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Frankie's Fable 2: Will They Accept Me As I Am?

by rbbral

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Part 2: Will They Accept Me As I Am?

It’s true, when you have had good sex, and I had had good sex, strange at first, but it was very good, when I come to think of it, your outlook of just about everything improves. I gained in confidence again, and for the next couple of weeks I was just happy to chill, walk the neighbourhood, go to the gym, and generally have a relaxed time. I was adjusting to my new life every day, getting used to my body, getting used to behaving, well, being a woman. The gym was interesting, for obvious reasons I left my old one and found an all-women’s one close by.

I don’t have to say how strange it is being in a woman’s changing room with some very fit, attractive women. I felt at first like a spy, sneaking furtive glances, for of course I was still very attracted to the female form, hell what am I saying, I still love women. Yes, this was definitely one of the bonuses of my transformation. Sometimes I was glad I didn’t have a cock which would certainly have given the game away, odd I know, but I still got short of breath when I was in the shower, and after when we were all dressing, slipping into panties, and bra, doing our make-up.

So I kept in shape and kept on adjusting to my new world. And then I decided to take the next step, and that was to contact my old pals, a really big step and I knew this would be difficult.

I supposed we used to be a quite close foursome - pubs, tennis, squash, runs, going to games etc, and so I knew I had to eventually make the move. They weren’t going to let it go, and I wanted to see them again, but needless to say was worried how they would take the “new” me. I didn’t want to call them all, so I called Bob, who had left most of the messages, and nervously set up a meeting with the four of us in a pub not far away. My other pals were Jerry and Nick. Bob wanted to chat on the phone, get all the scoop, but I figured if I was to tell my story I might as well do it the once, so I would tell all when we met.

Soon the day came, and early evening I showered, did my hair and dressed in the full heavy duty rubber corselette, with attached panties and ventilating pinholes front and back. I knew I would be nervous and sweating and figured this may help me cool off. I had splurged on a pair of tight super-smooth black calfskin leather pants, which gripped like a pair of tights, and left nothing to the imagination. I think I looked pretty good in them, my arse was nice and firm and curved thanks to all the gym work, and my legs are good too. On top, a fine denier black polo neck, and a pair of short Victorian black boots - very Emma Peel, very classy. Then a simple gold necklace and a leather shoulder bag, and I was off.

I was late in arriving, for I got last minute nerves and had to stop and take a few deep breaths, which were quite hard in the corselette, and I began to regret having chosen it, but with a final gulp as my mouth began to dry I opened the door of the pub and saw them in the corner, deep in conversation, about me, no doubt. Okay, shoulders back, boobs out, big smile, I approached them. The room went a little quieter, I was no longer shy about that, for I knew I cut a figure, my wavy blonde hair resting on my shoulders. But these were my mates over there. They all stood in silence, three pairs of eyes on me, which I thought was rather cute, and Bob, who was nearest and whose eyes were like organ stops, said.

“Frank….er Frankie, good to see you, really good.” He put out his hand and I smiled.

“Come on Bob, it’s been a while.” And I embraced him, sort of mannishly, for a second he didn’t move but then patted me nicely on my back. We parted.

“Drink?” He asked, hardly taking his eyes from my boobs.

“A bottle of whiskey please, no, ha ha, little nervous, um, red wine - large as they have, no beer, got to keep my figure.” I was babbling, tense, breathing hard. Jerry, ever the gentleman, just looked in shock.

“Jesus Frankie, you look fucking incredible. I thought you’d look, you know like a drag act, but fuck, you look great. Okay for a man-hug?” He spread his arms and I closed them around me. Then he moved a hand down my back to near my backside.

“Jesus, what am I doing?”

“Jerry, it’s okay, we’re all in a bit of shock, aren’t we?”

“I’ll say.” Said Nick and hugged me as manly as he could. I sat down, and we said nothing at all for at least ten seconds as Bob returned with my drink. We still said nothing as I took a big gulp, very unladylike. They actually had stopped looking at me now, no doubt wondering what to do.

“Well, where do we start? Okay, why don’t I fill you in on the last 18 months or so, then take questions.” I sounded like a bloody lecturer, but they nodded mutely. For the next 10 or 15 minutes I went through my journey uninterrupted, lying where necessary – Switzerland, my choice etc. I talked about my father, mother, the will, the apartment, and my slow adjustment. And I talked about the operation, the pills, the clothes (not the rubber, no point in complicating things) make-up, well, just being the new me. I found it hard making eye contact, this was the most nervous I had been in a while, and just related the story in a very unemotional matter-of-fact manner. No, I wasn’t gay, I still liked women, but felt trapped in my male body yadda yadda. We’d finished our drinks and I said I’d get the next round – I’m never short on my round, allowing them to digest it all, they had said nothing at all, letting me get it all out. When I returned Jerry, of course, the bull-in-the-proverbial, started.

“So, are these,” he pointed furtively at my boobs, “all yours, I mean…”

“Jesus Jerry, well I have had a little help with silicone implants, but mostly mine.”

“So, do you feel yourself then, you know…”

“Jerry, why don’t you say what you really mean, stop beating about the bush.” Nick said a little irritably.

“No, no, it’s fine, we were, are I hope, mates, I’d like to think we can carry on being mates, a bit different dynamic though for sure. But remember this guys, I don’t fancy you, any of you, all right? I’m still frank, Frankie under all this. So ask me anything, really, otherwise what’s the point? Yes, I do, Jerry, and I like what I feel, my nipples are very sensitive, don’t know why, but of course I like to feel them.” Jerry wouldn’t let it go though.

“Fuck. And what about…down there, you know.” Jerry again, but I always liked Jerry, you always knew where you stood with him, no pretense.

“Same again, they’ve completely re….structured me, I have all the works, okay, want me to be candid?”

“Oh, I’m not so sure. Too much information? It’s a little early.” Nick said, but I’d started this and now I wasn’t going to finish.

“Well put your fingers in your ears. I have a vagina, pussy, cunt, whatever you want to call it, okay? I have lips, labia, okay? And interestingly I have a, sort of, clit. Not the real thing, but it does give me a buzz, okay? With the hormones I don’t have any significant body or facial hair, and….. well, what you see is what you get.” There was, again, a long silence all a bit shocked at my candour, until Bob, who hadn’t said anything for a long time, said.

“But… what about your head, you know? You used to fancy women, you weren’t too unsuccessful, ha ha, the last one was a cracker, you weren’t gay, right?” I nodded, and knew the next few minutes would be difficult. “So I don’t know, you do still fancy women? So are you a lesbo now, is that what it makes you, or could you go with men, it seems bloody complicated to me.” I had to think this out for a minute, yes, it was bloody complicated. I should have known that this inevitably would come up.

“I’m getting another wine.”

“No, my round.” Nick said, but I was up and gone, and after a slow time getting served was back, all of them looking at me, and waiting, no doubt having had a quick chat about me.

“yeah, that’s quite a question. I… I still…. it’s hard to explain, no, not really, well I still love women. I’m still attracted to them, hugely, because I don’t have a cock and balls doesn’t seem to have affected that part of me. In my mind I love women, and I’m not attracted to men.” (I didn’t mention Patrick, well that would just complicate things.) “But I suppose it means I will be limited to lesbians now, which will be tough. Oh look, I’m still getting used to all this, okay.” But that wasn’t enough for Bob.

“But you have a pus…..vagina, right, and you said it was, you know, functioning, I think, so how do you know?”

“Oh, fuck.” Nick was cringing.

“Do you want to go there, Bob?”

“No, nonono, I said I would be open with you, I just didn’t realise quite how so open. Do you find me attractive? Forget about Frank, he’s gone for good, just look at me.” They were realising that this was not going to be straight forward, but of course they all nodded.

“Of course I do.” Said Nick. “But I don’t want to fuck you, you’re Frank, or Frankie, whatever, my mate. You’re like my sister, she’s really attractive too, but I wouldn’t want to fuck her.”

“Neither would I.” Said Jerry drily, and we all laughed, but still a bit uneasily.

“But everyone, or let’s say some men who didn’t know me as Frank, would. Wouldn’t they?” And a veil of silence dropped as they finally figured it out.

“Okay,” I didn’t want to go there, but I thought I might as well now, I took another deep inhale, “I had to test, to explore myself, to know if I was put together correctly. That everything worked as it should. Okay? Obviously I could pleasure myself like all, well many, women do, but I had to go that step further. Could I….erm… accommodate a man? And there’s only one way to do that.” I dipped my head, and it went very quiet. I really didn’t want to go this far so soon, but the cat was out and they all held their breath. And I was now mad at myself, and mad at them for pushing me this far, I should just have shut up. Anyway, what business was it of theirs? Fuck, all right, you want the full story, okay.

“So…. you went with a bloke you met.” Jerry again.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I did. I found a guy on the street and said, do you want to fuck me, and so we did.” I was getting hot now and a bit agitated, and the tight rubber corselette wasn’t helping. The way this was going I was certainly not bringing up the whole rubber thing as well. I took a breath, they had said nothing, not one word.

“No, I met him in a club, liked him, nice, funny, gentle – which means something to a woman, by the way.” I said sarcastically. “We talked, as you do, and got on, and… Jesus, yes, he fucked me. He had a cock and I had a pussy, that’s how it works. I didn’t suck him off, I didn’t even kiss him (a very small lie there). And although it was the strangest feeling I’ve had, and it would be, wouldn’t it, I liked it, I got pleasure from it, okay.” I glared at them, now quite defensive.

“So, like I said, he didn’t kiss me (why did I have to say that twice) or bum me (true) but he played with my tits, I liked that and he fucked me, and I liked that, okay?” I didn’t mention that latex played a big part, definitely a good idea. That would get it even weirder. I realised my voice had risen and they were still silent, not taking their eyes off me. A couple of people glanced over, but by then I didn’t care, the horse had not just bolted, but disappeared, and I was mad at them and myself. At the same time I felt aggressive and defensive, for what seemed no valid reason.

“Come on you three.” I mocked. “Come on, forget the Frank bit, look at me, look at my tits, and my nice firm arse in these tight leather pants, you’d love to fuck me, and probably bum me too, course you would. Shit, I could take you all on at the same time now.” I had just about lost it. “I’ve three perfectly accommodating orifices now. My bum hole is virgin, a bit tight, but you’ll like that, and my mouth hasn’t taken cock yet but I’m a quick learner, and I’ll swallow, cos I know you’ll like that. You can change places, get a taste of everything. Give me a good banging, back and front. Look at me, I know you want to, and….”

“Shut up, shut up Frankie.” It was Jerry, and he shouted loud enough to quieten the room. The landlord looked over as we stared at each other.

“Everything all right miss?” Miss? Ha ha I thought, if only he knew.

“Yeah, yeah, fine. My fault, sorry.” I grabbed my shoulder bag, lowered my head and went to the ladies. Fuckfuckfuck, I leant over the sink. Well, that went well. I took a lot of deep breaths, feeling the unresisting rubber corselette give me very little room for that. I was hot and sweaty, particularly in the ventilated panty portion of my corselette. Probably wasn’t a good idea wearing it. It was meant to calm me and give me psychological as well as physical support, and didn’t work, well this time anyway. I could run, of course, but better face the music I thought, and so after a make-up touch up, and a fingers-through-the hair repair I returned.

They’d got another round in, thank god, and in front of my seat was a double, or maybe a triple single malt, they always remembered my favourite malt. I was a single malt expert/bore, the worst kind, boring everyone to death with my expertise. Yes, I might as well get pissed and make a further fool of myself. I lowered my head, my blonde hair framing it, and I hope hiding me as I sat. I took a gulp, and felt the wonderful warm glow as it passed down inside me.

“Yeah, another girlie tantrum, chicks are like that, must be her “time”, only one good thing about being a trannie, I don’t get the monthly curse, definitely a positive…. so no excuses for all that.” A really bad joke, and no one laughed. I took another drink, now getting a bit muddle headed, but held up a finger. “Don’t say anything, let me finish. I am sorry, very sorry. I have been alone for a long time, other than having sex with a stranger, a nice stranger though, ha ha.” A very weak laugh. “I’m finding my way, what I like, what I don’t. And I found I liked a cock in me, frightening though that may seem to you now, it was a bit frightening for me too. Oh god, you were my friends, and you have no idea how nervous I was coming here, I really wasn’t going to come at the last minute, anyway….. have you any idea how I feel, how hard it was for me to come here, knowing that you would be appraising every bit of me? Staring me, making your minds up. I can’t be all things to all men, or women, ha ha. So I have to find my way. But everything got a bit ahead of me, so anyway, there it is, you’ve seen the new me, in all her voluptuous glory.” I sat upright, well aware of my enhanced boobs pushing out my top.

“And it’s good to see you again, actually really good. And I’m sorry for my outburst there, you know how women can be, ha ha. And I can’t even blame the time of the month.” They were silent for a full ten seconds, which is a long time, believe me with this bunch. I took another gulp of single malt.

“Jesus, somebody say something.”

“Frank, Frankie, you don’t get it, do you?” It was Nick. “We were nervous too, didn’t know what to expect, but you’re still Frank, aren’t you, in here.” He tapped his chest. “Up here,” he tapped his head, “you may be a bit confused, got to get it in order, and that’s cool, get to know what makes you tick now. I don’t know how you do it. You look great, really, and you seem pretty grounded to me. And I’d say you’ve got a head start, look at you, fantastic, those leather pants, jeez, did you see what happened when you came in here? Bloody place went silent.”

“Look,” he leaned over to me, “if you want to experiment with the male species, then half this place will be happy to go home with you. If you want to go with women, great, if you want to experiment with men, great, just not me, okay?” He sat back. “It doesn’t change things for me. I don’t care about the others here, I’ll be happy to have you as a mate…. erm in the non-biblical sense, that is.” That was quite a speech by Nick, not normally the most verbose of us. And Bob followed now.

“Me too, you’re our pal, nothing else to say, is there? We might have to cut back on the sexist backchat though. It’s a shock Frankie, of course, it really is, a major fucking shock, but we can overcome that, no problem. Shit, why can’t we do what we did before? Go for runs, tennis, squash, pub, restaurants, whatever.” He smiled. “Maybe you can get to know some nice girls and introduce us…” he gave an encouraging smile and I took a breath.

“Well, whooooo, this has been hard, fuck, you have no idea. I am soaking wet under these.” I ran my hands along my top and leather pants.

“Easy there Frankie, don’t talk about being wet.” Nick laughed.

“But thanks, of course, we can still hang out and have some laughs, yeah, of course. The dynamics have changed a bit, but we can still hang out, I reckon I can still beat you all at squash. Jerry, you’ve not said anything.” And a broad grin creased his face.

“I, I just want a feel of your fantastic tits.” Well that broke any ice that may have been left.

“And your arse in those bloody leather pants, fuck me.”

“Okay, got it Jerry, subtle as ever, maybe one day.” I laughed.”

“I’ll live in hope.” He said with a twinkle.

Yes, that’s what friends are, you throw the weirdest shit at them, and I gave them some serious shit to think on, and they say, yeah, whatever, but you’re still my friend. You may look different (yes, seriously) but you’re still the same inside. We became more relaxed, and fairly drunk and set up a couple of runs, and squash and a curry dinner over the coming couple of weeks. I had to leave, so stood up to make the goodbyes. And we hugged in a very different way, girl to boy, as well as mate to mate. Jerry got the last word as I embraced him, my significant bosom on his chest, and his hands moving just a little further south than maybe socially acceptable.

“Fuck, they are spectacular. I’ll be on my best behaviour, and await your future consent to my respectful request.”

“Fuck off Jerry.” I laughed.

So, another step, another leap successfully made. Life was beginning to take shape.

Meeting My Former Love, Under Very Different Circumstances

“I don’t think you’ve heard a word I’ve said in the last ten minutes, and barely said anything at all, and you sit there with a silly smile on your face. I’m having one more cup and then we can be off.”

Fine by me, for I was getting very hot and sweaty now. My thoughts drifted back to Bob’s comments about me introducing them to my girlfriends, and then I thought of Sue and how, just a couple of weeks after my first reunion with the lads, I had reunited with her.

She was my last girlfriend before my mother changed my life irrevocably. We had not being going out long, I thought it was going okay, better than okay, although Sue seemed to be preoccupied as we progressed and the last time we had been together, a week before my mother began my transformation, it didn’t go well. She had left early in the evening, after a very desultory bout of sex, her last words being she really liked me, liked me a whole lot but it didn’t feel right and she was sorry. Nothing else, and sorry about what? Was it the latex? We had even tried a bit of bondage. Perhaps stupidly I had persuaded her to try some rubber on, no cat suits or body bags or masks, not yet at least, but some stockings, suspenders, a sports bra (she was used to those of course, but not in latex) and high-cut panties. She looked bloody fantastic and we goofed around and she said she really liked the feel, the support of the latex, yes, she knew she looked good in it, and so all seemed well.

But later, as we got down to making love, she became unenthusiastic, and soon after, a little tearful, she left. But I also remember she took some of my latex. Oh well, all very strange, I just put it down to my fumbling with her that evening, I was excited to see her in all the rubber, she looked gorgeous in it. Maybe she thought I preferred her to the latex, a common enough complaint of women who are with men who are into latex. I tried to no avail to get in touch with her, but she wouldn’t return my calls, and then of course it was too late.

She was heaps of fun, incredibly fit, tall as me and blonde and very attractive, perfect really, and I don’t exaggerate. And I thought she might have been the “one”, for I was getting to be pretty daft over her. She’d met the guys once and they were really jealous of me, she was a keeper. She played football (soccer to some), professionally, for one of the top London teams in the Ladies league, and while I’m not a huge female football fan, they are not chopped liver, and Sue was a regular first teamer, so she was good, very good. They don’t make much money at all, but they love it, so you need a second job or at least an idea of what you will do when you hit the scrapheap at 32 or 34. Sue was reading law at nights and it was going to take a while, but she’s very bright and will get a law degree when, or before, she hangs up her boots.

Sue had left more messages that anyone else on my voicemail, which I found intriguing seeing as how we had split up, but I was just too nervous to reply. She was my girlfriend, well okay, ex-girlfriend, so what would she think of me now? Why would she call now? Prurient interest? Did she want to be friends, girlfriends. That was unlikely as I was a little short in the cock and ball department to be her boyfriend again? Yes, I really did have a thing for her, but how would I feel when we met? Being with the lads had given me new confidence and so eventually I nervously called her. She was really nice, almost excited, asking all the right questions, being very interested and supportive and understanding. So we decided to meet for lunch. Where this would go, I didn’t know, but I had to at least give it a try.

Despite the reasonably successful reunion with the guys I realised I was even more apprehensive for my lunch with Sue. Because this was different, Sue was my girlfriend, all right, ex-girlfriend, but a whole lot had happened since the time we parted, and after all she had tried to get in touch with me. This time I wore my full length latex corselette, with pinholes at crotch and bum, but this pair had suspenders, for it wouldn’t be leather pants this time, but a thigh and bum hugging knee length leather skirt. This was completed with my black polo neck sweater, black silk stockings (not latex at this stage) and 4 inch heels this time. Dressed to kill perhaps, but more to impress, and I realised I did want to impress her, for the fact was she was the one who broke it up, and I was aware that I still had a real thing for her, irrespective of my enforced sex change.

This time she was late and I sat in the restaurant feeling quite exposed and nervous, feeling eyes scrutinising me. I am now used to this, and it was more the meeting with her that was making me nervous than the looks from some of the patrons. Finally she came, standing by the door and searching for me. I raised my hand and the look on her face was priceless. Her mouth dropped but she smiled broadly and walked, very fast, to me. I rose and she hugged me for quite a lot longer than socially normal, her head on my shoulder. I breathed in her fresh scent, her beautiful hair, and my mind drifted back two years. As I said she’s a real beauty, but not in the overly made-up way, she was just fresh and healthy and gorgeous, and I knew as we embraced every eye in the place was on us, but I didn’t care, I was with Sue again. She looked me up and down as we sat.

“Oh Frankie, oh it’s so good to see you, I’m so happy, you look……. incredible.”

“My god, you too Sue, you look great and well, you always did, and thanks for coming. I’m a bit nervous here, but seeing you just calms me down.” We sat and took a communal breath. She looked stunning. Remember she had a real athlete’s body, today it was squeezed into white t-shirt, very tight jeans, red ankle boots and a red shoulder bag. Her white blonde hair was pulled back in a pony-tail and she wore no make-up, she never needed any. As I poured her a glass from the bottle I’d ordered she took my other hand and just held it for a few seconds.

“Oh, it’s been so long, you know when your mother called me all those months ago I didn’t believe at first what she told me. But then I heard from a couple of others, your mates in the pub, and so I knew it was true. Frankie, look, you don’t have to tell me why you did this, or anything like that, you know, woman trapped in a man’s body blah blah, I don’t care, Frankie it’s just so great to have you back, with me here.” Well could I ask for anything more? Understanding, caring, not pushy at all. She kept hold of my hand.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but we parted so quickly, I tried to get in touch with you, but…” she leant forward, the table was intimate, and she was inches from me as she spoke, her eyes glued on mine.

“Yeah, well Frankie you’ve gone through an amazing transformation and you look fantastic. But before you tell me anything I want to say something first, okay? I have a story to tell you too, and as I said it wasn’t you that was the reason I left. No, you see it was a lot stranger than that and I think you will be pretty surprised. I have to tell this, so please let me, I should have done this a long time ago, and I’m sorry, very sorry I didn’t.”

She took a breath and stared intently at me.

“Frankie, you see I feel for you now exactly the same I did when I walked out that night. Anyway, I’ll pluck up my courage and I’ll tell you later, but tell me about you first, only if you want to that is, and jeez Frankie, you look super, amazing.”

She did it so easily, putting me at ease, and so I did tell her everything, but excluded the big lie. She heard all about the surgery, implants, hormones, depilation, deportment, apartment, clothing, the slow, slow adjustment, the whole thing. She nodded, almost encouragingly, and never interrupted, but just a couple of times put her delicate hand on mine and a felt a frisson of emotion pass through me. By then we’d finished the bottle and I ordered another. She was the athlete and was not drinking as much as I was, but I needed the drink.

“I know it’s crazy but although I may be a woman now, just looking at you makes me shake with desire still…. sorry, sorry, shit, did I just say that, oh, anyway we had it quite good there didn’t we, for a while. I did really love you, Sue, I’m sorry to embarrass you, but this meeting is all about the truth. (Except my big lie, that is.) And you don’t have to tell me why you left, it’s all water etc as they say. It’s just wonderful seeing you again. And now, well I’m a bit of a hybrid aren’t I? I’m a woman, and I have all the parts, all functioning,” I smiled a bit coyly, and her eyebrows raised, “but with a man’s brain that still desires women, and yet it’s men who find me attractive. Believe me, it can be very confusing.”

She smiled reassuringly, took my hand again, for now we had finished lunch, and leaned over, so close I could smell her scented breath.

“Not just men, I’m sure Frankie, no, not just men.”

“Ha ha, well of course lesbians will find me cute. Yes, I suppose they would. Maybe that will be the solution, ha ha.” Change the subject, I thought, where is this going? “Hey, did you keep those latex items you took away with you? That was a bit naughty.” She grinned and gripped my hand.

“Of course, I still have them Frankie, still wear them too, when I feel particularly horny, ha ha, latex does that, doesn’t it?” Oh, this was not where I expected the conversation to go.

“Oh, oh, so you like it. Well for me, absolutely, yeah I love it. That’s funny, I thought it was the latex that put you off me when you left, and the bit of bondage, I thought that was a bit too much for you, I kicked myself for days afterwards, and you wouldn’t be the first put off.”

“No, no not that. Quite the contrary, I like the stuff.” She leaned over to me, speaking quietly, and right then I wanted to kiss her, hard and long. “Hey Frankie, can we go somewhere to carry on this chat, somewhere a little less… public. I think it’s the time for me to tell you my story now.”

“Yes, yes, sure. Well my place is about 10 minutes from here, unless…”

“Great, your place, perfect. I heard you had a pretty fancy apartment now.” And she grinned. On the way, she put her arm through mine, just two girls out for a walk. With our heels, we were both over six feet, and I blushingly have to admit, a very attractive couple, blonde, athletic and shapely. We attracted a lot of looks, more for her than me, I’m sure, but I was now wonderfully relaxed to be with her again. And she seemed to be too, laughing at my silly jokes, almost skipping along with me. Despite the fact I was saturated inside my corselette I almost floated back to my place.

Rubber Lovers

She checked the apartment out, oohing and aaahing, seemingly very impressed while I made some tea. No more drink, I wanted to be super attentive now; I had no idea where this was leading. As we sat down sipping our tea her eyes once again inspected me, without any awkwardness.

“You really are gorgeous Frankie, I’m jealous, your boobs are better than mine.” She giggled.

“You wouldn’t be able to play as well as you do if you had these big puppies, and anyway, well yours are just perfect.” And she laughed, her throaty dirty laugh, and then stopped, looking pensive.

“Well, if it’s confession time, it’s my turn now, okay?” Oh, what was coming?

“Look Sue, you don’t have to explain anything, I’m just so happy to see you again.” She held up her hand to stop me, smiling.

“Let me do all the talking now, okay Frankie. When I said you looked gorgeous Frankie, I meant it in a… well, different way.” She looked down, arranging her thoughts, it seemed. I was about to say something but she interrupted me.

“Stop. Okay. When I left you that night it was the culmination of about a year’s soul-searching, more than a year really, denial, acceptance, denial again, experimenting, all very confusing. I didn’t want to leave you, not at all, you were loads of fun, just great company and we did have great times together, and a real gent, but you see that was the problem, it just wouldn’t have worked in the long run. You see Frankie, it took me a long time, and you were the factor that was holding me back, really the only factor.”

I shook my head, I didn’t get it. She reached out and held my hand again, our eyes now locked on each other. She raised her head with a sad smile on her face. She placed her hand on my cheek.

“Poor Frankie, you still don’t get it, do you, and you didn’t get it then. And I really couldn’t explain it to you, not then. Frankie, you silly fool….. I wanted to play for the other side. Bad euphemism I know, but you get it, yes? No it wasn’t the latex, that was fun and I still wear it, and it wasn’t the mild bondage, and it certainly wasn’t you, it was being with you that prolonged my final acceptance of who I was, of who I am.”

“Oh.” Yes, I finally got it. I really couldn’t say much more yet. Her face softened.

“Yeah, oh maybe it was the football, ha ha. Everyone knows we’re all gay right? Well actually we aren’t, not most of us anyway. So you weren’t hiding from me, Frankie when you were undergoing your, you know. I was out there finding myself as well. Yes, I fancied the girls, and I’ve tried a few but nothing has clicked yet. But I know I prefer the girls to the guys, and there it is. And now we have found each other, and both of us have changed, and look at you. It’s still the same funny, wise, clever clogs Frankie under all that, and now Frankie, you really do it for me, oh, I could eat you alive, and no kidding.” She looked pensive again.

“But what do you want Frankie, you still find women attractive, that’s good. You don’t have a cock and balls any more, sorry, that was a bit graphic, but Frankie, there’s a lot more ways to please a woman than with a cock, and I’m sure you’ll find that out.” She held my hand again. “And what happens if one particular woman finds you attra….. beautiful?” She held my hand in both of hers now.

“My body is no surprise to you, you know it pretty well I’d say, and I may have been crossing over to the other side but I certainly remember you still hit the right buttons.” She stood up. “Come here.” I stood and leant into her, her breasts matching mine, and rested my head on her shoulder.

“You still in shock, Frankie? You need to lie down sweetie, here, let’s go to the bedroom.” And we did. I was still in shock, I suppose, why didn’t I see it? What a dope I felt. I was happy that she had calmly taken the initiative. As if I was a novice, which perhaps I was. We faced each other in the bedroom.

“We’ve lost a lot of time Frankie, come on, there really is no time to waste any more. No more regrets now. You look great in those clothes Frankie, but I want to see what’s underneath, now we’re just two girls together, okay? No embarrassment, we’ve done this before, we’ll take our time. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours, well you’ve seen mine anyway, haha.” She placed her hands on her hips, leaning to the side, and raised her eyebrows. Who was I to refuse a beautiful girl? I was shaking a little and a bit in a dream, but flicked off my heels, then dropped my leather skirt and stepped out.

“Oh my, look at those lovely gams in those stockings, now stop stalling Frankie, get the top off.” She laughed as I pulled the polo neck over my head and then stood, not a little embarrassed, in my rubber corselette and silk stockings. She embraced me lightly dipping her face between my breasts, breathing in the pungent rubber.

“Hhhmm, latex. Did you do this for me ha ha, what a hussy you are. I shouldn’t be surprised. I thought I smelt the rubber a bit in the restaurant, you were getting a little hot there, weren’t you? You’ll have to watch that, Frankie. Don’t want to get caught by the rubber police, ha ha. Oh and look at you, those boobies just screaming to be fondled and sucked, yes? Here, let’s get the stockings off.” She knelt and carefully released my stockings, slowly pulling them down my legs, then inclined forward and kissed the tops of my thighs, oooh.

“I love this corselette, so old fashioned and yet soooo sexy. The ventilation holes are a good idea, I bet you are wet there, are you? Where do you get these, you must get me some.” I nodded mutely, taking short breaths. “And look at your waist, and what have we under here, hiding away behind the latex, the crown jewel.” She rested a finger on the latex, making me shudder, then smiled.

“Well, we’ll leave that for the moment, I did make a promise didn’t I?” She was having fun, flirting outrageously, confident, mischievous, cheeky. I had said nothing. I was still in a dream, one that I didn’t want to end. She was now stepping out of her jeans, her t-shirt was long, covering her panties but when she pulled up her t-shirt, I gasped, and then laughed.

“Maybe you like these, hhmm?”

“Yes, yes of course?” I stammered.

“Custom made of course, in latex, which I knew you’d like. I put them on especially for you. Do you think you can get these in the gift shop, ha ha, but it’s an idea. I wore them for you Frankie, I didn’t know how the meeting would go, I prayed you’d still have a soft spot for me, and I came in hope really, knowing you are crazy for latex. And I hoped you would be crazy for me too.” She dropped her head, licking her lower lip, nervous now.

She was wearing a sports bra and waist high panties, nothing unusual there, but these were clearly made of latex, and they were in her club colours of bright red, and at her pussy and nipples, which were erect, there was the club emblem.

“I think you could get to follow my team now, couldn’t you?” She looked down at her breasts, her erect nipples through the straining rubber.

“I like the feel of the latex Frankie, I really do, but there’s a reason these are pointing out at you, and that’s you. Just seeing your hot new body like that makes me wet. How about you, you’re standing there dumbstruck, say something, like you like what you see, yes? Please.” But I didn’t say anything at first, I simply held her, our breasts, albeit trapped behind the rubber membranes enveloping them, brushing each other. She moved her head down and sucked my rubber-covered nipple into her mouth, biting gently, and giggling and then her hand moved between my legs, running up and down my rubber-covered labia. Breathing hard, she whispered.

“Much as I love to wear this stuff and see you in it as well, I’m so wet I have to get out of it fast, okay?” My hand was now at her pussy, stroking the emblem, feeling her labia. She didn’t wait for me, and eased the shoulder straps off and firmly pulled down my corselette, past my waist, then with more effort over my hips and then, with a bit more difficulty, past my thighs to the floor. Then she stepped back.

“Unbelievable, better than I had ever hoped or dreamed.” She then pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs and with a big grin dipped her head to my new pussy. Immediately I felt her warm, wet tongue, exploring, tickling, teasing. After a minute of two I was wet and trembling, she raised her head.

“Frankie, I don’t care if you are restructured, reorganised, remodelled, whatever. You are just perfect for me. Your taste and aroma are a little…. different, but just fine for me, just fine, ha ha.” She had found my nubbin and was stabbing it with her tongue, and then burrowing into my love channel. After a while she raised herself and moved up my body, licking my tight stomach and then, at last, my breasts. Soon I was shaking, in my version of an orgasm, and she laughed, and moved up further, until she was level with me, kissing me hard, hungrily with her soft, tender lips. While doing this she wriggled out of her latex panties and whispered.

“Your turn, lover.” She pulled herself up and squirmed up my body, trapping my arms with her folded legs, and with a mischievous grin, lowered herself onto my face.

“You remember what to do, Frankie, get in there. You were very good at this, I’m sure you haven’t lost the touch.” And who was I to argue? Of course I remembered. She had shaved herself except for a narrow vertical strip to her pussy, it was really very cute. And so, looking up to her gorgeous latex-encased breasts, I lapped at her fountain. In a very short time I’m happy to say, I brought her to a growling, grunting orgasm. Afterwards, she donned her latex panties again, which was fine by me. We spooned as we relaxed, me behind her, my arm around her, my hand stroking her through the panties. 

We talked and fondled and kissed, and made out until the evening, she exploring my new body and me reuniting with hers. She had the softest hands and stroked and squeezed and teased me to distraction. We ate a quick snack, her in her red bra and panties and me also in latex. I had changed into a black hourglass shaped rubber tube that I often wore for bed, with latex bra and pinhole panties, very good for figure training. With no laces or zipper I just rolled it on, with a little help from Sue, the hard bit getting it over my thighs. It gripped me comfortably, it wasn’t a true hourglass but it controlled my waist nicely and accentuated my boobs and hips. On seeing it, and helping me into it Sue immediately said she wanted one, although she certainly didn’t need it. Quickly we did our ablutions and returned to bed. We talked and made love, with and without the latex, laughing as we slipped in and out of it. Then we drifted off to sleep, only to wake again in each other’s arms.

During the night I felt that we were now becoming as one, I felt so at ease, so comfortable. It had gone better than I could have ever imagined, and I realised then that I didn’t want to have any secrets from Sue, and so I felt that I had to bring up my evening with a man, Patrick. I was in a bit of a quandary, being back with Sue was wonderful, but the time I had with Patrick was constantly in the back of my mind, for I had really loved having his hard cock in me. Yes, I had really enjoyed that evening, and I felt it was important for me to tell her. I was becoming anxious at the thought, but then this was not a secret really, I had told the guys (very stupidly perhaps) and Sue had a perfect right to know. I hoped this bit of information wasn’t too much for her at this early stage, but I felt it had to come out into the open. As she rested her head on my latex breasts and softly played with me through my panties I said.

“There’s something you should know. A couple of months ago, when I was in my experimenting stage I needed to find out, assure myself that my pussy was in, erm working order, that I could accommodate a…. well..”

“A cock.” She said – ridiculously matter-of-factly.

“Um, well yes, you understand that I was still…”

“Yes, you dummy, of course. So you went with a bloke, to find out if you could take a cock, and maybe even like it, right?”

“Jeez, will you stop being so understanding? Yes, I met this guy at the rubber fetish club, nice, gentle guy, and I asked him if he wanted to… make love to me.”

“And duh, he said yes. And so you fucked, or he fucked you, and did you like it, Frankie, did you?”

“Oh god, yes, I did, Sue. I did, and knowing my new body “functioned” made me feel a lot better. He was in latex, head to toe, and quite sexy I have to say, so that helped a lot in calming me. So, well you see, I liked a cock in me, rubbing me insides, filling me, I did, so you should know that. We didn’t even kiss, I didn’t suck him off and for what it is worth there was no anal. I don’t know what it all means, but you have to know, is that all right?”

I held my breath, and then saw her smile calmly.

“You’re not a gay man Frankie, that’s obvious, you’re a new woman and you like a cock in you, nothing strange in that. But you like other women, and me the best I hope. Poor Frankie, which way to turn, ha ha. You know, I may prefer women, but when you were fucking me, making love to me, I liked it too Frankie, I liked your cock in me, so don’t get all hung up on it. Did you suck him off? No. Did he screw you in your bum? No. and the point is Frankie, I really don’t care, that was before me and it’s okay by me, that was in the past, you’re with me now. You went through a huge transformation (oh boy if only she knew) and you have every right to experiment, and find your new self.” She rolled on top of me, her latex breasts pressed to mine, her beautiful face inches above me.

“Don’t worry Frankie, it’s all good, you have me and I have you, and anyway,” she smiled mischievously, “we’ll sort the cock thing out.”

And we did.

It’s All Good!

Over the next couple of weeks we saw each other as much as we could, and explored each other as much as we could. There was never any doubt that we were now an item, as we seemed to fit perfectly together. It was as if we’d never been apart, but now we were closer than ever. We cruised the internet and bought some more latex, even a catsuit and a couple of masks, which Sue was more than ready to try, she never says no to any new adventure.

Then a couple of weeks ago, before my tea with mother, we were in bed and Sue got up and left, and a few minutes later returned from the bathroom. And what she was wearing made me sit up and pay attention. First a jet black full head mask with red edging around the eyes, then a black peep-hole bra, black waist-high panties with holes at crotch and rear, and garter belt and shimmering stockings. But what really caught my eye was that pointing out from her pussy was a very perfect facsimile of a cock. It was flesh coloured, of a good size but not huge and with very life-like balls underneath. It was attached to a curved rubber base plate covering her pussy, and this was connected at the front to a wide belt around her waist with straps between her thighs, over her buttocks and joined to the belt at her back. She walked like a cat, across the room, an impish smile on her lips.

“Well Frankie, I said I’d take care of the cock business, didn’t I? This is very life-like isn’t it? And I’ve kept it in hot water for a bit, so it’s nice and warm, like a real one, so come on, let’s get it on. If you want cock, here it is. I don’t want doggy, I want to look at you, so lie back for me. Hope you’re nice and wet, I think you are. Oh, and in case you are worried that I’m not getting any pleasure in impaling you on this, ha ha, on the inside of the plate here there are a rows of hard rubber bristles, perfectly aligned over my pussy. Push and manoeuvre just the right way and my clit will take off, ha ha.”

She expertly (?) slipped a condom over the cock, and placed her arms either side of me. Then she stroked my labia with the head of the cock, and pressed forward as I spread my legs wider and locked my ankles behind her. She played with my labia for a while, sending me crazy until finally I could feel her begin to enter me, oooohh, as I took her breasts in my hands, squeezing them. She took her time, but I was quite wet, and soon she was in.

Oh, it felt wonderful as she began to thrust in and out, smiling down at me, and I could see that the rubber spikes on the base plate were already doing their job and she was breathing hard and beginning to sweat. We continued for several minutes, both shaking and twitching, her eyes now closed, in a dream world. Finally she came with a strangled yesyesyes, and fell on me as I wrapped my arms around her.

Again we talked and made love through the night. I didn’t need the cock all the time, not at all, for she was more than adept with her lips, and tongue and fingers. But the cock was a nice option, and very soon she asked me if I could use it on her, and I wasn’t at all surprised to see that she loved it as well, but with me at the end, not some anonymous male. So, as they say, all was going swimmingly.

I have mentioned that I was very sensitive around my anal ring and prostate, much more than when I had been a man. I couldn’t account for that change and had even very quietly mentioned it to Sue, who duly noted it, and then over the next few days would tickle, prod and play with me there, and would also note that I was highly aroused by this. I even revealed that perhaps now I was not averse to the idea of her bum fucking me.

Yes, I suppose it’s the final frontier, to go where no man etc etc but she had made no big deal over it. Then a couple of days before my tea with mother we were in bed and had been experimenting with a little bondage, which Sue was starting to really like, as both the top and bottom. That evening it appeared it was my turn to be bottom, and after a wonderful bout of foreplay, she now had me on my back, wrists cuffed to the headboard. I felt wonderfully vulnerable as Sue, constantly grinning and giggling, had her way with me, licking, pinching, nuzzling, kneading every part of my shivering body, and soon my nipples and pussy were screaming for more. I was naked except for my favourite rubber corset tube pulling in my waist to a very impressive hourglass. She had also taken to wearing one on some evenings, enjoying the wonderful support, although she certainly didn’t need her waist trimming.

She took a break for a minute, then with alarming dexterity she uncuffed me, rolled me on my front and cuffed my wrists behind my back. I was so aroused I hardly noticed, just wanting her fingers and tongue to continue their amorous assault on me. After a few minutes she left and I had a blissful rest but a couple of minutes later returned, and through my blonde locks in disarray over my face I could see she had strapped the rubber dildo harness around herself. So I was going to get some cock, which was just fine by me. She slid a pillow under my hips and now my bum was sticking up in the air. I rolled to my side, but firmly she placed a hand on my back and I was again on my front, my head to the side and looking back. I was still unaware where this was going as I saw her slide a condom over the rubber cock and then a pair of thin surgical gloves over her hands. During this time she had said nothing, her sly smile creasing her face.

“Sue, what are you….”

“Frankie, sweetheart, it’s time, all right. For the last couple of weeks we have made love almost non-stop, and by the way it has been great, every time my delicate digits have approached your tight little rosebud here and played with your prostate I have seen you get really aroused. You can’t hide anything from me, Frankie. And I’m okay with this, absolutely, but Frankie darling, we’re going to have to jump this last hurdle, yes?”

“Wha….erm Sue, look, I know I’m sensitive down there but, look I don’t think I’m ready for…”

“Oh Frankie love, you’re ready all right, you just need to admit it, and you need help, so I’m making the decision for you.” I tried to roll to my side and look up, but again she calmly pressed me back.

“You are intrigued by this whole anal thing I know Frankie, so let’s face it, and now.” She now started to rub lube over the hard rubber sticking out from her crotch, then some more over the fingers of her surgical gloves.

“No, Sue, not yet, please, I’m really…” But now she had a finger at my tight virgin sphincter, running it round and around the perimeter. I tried to wriggle and squirm, but she had spread my legs wide and had settled between them. Then cruelly with her other hand she slipped it under my hips and sought out my pussy, and then my clit.

“Aaaaargh, no please, no.”

“Oh really Frankie, who are you kidding here.” She whispered in my ear. “We are going to take our time, and it’s going to happen, despite your protests, and I know they are fake Frankie.” But they weren’t. I still wasn’t sure about all this, yes I was intrigued of course, but I wasn’t ready for taking that final leap. Sue had chosen to take it for me. Now I was getting hot and aroused again, and could feel my juices begin to flow. And I could also feel my virgin muscle begin to loosen as her fingers, I could now feel two, continued to relax and stretch the muscle. I continued to implore her, yet knowing it would be fruitless, for she was on a mission.

“For goodness sake Frankie, relax. You are just sounding silly, you need to concentrate on your feelings, on what is happening to your body, and stop whining.” But I carried on, pleading rather pathetically for her to stop. And in a flash, she was up, over my bedside drawer and returning with an ample red rubber ball gag and harness, which we have used before during our bondage foreplay. I was trying to sit up, but briskly, forcefully she pushed me back down and thrust the ball in my mouth before I had time to gather my thoughts and resist.

“No, no, ple….aaaargh, aaarr, nnnnkk, mmmph.” I shook my head violently, but she had straddled me and was calmly pulling the straps over my head and under my chin, then buckling them, then even tighter.

“Right, now maybe you can concentrate on your sensations. Oh, you do look so cute like that.” She carefully eased some of my blonde locks from under the straps and arranged them around my face, then lent over and kissed me tenderly on the large rubber ball, then moved down to my breasts, and could hardly miss my erect nipples. Of course I was mad at her, but then she looked so gorgeous. I was done and dusted and aware that any resistance was pointless. Nonetheless I grunted my displeasure at her through the gag. Maybe it was the humiliation of being manhandled so easily by her, or maybe it was the fact that I was still aroused by her dominance. Anyway it was too late to analyse it all.

She rolled me back onto my front and resumed her attentions on my virgin rosebud, applying more lube. Now one finger entered me, and I clenched my cheeks ineffectually. Then no more than a couple of minutes later a second finger made a successful entrance, and by now all the resistance I had shown had dissipated completely. I lay on my front, head to one side, seeing Sue over me, calmly rimming my rear, concentrating on her mission her bottom lip gripped between her teeth. Finally she said.

“Okay, nicely loosened up now my sweet.” She placed another dollop of lube around the rim of the rubber cock and I took a deep breath. I felt the cool rubber at my entrance and immediately subconsciously clenched my cheeks.

“Relaxrelaxrelax.” She whispered as I felt pressure on my recently loosened ring. She was leaning into me, and had one hand still on my pussy, trying to calm me, rubbing my clit. And it worked for quickly, too quickly I felt the head of the cock press, press again, and then my ring, my tight muscle gave in. Ooooooh.

“Good girl good girl, see, that wasn’t so bad now, was it. We’ll take a rest now for a minute or so, allow you to adjust.”

So, as Bob would say “how does it feel”? Sue was above me, one hand firmly on my back discouraging any movement, my face turned to the side, my mouth silenced by the large ball gag, and in my rear the head of a lengthy rubber cock. While I had wanted to experience this new feeling I had still been nervous. My bum was sore, absolutely, feeling stretched to the limit, but very quickly, as if it had a mind of its own, it relaxed and the pain almost immediately diminished. I closed my eyes and breathed evenly through the gag. I was fine, not split in two, and now the nerve endings in my rear started sending messages to my brain. And my brain replied, this is all right. Sue seemed to sense this and very slowly, barely imperceptibly, pushed down a fraction, and that was fine too. She still had her fingers over my pussy and I knew I was wet down there.

“We’re doing all right now, aren’t we Frankie?” And I nodded and grunted a yes. “Ha ha, yes I thought you’d be good with all this, nerves over now, let’s try another couple of inches.” And I let out another groan, not of pain or discomfort but satisfaction, as the cock was now well embedded in me. And then Sue had an idea.

“You know my sweet, much as I love looking at you, your front has considerably more attractive attributes than your back. So let’s see if we can turn you around, hhmm?” We are both pretty good athletes and flexible, and with a little grunting and a complex manoeuvre involving her dropping to my side, and helping my twist and turn and rise up, within a half minute I was above her, astride her thighs, my knees bent - and the cock was still in my bumhole! She looked up and me and laughed.

“That was pretty clever, and now I get to feast on those wonderful boobs”. My arms were still cuffed behind me, and of course I was still gagged, and I could have raised myself up by straightening my thighs and rolling back, but I didn’t. she was aware of this, smiled and gripped my narrow waist over the rubber tube, and slowly raised me, and then together I was lowered, and the cock pressed deeper inside me.

No discomfort now, no pain, just a sense of calm, pleasant fullness, every millimetre of my insides now super sensitive to the large intruder. And she pulled me further down, and I didn’t resist, and now the full length of the cock had been swallowed up, as I settled on her thighs. Ooooooh. She placed her hands on my boobs, rolling the nipples and I gasped as I raised myself and held it, then lowered. I had never though that this would be so good, so fulfilling, and I had the supreme additional luck to also have Sue to look down on, her breasts firm, her nipples erect and a calm, steady, satisfied look on her face. We carried on like this for a few minutes, I was now in charge, despite the cuffed wrists and gag, but as she ground into me I could see that she was close to coming too. With her fingers playing with my pussy and nubbin, I came in a strangled series of grunts, and then Sue in a shuddering spasm.

We parted and dropped to our sides, face to face. She gave no indication she would release the cuffs or gag, and at that moment I didn’t care. I was sated, for now at least. My bum was sore, but it was a warm almost comforting sore. Sue stroked my face, kissed my gag, giggling, then kissed my nipples. I think she liked me like this, compliant, helpless, a responding body to play with, and she did for quite a few minutes, tongue, teeth and dexterous fingers drawing from me more grunts and groans of pleasure. She released me after a while and after we had cleaned ourselves, still with the rubber tube corsets on, we lay together in bed, exhausted. Before we dropped off, she said quietly.

“Now I’m jealous of you Frankie, the look of contentment when you were on top of me there means I just have to experience what you did. I know I might not get the same buzz, but like you, I have to give it a try. So next time Frankie, you’ll be strapping on that beauty and taking care of me, just be careful sweetie, okay? Aren’t we lucky we have so many options, and have each other?”

“And this is just the beginning.” I said as I pulled her to me.

As she left the next morning to go to training, she kissed me hard, then walked to the elevators. At the last moment she turned.

“You know Frankie, this is going to work, this is really going to work.”

“I know, oh yes, it will.”

Settling In

My mother had finished her tea, and was leaving, for me to pay the bill, no surprise.

“I don’t know why I bothered; you were in some dream world half the time. Anyway I’m glad you are chasing down some employment, and no doubt you will have friends soon enough. You should get in touch with that former girlfriend of yours, Sue was it? She seemed keen on your progress in becoming such a beautiful woman that you are. Don’t know what she’ll make of you though. And there’s always your old pub pals, so you should get off your bottom and do something about it.”

“Yes mother.” I replied as she stood and we managed a very perfunctory embrace. I had no reason to tell her of my recent meetings with Sue and my friends

“Take care of yourself, Frankie. Stay in touch.” She pecked my cheek and was gone. I was sure she didn’t want me to stay in touch, but there would be times when we would have to meet, no doubt, although as few as possible I hoped

I paid the bill and went out into the bright sun. I was very hot and could feel the sweat building in my latex pantie girdle, thank goodness for the pinholes in the front and back. But I was hot for another reason, I wanted to get back to Sue. I was wearing a black satin loose sleeved blouse tucked into my favourite drum-tight black leather pants, and four inch pumps. I was now comfortable in any heels, and I knew I cut quite a figure as I walked back home, my boobs a magnet to all male eyes, and a few female too, probably. I raised my chin and shook my blonde locks, knowing I was being scrutinised and enjoying it now. Oh, boys, if only you knew, if only you knew, and laughed.

Sue would be at the apartment by now, having finished her training. She said she would have a surprise for me, and she has never disappointed. Maybe tonight it will be my turn with the rubber cock. She would try anything. The night before, I had persuaded her (not much persuading really) to be sheathed in my rubber body bag. She slipped into it naked, placing her arms into the internal sleeves, knowing the moment she did, she could never escape without my help. She lay back as I zipped it up to her throat, then closed her eyes, took a calm breath and said.

“Okay, you’ve got me, lover, do anything you want, anything.” Yes, she is a bit special. I was wearing my open crotch corselette with suspenders, stockings and shoulder length gloves, all in black latex. I opened the double zip opposite her pussy, and began to stroke and her, kissing her at the same time. I did this for a long time, teasing, prolonging her orgasm. When she was just about to come I stopped and raised myself over her, pulling up the front of my corselette and settling on her face.

“You bastard.” She said muffled by my pussy and the rubber surrounding her face, but she didn’t mean it for she was having a great time licking and sucking me. When she had finished and I had experienced my hybrid orgasm, I resumed on her pussy, kissing her and fondling her breasts through the rubber. She didn’t take long to come, and after we had relaxed a while I was about to release her from the tight bag, but….

“No, no, leave me here, this is soooo soothing. Just leave me.” And within minutes she had drifted to sleep. I pulled a latex sheet over us and we spent the night like that.

As I approached my flat, I thought back all those months.

It started out as a catastrophe, a calamity, my life changed forever. Initially despair, then slow, gradual realisation of the inevitable fact that it was irreversible, these emotions interspersed with periods of depression, and then reflection.

Then came the equally slow acceptance and adjustment to the new reality. And finally the truly surprising step, embracing it all (after all, what was the option?). Growing to accept, even like my new existence – my new body, my sexual persona, reuniting with old friends, each piece of the new jigsaw piece carefully put in place. And the final piece, Sue, who makes it all worthwhile.

I have no idea how my life will turn out, and no idea how it would have turned out if my mother had not intervened with her cruel plan. Nevertheless, I will make the most of it, that’s all one can do. You might think I’ve been dealt a rough hand, perhaps I have but compared with many around the world this new life of mine really is not that bad at all.

Actually, I think it’s pretty good.



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