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About the Bondage

by Knotty Master

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This story contains adult content and should not be made available to minors or be read by anyone who is offended by sexual materials. Feel free to repost this story as long as it is in an appropriate place for the content and as long as this disclaimer remains with it. - This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest.


Living in the country had its advantages, but the wash board road wasn’t one of them. “Well, at least the place is still standing.” Kelly had to think as she topped the last hill before the house. Kelly was returning home after a three week stay in Alaska with her husband. Temporarily stationed up there, he had received a three week leave and the two decided she would vacation up there rather than him flying home. The two of them had been married for two short years and the last six months had been spent apart. They were both in their mid twenties, so needless to say most of the visit had been spent in the cabin they had rented.

Lugging her large suitcases up the walk, Kelly spotted several large boxes tucked behind the porch wall. Judging by the warped and wrinkled cardboard, it looked like they had been out here for at least one wind driven rain. They were dry now, but she was sure they had seen better days.

After bringing in all of her luggage, she returned for the boxes, placing them on the coffee table. Kelly looked at the boxes and figure out where they came from. The label on the first box was completely unreadable, but the next one was from Washington. Kelly flipped the biggest box around where she could read the label. “Winter Heavy Industries… Seattle Washington… PO Box… Delivery address… Well that’s my house, but I’m definitely not Amy Black.”  The Address was right, but it had someone else’s name.

The last box was from California and was addressed to this same woman, but Kelly’s address as well. Checking the shipment date, they were shipped within days of each other. One was shipped UPS and the other one by Fed Ex. It was strange that the same mistake could be made on at least two different shipments from two entirely different companies. With the third box there, it probably meant three different places. They were shipped just before she had left for Alaska, so they must have been delivered just after her departure. That meant they have been here for weeks.

Boxes aside for the moment, she enjoyed a long hot shower. Somehow a shower at home always left her feeling cleaner and more relaxed than one anywhere else. Kelly let the water was over every inch of her body, wrapping her in a warm embrace. Turning her well toned body slowly so the water could find every inch.

As she stepped from the warm glass enclosure, Kelly was given a cold reminder the heat was still set very low during her trip. As the cold air washed over her, Kelly’s nipples responded harshly. The chill made them stand out like sensitive little bullets, perched on her goose bump covered breasts. “If Jim was here he could warm me and take my nipples in his warm moth, sucking… Damn it, stop that Kelly!” she had to curse herself for the erotic thoughts. It was always difficult to spend so much time away from him, but it was the worst when they had just parted.

Finding her fuzzy slippers and terrycloth robe, She bundled up and headed for the kitchen. About the time she stopped to adjust the thermostat in the hallway, she remembered she had gotten rid of all of the perishables before the trip. “Well, Crackers and wine it is.” A trip in to town was due in the morning, but she would make due for tonight. Fixing a glass and pouring some crackers onto a small plate, she headed for the living room.

Parking herself at the computer desk, she fired it up and logged onto the internet. Surely she could find these places and get the boxes returned. Kelly started her search with the box from California. By entering the city state and company name, she was able to find the right website. What she discovered once she entered, was definitely unexpected.

She understood or at least had seen fetish wear, but this was something else. Scanning the menu bar, She was in a bit of shock. It wasn’t the first two categories that caught her so off guard, both his and hers fetish apparel, but the further down she went, the more extreme the options became. Sex toys, bondage gear, chastity devices, hoods, harnesses and gags. There had to be twenty different categories. She wasn’t naïve, but she had no idea this fetish thing was so involved. Kelly found herself a little disturbed and curious at the same time.

A little hesitant, she poked around into pages and pages of stuff. She wasn‘t repulsed, but still didn’t quite get it. As she conducted her research, Kelly was contemplating how she was going to go about contacting these people. Here on the web sites, she would need to leave an Email address and she didn’t have the courage to do it.

On and on she investigated the sites. She learned of just about every type of bondage gear there was to offer. Logging off, Kelly found herself staring at the boxes as if each of them were some sort of Pandora’s Box. They didn’t belong to her and to open them was a little like trespassing. “Of course, the smaller one without a readable label would have to be opened in order to find a shipping order or something. The tape was already coming off.” Kelly finally made the justification in her mind and pulled the tape from the smallest box.

The contents were wrapped in bubble wrap and suspended in foam peanuts. Carefully, so as to keep as much of the packing foam in the box, she lifted a baggie containing a booklet, two different pairs of keys and something flat. Setting that aside, Kelly lifted several bubble wrapped bundles and a shipping form from the box. As she looked over the shipping manifest, Kelly wasn’t surprised to find the name of the company sounded very “Adult Store.” Sure enough, there was this Amy Black’s name and her own address. Reading the manifest, She found the items to be a chastity bra, chastity belt, remote vibe and a remote anal plug.

When she thought of chastity belts, she got images of medieval times. Who would use them this day and age? It was the butt plug completely threw her for a loop. She had a couple of little friends in the top drawer of her night stand, but she never accepted the idea of pleasure coming from putting something in her rear. Piling everything back in the box she decided to hold off on opening the others.

Finishing yet another glass of wine, Kelly logged back on to the net. She did a search for bondage and chastity, producing several sites. One in particular caught her attention. It was a story site and she figured it might give her some insight as to the appeal to all of this.

By the time she thought to check the clock, it was two fifteen in the morning. She couldn’t believe how engrossed in the stories she had become. Finally making it to bed, sleep took her almost immediately. All night, she dreamed of being a medieval maiden locked in a chastity belt doing chores and scrubbing clothes. Waking after a few short hours, Kelly had to know what it would really feel like.

Taking the time to look at the owners manual with what she discovered to be the remote in the plastic bag, she found the plugs had two modes. The dials on the bottom could be set manually, but if they were positioned at the lowest setting, the remote could be used to control them. It was something she would want to play around with later.

After taking care of some bathroom needs, she moved naked to the living room. As she unpackaged all of the stuff that came with the chastity belt, she looked at the butt plug. It was the only thing in the box she still wasn’t sure about. Still undecided, she started with the bra. It was stainless steel and lined with a thin layer of rubber. Strapless, It had shaped cups that seemed to fit a little too well. They weren’t tight or loose, ensuring little stimulation could be applied to her girls. The strap that went around her back and passed into a slot with a keyhole. The end wouldn’t move in or out without the use of the key. Once she had it in place, she found her breasts most effectively locked away.

Picking up the chastity belt itself, Kelly found it was effectively a belt with a double layered band that would run between her legs. The first band had slots in it for bathroom needs and the other locked over that. Kelly figured out the different key opened the cover. It suddenly made sense. If a wearer didn’t have access to the main set of keys, they would still have access to take care of certain needs. Suddenly, she got the most wicked idea. Several stories she had read the previous night were of wearing a chastity belt in public. She had at least two stops she needed to make in town. One to the post office to pick up the mail she had put a hold on and another to the grocery store.

Kelly already convinced herself to wear the belt, but the plugs were another matter. Curiosity playing its part in her decision, she decided to at least give it a try. She could always take them out before she left the house. The vaginal plug would present little problem, but she had never put anything in her rear before. Several of the stories she had read described a positive sensation, but she was still a little apprehensive.

Batteries installed and lube applied, she lined up the mushroom shaped phallus. Slowly applying more and more pressure, it began to enter. Just as it began to border on pain, the widest part slipped through and her hole closed around the base. Kelly moved about, trying to decide on the sensation. It wasn’t uncomfortable, so she gave the base a little twist. Kelly nearly collapsed. She could feel the sensation clear up to the base of her neck. Turning it further, she cried out. Quickly Kelly turned it back down as low as it would go. All she could think was “How did I not try this sooner.”

Back on task, she placed the C cell batteries into the vibrator and tested it. Like the plug in her rear, it was much stronger than the toys she already owned. Shutting it back down, she needed no lube for this one. It wasn’t any bigger than her eight inch toy in her dresser and she was already pretty wet, so she had no trouble getting it in place. Holding it in place, Kelly stepped into the belt and brought it up. It took her a considerable effort to flex the belt enough to clear her hips. She turned the vibe to its lowest setting just before seating the belt fully.

By the time she had the locks in place, she understood the full cruelty the belt had to offer. Reading the stories the night before had taught her all to well how to set the vibrators for torture. Kelly had doubts she would be able to go through with this, but decided see how she felt by the time she was dressed.

An hour later, she had some loose fitting Levi’s and jacket on. She was definitely feeling the frustration, but was determined to pull it off. As she backed out and started down the road, Kelly couldn’t believe she was doing such a thing. Ten miles from town and already her cheeks felt flush. She had calmed herself slightly as she reached the intersection and began to turn on to the pavement. It was at that moment her heart stopped.

Looking at the cluster of mailboxes, she spotted one she hadn’t seen before. The number was similar to her own, but the first two digits were inverted. The thing that got her the most was the name. There, in bold letters, the box was stenciled with the name BLACK. She remembered the house that was being built down the road. It was just a few miles down the road, in the opposite direction of the intersection. She had been past it shortly before leaving for her trip and remembered it looked nearly done.

Kelly was crushed. She now knew where the stuff belonged and was going to face the challenge of getting the property to its rightful owner. She didn’t want to loose her newly discovered treasure, but her conscience was going to win this battle and she knew it. She kept her errands in town as short as possible and made her way back home.

Back at the house, she unpacked her groceries and started sorting the pile of mail, Still wearing the belt, she contemplated the other boxes. Part of her wanted to know what was inside them, but she was already had the difficult task of covering up the fact she had not only gotten into, but used part of the goodies. It was then, she heard the unmistakable sound of tires leaving the dirt road and onto the concrete drive.

She looked out the window and saw a woman exiting a grey SUV. “Shit, she saw me! No hiding now.” Her heart was pounding as she shoved the boxes behind the sofa. “Oh, crap! I’m still wearing the belt. Shit, shit! There’s no time.” “BING BONG” The doorbell might have well been a gunshot, as she nearly jumped from her skin.

Trying to calm her breathing and act as normal as possible, Kelly opened the door. “Hi, my name is Amy. I just moved in to the new house down the way.” Kelly couldn’t help thinking the two would be good friends if she managed this mess right. The two conducted the typical new neighbor conversation, turning out Amy’s husband was in the military as well. The two filled each other in on their husbands current locations, before Amy brought up her shipping mistake and the boxes. Kelly confessed to having them right away. As she started to retrieve the boxes from behind the sofa, Kelly tried to master a plan for the belt. “Um, I need to go into the back and get the stuff from this box for you.” She said as flatly as she could manage.

She figured it looked suspicious when she closed the door behind her, but she had no other options. Kelly began to peel her clothing before the sudden realization the keys were on the coffee table right in front of Amy. Her mind was running a thousand directions as she resituated herself and opened the door. Making her way to the living room empty handed, she scanned the table for the keys. Kelly froze when she saw them between Amy’s fingers.

Amy spoke without looking away from the keys, her eyes sort of glossed over. “Its not cheating if we can’t touch each other.” Kelly was dumbfounded. She kind of found herself in an intoxicated daze one might feel when drunk. She was going with the moment against her normal judgment. She could tell Amy was suffering from the same loneliness she knew herself. Even though she knew it was still a bit wrong, Kelly moved to Amy and sat right up against her. The two of them hugged for a moment and started in on the boxes.

Amy picked several items from the Winter fetish box and pulled the folded materials from their bags. They still hadn’t spoken when Amy began to strip. Kelly followed her lead and started to remove her own clothes. The two shared quick glances as they slowly disrobed. Kelly caught sight of her new friend’s belt. It was leather, with locking buckles and looked almost as secure as the metal one she was wearing now. She had to wonder if Amy had any plugs locked behind as well.

“Are you wearing the plugs under it?” Amy asked quietly as she threw another shy glance at Kelly. Kelly let her know she was and where they were set. “Perfect. That means the remote will work.” Digging the little controller from the plastic bag, Amy shut the vibes off. Kelly had been subjected to the mild buzzing for so long, she was barely feeling it, but with the sensation gone, her sensitivity level suddenly skyrocketed.

Amy handed her the unopened box and suggested the bedroom. She carried the still folded Winter Fetish items as she followed Kelly to the room. Once inside, she pulled the flaps open and began unfurling several wide nylon straps. She had Kelly stand on one side of the bed as she stood on the other. Together, they began crossing the mattress with the black straps. Each one had more straps connected to it and had to be placed in a certain order.

Once all of the straps had been ratcheted tight, Amy took the first bundle of fabric and unfolded it. Amy began to dress herself in the stretch mesh red cat suit and with some help from Kelly, was soon fitted and zipped. Kelly had to admit, the woman looked good. She admired the way the see through red and its contoured seams framed Amy‘s body so well. Kelly couldn’t help but see Amy’s beauty as she watched her unfold the other bundle of fabric. Kelly recognized the spandex sleep sack from the website.

Amy laid it out and invited Kelly to climb onto it. As Kelly positioned herself on the sleep sack, She watched Amy pull a ball gag from the box. “Here, try this.” Kelly hesitantly took the harnessed ball and looked at it. The taste was surprising and nearly caused her to wretch. It wasn’t a bad taste, just a little unexpected. Trying again, she found it much easier to accept. After seeing that Kelly could tolerate it, Amy sat on the bed behind her and started fitting the straps. Kelly’s heart was pounding and her whole body tingled. She had never been gagged before and it was a whole new feeling of helplessness.

Once the gag was in place, Amy started to guide her into the sack. Her head was enclosed in the hood and arms fit into the internal sleeves. Once her toes were inserted into the bottom, Amy began to work the zip. The Sack began to tighten around her. As Amy closed it completely, Kelly felt as though she was in a full body embrace. She was hugged and held over every inch of her body.

Amy guided her into position and started clipping the straps across her body. One by one, Amy pulled the straps tight, locking Kelly’s body to the bed. The mattress flexed and compressed beneath her, but that was the limit of her mobility. Kelly felt the mattress moving as though Amy was climbing onto it. Soon she felt Amy’s weight as she straddled her, sitting on her like she was mounting her own husband.

Amy turned on the vibrator and plug so they once again teased her at a low hum. They increased intensity until Kelly found herself moaning. Her body rocked against Amy’s weight and the confines of the straps. She could feel the pressure of Amy’s hands on her breasts, but the bra prevented any caress. It was frustrating and a relief at the same time. Kelly Was lost in the moment, yet not so much she was ready for another woman’s touch in such a way.

Amy stroked Kelly’s cheeks and began running her fingers over Kelly’s body. Kelly was surprised at how much of the sensation she could feel through the spandex. As she became accustomed to the sensation, Amy suddenly turned both of the vibrators up, causing Kelly to gasp. She groaned and writhed with the sensations. Amy continued to turn up the invaders and in turn Kelly began to rock and grind her hips, crying out. “omm ephf… Mrr!” To translate the gag speak, it was “Oh yes… More!”

Amy had worn a gag many times and understood the garble perfectly. She was happy to oblige. Keeping the controller in her hand, she laid her body across the writhing bundle that was Kelly. With a slow rocking motion she ground her body against Kelly’s, tapping the remote periodically.

Kelly was completely lost in the moment. She kept her eyes closed for the most part, but when she did have them open, she could barely make out shapes and light filtering through the spandex hood. It allowed her to detach from the fact it wasn’t her husband seeing to her arousal. She didn’t let go completely of the fact another woman was with her during this sexual act and that was adding to the adrenaline high.

The one thing she was sure of was the fact these vibrators were much more intense than her own. Every time Amy increased the intensity she was sure they had reached their peak, only to be struck with an even stronger wave soon after. She had to wonder, “If these had been running on low for four hours and still be this strong, what would brand new batteries be capable of?” Wendy was broken from the thought when the vibes were suddenly ramped up much stronger. Every muscle in her body tensed and she cried out through the gag. Again the vibes increased. She could feel the vibrations all the way to her head.

Amy could read Kelly’s reactions. She watched for the orgasm to rise to the surface. As soon as Kelly began to explode, she quickly pushed the remote multiple times to ensure they were maxed out. Amy could feel the vibrations clear into her own hips.

Kelly was rocketing with a powerful orgasm. The intense vibrations shaking her every nerve ending combined with the sensation of being so strictly restrained was more than enough to rock her as strong as she had ever gotten off before. The bonds combined with Amy’s body lying atop her assured she couldn’t escape the sweet assault. The vibrators shook the entire belt, in turn stimulating her clit. The release was pure bliss, but she was becoming spent.

With the combination of the ball in her mouth and her breath passing through the spandex, Kelly felt she wasn’t getting enough air. Somehow, the sensation only seemed to add to the orgasm. The helplessness, the restriction and the stimulation wasn’t letting her come down. She was in heaven and desperate for relief at the same time. She tried to plead through her gag, but she could only groan.

Amy was proud of herself and jealous at the same time. She wanted to be the one strapped to the mattress being driven to madness and she was glad to give Kelly the experience. She finally decided to give Kelly a break and slowed the plugs to a dull hum. Kelly felt her orgasm fading and began to calm her breathing. Just before she came down fully Amy began running the vibes up and down in intensity.

“NMO MOO!! MEEPHSE!! AH HANN NANK IM NMO MRE!” Kelly pleaded with everything she had as the vibrations rose and fell. Amy would ramp up the vibrator and bring it back down, then suddenly crank up the anal plug. With no way to know where she was going to be assaulted next, Kelly jumped at each surge. Amy was most wicked, keeping her on the edge for a long time before she shut the plugs down fully.

Kelly’s body was still shuddering as Amy unclipped the straps. The shaking had barely subsided by the time she was free of the sleep sack. Amy undid the gag and handed her the keys for the belt. Kelly fumbled them within her hand but didn’t move to take off the belt yet. Instead she just remained prone on the bed and tried to make sense of her feelings. She wanted to fell she had committed a betrayal to her husband, but that emotion just wasn’t there. Somehow she knew he wasn’t going to disapprove.

Amy sat quiet on the edge of the bed. “If you want, we can go to my house later and see the play room my husband built.” Kelly knew she couldn’t say no. She knew right then, her life was going to be different. It was going to be all about the bondage.


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