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The Dairy Unit

by Robotunit8

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© Copyright 2017 - Robotunit8 - Used by permission

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When Stephanie says that her most intimate fantasy is to be milked like a cow, a way is found to make her fantasy come true.

And now I

was definitely wondering why I'd agreed to take part in a game of 'Truth or Dare' just over a week ago! Certainly if I'd known that Jo was from a farming family I wouldn't have admitted to that fantasy, but now seemingly it was too late to go back on it, the one consolation I guessed, was that it might be fun to make that fantasy become reality.........I hope!

It was just one of those 'Girls Night In' occasions, mainly because just before pay day none of us could really afford to go out and have fun, so it made sense to gather at one of our apartments, have a bit (well alright a lot) to drink, and watch a film. Well the drink had arrived alright, but unfortunately the DVD player wasn't in the mood for us to watch a film. So Ali suggested a game of 'Truth or Dare' where each would ask a question, then we would take it in turns to answer truthfully, and if a majority of the others thought it wasn't the truth then they would think up a 'Dare' that the other would have to do. The thing was, as the evening wen't on, and we all got more drunk the questions got more and more 'adult' in nature.

All was going fine until Amanda popped 'that' question,

"Alright ladies, and I'm including myself in this, what's the biggest fantasy that you've never done, and wouldn't normally dream of telling anyone?"

Trouble was they all looked at me first! So OK, I'm the quietest of the gang, but even so in a group of six active, horny lesbians I've done a lot of things I'd never dreamed of doing in my life, but there was one thing I hadn't...... so did I own up to it?

"Why is it me first?" I squeaked, hoping to avoid that fate, and gauge from the other's answers what to say.

Ali grinned, "Thats easy Stephanie, you're the shyest of all of us, so yours is likely to be the least exciting. Heaven only knows what some of the others might come up with, some have done some pretty wild things already!", a commen't which caused both Jo and Ellie to blush.

So I couldn't win! Deciding that in this case to be brave and own up to it I lowered my eyes from their gaze, and whispered as quietly as possible hoping they wouldn't all hear, "I'd like to be milked like a cow with a milking machine. You know, with the teat cups attached to my breasts.", but they all heard despite that. Some wild giggling ensued until Faye admitted,

"I'd quite like that too!"

At which point the giggling stopped, especially when Ellie admitted it might be fun to try. Ali and Amanda, who were definitely the two 'Dommes' of the gang looked at each other and grinned before casting an eye over at Jo. She nodded back at them, and the three of them excused themselves to head for the kitchen to make some coffee to sober us all up a bit, leaving the three potential 'milk cows' alone in the room together.

Faye smiled softly at me, "Thanks for owning up to that, I thought I must be the only person in the world with that strange desire. Don't think I would have had the courage to say it here though, if you hadn't."

I blushed and smiled back, "Me too, I thought I was the only one as well. Lets face it, its a pretty strange thing to want to happen to you, and lets face it, none of us have had, or are likely to have kids, so the odds on producing milk must be virtually nil.......... but it would be fun to find out!"

"Sure would!" grinned Ellie, "The sensation of those things sucking on your boobs would probably produce 'cream' from down below even if it didn't produce any milk!"

We chatted on about our mutual fascination for a few minutes till the others reappeared with coffee and nibbles to end the evening before we split up. The others did state their 'special fantasy' but admitted openly that mine was 'something else' in terms of desires. Eventually Jo, Ali and I headed back for our large apartment and bed.

Ten days later, Friday morning, as I was heading off for work Ali and Jo looked at me and said, "See you tonight Steph, and by the way we've got a little surprise awaiting you then!"

Even then I didn't think anymore of it, they'd promised to cook me a special meal for my birthday a few days earlier, but had never got round to it as yet, so I just assumed it was that. Until I got home and saw what was lurking in the garage. Now I don't drive, they both do, but they'd deliberately left the garage door open enough that I couldn't miss it. A very large container marked, 'Mini Maid Milking Parlour, suitable for a small dairy farmer. Capable of milking up to six cows at any one time.' and a picture on the box of a cow with her udders all connected up to the device.

Well pardon my innocence, but I didn't think they were going to start keeping a small herd of dairy cows in an apartment just outside central Buffalo! So I guessed it was for........ me! And maybe the other two if they were brave enough to still go through with it. I suspected I wasn't going to get any choice. As I entered the apartment their grins were wider than the Cheshire Cat.

"Happy belated birthday Steph, I knew we'd got you some presents, but your main one arrived a little late!" they said to me.

I giggled, assuming it was just an empty box at that stage, and decided to play along with it, "Thanks for that, its absolutely wonderful, when do the cows arrive then?"

I only realised for sure when they said, "She just has, its you! And if you think that box is empty.... well you are wrong! Well there might be two other cows arriving later though."

And sure enough twenty minutes or so later the other three girls arrived. Ellie and Faye's faces were almost as fine a picture as mine when they saw it. As far as the three of us were concerned it didn't take Ali, Amanda and Jo long enough to get the milking parlour out of the container and connected up to the power supply, and start looking for 'cows' to milk. I quickly found my hands held, my blouse removed and bra quickly following, the cool air (and OK the anticipation) causing my nipples to grow nicely in preparation for the cups to be attached.

"Well Stephanie isn't getting any choice in the matter, she is definitely being 'milked' by that thing." grinned Amanda, "We will let the other two of you have a choice though."

Both after a few seconds nodded, and stripped down ready. It was then Jo admitted she wanted to try it too, and Ali told her to get ready then. Jo took at least ooh......... 10 seconds to do so!

I moaned slightly as Ali began to prepare my breasts for the big moment, rubbing a mixture of moisturiser and lube onto them, to help soften the blow as she put it, it seemed the suction was going to be pretty tight, and they didn't wan't us 'too' sore afterwards. Meanwhile Amanda did the same to Ellie, and then afterwards, in turn the other two girls.

I laughed at the size of the huge tank connected up to the milking units, it was big enough to hold gallons of milk, and I doubted the four of us would produce much more than a pint!

"As long as you don't expect us to fill that?" I jokingly said to Ali.

"We will have to see!" she said back to me with a stern, but wicked grin on her face.

"We've even thought this through," grinned Amanda, "there is no way the standard teat cups would stay on your nipples at present, they will need to be 'trained' by the use of the suction device before those little cuties will stay on you very well. And besides, the amount of milk my little herd are likely to produce at first is so small they'd probably end up making you sore, and put you off, which we don't want to happen. So we've created these for you to wear."

She showed us something that looked like a breast pad with a very long clear straw through the middle of it, with some sort of sticky pad to ensure it stayed attached to us at all times. Amanda closed in on my breasts with this device before I realised, and I let out a loud squeal of surprise as the suction of the machine firmly sealed the straw type thing to my nipples, pulling them a small distance into the tube as they did so. In fact once I got over the initial shock it was actually quite a nice sensation, just like a girl nibbling on my nipples which is actually something I quite like. Very soon the other three were all connected up in the same way. They sat us down on stools which they covered in towels, and with the words,

"Hope you are all ready for this!" Ali switched the dairy unit on.

The resulting moans suggested none of us were ready for what happened next, the sensation of the unit first suctioning my nipple for the expected milk, then the pressure drop as it was released again was simply incredible. It was like........... well I'm not quite sure.......... lets just say it felt like the tenderest lips were tugging on my nipples, turning me on terribly, and I suspected my first orgasm wasn't too far off. And it wasn't!

Ellie however was the first to release 'cream', little more than two minutes after the unit was switched on, but I wasn't far behind her. Indeed Jo and Faye followed us in that pleasurable release very soon after. Milk flow, well at this stage it was none, but I suspect none of the four of us really cared about that. I suppose if I'd been in any fit state of mind to care about the noise we were all making we might have worried what the neighbour's would think, but we were too lost in our Sapphic pleasure to think about that.

They only left the machine on for about 10-15 minutes, though it was only by looking at my watch afterwards that I realised this, it was such an emotional overload sensation that I had no idea how long it had all been. Or how to describe it. I suppose Jo's description was the best, she said it was like the pump had found a direct link from her nipples to her clit, and sending a massive charge of electro stimulation along that line. All I knew was that all four towels were absolutely soaked, and that I'd had at least three or four incredibly powerful orgasms while attached to it.

The yield between the four of us.................... not enough for a cup of coffee! Someone had managed a few drops, but which one of us it had been we had no idea. We hadn't really expected to produce any milk, but didn't mind that we had. Despite all precautions my breasts were definitely tender afterwards, but as my arousal levels had gone through the roof I really didn't care. And the musky smell emanating from the other 'cows' was turning me on even more. We set to cleaning each other up with our tongues, and it all just led on from there. Soon a lesbian orgy was under way, it hadn't taken more than a couple of minutes for Amanda and Ali to get their clothes off and join in, and we weren't in any mood to stop them doing so.

None of us could resist the attraction of trying it again the next day, indeed on this occasion Amanda and Ali even gave it a try as well, and had to admit the sensations it created in the mind, as well as all the sex bits was absolutely awesome. We were in no mood to argue. Between the six of us we just about produced a 'saucer' of milk, so we siphoned it off and tasted it. Warm and sweet was the opinion, but I think none of us would have minded having a little more as a trial sample. And yes, another orgy ensued, we were all so turned on by the process it was just a safety valve for our desires in a way.

It was only after the 'success' of the two sessions that Amanda and Ali looked further into the matters of human female lactation, mainly I suspect to see if we could at least produce enough milk between us for a proper tasting session, but discovered something far more interesting. The four of us didn't even know they had contacted this research centre until the following weekend.............

* * *

Saturday morning had been set aside for the next milking session for the four of us, and over breakfast Jo and I eagerly chatted together about it in anticipation. We noticed Ali had a wicked smile on her face over breakfast, and was telling us that she expected more milk from her two 'cows' that day than before....... or else! We suspected as with the previous time that our yield would be slightly more, but not dramatically so......... but Ali seemed to think otherwise.

Anyway, an hour or so Amanda, Ellie and Faye all turned up with big smiles on their faces, Amanda carrying what looked like a small briefcase as well. The 'Milking Parlour' door was hastily shut down and locked, and the four 'cows' stripped ready to be connected up, this time there was no danger of resistance from any of us. It was only then that Amanda opened the briefcase to show us what was in there, four syringes, a collection of needles, and a large bottle of a white liquid.

"What are they for?" Ellie asked, probably wishing she hadn't after she'd said it.

Amanda grinned wickedly, "Well even you have to admit that the milk yield so far of our cows has been pathetic, no more than a tiny drop so far, so Ali and I took the opportunity to investigate means of increasing it slightly. We found a website for a research lab looking for breast feeding mothers to help out with research into increasing their milk yields to help babies that needed it. Well none of you four are breast feeding mums, but increasing your milk yield sounded good to us, so we put your names forward, and this is what we've been supplied with. Apparantly this white liquid stuff works on stimulating your milk ducts to increase the flow dramatically, so combined with regular milking sessions on the machine you all become useful dairy 'units'............"

"........You will be helping to feed young babies with some proper milk rather than the powdered stuff without their mums needing to breast feed if they can't, or won't for any reason. And judging by the payment we are getting for this, our little herd of 'dairy cows' will pay for themselves which is good news." interrupted Ali.

"Yes, and they've even supplied us with all the necessary teat cups to carry out your duties, we start off with some that should fit you nicely post-injections, and then as your milk yields grow they 'develop' along the way into these full breast cup types that will hold your breasts nice and tightly in the suction with no danger of them falling off. And we are told it will only be a handful of sessions before you are ready for those."

The cups we were going to use first looked like the traditional teat cups that would be used on a cow, other than the fact that the part that suctioned to us was larger, and would certainly cover much of the 'milking zone' of the breast. The full breast type ones were almost like a large bra with a suction pump connector to place over the nipple to transfer the milk into the tank. They looked amazing, and just the thought of it being attached to me was enough to dampen my panties considerably.

But hang on, those injections we all need to have for this, now is that wise? I guess it was fair to say we all looked unsure, but the other two weren't going to stop now we feared, and we were right.

"Is it safe?" asked Faye nervously, "And are we milked for life, or is there a way of stopping it?"

Amanda did her best to reassure us, "Perfectly safe, so we are told, and no side effects other than the much increased milk flow. Well not that they know about, they assure us you won't start hankering to eat grass or anything my sweet little Buttercup." and teasingly patted Faye on the head, "And yes, we have a bottle of a 'stopper solution' as well, or well, we will have in 6 months time at the end of the trial period. But in the meantime we will have our own profitable little dairy unit. And you only need to be milked once a day so it won't interfere with your work. Each evening we milk you on the machine, and the next morning they take it away to pass on to needy babies. Sounds perfect, you all get milked regularly as per your fantasies, and it's beneficial as well, what more could you ask for? And assuming you want to, in 6 months time you can become dull little humans again."

Jo and Ellie looked doubtful, but Faye and I were more of the 'in for a penny' types, so nervously nodded agreement. After a while, and a little pressure from the two A's they agreed to try it, but asked if Amanda could see if they could get a bottle of the 'stopper' provided just in case, and she agreed to try and do so. Anyway, I'd been the one that got us all into this, so it was only fair I had the injections first......... I think.

I suspected a needle injected into the nipple was going to hurt, and I was right! Despite Amanda swabbing me with something to dull the pain it still stung a lot. But as the white liquid was injected into me it seemed to sooth almost instantly, but as I 'lived' she hastily repeated the process with my second breast. Then she turned her attention to Faye and Ali began connecting me up to the milking machine. It felt sort of different, the previous times she'd more or less had to squeeze my nipples into the teat cups, but this time they almost seemed to suck themselves into the cups. She connected the tubes up to the milk cylinder, and then patted my backside saying as she did so,

"That's lovely my bovine beauty, and once your companions are connected up we will get those gallons of milk out of you!"

Gallons, I hoped she was kidding, OK, I was going to presumably produce more than before, but these injections weren't surely going to work that quickly? It was only when all four of us were in position that they placed a bucket under each of our slits, and fed some sort of teat device into our already dampening sexes, and the tube down into the bucket.

"What are they for?" squealed Jo as something suctioned onto her clit.

Ali laughed, "Oh didn't we tell you. We are going to collect cream from you all as well. Enjoy!"

Then Amanda switched the parlour on and,................... almost instantly milk started to flow from my breasts, I knew because I could see the white liquid washing down the tubes. Well I could until that teat on my clit took one suck too many, and I exploded with a massive climax. I took a quick look down to see my juices dripping down into the bucket. And judging by the moans of pleasure down the line everyone was enjoying the same process. The clitoral stimulation wasn't continuous, presumably they realised we would collapse if that was the case, but they made sure we came often enough to keep us content. My main surprise was that very soon the clock suggested we had been there 20 minutes or so and still the milk was flowing from me quite rapidly, and judging by the rate the tank was filling the others were doing the same. In fact it was well over an hour before my milk supply began to dry up, and the nipples begin to ache. Clearly Ali was watching the flow rates on the monitor and realised because soon my machine began to stop. Apparantly Ellie and Jo had 'dried up' a short while earlier, and a few minutes after me Faye did as well. It was only after we were all disconnected and looked at the cylinder now more than half full with our milk that we realised just how much milk we had produced.

"That can't be natural!" Ellie said, "Especially so soon after receiving the injection." then she looked down in the bucket at the 'cream' she had produced and added, "Mind it was an amazing sensation! I think I'm looking forward to that again."

"Well, it isn't natural." said Jo being practical, "Its something to do with that injection, but if its for a good cause, well with that much related pleasure.......... I'll live with it!"

Amanda laughed, "That's nothing, according to what I've been told after 24 hours you should be able to fill that cylinder each night between the four of you........... and I'll expect nothing less."

And for the next 7-10 days we did just that. We'd all come home from work heavy with milk, be connected up to the milking parlour, and issue gallons of milk from our full breasts. Trouble is all that stimulation of breasts, nipples and pussy made us all very horny. So more often than not the evening meal afterwards was each other! But it was strange, we were eating less 'normal' food than before, but it didn't affect our figures, or leave us feeling hungry........... just very, very horny! The bottle of 'stopper solution' did arrive as requested, but none of us were planning to use it, the sensation was too good for that. Each day the research lab would come by and collect our milk and 'cream', and leave the four of us some 'additives' for our diet to help keep us in peak condition, which we took eagerly.

Then to our surprise we received a letter from the research centre involved thanking us for all our 'produce' and inviting the four of us into the centre that weekend so they could carry out medical checks on us just to make sure that we were all OK, and showing no side effects from the injections, and that our milk ducts were alright with the high flow of milk now passing through them. We were informed that they would be more than happy to milk us in the same manner while we were there. Amanda and Ali were also invited to join us, to have a look round, and to see the work that was carried out there. We were thrilled by the offer and eagerly said yes.

* * *

At the Research Centre.

"Well the milk yield from our four person dairy unit is certainly meeting expectations, and the milk quality is of a high standard as well. Of course as we know, it would be possible to considerably increase their milk capacity yet, but that means slight genetic modifications to their bodies, and of course a 'little' tinkering with their minds so they find the process of life as a milk producer more natural to them. The fact that we know how to make them 'volunteer' to do this, whether they like the idea or not is beside the point. And the fact that we would then milk them ourselves means that their two current milkers could be used for extra milk production if desired.

Thanks to the additives they are taking their 'cream' is producing sufficient amounts of Eroctin to enable it to be placed in certain 'beauty products' that can be used by people to spice up their sex lives, both for their own benefit, and of course their partners. It will be a specially promoted range mentioning its erotic benefits, but I'm sure that won't slow sales. And the arousal factor works on both genders and sexualities, so fun should be had by all.

Accomodation has been arranged here for all six of them, designed as nice apartments that any modern woman would love to live in. Of course the 'extra ingredients' in the air conditioning won't be noticed by them, even if after a short while they would still be aware of such things. So do we go ahead with this 'research' when they visit next weekend? All in favour?"

All six hands were raised,

"In that case motion carried, we will make arrangements for their long term stay."

* * *

To their surprise and delight they were informed that the Research Centre would send two cars to collect them on Friday evening, but that the four 'cows' weren't to be milked until after they arrived at the Centre as it would be easier that way than arranging a collection for their Friday night milk if they were milked at home. That was fine by all.

Jo giggled, "I wonder if they will milk us the same way as here, or if they will do it by other means. Wonder what being milked like a cow would be like, would be fascinating to find out, as long as they provide knee pads!"

Ellie agreed that might be fun, but the rest of us weren't so keen, preferring either the sitting or laying down positions for lactation. We just guessed we'd find out at the time.

Friday evening the cars arrived and we all piled into them, each carrying a small bag with toiletries etc, we had been informed everything else would be provided. As it was by now slightly late than our normal milking time the four of us were beginning to feel a 'little heavy' up top, though as none of us had ever leaked milk we weren't too worried by this, but wouldn't mind lightening the load. Thankfully the drive wasn't too long and we soon arrived. Amanda and Ali were invited to settle themselves in while the rest of us were milked, and we waved to them, and told them we would see them soon. We were led to the 'milking parlour' as the two young ladies who worked at the centre described it. It was certainly more impressive, and larger than our own modest set up, this unit could easily have handled 20-25 'cows' quite easily. Some units had beds to lay on, others had stools like we did at home, and others just had mats and knee pads supplied, we all looked at Jo when we saw these, and she blushed bright red, knowing what we were thinking.

"Well ladies, as there are only four of you here choose the position you feel most comfortable with, and we will connect you up and carry out your milking. And of course draw off your cream as well."

Faye and Ellie chose their normal position, sat on a stool, and were quickly connected up. I'd had a hard day at work, was feeling quite heavy with milk, so chose to lay down on a bed. They connected up my breasts in the normal way, and connected me up to a special pump so that the 'cream' would drop into the bucket below me as normal. Jo just couldn't resist the chance, put on knee and elbow pads and positioned herself on the mat, on all fours just like a real cow. She even let out a little moo, before ruining the effect by having a fit of the giggles!

We were now so used to the process that we barely noticed it, don't get me wrong, all the incredible physical and emotional sensations were still there, but it was now part of our daily routine we just accepted. An hour or so later we were finished, we dressed again and wen't off to team up with the others. Despite our horny arousal levels we decided to 'behave ourselves' as we had 'neighbours' that night, and we suspected the walls weren't too thick! But sticky vibrators were used that night, well they were sticky when we finished with them!

The next morning two of the research staff came for Ali and Amanda, and took them off for a guided tour, while the medical staff came for the other four of us. We were all taken off into seperate small rooms for our check ups so its probably easiest if I describe my own, and you can assume it was the same for the other three. Which as far as I know it was!

My nurse seemed friendly enough, she offered me a loose gown and asked me to strip down behind the screen and then just slip the gown on, come back out, and lay on the table for her, so I did just that. Taking the chance to look at myself naked I had to admit my breasts looked fantastic, tight and very perky. The nipples seemed slightly bigger than before, but I guessed that was just all the suction they were getting. And considering all the action my pussy was getting it seemed fine too as far as I could see. I had no idea where all the milk was coming from, but I liked the results on my body shape.

I slipped the gown on, walked out and lay on the bed as requested. A couple of minutes later the nurse came back, and started with a few basic checks, pulse, blood pressure etc and she seemed happy with the results, so I just laid back and enjoyed it. I did squeal when she placed a pair of metal hoops over my breasts and tightened them, they weren't warm and I soon let her know the fact! She told me they were special units designed to check that my milk ducts were coping with the high flow rate, and not being damaged. Mind, when she switched them on and a warm tingle passed through my breasts I didn't care in the slightest. Mind, if I could smell the musky arousal I was now dribbling, so must have she! Maybe that was the idea as a probe was slid into my damp opening and placed against my clit. No idea what that was for, but when that started throbbing as well I came almost instantly. I blushed, but she just smiled.

Maybe that was the idea because all she said was, "Well that all seems in full working order I'm glad to say." before turning them off and removing them, with me wishing she hadn't bothered!

"Well you seem fine physically." she said to me, "Now all we have to do is run the psychological checks to make sure they are fine as well."

Seeing my worried look she just smiled and said, "Nothing to worry about at all my dear, just a few ECG type tests to check that there are no brain pattern abnormalities, or bad reactions to anything you are now taking. I just need to put this electrode skull cap over your skull to take the readings, and place this mask over your head to check your senses of smell, sight and hearing are fine. It will all only take an hour or so, so just lay back, relax and enjoy it all."

It seemed as much a command as request so I did as she asked. The skull cap fitted quite tightly, and the mask cut me off from the outside world, cutting off both sight and sound. I felt her attach something to the nosepiece of the mask, my head started to tingle as the ECG cap was switched on, then suddenly I felt very sleepy.

The nurse saw my awareness levels drop, and instantly increased the power levels through the skull cap, patterns of lights began to flash before my eyes, and subliminal messages flooded into my open mind through the earpieces. She just smiled. I never felt any of the injections she gave me, or indeed the IV she injected into my arm. For the next few hours I simply lay there, cut off from the outside world, my mind being altered considerably, and my body having this strange white liquid pumped into it through my arm.

Eventually she was satisfied the work was completed, she took the IV out of my arm, switched everything off, took the mask off my face, removed the skull cap, and then injected me again. A few minutes later I began to wake up and groaned as the light hit my eyes.

"How are you feeling?" she asked me.

"Fine I think, light's a bit bright though." I replied slightly groggily.

She lowered it, and asked, "Is that better?" and I just nodded. I looked down at my udders, hang on where did that word come from, I mean't breasts, and they seemed fine.

"Am I OK?" I asked her.

"Fine," she said, "in fact better than before, the laser system in the eyepiece noticed you were very slightly short sighted before, but has now corrected that. And your hearing was 85% functional, but that's been corrected as well. It's all perfect now. It all mean't it took a little longer though, you've been under the mask for about four hours in all"

"Wow!" was my only reply to this news, "But if I'm better for it, it really doesn't matter."

She told me that I was free to go get dressed, and meet up with the others again which I did. Apparantly we'd all had 'minor defects' before which had been corrected, but mean't we had all been worked on for longer than we had expected. We headed back to our rooms expecting to see the other two there already, only to be told they were so involved in the research that we would see them later. We didn't know quite how involved they were!

Amanda and Ali had been given a full guided tour lasting a couple of hours of the centre before ending up their tour in the 'Human Awareness Research Unit'. While there both of them had been given an opportunity to find out what feeling Total Sensory Deprivation (or TSD for short) would be like. And being adventurous young ladies (much as the RC people had hoped) neither said no to the chance of finding out. They slipped into two large all over body suits that removed all sense of touch, the inside of which was coated in a warm, thick gel that took away all sensation whatsoever. They were given a mouthpiece to breathe through, then a similarly coated helmet was lowered over their head and attached to the suit by sealing it tightly. It was only after all this had happened that they felt hundreds of electrodes attach themselves to their bodies and to their skulls. And by then it was too late to scream even if they could. A few minutes later two sharp needles pierced their nipples, and a steady flow of white liquid poured into their breasts. Meanwhile their minds were quickly opened up by the electro stimulation of the electrodes attached to their skulls, and subliminal control messages poured into their minds. The concept of time just drifted away. Four hours later they were released, having been, like the others, given temporary awareness of their old selves.

The head of the centre planned to activate all six girls at the same time, later that evening. Jack Darkson smiled as he looked at the button that would change all six girls forever.

The Dairy Unit—Chapter 2

"Well we will know more after the milking session tonight, I'm only planning to milk the four 'cows' we already have activated at this stage, then run the tests on the production of them before doing anything about activating our two new units. Lets face it, the worst result we get is a 50% increase in milk and cream yield, but hopefully the cream production will be of a far higher quality than before. If the tech boys have got this right, the Eroctin levels in their body fluids should now be nearer 80% proof than the 20% they were before. And even if they don't produce more cream, which they should, the Eroctin will go a lot further in production than before." reported Jack to the meeting.

"And you are telling us that the girls won't even notice all this Eroctin flowing round their systems, after all we don't want them eating all that cream when they are together, and being too highly sexually stimulated for good production rates." he was asked.

"Not a problem at all. Basically it will act like an antibody within their own systems, they will carry it without noticing it, and indeed it can't affect them dramatically as we've already gathered, but the effects on those not already 'immunised' against it will be interesting to say the least. They seem a pretty highly sexed bunch anyway, so they aren't likely to notice a small increase in their libido even if it does happen!" Jack replied.

"And convincing them all to become full time dairy units?"

Jack just smiled, "Not a problem. Lets just say that their check ups earlier today will guarantee all of them will say yes, hopefully before, but they certainly will after I push the 'magic' button!"

"In that case I'll inform HR that we have six new salaried workers here."

"Excellent." said Jack and left the meeting.

* * *

The four of us had been asked to present ourselves to the 'milking parlour' about 5pm that evening, slightly earlier than our normal time at home, but we were told this was because there were some matters they wished to discuss with us later that evening. All went fine, Ellie joined Jo in the 'hands and knees' position, whereas Faye and I, being the 'quieter' ones settled for being milked in our more normal way. It must have been the 'excitement' of the day or something because Faye and I produced far more milk than we normally did, 80% filling a tank which normally the four of us would just have about filled. And seemingly Jo and Ellie had done the same. My 'cream' bucket seemed much fuller too, though I hadn't noticed having more orgasms, maybe they were just heavier ones. And it looked a little thicker than normal as well, Clotted Cream as Faye put it, rather than our normal produce. Then we all went off to eat the meal they provided us with, and then err............. to eat each other!

A short while after this we received a call asking us all to report to Jack Darkson's office for our medical reports.

He meanwhile was on the phone, "Results are perfect, each girl's milk yield is up by about a quarter or slightly more, cream yields are up by over a third, and Eroctin levels within the cream are already at 70% and still potentially rising. So not only will more babies get the right milk provided for them, but the Eroctin Beauty Product line will soon be able to go into full production. Well it will once I've 'convinced' the girls that they want to stay here as the start of our blossoming dairy unit, but that should be quite simple! Leave it to me." and he put down the phone.

He heard a knock on the door, shouted out to 'Come In', and six smiling, if slightly nervous looking ladies appeared in his office. he smiled back at them.

"Is everything OK with us?" Ellie nervously asked.

"Everything is fine ladies, all of our 'dairy units' are in perfect condition, indeed I've been told you are now in better condition than before thanks to some minor tweaks carried out by our laser scanning equipment on you. In fact we'd like to make you all a generous offer, and offer you all paid work here so we can look after our team so much better, and indeed live here together as well. You will be well paid for your time here, given interesting work to do, and the team can all be milked by experts. It's a wonderful offer ladies." he told them.

Judging by the wrinkling of noses, and doubtful looks he guessed he hadn't convinced the girls of this..... yet!

Ali was the first to speak, "What about Amanda and I, we aren't 'dairy units' but we don't want to be split up from our friends. I suppose I could think of worse things than being connected up like that myself, but in all honesty it's their fantasy, not mine? And besides, what happens with our apartments, after all this is only mean't to be a 6 month trial, we need somewhere to live after that."

"I have no desire to split the group up at all, we are more than happy for all of you to live and work here, and that includes the two current milkers. Clearly we would be delighted if you did become 'dairy units' for the period of the trial, but it wouldn't be forced upon you. And agreed, its only a 6 month trial period for now, but if its successful, and the girls were willing, we would be happy to use their milk for as long as they were happy to do so." Jack replied.

"Well the apartments are nice I must admit." said Faye, "But I enjoy my current job, and wouldn't really wan't to give it up. So I'd rather carry on as we are now if that's alright with you." and the others nodded in agreement.

Jack just smiled and nodded back at them, while opening his desk drawer, "Sorry ladies, if you won't come the easy way, then I'll just have to do this my way!" he said quietly and pressed the button. Almost instantly all of them froze to the spot and their eyes glazed over.

"Now that's better!" he said to them with a wicked grin, though they didn't react in the slightest, "Now you are all nicely under my control I can explain things better. And when I wake you up again these commands will seem like your thoughts. You will all eagerly take up our generous offer of jobs here, and will be thrilled to live here in the nice apartments provided for you. You will forget about this only being a 6 month trial, and believe that producing milk and cream for us is your true duty in life. And from now on that applies to all six of you! And the fact that you will now need to be milked twice a day rather than once isn't a thought that will cross your minds. That's better, now lets ask those questions again." and he pressed the button again, and the 6 girls 'came to life' again.

"So ladies, can I have your decision on our generous offer to live and work here?" he asked them.

As one they eagerly said yes, without even thinking about it. He handed them all contracts and they signed them quickly. The next morning all six of them were called to the milking parlour and didn't murmur a word as they were all connected up and milked, not even Ali or Amanda said a word. Production was plentiful, and the milk and creamy juices were taken away afterwards. They were told they were free to do as they wished at weekends outside milking hours, so they went away and did what seemed 'natural' to six horny lesbians! From then on, they were all milked morning and evening seven days a week without reacting to the changes whatsoever.

Signatures were arranged, apartment contracts terminated and they settled happily into life at the Centre. Suitable positions were 'created' for them to keep them amused, and for the six of them life passed on quite smoothly and contentedly. The milk was used for needy babies, and the Eroctin laced cream was used for another purpose.

* * *

The adverts in the mens mags weren't overly subtle, 'Hey guys, feel like your sex life is passing you by? Not getting enough activity from your partner? Then buy her some of the new Eroctin Beauty Products and notice the changes in her. Just hope you can cope with the new woman in your life, because she will sure need a man who can! 'Headaches' will be a thing of the past once she uses Eroctin Beauty Products, so buy some for her today.'

The ads for women were much along the same lines, 'Not getting enough loving attention? Or when you do get it, its not satisfying enough? Get your guy some Eroctin Beauty Products for Men and watch as your love life is sparked back into life. Or if you're single, get some of our special Geni-Tingle cream and work yourself into a lather. Satisfaction guaranteed.'

They may have been corny and sexist, but they worked, sales boomed of these products. As the dilution of Eroctin needed to create this effect was only about 5% proof the supply they were getting from the girls was just about enough to cope with demand. But..................... demand continued to increase!

* * *

Life for our 'Dairy Unit' was quite enjoyable, they were even permitted days out from the Centre, simply because Jack knew he could easily recall them at will. The work they were given at the Centre kept them from getting bored, but at the same time wasn't so critical that if they had to 'leave', it would cause any great concerns. And indeed after about 6 months or so their roles were made part-time, and a few genetic adjustments made so there could be a third milking session each day. All six girls were quite content, they had all been 'educated' to enjoy all this milking they now received, and by now their bodies were so used to it that even with all this extra milking they underwent, it wasn't at all painful for them.

And well.......... they thought they had free will to call a day to all this anytime they liked, but strangely enough none of them ever felt the urge to do so. And they certainly never noticed when the 'trial period' was over! But that was Jack's strength, he kept them in enough of a state of Mind Control to always be in control over them, while not going so far with it that when they met anyone from outside that they looked, and seemed anything less than fine, healthy, free willed young ladies. That way of course no one would raise any alarm bells. And of course their healthy sex drives weren't affected by all this activity, so as far as they were concerned everything was fine on that front. And as had been pointed out, the Eroctin had no great effect on them because they were naturally producing it, and it certainly wasn't harming them!

* * *

A few months later

"It's no good Jack, even if we could manipulate their bodies for a fourth milking session per day we just aren't going to get enough Eroctin to keep up with curren't demand. And the tech experts tell me we have them on maximum yield already without changing their bodies dramatically, and of course that would raise alarm bells. So we need to increase the size of the herd."

"Shouldn't be too much of a problem in a milking sense, the dairy has enough room for 24 'cows', but I suppose its getting the volunteers?" Jack replied.

"Yes, that's it exactly. Four of these volunteered for the trials, and their two friends were opted in to help out, whether they liked it or not, not that they of course mind in the slightest now! But getting 18 more 'volunteers' to live lives as milk-cows is going to be another matter entirely, after all we can only change people's minds on the matter when we get them fitted up to our special machines, and getting women here for that in the first place would be quite some challenge, unless..................."

"Unless, what?" Jack asked.

"We use female charms to get them here! Either that, or the female ego. I know, isn't there a County Fair or something coming up soon, they usually have a Beauty Pageant or something tied into that? We arrange some sort of sponsorship deal with the event, give our group to chance to advertise the 'Milk for needy babies' side of things, and not mentioning the Eroctin Cream tie-in to it. Get our happy sextet to promote it, maybe make it a condition that the girls have to do a simple 'blood test' to check whether they would be suitable donors. And with the cause involved they are hardly likely to say no. Slip the mind control units under the hair driers they are all bound to use, and lo and behold, 18 happy new dairy units to milk! Think your girls are up to the challenge, Jack?"

"It's possible, all I need to do is tweak their control units a little and they would be perfect for the roles. And they look so natural no one is going to realise how controlled they are. Give me a few days to work on it."

And so a few weeks later at the local County show the 'Miss Dairyland' pageant was about to take place, with generous sponsorship from the Eroctin Research Centre. They'd managed to convince the committee that it would be an excellent idea for all the girls entered to have blood tests to see if they were suitable for the 'milk for needy babies' campaign, even if they wouldn't actually be interested in doing so, and the girls didn't seem to mind, it gave them a chance to show their 'caring nature', even if it was just a show! They were promised the needle pricks wouldn't show on stage, and besides all 19 entrants would have them anyway.

As a reward for doing all this the winner of the Beauty Contest would become 'the look' of EBP, and become the spokeswoman for them, and of course get lots of their cosmetics to wear. ERC even provided them each with a hair stylist who 'insisted' they went under the hair dryers provided afterwards, even though many of the girls did point out they'd brought their own personal ones along with them. One proved difficult to coax under, more down to her nerves at being involved in such a big event, being a quiet type not used to all this fuss being made of her, but eventually even she was sat down under her 'hair dryer'.

45 minutes or so later when they were all 'released' they looked, and indeed felt much the same in themselves. Maybe each looked slightly 'fuller' in the chest, and had much more worthy thoughts towards needy babies in their heads, but outwardly they all felt much the same. The Beauty Contest passed off without too much incident, the only real surprise was for the winner, quiet, shy little Molly was stunned when she was named Miss Dairyland, not because she wasn't very pretty, she was, though she wasn't likely to admit it, but she'd really expected one of the more confident girls to win it. Quietly she was thrilled at the result, though she wasn't sure she had enough confidence in herself to become a spokeswoman for Eroctin Beauty Products, the man from the Research Centre told her that they had a 'few tricks' lined up to help her with that. To all the girls delight they were all invited to go on a visit to the Research Centre the next day, and see what work was carried out there, and all eagerly agreed.

The next day they all arrived at the Research Centre on a coach, having been collected from a nearby hotel where they had stayed overnight. Molly was still playing it coy, getting a lot of gentle teasing from the other girls, blushing a bright red seemed to be one of her strong points. She still couldn't quite believe she'd won, but she was beginning to let it sink in, and just hoping she could live up to her new role. On arrival she was seperated from the other girls, she was going to be shown round later, but first was going to have a few pics taken for advertising purposes, and to sign her contract. When she saw the salary figure she gasped, it was far more than a humble farmgirl like her had ever expected to earn. She was given a 'celebration' glass of milk to drink while the photos were taken which she drunk as instructed.

What she wasn't told was that this was the 'stopper solution' to stop her needing to be milked very regularly. She was then given a brief tour round the site, ending up in the research lab where they told her that they'd been considering how to give her more confidence, and had come up with a good idea. All she needed to do was sit in this 'nice chair' for an hour or so, let them drop the hood over her head and everything would be fine. Molly's mind was still pliant enough at this stage to go along with all this story. An hour or so later Molly was woken up, and she got up again, she felt fine in herself, but her self confidence seemed to have got a big boost, something she thought very nice indeed.

All the other girls had been whisked off to the Milking Parlour, and as the 6 'regular cows' had already been milked, and the tanks emptied it seemed so quiet and peaceful. They giggled at the sight of what one called the 'boob tubes', though several immediately felt a strange desire to try them out for themselves. And when by 'pure chance' they were offered the opportunity to do just that, not one said no! Though most couldn't understand why. They were told it was easier done if they were naked, and all obediently obliged. One by one they were all connected up, and towels placed under their slits, though they didn't know why, they guessed it was pretty stimulating 'down below' and they were expecting a few orgasms amongst them, and it was just easier to clean up that way.

Finally all of them were connected up to the 'boob tubes' and when someone switched the milker on a chorus of loud, sex driven moans soon filled the air. Even though none of them were connected up to the 'clit creamer' devices it was only a couple of minutes before there was a strong musky aroma filling the air, and the first of many orgasmic releases from the girls over the next 20 minutes or so. Even though they'd only been injected with a mild starter drug at this stage they did all seem to be lactating milk into the tubes. It wasn't as a high a yield as it could have been, but it was a start. But the men weren't worried, a few 'little changes' would soon be made to them, and then their milk, and indeed cream supplies would be as plentiful as the other girls.

Finally the machine was switched off, though the air was still filled with female moaning. Whether that was down to the initial soreness that would be expected, or simply the fact that they were complaining about all this stimulation stopping was argumentative.

Jack stood there laughing by now, "Well ladies, it seemed most of you enjoyed that greatly! Maybe we will let you try it again later." and most, if not all nodded eagerly at the thought of that. "But before then I need to show you to our medical research department, for some reason they want to run a few tests on you, hopefully none of you will mind that?"

Not one girl said no, not if it mean't they could have another session on that incredible machine. And a few hours later they all were reconnected to the milking machine, along with 6 other sweet 'cows' that joined them, and produced bountiful amounts of milk and cream as the 18 new members of the herd were connected to the 'clit creamer' for the first time. Funnily enough none of these girls showed any inclination to leave the Research Centre after this, all happily giving up on their old lives, and moving into luxury apartments provided by the ERC. Some of their families thought this action strange, but the girls were so pleading that this wonderful work needed their support that in time all were convinced that they should be allowed to stay there. Funnily enough all lost interest in dating boys at this time, and instead showed a definite inclination to get sexually involved with the other girls there. And did, very eagerly some would say!

* * *

Even with her new found confidence Molly was still slightly nervous as she went into 'Make-up' to be prepared for her first big press conference as the spokeswoman for Eroctin Beauty Products, there were going to be several hundred press people there, along with all her proud family watching her. Plus of course all the management of the Eroctin Research Centre. She was quite thrilled with her new role, she'd even found herself a nice boyfriend by now, who worked at the Centre himself, and life was beginning to look good. Obviously she liked to use her own company's products, and she had to admit that the 'standard' make up products had relaxed any sexual hang-ups she'd developed over the years, and she was certainly having a good and healthy sex life nowadays. OK, it was pretty much 'traditional' positions that they used, it was all she had the courage to try, but it was so much nicer than her previous rather 'non existent' sex life that she'd had, mainly due to lack of confidence. But today was the launch of the 'special strength' range, and so she would be wearing them today.

The thing was...................... the girl doing her make up didn't realise just how strong this stuff was, and she thought she was doing Molly a favour by using lots of the moisturiser to protect her skin from the heat of the lights in the room. Indeed Molly thought this was a favour until it started to permeate her skin mid-conference. Suddenly her face began to glow a bright red as her head was filled with erotic thoughts of all those men out there in the room, and how nice it would be to let them use her body. And her trouble was the thoughts just wouldn't go away. She became like a swan in water, her face trying to remain calm as she read out the speech written for her, while her mind tried to cope with all those basic sexual desires running through it, and slowly failing. She tried to calm herself by slipping one of her hands into her panties and working her aroused clit with her fingers. She knew she couldn't actually cum, well not too loudly anyway, but she had to try something to get these thoughts out of her head. She had just finished her speech when her fingers hit 'touchdown' and she let out a loud passionate moan as she climaxed and soaked her panties. Luckily for her everyone was applauding her so loudly by then that no one actually noticed.

Well Jack Darkson stood nearby noticed and smiled, "I must tell the make up girl next time to go easy on that stuff, she clearly doesn't know how effective it is!"

He helped Molly off stage before he undid his flies, and released his eager cock from its hold. Mere seconds later Molly's mouth was safely sealed around it, giving him a very eager blow job. As he came in her mouth minutes later he added as an afterthought, "Maybe I won't tell the make up girl!". He handed Molly a large dildo which she slipped into her very wet snatch and she proceeded to bring herself off yet again,........... and a few minutes later yet again.

Finally satisfied she looked up at him with eager eyes, and meekly said. "Thank you."

By this time Jack was ready for more, and Molly was eager to oblige.

* * *

The ironic thing was that film of Molly's on stage 'experience' only increased the demand for the Beauty Products when the press realised what had happened to her on stage. Men were happy to have their ladies that eager for sex, and of course ladies saw it as an incredible opportunity and means to satisfy themselves. So sales continued to boom, and of course Molly's 'image' as spokeswoman was boosted too, as she had shown how good the product really was.

It was at this poin't that the Eroctin Group gave up on the research work, and concentrated entirely on the Beauty Product Range. Well not entirely, as they now needed more cream than ever before! And they had to 'convince' many more young women to provide it for them. And the one site simply couldn't cope anymore. So they opened up three new 'factories' in Minneapolis, Kansas and Pittsburgh, all of which of course needed management teams. And given the nature of the business they preferred to bring in internal promotions. And in Jack Darkson's eyes at least the new management staff were obvious.

The 6 original cows were called in for a medical check up, and all of a sudden their milk supply seemed to dry up. They were all called into a meeting with Jack and told that they didn't want them to leave the company, and would they all like to become joint managers of their own 'dairy units'. Not one turned down the offer, anyone would think they had no choice in the matter or something!

Jo and Stephanie went off to set up the Minneapolis 'dairy herd', Amanda and Faye went off to Kansas, and Ali and Ellie went off to Pittsburgh. They seemed to have no problems setting up substancial dairy herds at each of these sites, and indeed the one in Buffalo increased in size as well. It seemed they only had to invite girls over for a tour, and they all wanted to become 'milk cows' for needy babies. Maybe it was those medical check ups they all had that done it. All six of them are now considerably more wealthy than they were before, and have 'slightly' more spacious accomodation as well to live in. And all still have a more than healthy sex life! And tha'ts not allowing for when all 6 get together at management meetings in Buffalo, then they relive 'old times' together in nice little sexual orgies.

Oh and they still connect themselves up to the milkers now and then, even if they don't produce milk anymore, they still enjoy the stimulation.

Molly, well she continued for many years as spokeswoman for the group, in time she married her boyfriend and they happily settled into life together. Their sex life was err............ plentiful! For some reason despite this very active sex life Molly never got pregnant......................... until the day she retired from her role as spokeswoman and joined the board of ERB. She'd never quite understood the reason for those regular medical check ups she had every month, especially as they had stopped just before the happy day she began the journey to motherhood. Anyway, she made an excellent mother (for some reason she happily breastfed the baby. No idea why!) and the good salary she received mean't she had a very happy life. Two more children followed over the years. And the marriage lasted................ many, many years.

Jack Darkson very quickly got a senior role within the company, Head of Recruitment and Research was his main title, though he seemed to spend more time doing certain forms of research than anything else. But if Jack was ever in need of a BJ, or indeed more, he always knew just how to find a girl to service him. There were rumours of 'Extra Strength' Eroctin products being made, but Jack always denied this, though packaging suggesting it did exist was sometimes found in his waste bins. Usually when Jack had a big smile on his face, and a naked girl at his feet.


(Well I hope people like the ending, it wasn't the first version I had in mind, but I think this works far better, I hope others feel the same about it. It was certainly fun to write. And if there is anyone out there who wants to let me try being connected up to a Milking Machine, well I won't say no! Big thanks to Jo and Xenos for all their help with this. Comments etc to the usual address please , thanks.)



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