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A Collar for Puppy

by Frankenduke

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© Copyright 2017 - Frankenduke - Used by permission

Storycodes: Unisex; petplay; D/s; ceremony; strip; public; pov; dogsuit; mask; gag; tail; inserted; collar; pet; rom; cons; X

My nervousness reached a new peak as I waited in the park shelter. The late summer's day provided a perfect day but I was sweating. The park we had decided on was perfect. My soon-to-be other half waits under the great tree, our guests seated and waiting for my appearance. As the music starts, I start down the aisle. My shoes sink into the deep lawn and a primal part of me wants to run. As my gaze darts around I see that smile. The one that never fails to make me weak at the knees. That smile that I live for. I surrendered myself to that smile, that powerful personality long ago. I focus on that smile, raise my head and manage to make it to the end of the aisle. Today we make things official by making our bond public.

I take my place and the ceremony starts around me. The officiant opens and I'm sure it was lovely. Somebody is recording this for us, aren't they? Lost in wonder I miss my first cue. Knowing that everybody is looking at my expectantly, quickly I rush, "I vow to love and honor and obey this person as long as we may live." Embarrassed, I begin to take my clothes off and set them aside. Standing proudly naked and supremely chagrined I wait for my next part.

Paying attention now the officiant asks "Do you vow to cherish this pet?" I hear the Voice reply, "I do".

Our closest friends come forward with a mass of brown and white. They help me get into everything. Soon, I stand there not naked, not clothed, but anti-naked, exposed. I am covered in a brown and white pattern except for my hands, my nipples, parts of my face and my crotch. I know my head has been transformed into a dogs head. A gag insert in the mask reminds me that puppies do not speak but instead "Speak!" I let out a quick bark of joy as I reach out my hands and they are placed into supple leather gloves. I make fists to help get the gloves all the on. I wave my new paws experimentally. Laced and locked we return our attention to the officiant.

"Do you vow to train this pet so that it may be the best pet that it can be?" The Voice "I do."

I lift my feet one at a time as my legs are laced into the leggings. Once both are on, I carefully goto my hands and knees. The padding in the paws and at my knees make this more comfortable than it looks. Of course lots of practice in the past helps. Quickly, efficiently the leggings are done up and my lower legs are now fused to my upper legs. A cool sensation at my rear alerts me that it is time for my tail. I put my chest down to the ground and the plug is inserted, gently but firmly in my rear. Loose straps from the suit are brought around and seal the tail in place. Now glad I'm on all fours, because I'm sure I'm dripping from the front side.

On all fours I have to look up at the officiant. "With this collar you take the life, the future of this pet into your hands. Please collar your puppy."

I look up, everything blurry, as a collar is fastened around my neck.

"I declare you Handler and pet!" I hear a cheer from the group gathered around. Panic sets in as I realize I was so focused I forgot they were there. Quickly I try to back up and hide but and brought short by a leash.

"None of that now pet. Let's go greet our friends. I'm sure everybody wants to meet my puppy." The Voice commands and I obey...


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