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  • Squashing TimePolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-M; F+/m; discovery; trash; bagged; disposal; compacted; mast; landfill; cons; XX

  • Times change in Waste DisposalPolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-M; naked; magic; shrink; bin; waste; mast; bagged; disposal; truck; collection; compacted; landfill; escape; discovery; hum; repeat; machine; converted; cons; XX

  • Polythene Limbo 5: Krissy makes a DiscoveryPolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-F; voy; discovery; video; mast; F+/m; naked; outdoors; machine; wrap; plastic; haybale; store; stuck; cons; X

  • 3: A Turn for the Worse

    F/m; F/object; transform; object2M; majick; spell; F+/m; naked; hum; outdoors; machine; wrap; plastic; haybale; store; stuck; video; mast; cons; X

  • 2: Life as a Binliner

    F+/m; majick; transform; M2object; trashbags; trashcan; used; foodwaste; force-feed; crush; pain; hum; cons; X

  • 1

    FM; sex; fantasy; reveal; F/m; majick; transform; M2object; trashbags; boxed; used; trashcan; cons; X

  • Holiday HotspotPolytheneWrappedMe

    F/m; magic; shrink; bottle; immerse; tease; clean; fantasy; bagged; wastebin; discarded; maid; collected; disposal; compactor; garbagetruck; transported; process; incinerator; death; mast; cons; XX

  • A Wedding Gone WrongDisposee and PolytheneWrappedMe

    MF; wedding; potion; drink; shrink; naked; handbag; carried; trash; waste; buried; bagged; bin; transport; discovery; mistake; search; stuck; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

  • An Early Christmas Present for Someone SpecialPolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-F; trashbags; dream; fantasy; mast; M/f; santa; voy; arousal; surprise; transport; factory; machine; naked; process; packaged; bagged; delivery; gift; cons; X

  • Pink is for Girls 5 - The Halloween EditionDisposee and PolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-M; F/m; haunt; frighten; garbagetruck; depot; reveal; bag; caress; surprise; reluct; XX

  • Pink Is For Girls 2Disposee and PolytheneWrappedMe

    M/f; bagged; wrapped; garbagetruck; compacted; dumped; waste; transfer-station; accident; chute; process; conveyor; rescue; punish; bagged; left; fantasy; Solo-F; wheeliebin; mast; mistake; collected; transport; incinerator; cons/nc; XXX

  • 1

    Solo-F; dumpster; bag; hide; caught; hum; M/f; punish; bond; gag; bagged; left; collection; garbagetruck; mast; compactor; process; conveyor; rescue; M/f; taken; confession; bath; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

  • Identical TwinsPolytheneWrappedMe

    MF+; twins; F/m; naked; bagged; trashcan; kerbside; truck; collection; transported; mast; climax; incinerator; cons/nc; XX

  • Hitching a RidePolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-M; office; party; hum; hide; truck; process; crush; trashbags; breathplay; mast; climax; waste; transfer-station; M+/m; discovery; hum; cons; X

  • Life In A Dustbin 3: The Trash CompactorPolytheneWrappedMe

    F+/m; shrink; giantess; witch; spell; transform; bagged; dumped; compactor; farm; haybaler; bond; wrapped; recycle; trashbags; landfill; sex; mast; climax; cons; X

  • 2: The Wheelie Bin

    F/m; witch; spell; shrink; F/m; giantess; insert; wear; bagged; dumped; trashcan; kerbside; truck; collection; oral; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

  • 1

    Solo-M; trashcan; F/m; witch; spell; transform; F+/m; admire; fantasy; F/m; hum; shrink; giantess; machine; process; used; cons; X

  • Getting in Deeper and DeeperPolytheneWrappedMe

    F/m; D/s; oral; bag; breathplay; wheeliebin; disposal; kerbside; garbagetruck; collected; compacted; transport; landfill; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

  • Got Carried Away 5PolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-F; F/f; maid; discovery; video; plan; M+/m; landfill; rescue; F/f; punishment; F/m; witch; transform; M2object; waste; dumped; compactor; nc/cons; XX

  • 4

    F/m; FM+/m; hotel; maid; plan; scuba; bagged; padding; compactor; garbage; truck; collected; transport; landfill; buried; stuck; rom; sex; mast; climax; cons; X

  • 3

    F/m; bagged; carried; goggles; machine; foodwaste; trapped; process; washed; rotate; stuck; cons; X

  • 2

    Solo-M; F/m; hotel; maid; naked; trashbags; mast; climax; trolley; bagged; disposal; compactor; garbage; cons; X

  • 1

    Solo-M; F/m; hotel; maid; befriend; hide; trolley; trashbags; bagged; disposal; compactor; garbage; truck; mast; cons; X

  • Being naughty, gets you into troublePolytheneWrappedMe

    F/m; snooping; caught; magic; shrink; insert; condom; stuck; FM/m; unaware; oral; climax; cum; swallow; vore; soft; nc; X

  • University Food WastePolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-M; college; foodhall; hide; prank; trashbags; foodwaste; F+/m; hum; buried; messy; F+/m; bagged; sealed; disposal; dumpster; stuck; cons; XX

  • Restaurant TrashPolytheneWrappedMe

    F+/m; majick; witch; spell; shrink; giantess; food; bowl; peril; discarded; trashcan; buried; bagged; wheeliebin; truck; process; rebagged; mast; cons; X

  • Rammed Naked into Bagged WastePolytheneWrappedMe

    F/m; naked; bagged; hum; F+/m; wheeliebin; kerbside; collection; truck; compacted; buried; mast; FF; lesbian; oral; climax; cons; X

  • He enjoyed it too much to stopPolytheneWrappedMe

    F+/m; sex; oral; objectify; fantasy; F/m; majick; transform; M2object; FFFF/object; used; trashcan; tied up; collected; truck; compacted; cons; X

  • Tammy Gets CaughtPolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-F; basement; compactor; naked; trashbags; bagged; toys; insert; gag; rope; selfbond; M/f; mast; discovery; caught; oral; sex; climax; compacted; cons; X

  • I Got More than I Bargained forPolytheneWrappedMe

    Solo-M; F+/m; mast; caught; hum; fantasy; hide; naked; wastebin; trashbags; messy; maid; hogtie; bond; compactor; process; dumped; trashcan; climax; cons; X

  • Polythene Bags and Trash FetishPolytheneWrappedMe

    F/m; bagged; trashcan; discarded; mast; rescue; Solo-M; trash; escape; M/m; discovery; hum; truck; collected; compacted; landfill; wheeliebin; stuck; transport; incinerator; cons/nc; XX