, not when she was fully covered and had to keep prancing for anyone who drove by.

After what was probably an hour or so, Bob came out of the house. “Keep it up sweetheart. We’ve got at least twice as many Likes on Facebook as Mr. Showoff across the street.”

That was just Facebook. Twitter and Youtube were probably blowing up with news of her, too. Could she ever face her friends and co-workers again without knowing they were picturing her in their minds as a harnessed and bridled reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh?

After an eternity, Bob came out to release her. “You did great, honey. We’ll have the most popular Christmas display in the state, if not the world!”

Jenna tried not to think of what her life would be like after this, with her humiliation on permanent display all over the internet.

As Bob was unhitching her, Fred came storming out of his house, shaking his fist. “It isn’t over yet, asshole!”


The next day, a flatbed truck delivered three large, seven-foot-square clear plastic cubes to Fred’s house, workers carefully placing them on his lawn. Each had a large red bow on top and a removable panel in back.

As soon as Bob came home from work, he began to peer out the front window. What did his insane neighbor have in store now?

He got his answer as night fell. He watched as Fred put a space heater in each of the cubes, then signaled for a car to enter his driveway. Three young women got out and sprinted into his house. Bob gritted his teeth, knowing what was about to happen.

Sure enough, within fifteen minutes, the three girls came scurrying out, dressed in heels and sexy lingerie. Their upper bodies were bound in red ribbon, and decorative bows were stuck on their tits and crotches. Fred shoved ball gags into their mouths before guiding each one into her own cube. Bob fumed as he watched the sexy trio struggle and dance in their transparent Christmas packages. Fred stood at the curb and beamed. “How do you like my Christmas college girls, Bob?” he shouted.

As he hitched Jenna up to the sleigh, he removed the ankle hobbles. He had also removed her bra before putting on her reindeer suit. “Your prancing is going to have to be a lot sexier tonight if you’re going to beat the competition,” he ordered.

The night was pure hell. News of the competition spread. At times, cars were bumper-to-bumper for the whole block, pissing off neighbors who couldn’t even get out of their driveways. Jenna pranced, knowing she couldn’t compete with three scantily-clad college girls in bondage.

By the time Bob released her, he was fuming. “That son-of-a-bitch thinks he’s so smart. He hasn’t seen the last of me!”


The next day was Saturday. Jenna lay bound and gagged on the couch forced to binge-watch Christmas movies and specials all day as Bob tinkered in the garage. She didn’t even want to know what he had planned.

She found out early that evening. As she was taken out to the sleigh, she saw that Santa now held a riding crop in his now-movable arm. “Ho! Ho! Ho!” he said as his arm swung down, smacking her ass with the riding crop. Jenna was at least thankful that her husband had made her wear a padded panty girdle, or she would’ve been black-and-blue by the end of the night. Still, it was one more bit of humiliation for the enjoyment of passersby.

Fred countered with the three girls bound in bent-over positions on little cars that ran around a circular track as an animatronic Santa spanked their asses.

Bob was fuming as he grabbed the phone and began ordering scientific equipment for next-day delivery.


She got her answer the next morning. As she lay bound and gagged on the couch, she watched as Bob unloaded boxes of vials, test tubes, and safety gear. It was when he pulled out a box labeled CRISPR GENE-EDITING KIT that she began to squeal and struggle. Bob had a maniacal look in his eye as he showed her a picture of a female centaur.

“Let’s see him top this!”

Jenna felt chills as she imagined her lower body slowly changing into a horse.

NO! No, he wouldn’t . . .


Copyright 2017 by Sogo.

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