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Ginny's Pet

by Steff

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; magic; spells; discovery; latex; petsuit; tail; encased; insert; stuck; petgirl; kitten; tease; played-with; oral; strapon; sex; climax; cons; X

Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter broke up less than a year after leaving school. Ginny tried to live at home but she soon got fed up with being “the little girl.” I was excited when she asked to move in with me. I am Amy. Ginny and I have been friends since we were 3. My family used to live close to the Weasley’s. Ginny and I were inseparable. Even though we were sorted into different house in school we remained great friends. During my second year at school my parents opened a new business and they quickly became rich so we moved into a large house still in the country. Since the house was put on the Floo network Ginny and I were still able to stay in touch. Besides having my best friend move in with me I was excited to have someone else living here. My parents were killed before “You know who” was stopped. They wouldn’t do something he wanted for them.

I heard a car horn blow and I jumped up from the couch and ran out the door. I saw Mr. Weasley land his new flying car. Once it stopped Ginny ran over to me and gave me a big hug. “Help me please,” she whispered. “Mom is driving me crazy.”

I walked over to the car and started to help unload. Mrs. Weasley started asking all kinds of questions. Finally I replied, “Ginny is not going to another planet. She is just a phone call or Floo jump away. Besides we are both responsible girls and can take care of ourselves.”

“I am sorry,” she replied. “I get carried away sometimes. I know you two can take care of yourselves.”

It took about an hour to get the car unloaded, Ginny’s room set up and the Weasley parents to leave. Even though she practically lived here during the summer I gave her a tour of the house. After the tour we watched a movie. Ginny didn’t get to watch muggle movies often so she liked to watch them with me.

A few days later I get a call from my parents’ lawyer. He wants to come by and talk about a business proposal. Since I had nothing going on I told him now was fine. When he got there he explained that I owned a controlling interest in the company. He also told me that a longtime friend and business partner was willing to buy me out for a large amount of money. The lawyer suggested that since I had a sizable amount of money in the bank that I should only sell him enough so he gets control of the company. That way I still get money from the company’s profits. He explained things a little more, I signed the papers and he headed for the door. He stopped and handed me a key to the basement, my dad’s workshop, and left.

Ginny came downstairs right after the lawyer left. She was looked really hot. She had shiny leather mini skirt; matching bra covered by a lace top and knee high 5 inch heeled boots. “How did it go?”

“Good,” I replied. “Peter offered to buy Dad’s share of the company but the lawyer suggested I just sell him controlling interests. That way I get a share of the profits and just one big lump sum. I also got the key to Dad’s workshop.”

Ginny had one of her mischievous grins, “This is your chance to see what is making you rich. I know your parents didn’t tell you.”

I thought about it, grabbed the key and headed for the basement. I opened the door and found 2 large tables with assorted potion ingredients neatly organized. 2 cabinets that contained crafting and magic working stuff in them. There were two closets and most shocking of all was a computer, a muggle computer.

The doorbell rang and Ginny said, “That’s my date. I will see you later.”

I gave her a hug and wished good luck then she left. I opened the closets and found one full of restraints. The other closet had clothing and outfits made from several different materials. I turned on the computer and it asked for a password. I thought about it for a minute and typed in my middle name. Dad was proud of giving me a middle name so it was easy for me to get because the computer opened up. The computer was nicely organized and I quickly navigated it.

Dad put all his work stuff here. His company used muggle fetishes and sex toys as ideas. The design team would make a magical equivalent and sell it to the wizarding world. I found descriptions of the stuff in the closets, direction on how to use them and a list of up and coming items to be released. Based on the sales projection I was glad I didn’t sell outright. I spent several hours reading about all the stuff and I was looking forward to playing with it. Lots of it a witch could use by herself. I was also able to figure out what got my parents killed. None of the items can be made to permanently restrain a person and the wearer must be willing to be put into restraints, however the wearer has no control over what restraints. The spells that accomplish that feat are designed to tell if the person is being manipulated into the agreement.

I was heading up to bed when Ginny walked in and she was in tears. After I calmed her down I got the full story. She had a bad break-up and was thinking it was all her fault. I explained it was her choices. She has a strong personality and the people she dated also did. The personalities clashed and there was no or not enough compromise.

About an hour later we both went upstairs. “Damn her ass looks good in that skirt,” I thought to myself. In the morning Ginny went to work at her brother’s joke shop. I was remembering talking with her about sex and boys when I remembered her mention how hot Hermione looked in her underwear. I also remembered she made other sexual comments about women and I remembered the look in eyes when I told her to make a move for Hermione since his brother was too pig headed to make his own move. With all that in mind I decided to give Ginny a surprise when she got home from work. I was going to give her me.

After Ginny left for work I went downstairs and made sure I had everything worked out before I got started. Once everything was ready I grabbed the green outfit I was going to wear and the toys to keep me entertained and went upstairs. I set the stuff on the living room table then went upstairs to strip. I return naked with only my wand. I knelt down on the latex suit and said the incantation. It was kind of long but when I finished I set my wand on the table and waited.

As expected about10 seconds after I set my wand down things started to happen. My legs were folded at the knee and my lower legs were up against my thighs. The latex suit slid its way up my folded legs. It continued over my feet, around my ass to my waist. At the same time my arms were folded at the elbows with my hands against my shoulders. The suit slid up me arms over my head and shoulders down to my waist. The opening that allowed me entrance closed over my back leaving no seam. The latex tightened up around my whole body making the suit perfectly smooth.

Once that was done my mouth was filled with a latex sleeve that stopped shy of making me gag. I was also able to breathe through it and my nose even though it was covered in latex. My vision cleared up so I could see as if I was looking out of a green lenses. Each of my breasts were squeezed into separate cups. The base of each one was squeezed forcing them into green orbs. Then my nipples popped out of openings in the suit. Once my breasts were done latex sleeves slid into my ass and pussy. After the sleeves were in place the crotch tightened up around my pussy lips and clit. I was distracted when the latex tighten up in my crotch that I didn’t notice the small cones float off to my nipples. I did however notice when they connected to the suit and sucked my nipples into them. The inside of the cones had small nubs that moved around and messaged my nipples.

The last item was the tail that floated off the table and slid gently into my rear. It entered easily enough but as it got deeper inside me it expanded. It continued to expand until I thought I was going scream then the plug thinned rapidly. My muscles tightened up around the narrow area. There was a base that the fuzzy part of the tail was attached to that stopped the plug progression further into me. It took some getting used to since this was the first time anything was put into my ass. Once I got used to it the tail’s plug felt kinda good.

Once everything stopped adjusting I started to “walk” around. My elbows and knees were padded and didn’t feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. It took me about 30 minutes to get the timing right to move with even the slightest grace. I kept trying to use my hands or feet but the suit only permitted the slightest separation before the latex pulled them back into place. As I moved the plug wiggled slightly. The activity would get me horny but not let me cum. I knew this because that is what I set it up to do. When I tried to speak all that came out was a kitten’s “Meow.”

I spent the next 45 minutes getting used to the suit and getting more and more horny all the time. Finally Ginny walked in and I walked over to her. She saw me and a look of shock came over her face. She quickly recovered and gave me an evil grin. That was when the communication spell started.

My voice started, “Ginny, I did this in an effort to cheer you up. From the time this message ends you will have 2 hours to decide if you want to play longer or not. If you want to play longer just say yes. I will then be stuck as your kitten for the weekend. There is a piece of paper that explains the suit I am wearing and options you have with me. I cannot talk when I am in the suit I can only meow like a kitten. Remember if you choose the whole weekend option you will have to take care of me because I cannot get out of the suit except of an emergency.”

She circled me a couple of times then sat on a recliner. “I cannot believe you didn’t know what your father made. Even more unbelievable you picked out exactly what I would have put you in if I had the chance. I am surprised you picked a plug tail since I know you haven’t been there yet,” Ginny said. “I have wanted to tie you up for a couple years now but I didn’t know how to bring it up. Before I forget, yes, I do want you to be my pet all weekend.”

I grinned tried to say thanks but all I said was, “Meow.” I walked over to her and rubbed against her leg. She reached down and scratched my head. I could believe it but I started to purr. The suit knew I was content and I started to purr.

Ginny got up and went to the kitchen. She got out a bowl, filled it with water and set it on the floor. She grabbed my face, whispered an incantation then the sleeve in my mouth disappeared. She kissed me with so much passion I was shocked. It took me a second to recovery then I returned her kiss. After the kiss of a lifetime she said, “I like to kiss too much plus I have plans for the mouth of yours. Don’t worry you still cannot talk like a person. Drink up.” She then went upstairs to change. I drank as best as I could but I still made a mess.

When she came downstairs I wanted to hide. She was wearing thigh high 5 inch heeled boot, a latex mini skirt and a belt that held a whip, and 2 dildos in holster like guns from the old west movie. What surprised me was she was not wearing any kind or top and from my angle I could see she had no panties on.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

I tried to say yes but all I got out was “meow.” I rubbed against her again but this time she wrapped a collar around my neck and the led me by the leash into the back yard. Once there she sat in a chair, pulled the leash forcing my face into her crotch. I didn’t need any directions and I dove right in. I licked and sucked her for all I was worth. That was one thing I learned early on in Slytherin was how to suck pussy. In just a few minutes Ginny was moaning as she was consumed by a large orgasm. Her body twitched and wiggled as she came. I also noticed fluid leak out of her pussy. I gently licked it off and then just sat down on my knees and waited for her to recover. When she looked up at me I meowed and just sat there.

“Damn kitty you suck pussy better than anyone I know,” she said. My leash was pulled down through a gap in between two deck boards in a single movement My head was pulled down so it was touching the deck and my leash was secured to something under the deck. “See this?” she asked as she removed one of her dildos. “This is my favorite dildo ever. I was going make you earn it but you already did earn it.” The dildo was forced into my mouth. “Lube this up really good. I don’t have any down here.”

Once the dildo was good and wet she shoved it forcefully into my sheathed pussy. She kissed me for luck and walked away. I heard her open the back door, walk inside, say an incantation and then my world fell apart. The dildo started to vibrate intensely. In addition most of it started to rotate. The dildo was not straight so during every rotation I could feel it disturb the butt plug tail inside me. The part that shattered my reality was a shock of some kind. The shock arched between the dildo and my tall and then it went straight into my core. The result was an orgasm like I had never felt. The only thing I felt was wave after wave of ecstasy rolling over me each one bigger than the previous one. When the orgasm finally stopped I fell over exhausted and totally spent.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Ginny was releasing my leash from the collar. She pointed to a large cat litter box. “This is for you. Just go through the pet door when you have to go. The suit will clean you but you still have to bury your piss. Hurry up I want to play with my new kitten,” she said and walked back inside. I was really out of it because she carried the dildo that had so totally destroyed me and I didn’t even know she removed it.

I got up and was surprised that I wasn’t the least bit sore. I guess my dad’s company knows how you magic. I went to litter box and did my business, through the sleeve inside me pussy. When I was done I covered it with sand and went to the pet door. Normally it is locked but when I pushed with my head it opened. I pushed my way through. There was a mirror on a closet door and I watched myself wearing the suit enter the house. The feeling of helplessness was over me. Ginny was standing in the doorway to the kitchen watching me. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she would take care of me. No harm would come to me as long I was her pet kitten. I walked over to her and rubbed against her leg.

She led me to a corner of the kitchen and there were two bowls with my name on them. One has water in it the other had was looked and smelled like cat food. “Those are just for you. So’s the food,” she said. “The food human food I altered the appearance and taste. The instructions printed were a big help. Now eat up. I will be watching a muggle movie”.

Eating the food took effort. It tasted like it had chicken in it but other stuff. The texture was what got me. It was hard until I started chewing it then it broke apart into almost like a powder. I could only take a few bits before I needed water. I had to lap the water out with my tongue so it took a long time. One time when I was drinking I noticed Ginny was watching me with a grin on her face. When I paused she walked out of the room without saying anything. Finally, I finished the food and walked into the entertainment room.

Ginny patted the cushion next to her and said, “Come sit by me.” I meowed and climb onto the couch. It took me two tries but I managed to do it. After she stopped laughing she laid me down so my head was in her lap. Once I was settled she started to gently rub my face. In no time I started to purr again. Her hand slowly went down my side and around my breasts. When she found my nipple covers she removed the covers and started to play with them. About halfway through the movie she stopped, and groaned. I was loving every minute of the attention.

She climbed off the couch, rolled me onto my back and spread my legs. “We’ll do the kitten thing tomorrow,” Ginny said. “I have waited to take you like this for far too long.” She then started to suck and nibble on one of my nipples. One of her hands went down to my crotch and she slid 2 fingers into my latex sheathed pussy. The sheath not only didn’t deaden the sensation it intensified them. She continued with her fingers and after just a couple minutes I was pushed over the edge as an orgasm washed over me. The wave of pleasure entered me and I welcomed it. I laid back as I rode the waves, each one just as nice as the one before it.

Ginny looked up at me, “I see you enjoyed it as much as I did?” She laughed when I tried to reply but all I did was meow. She got up said, “Stay,” and then walked behind the couch to a table and removed something. She then walked up behind me, leaned over the back of the couch and kissed me with such passion, longing and force that I had a small orgasm. I quickly recovered and returned the kiss. After a couple minutes she pulled away and I meowed in protest, which she ignored as she wrapped a collar around my neck. I felt the collar pulled back over the top of the couch. The pressure was enough to keep me laid against the back of the couch but not enough to restrict my breathing.

Ginny walked back around in front of me and again kneeled down. This time she stuck her face between my legs and started to lick my pussy. Again the sleeve covering it magnified the sensation and after just a few licks I was yowling in ecstasy as another orgasm washed over me. Ginny stopped for a second surprised by the cat yowl that came from me but then returned to licking me. The pleasure was intense and stayed for a long time. When it finally stopped I realized that Ginny was sitting between my legs looking me in the eye.

“Are you ok.” She asked? I meowed and nodded once I caught my breath. She got up, untied the leash attached to the couch and said, “You have me worried. Since you are ok then come on. It’s my turn.” She gentle pulled the leash giving me a chance to climb off the couch. I was then led into her bedroom where she patted the top of her bed. It took me two tries to climb onto the bed with my arms folded like they were. While I was getting on the bed Ginny had removed her clothes and gotten on the bed.

She laid down in the middle of the bed sliding the leash underneath her. She pulled the leash and I was force to crawl towards her spread legs. I knew what she wanted and since I liked the idea I went willingly between her legs. I started to lick her pussy in long strokes starting from bottom going up to and over her clit. After a few minutes of teasing her I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked in hard. I was surprised when she screamed and was rocked by a massive orgasm. I continued to suck her clit until the tension on my leash goes slack and she just lays there twitching uncontrollably and breathing hard.

I backed away and groaned because the suit prevented me from wrapping her in my arms like I wanted to. Instead I crawled up next to her, meowed and snuggled into her side. She rolled over putting an arm around me and said, “I have dreamed of this night since the Truth or Dare game at our shared 18th birthday party last year.”

I knew exactly what she was talking about. Since our birthdays were only a few days apart, hers being the older and never letting me forget it; our parents would throw a big party for the both of use. Our 18th had been fun but the Truth or Dare she was talking about was a dare that made her kiss me for a few minutes and play with my breasts through my shirt. Something had passed between us during the kiss but obviously we were both too chicken to talk about it.

She leaned over and started to kiss me with such passion and force that I was lost in it. Before I knew what was happening one of her hands was between my legs and messaging my clit. I came quickly and it lasted for a long time. She kissed me throughout the whole orgasm. Between the kissing, the orgasm and the bondage I was in heaven. I realized two things at that time. First was that I was totally, completely in love with Ginny Weasley. The second was that I wanted to be her bondage sex toy.

I woke up not knowing where I was. It took me a few seconds to remember everything. When my mind woke up I noticed that Ginny was already awake and gone. I carefully climbed off the bed and went to the pet door. It took me two tries to get thought it with my arms and legs folded by the petsuit. I went to the litter box and did my business. It only took me one time to get back inside. I followed my nose to the kitchen where I saw Ginny, wearing a see through lace teddy, watching the food magically cook itself. I walked over to her, rubbed against her leg and meowed.

“Just like a kitten,” she said as she knelt down and started to pet me. “You sleep late and only come down for food and attention.” I meowed and started to purr. She continued to pet me so I rolled over and spread my arm and legs. Giggling she said, “Aren’t you just an attention slut.” She pets and rubbed my stomach and then began to message my breasts. It didn’t take long before I was excited and wanted more. Ginny however had other ideas. She stood up and walked to the stove leaving stuck in my kitten suit, and really horny.

A few minutes later she carried my food bowl and set it next to my water dish. I rolled ever, got to my feet and walked to the bowls. Just like last time the food looked and smelled like cat food. I tried to look and give her my best “poor kitten face” but she had already walked off to eat her own breakfast.  Groaning I began to eat.

After breakfast Ginny was true to her word. She played with me like I was a kitten. I chased things she floated in the air, rolled around with her and just had a fun carefree day. Even with me trapped in the petsuit not able to use my hands or feet I still felt safe. I also felt surprisingly free too. Three times throughout the day I got to lick Ginny’s pussy until she came.

After a movie during which I was on couch next to her and she had teased me through the whole thing she attached my leash to my collar and led me outside. It was a beautiful night and moon was almost full. I was led to a corner of the house where she tied the leash to a tree. She said some spell and then my pussy had something shoved inside filling the sleeve and me. I looked back to see Ginny fucking me with a strap-on dildo. The dildo was larger than I was used to but it was still comfortable. There was enough texture in the right spots that I soon had my first much desired orgasm and it was a monster. The pleasure smashed into my conscious mind and it was all I knew. I was lost drowning is a whirlpool of ecstasy. All I could do was cum, twitch and breathe. The last one I don’t think I did that well.

Finally, when some form of coherent thought returned to me I was lying flat on my stomach, Ginny was on top of me and her strap-on was still inside me. She stood up and said, “That was awesome. The spell I put on the toy allowed me to feel everything you did.” She helped me up making sure to leave the dildo inside me. Once I was stable she resumed fucking me. This time it was more controlled and calm. She took her time getting me close to the edge them backing off four times before she pushed me over the edge and I came again. This orgasm was just as powerful as the last one. I came and came for what felt like a long time. This time when I recovered Ginny was lying next to me looking at my face.

“Hello beautiful,” she said. I softly meowed and just started to purr. She just rubbed and gently scratched me for several minutes until I recover my strength. She them helped me up and lead me by my leash inside and to my water bowl. She knelt down, removed my leash and kissed me. After a couple minutes of kissing she said, “Your bed is set-up in the living room. I will see you in the morning.” She got up, went to her bedroom and closed the door.

After I drank a lot I went through the pet door, did my business and went into the living room. Like Ginny had said there was a large pillow in the corner and it had my name embroidered into it. I walked over laid down in the middle and was quickly asleep.

I the morning I woke up to Ginny sitting on the floor next to me watching me. I could not make out the look in her eyes but whatever she was feeling it was intense. I rolled over and laid my head on her lap. Her intense look went away and she grinned. We spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon playing kitten games and relaxing. Then at 3:45 the suit released me. The suit and the plug just disappeared leaving me naked, laying on my side with my head in Ginny’s lap.

“Welcome back,” she said.

I rolled over, got to my knees, leaned into her and kissed her for all I was worth. I put all my love, joy and excitement I felt from the whole weekend into that kiss. We spent the next 45 minutes just kissing before we finally separated.

“That was for the best weekend I have ever had,” I said.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her bedroom saying, “The weekend isn’t over yet.”


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