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Part 1: Rachel in the Stables

Rachel ran into the locker room and threw her clothes into her locker, struggling to get her corset off fast. The place was empty already, which meant she was late for Physical Education class and she didn't want to piss off Professor Blackhead again.

Pulling on her sports bra, she cursed herself for the umpteenth time for letting Jason talk her into buying the answers for that year's standardized tests. Eighteen years old and sentenced to twenty years as a pleasure slave. Even if her dad's lawyer won the appeal, the logo for the Ironwood Senior Academy for Indentured Girls was already tattooed on her butt. Even now, the magical mark copied itself in perfect detail over the plain gray cotton shorts she pulled on over it, announcing to the world her status as a student slave.

Tying up her laces, she ran out the door and along the cobblestone path to the stables, tiptoeing around the corner and sneaking into the back of the crowd of students milling there. She held her breath and kept her head down, hoping Professor Blackhead would miss her late arrival.

No such luck. His oily voice rang out in irritating amusement. “Waters! How nice of you to join us!”

She looked up at him through the crowd of students that were now looking at her and stammered, “I'm sorry, Professor. I was...”

“I don't want to hear your excuses!” the professor said. “Five points from Corsetry House, and you have Detention!”

Rachel cringed, but kept silent. She hated Detention, but five points was just not fair.

“As I was saying,” the professor called, taking up his lecturing tone, “upon your graduation from Ironwood, you'll be serving either this school or our sister academy Hourglass as maids, cooks, practice dummies, or ponies like these until your contracts are sold.”

He led them across the stables. Young men and women, all in their late teens, stood in some of the stalls with taut muscular bodies in leather harnesses and bits and bridles crisscrossing over their faces. They stamped and chomped as the students passed and Rachel couldn't help but look down at their genitals. Cocks hung free, most limp and bored but a few rose to attention as the fresh young women walked past. They all had rings in the bottom of their cock heads. Similarly, all the women were bared to the world. Most had vertical rings in their clit hoods, but a few had triangle piercings, instead. She was so focused on the exotic piercings, imagining how a triangle ring would feel in her own lips that she walked right into the girl ahead of her.

“Waters!” The professor's voice called out.

“What?” she said without thinking, and immediately cursed herself. “I mean... yes, Professor?”

The professor scowled at her. “Three more points from Corsetry!” he shouted. From somewhere in the crowd, a hand slapped her in the ass, really hard. Her housemates were refusing to look at her. The girls from Bondage House were grinning. Her face burned.

Professor Titch was standing next to Blackhead, and Rachel's eye was immediately drawn to her. Tall, slender, and muscular, Titch gave an air of authority effortlessly, but somehow it was the black-framed glasses that got Rachel's engine purring. Dressed in her usual riding outfit, her hair pulled back in a sever-looking bun, and holding a riding-crop in her leather gloved hands, she scanned the group of young women with an easy smile.

“Over the next couple of weeks,” Professor Titch said, “you will all be introduced to the delightful world of pony-play. Both pony-play and puppy-play are an important part of the modern sensual world, with shows, contests, games and an entire industry devoted to fashion and training.

“Today, Corsetry House will get Bondage House into their kits and lead them. Tuesday, it will be the other way around.” Rachel smiled, glancing over at Heather Lee – the girl who had sold her the answers to the tests and had gotten her in this mess in the first place. She crossed her fingers, hoping she would get the chance to mark that pretty blond bitch's rump with a crop.

“Except for Waters!” Blackhead's voice called out. Rachel looked at him in surprise. He was grinning at her with crooked yellow teeth. “Professor Titch needs a demonstration model. You'll do nicely.” The Bondage girls giggled as Rachel blushed and stepped forward, turning to face the class at Titch's side.

“Remove your clothing,” the woman said simply. “Including the trainers.” Rachel stripped, tossing her clothes into the basket Professor Titch pointed to and stood naked before the class. It had taken her weeks to stop turning a beet red when she was naked. She stood with her hands at her sides, waiting.

“Here at Ironwood, the base of our harnesses is this leather corset with bondage rings and straps.” She held the thing up for the girls to see and ordered Rachel to lift her arms. Reflexively, she lifted her arms and sucked in her belly so the professor could cinch the garment tight. It pulled her back straight and thrust out her breasts. After six weeks in corsets, this thing quickly bought out the submissive in her, relaxing and exciting her at the same time, especially with Professor Titch handling her.

Titch turned her around and showed the girls how to strap her arms into the harness straight across her back. She made a point about making the straps tight enough to restrain but loose enough to allow the pony to move them for comfort, then turned her around again.

“Now, as you can see from our full-time ponygirls, we don't use training bras, here. That means that young girls as 'gifted' as miss Waters will need some sort of control.” Rachel gasped as Professor Titch's leather-gloved hand cupped and played with her breast as she spoke. She blushed, seeing the other girls looking at her, and concentrated on not rubbing her thighs together as Titch spoke. “There is a technique for this. Everyone pay attention.” She spent ten minutes attaching straps to the corset, crossing them over and around her shoulders and chest and across the top of her breasts. They were held but not covered and actually felt more sensitive. When Titch played with them again, she couldn't help but moan a little, her nipples sticking out. She arched her back a bit, pressing herself into the woman's hand.

Next, Titch showed the class the Y-strap with a ring that would pass under her. She clipped the double end to the front of her corset and slid her hand down, aligning the straps with Rachel's V, and over her moist sex to pass the straps to either side of her lips to the hand that reached under her from behind. Rachel found herself rocking her hips forward, rubbing herself on Titch's hand. The Professor clipped the strap to the back of the corset and told her to turn around and bend over. When she did, the Professor gently kicked her feet further apart, spread her cheeks with one hand, and showed the class how to adjust the strap to align the ring over her anus and tighten the strap. She blushed all over at showing everyone her bottom, but loved the feel of Titch touching her.

“And now she's ready for her tail,” Titch said, and Rachel felt hot with fresh embarrassment. She turned her head and saw Titch rubbing a strawberry red lube onto a rubber buttplug with a long tail of coarse hairs. She looked down at the ground, closed her eyes, and tried to relax. “Most people think the key to inserting a buttplug into a woman is lots of lube and a firm push, but that is simply not true,” Titch told the class, sliding her hand over Rachel's already damp sex, spreading the lips and sliding her fingers between them. “Lube does help, but the real secret is to get the woman as aroused as possible. This relaxes and loosens her muscles, making your work a lot easier.”

Titch stimulated Rachel in front of the class for what felt like an hour, making little comments on good fingering technique as Rachel tried unsuccessfully to not writhe under her ministrations. After a good long while, when she was sure the whole class could hear the squelching noises her fluids were making with Professor Titch's fingers, she felt the rounded end of the buttplug press gently against her rectum, spreading the warm goo of the lube around and into her. She made herself breathe and relax as Titch's free hand left her pussy and took hold of her hip. Just like the professor had said, though, the plug slid in without a lot of effort and didn't bother her as much as she expected. “Up,” Titch commanded.

She stood and turned, wriggling a bit to get used to the intruder. The lube was heating up, relaxing her anal passage more but also making her squirm a bit.

“For beginners, we have training boots,” the professor said, producing a tall pair of leather pony boots. “Like the regular boots, they have no heel and are shaped to look like a horse's hoof, but these have a powerful enchantment that gives the beginner help with keeping the foot up and balanced.” She placed the right boot in front of Rachel. It was tall enough to come up to her mid-thigh and was untied all the way down. Professor Titch told her to slip her foot inside and when she did, seating her toes in the bottom, the long tongue slid itself up her leg, pressing her foot into proper position, and the laces sprang to life, crisscrossing themselves up the boot, pulling themselves tight, and tying themselves. Titch tucked them into the top of the boot and set the other one in front of her. She held Rachel steady, but Rachel found that the first boot really was holding her up well. It was like balancing on a rubber ball.

With both boots on, Rachel stood tall and straight for the professor. “And finally, we have the bit and bridle. Again, we have a special model for beginners. The bit is a flat strap of soft leather that won't hold her mouth too far open.” She held the collection of straps and rings up for Rachel, who opened her mouth for her. Titch slid the strap in, telling the class how to judge how far back to pull the bit, then did up the straps behind her neck, under her chin, and over her head, pulling her auburn hair into a ponytail through the top ring.

“And here we are at last,” Titch said, positioning Rachel in front of them and cupping her breast again, playing with it. “A fully rigged ponygirl, ready for cart-pulling, racing, or even dressage. I'll pair you up now. Waters will be here for you to examine if you get lost or confused, and I'll be coming around to help you.” She leaned in and whispered to Rachel, “You seem to be taking well to this. Continue doing so well through the canter demonstrations and I'll see to it you get a good solid rogering from one of our stallions.” She gave Rachel a few loving strokes of her leather-clad hand over her dripping pussy and left her there alone as she went to pair up the students.

It took a few moments for Professor Titch to get pairs formed up and while the Bondage girls got their clothes off, she showed the Corsetry girls where all the gear was. Rachel watched them all, chomping on her bit and trying not to fidget. It was hard, though, standing still. She wanted Professor Titch to come back and pet her some more. She'd figured that the corset was probably enchanted like the one she had to wear every day, but now she realized the Y-strap that pressed her swollen lips together –  grinding them against each other every time she moved – was also enchanted. No wonder the more experienced ponygirls in the stalls were standing so very still. She silently cursed this damn school. The magical tattoo on her butt was enchanted to make it impossible for her to orgasm without permission, and every damned thing else was enchanted to make her horny as hell.

She practiced her breathing techniques, forcing her mind to quiet and focus on a pleasant thought – the Spring Festival that started right after this class. Her arousal washed over her, caressing her skin as she stilled. A three-day weekend filled with music, games, good food, and – more importantly – boys from the Hourglass Senior Academy. Rachel had heard wonderful things about the festivals they had here each trimester – like the fact that the students were allowed to intermingle and fuck and come freely for the three whole days. She let thoughts of erotic release fill her mind, easing the tension between her thighs.

She noted with satisfaction that Heather was paired with Aubrey. Aubrey was a nice girl. Rachel liked her, but she was about as sharp as a wet bag of rubber mallets. She was sure to make the next several minutes very unpleasant for Heather.

Jennifer crossed the stables to Rachel carrying a fistful of leather straps in one hand and pulling a bound and corseted Angel by the other. Angel was just a little shorter than Rachel and had a bigger bust. Jennifer turned Rachel this way and that, tugging at the straps that confined Rachel's breasts, trying to figure out how they worked.  She hooked up Angel, unhooked her, adjusted the straps for tightness, changed them out, and stepped back to check that Angel's breasts were even-looking. Rachel watched Angel's tits, too, but for other reasons. Jennifer moving her around had made her lose focus and she was so horny!

Jennifer took Angel back to their pile of gear just as Professor Titch came back to check on Rachel. She told her she was a good girl as she played with her breasts, eliciting pleasant moans from Rachel, who squirmed in place and arched her back to press herself into the teacher's hand. She was thinking she could definitely get used to being the teacher's pet when she heard Heather squeal in pain.

Aubrey had pulled Heather's bit too far back and had gotten a lock of her hair caught in her mouth in the process. Just as Professor Titch and Rachel turned to look, Aubrey reached around, hooked her finger under the lock and pulled it through Heather's mouth over the bit, sending it whipping down Heather's throat, making her double over, gagging. Rachel giggled as Heather howled in anger and kicked Aubrey in the knee, knocking her clean over. Rachel jumped for joy as Blackhead's voice rang out, “Lee!”

Heather's head and spirits sank as Blackhead stormed over, picking Aubrey up and dusting her off, even as Titch ran over to take the bit back out. “I don't care what bought that on, we do not strike other students in anger!” he shouted at her. “Five points from Bondage House, and you'll be doing Detention this weekend wearing a chastity belt!”

Heather's eyes popped wide open. “What? But Professor, please...”

Blackhead got up in her face and stared her down. “What?”

Heather deflated, facing forward and looking down at her feet. “Yes, Professor. I earned it.”

“Damn straight,” Blackhead told her, then he slapped her in the ass hard and stormed off as Professor Titch made sure Aubrey's knee was okay. Rachel turned around before Heather could look up and see her grinning like a Cheshire cat.

A few more Corsetry girls bought their ponies over to check their rigging against hers. The Bondage girls were squirming as much as Rachel, their Y-straps making them wet and restless. Rachel played with them, brushing her body against theirs before their trainers took them back to their positions for inspection by Professor Titch. Aubrey had needed a lot of help – and it was a lot of fun to watch her try to get Heather's anal ring aligned properly – but she finally had it all right and Heather was lined up with the other student ponies.

“Right then,” Professor Titch said, coming back to the front with Rachel, riding crop in hand. “We'll be starting with a basic gate, for today. You may have noticed that the student bridles don't have blinkers. That's for safety. Blinkers prevent the pony from seeing to the side, forcing them to allow their trainers to lead them, so the pony needs to learn balance, pace, and gate first.”

She placed a hand on Rachel's back and tapped her riding crop against the back of Rachel's knee, telling her to lift it. “Basics. When you lift your knee, you'll feel the magic in the opposite boot push up on your heel gently to remind you to begin leaning forward.” She glanced at Rachel, who nodded, feeling the gentle lift. “Whenever you lift a knee, it must stop parallel to the ground with your toes pointed straight down.” Rachel corrected her position and Titch told her, “Good girl. Now switch legs.” She had to think, working her balance as she first dropped the first leg, shifted her hips and lifted the other. It felt clumsy, but the professor assured her and the whole class that they would improve with practice.

She told the class to work in their pairs and practice just lifting their knees, then supervised Rachel as she practiced. “Very good,” she cooed in Rachel's ear, sliding a single fingertip along the strap between Rachel's buttocks, tickling her and making her shiver. “I just might have to keep you as my demonstration model for the whole Basic Ponyplay block.” Rachel blushed, hoping she meant it.

Next, the Professor taught them the actual gate. There was a bit of a trick to the timing, which Rachel worked out fast, gaining more cooing praise from Titch as the other students stumbled around. She led Rachel to a water trough and let her drink while she inspected the other students. The bit in her mouth made the water taste of leather, but at that moment she didn't care. This was turning out to be her best day yet since she'd arrived at Ironwood. She'd finally found something that didn't make her feel awkward or clumsy.

Finally, Professor Titch called everyone's attention forward. “One last thing to learn, today.” She paused a moment, building anticipation, and said, “Mating.” Rachel grinned. “A little reward for our hard-working ponies, today.”

She led Rachel over to the mating racks, setting her hips against the cushion. “Bring your ponygirl to the rack and leave her here, then go and fetch a ponyboy – assuming, of course, that your particular ponygirl likes boys at all.” She glanced over at Rachel, who nodded vigorously. Titch nodded and strode back to the stalls. “Those ponies that prefer girls you'll pleasure yourselves.”

Rachel looked back at the Professor over her shoulder and her heart leaped to see her leading a huge ponyboy over to her. He was nearly six-and-a-half tall and had a cock that could break a cement block. “If, like Timmons, here, your ponyboy is significantly taller than your ponygirl, you'll need to raise her up. Make sure her hooves are inside the yellow lines and use this lever on the side. It works like a carjack.”

Titch placed the boy behind her, close enough that his cockhead tickled the small of her back, and ratcheted her up. She felt that head tickle its way down, slipping between her cheeks as it passed her ass and he stepped closer as it was under her, sliding under her and she mewled.

“Right. Bend her over, making sure she's both comfortable and balanced, then you can unclip her Y-strap from the back, slipping the ring over the buttplug and tail. Once the strap is down, lift the hairs of her tail and clip them into this loop on the back of the corset.” The strap came off, dangling down between her legs, and Rachel felt the plug tug as the hairs were tied back. It was a little distracting, but then Titch's gloved hand was rubbing her soaked pussy. “Get her nice and wet, bring the boy closer, and guide him in.”

Rachel let out an animalistic moan as she felt the head of his cock press against her passage before Titch expertly slid him in. She was so drenched that he managed to press almost all the way into her before he pulled back out slowly, then pushed in, leaning his weight against her bottom, fully inserted as she moaned, shivering in ecstasy. The ring on the bottom of his cockhead had the most incredible effect as it slid back and forth and Rachel found herself pushing back in time with his rhythm.

Professor Titch patted her on the back, then turned to help the other girls get their ponygirls into position and get them fucked. Rachel lost herself to the feel of her stallion, practicing her orgasm control techniques to make these feelings last. She didn't even care when Professor Blackhead stopped Aubrey from bringing a ponyboy to Heather's backside. “Not her,” he told her. “She's chaste, this weekend.”

But then he came over to Rachel's boy and pulled him back out of her! “Not her, either,” he said, turning him to lead him back to his stall. Suddenly empty and wanting, Rachel let out a squeal of dismay, standing to look at him over her shoulder. “You want pleasure, show up on time,” he told her, then walked away.

She faced forward, grunting in frustration. “Asshole,” she muttered around her bit.

“I heard that!” she heard him shout, and cringed. She expected him to say more, but he didn't, and she sighed in relief.

She stood for several minutes, listening to the moans and cries of pleasure from the other students and their stallions and nearly cried. Her one comfort was that Heather was also not getting any. She, in fact, would be wearing a chastity belt all weekend while Rachel frolicked with the other students. She closed her eyes while the others orgasmed around her and imagined herself in a big pile of moaning naked slaves at the festival.

After what seemed like an eternity of her standing there alone not getting pleasured, Professor Titch called for the class's attention. “You can remove your pony's gear in just about any order you like, as long as the corset comes off last. Toss all the gear into the baskets that their gym clothes are in now and head for the showers.”

She started to undo Rachel's arms but Blackhead's voice called out, “Not her!” Rachel's heart sank into her ponyboots. “I've just arranged it with Headmistress Hollis,” he said. “Little Miss Potty-Mouth will be doing her Detention here in the stables, all weekend.” Rachel let out a pitiful moan, nearly kicking herself. “She can pull carts for the other students while they have fun. And I want her to spend at least one day pulling garbage carts!” He stormed off, but turned to shout, “And no sex!”

Rachel fumed as Titch tightened the arm straps back up. “Sorry, sweetie.” She reached around and gave Rachel's breasts a playful squeeze in consolation and told her, “Just wait there a moment, all right?” Rachel nodded and Titch walked off, leaving her alone. Her housemates filed past on their way to the showers. Each of them stopping to offer their condolences, patting her backside or playing with a breast as they left. Rachel accepted their nuzzling in good spirits and watched them go.

Titch came back a few minutes later. Rachel expected her to reattach the Y-strap at the back, but instead she removed it completely. “I'm going to have to bathe you soon, anyway,” she said, leading her past the stalls and deeper into the stables. Rachel noticed with a bit of irritation that her tail was still fastened up and it tugged at her buttplug as she walked, but she was too frustrated to care. “First, of course, I have to wash all those ponyboys and their cocks. That's always a chore.” She said it with a sarcastic tone, and Rachel couldn't help but smile.  She decided she liked Professor Titch.

“You can wait in this holding cell, here.” It was like a jail cell, with iron bars all around. Rachel was looking at the floor, frustration and depression making her tired, so she didn't see the two ponyboys in there with her until Titch was closing the door behind her. Her eyes went wide with surprise seeing the stallion she had been interrupted with and the one that didn't make it to Heather's rump! They both looked at her with need and their cocks sprang up to greet her.

“Oopsie-daisy,” Titch said as she locked the cage. “I've left you in the wrong stall. I probably won't even notice until feeding time.” Rachel couldn't stop a manic giggle from escaping her, looking at the two boys stomping closer. “Come freely, you three,” she told them, and left.

She stepped forward, nuzzling herself between the two. This was going to be a great weekend!


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