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Birthday Surprises

by Misana Crystal

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© Copyright 2010 - Misana Crystal - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/f; bond; spandex; catsuit; hood; armbinder; outdoors; nipple; toys; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

I opened my eyes, rolled over and smiled as I gradually focused on my beeping alarm clock. The one day of the year that I don’t mind waking up to was my birthday and it was finally here.

I quickly hit the off button for my alarm and rolled gently out of bed. Still a bit sleepy, I admired myself in the mirror briefly and listened for any signs of movement from my roommate’s room. Not that I expected to hear anything; she, unlike myself, tended to be a late riser.

I ducked into the bathroom and relaxed under the warm water of the shower, taking my time with the soap and letting it gradually wake me up to full alertness. It felt good letting the water flow all over my body. I left the shower with a buzz of excitement to see what surprises my roommate had in store for me. She had remained tight lipped about the “surprise” she had planned for me for some time, and had not let me have a single clue, preferring to let me build up my anticipation. It was working.

With a towel wrapped tightly around my breasts to my waist, I made my way past my roommate’s room and poked my head in. I was quite surprised to discover that the room was vacant, although there were clear signs that she had left in a hurry, probably earlier this morning. My curiosity was increasing rapidly.

Still thinking about the possibilities of what she has planned, I walked into the kitchen only to be greeted by a large wrapped box, complete with a bright pink ribbon and card stuck to the top. I smiled broadly as I opened the card with my name written in pink

Dear Lisa

Enclosed is your first present. Make sure your wearing it and be ready for us to pick you up at 10:00

Happy Birthday and see you later!!!

Rachel and Melissa

Rachel was my scheming roommate and Melissa was her fellow conspirator. The three of us had been friends since high school, which was three years behind us now. It was a great feeling to have friends that would no doubt make this a day to remember.

I glanced at the clock and as it showed I still had plenty of time to get ready; I put down the card and proceeded to carefully unwrap the box. My eyes sparkled as I slowly took out a flowing black catsuit made of a spandex fabric. I brushed it lightly against my cheek feeling its smoothness and giggled happily. A small note card in the package caught my eye.

“Winter Fetish Spandex House of Gord Catsuit” I read still giggling.

I discarded my towel and proceeded to step into the legs of the suit, loving the way it hugged my legs tightly as I pulled it up. I then carefully inserted my arms into their respective sleeves before reaching around and zipping up the suit slowly, savouring the feeling of the suit grasping my body in its tight embrace. As I leant down to smooth out the suit, I noticed something still in the box.

I carefully took out a very shiny black Winter Fetish PVC Open Eye & Mouth Hood with Pony Tail opening as named on the attached label. I could barely contain my excitement as I gathered my long blonde hair into an appropriate ponytail to fit. Once this was done I gently pulled the hood over head adjusting my hair to fit through the hole and aligning the eye and mouth holes. I gasped as I felt its tightness cover my head and rushed back into my bedroom to look in the mirror.

I stood there studying myself intently, savouring how the suit looked. The spandex hugged the curves of my ample breasts and all the way down my hips, flowing down to my legs. The hood kept my blonde tail loose out the back and turned me from average girl to fetish goddess. I couldn’t remember being this happy with an outfit before. Walking over to my closet, I took out my pair of high heeled knee height boots which matched perfectly with the rest of my black body hugging outfit. I performed a few twirls in front of the mirror and smiled as I thought of how lucky I was to be given such a great present.

My concentration was interrupted however as the door bell rang. In a momentary panic I rushed for the door, but composed myself in time to look through the peep hole first. I could see the mischievous smiles of Rachel and Melissa as Rachel fumbled for her keys to unlock the door.

I opened the door and feeling a little self conscious took a step back to avoid any passers-by getting an eye full. Rachel and Melissa however looked me up and down very intently making me blush underneath my tight hood. Nevertheless I performed a twirl and posed to give them a good view.

“Well that looks even better then we thought it would, doesn’t it, Mel?” Rachel said still grinning.

“Oh yes, I think we out did ourselves this time. And to think of all the fun yet to come.” Mel replied as she shut the door carefully behind herself.

“Well, thanks very much for the outfit – its great!” I said enthusiastically.

I could swear that Rachel smile took an evil side as she replied, “But that’s not the full outfit – there is much more to come.”

“So when do I find out what the rest is? And aren’t you running a little early?”

“We finished the setup ahead of schedule so headed back to see if you were ready. So are you ready for an adventure?”

“Oh yes, lets do it”

“Excellent, now turn around for a second”

I took a deep breath and turned around in the opposite direction from them and waited. I didn’t have to wait long as my vision was shortly blocked by some kind of blindfold. It totally blocked out any light leaving me to depend on my other four senses.

“Now stand still and put your arms behind your back Lis” I heard Mel’s voice say from behind me. I did so and felt something sliding up my hands and enveloping my arms. My arms were pulled together loosely at first, as more straps were pulled over my shoulders. I felt tugs as they were adjusted and then tightened slowly. A zipping sound accompanied my arms being bound together with my elbows nearly touching before a few clicks seemed to signal the end of any chance of escape.

“Winter Fetish Darlex Armbinder – guaranteed to hold you tight and keep you that way” I head Rachel say.

I struggled and squirmed in my new restraint trying to get a feel for how much movement I had. My arms weren’t able to separate at all and it caused my breasts to thrust forward as the straps held my shoulders back. I had never worn an armbinder before but the delicious feeling of being held so helpless and tightly was starting to really turn me on. I let out a low moan as I continued to shake but I knew there was no way I was getting free until either of my friends let me. This thought alone combined with my lack of vision, the tightness of my outfit and high heeled boots had just seemed to take me right to the edge. I momentarily lost my balance only to be caught in time.

“Whoa Girl – not time for that just yet – Still more fun to be had” Mel’s whisper came into my ears. She hugged me close with her arms around my waist.

“Now let’s get going – places to go – adventure to be had,” laughed Rachel as I heard the door open again.

“What? You can’t take me out like this!”

“Oh yes we can – no complaints now” Mel said with a note of laughter in her voice “Now here is something to stop you complaining any more”

My lips suddenly came in contact with a solid rubber ball which was pulled between my lips and past my teeth. I felt some straps pulled tightly behind my head and then I thought I heard something click but I couldn’t work out what it was.

I let out a “Mmmmph” which was about all I was capable of saying having had my ability to communicate taken away.

“Now step this was, time is a wasting” laughed Rachel as I walked unsteadily forward in a direction prodded by Mel whom was still behind me with Rachel’s voice coming from the direction of the doorway. I was led down the front path and I felt myself blushing uncontrollable hoping nobody was looking. I heard a door to a car open and a hand guided me inside preventing me from hitting my head. My body was positioned and a seatbelt drawn across my breasts and closed with a firm click. I was well and truly locked to the seat with no way to undo the belt.

My door closed and was soon followed by the opening and closing of two other doors. I felt a hand on my leg which started to rub up and down as the car started up.

“Now are you really ready for some fun?” Rachel whispered into my ear.

I answered with a low moan as she continued to massage my leg gently. Here I was strapped tightly to a car seat, in the sexiest outfit I'd ever worn, blinded, gagged and without any use of my hands. This was certainly turning out to be a very interesting birthday.

* * * * * * * * * *

It must have been about twenty minutes of driving but it was hard to tell. Rachel was doing an excellent job of keeping me entertained. It occurred to me that I had much in common with a pressure cooker - it would just take a little more to put me over the edge but Rachel obviously had something else planned as she never let me get too close.

The car finally stopped, and I could hear both of my friends slam their doors as they exited the vehicle. Someone opened my door and took my seat belt off before guiding me carefully out. I awkwardly walked in the direction I was being nudged in – the blindfold and what seemed to be uneven ground make walking very difficult.

I was eventually brought to a halt after only five to ten minutes of stumbling.

“Ok Lisa, stay there for a minute and we will start the next stage” Rachel said from behind me

“Mmmmph?” I mumbled in a curious tone.

“Patience now” Melissa laughed.

I could hear zips being moved and various other gear being shuffled around but nothing that I could distinguish.

“And now for the surprise” Rachel said as she hugged me from behind. Her hands started to roam around my breasts, squeezing and massaging them gently. I let out a moan and rubbed my arms against Rachel still helpless to do anything to stop her. Not that I wanted to. She slowly started to focus her attention on my nipples which responded in turn. With my current arousal I thought they may break through my new catsuit before long.

“Surprise Number One” whispered Melissa right in front of me and I let out a loud yelp despite the large ball gag in my mouth, as two clamps suddenly grasped my nipples tightly. I tried to shake my breasts which turned out to be a bad idea as a chain connecting the clamps together caused more pressure to pull in a sharp painful shock.

“There, there” Rachel whispered in my ear as she returned her hands to massage my breasts. The pain slowly reduced to a dull ache under her ministrations. I let out another low moan as I regained my balance.

“Surprise Number Two” Melissa whispered now, as I felt a light breeze upon my crotch. She had unzippered the bottom of my suit and I felt something at the entrance of my pussy lips. It definitely felt like a large dildo as Melissa gradually pushed it in and out a few times in a slow thrusting motion. I moaned behind my gag, getting closer to an orgasm. Melissa sensed this and tugged on my nipple clamp’s chain. I opened my eyes open wide despite my blindfold. She then pushed the dildo in all the way despite my attempts at making my displeasure at the clamps known. The gag did its job well.

“Now just wait there a moment” Rachel whispered close to my ear as she gave my breasts one last going over. I felt movement around me and heard zips and other odd sounds. A few minutes later I felt something being attached to the front of my suit and something else to the back of my armbinder. Some kind of belt was put around my waist tightly and I could feel several things hanging off its sides. Then there was more movement and finally silence.

“And now for the final big Surprise Number Three” Melissa said as I felt my blindfold being removed. I blinked my eyes and adjusted to the light before looking up with no small amount of shock. Melissa was standing in front of me clad head to toe in a blue spandex catsuit, hood and boots. She was also holding some kind of gun like object. I blinked my eyes just to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I turned to Rachel who was wearing the exact same outfit except in red. All I could do was stand there, mumbling into my gag with my eyes wide open.

“She looks a little confused, doesn’t she Mel?” Rachel said smiling. “Perhaps we should explain”. Rachel pushed my head down to look at the device’s hanging off my chest and belt.

“This” Rachel said pointing at the chest piece, which looked like some kind of large glossy disc, “Is a sensor. It picks up on the light beams emitted from these guns”. Rachel pointed at the gun which Melissa was now aiming at me with a large grin on her face. Rachel grinned in turn and then pointed at the box attached to my belt.

“This little device here controls everything”

I let out a “Mmmmph” in a questioning tone

Rachel’s grin became broader and she signalled to Melissa, who pulled the trigger on her gun. A small beep was heard and suddenly the dildo buried deep within me burst to life. It wasn’t vibrating very fast but was certainly more then enough to grab my attention. I moaned softly and shook my body again feeling how tightly my arms were strapped in their binder. I wasn’t sure how long I stood there but the vibrator stopped suddenly. I let out a loud groan and stamped my foot in frustration. I let out a larger groan as this shook my nipple clamps which suddenly grabbed my attention. Rachel and Melissa both burst out laughing as they watched my plight.

“Ok now Lisa. Here are the rules” Rachel said “Mel and I are going to give you a 10 minute head start.” I looked around and suddenly realised where I was. They had taken me to an area of national park not far out of town. It was usually fairly deserted and dressed as I was, the thought of meeting up with hikers or similar was certainly giving me lots of nervous energy.

“Then we both go hunting for you. You have a sensor on your front and back and both do the same thing. They will activate that little vibrator in you, and each subsequent hit will increase the strength and length of time that it vibrates. If you manage to elude us, it will gradually cycle down again. You have an hour to see how long you can stay away from us. If Mel or myself get ten hits before the hour is up then we win. Otherwise you’re the winner. Prizes to be explained later.” explained Rachel. My eyes grew wider as she finished up and I mumbled into my gag further, not believing what I was hearing.

“And your time starts now!” said Mel as she pressed something on her gun. The device on my belt made another beep and I noticed a timer on it for the first time. It had started counting down from ten minutes.

“You had better start moving!” laughed Rachel.

I turned tail and fled into the trees, moving as fast as I could in my high heeled boots. Although they were not stilettos the heels were a good four inches in height and made navigating the undergrowth difficult. The tight armbinder made keeping my balance difficult and the large ball gag reduced my breathing to whatever gasps of air I could suck in around it. And finally every step I took made me remember the tight clamps attached to my nipples. This was going to prove to be extremely challenging to even stay upright, let alone keep away from them.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The ten minutes passed so quickly I didn’t realise that the timer had run out. I had moved into the forest as deeply as I could, trying not to stop but the fear of falling over was keeping me cautious. I hated to think how long it would take me to stand up again without my arms to assist me. On the other hand I don’t think I had ever been so turned on in my life. The suit was caressing every part of my body as I moved and my restraints were keeping me secure without any chance of escape. I was tempted to turn around and just present myself as a target but the incredible rush of sensations running through me prevented me. I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible

However I leant up against a tree to catch my breath and compose myself. Hopefully I had enough of lead for the moment to give me a few moments grace. I looked around and got a general idea of where I was. We had all spent quite a lot of time together hiking through the area when were younger so I had a rough idea at least. Thinking about my next move, I proceeded forward through the trees hoping to get to a position to be able to circle around and possibly get behind the girls as they passed through. That way I could hopefully hide behind them.

Suddenly I heard a sound of a cracking branch followed by a beeping sound from my belt box. The vibrator kicked in sending pleasure through my pussy. I spun around to see a flash of blue spandex through the trees behind me. Two more beeps in quick succession came from my belt before I ran as fast as I could through the trees to get away. I risked a quick glance to make sure I had placed a tree between myself and Melissa and burrowed myself against it, trying to blend in and hide for a moment. The vibrator had gone mad with each extra hit and I let a low moan escape from my gag and squirmed around trying to concentrate.

Melissa ran past me, apparently without noticing I had stopped. I quickly ran back to the opposite side of the tree from her before she turned around. I held my legs together tightly as a savoured my temporary escape and concentrated on the vibrator. I could feel an orgasm getting closer. However the vibrator had other ideas as it slowed down robbing my chances of a climax. I moaned in frustration not believing how close I was. And this was how I was feeling after only three hits? I realised if they got many more at once the game was going to be over one way or another.

Peeking around the tree, I could not see any sign of Melissa, so I started moving back towards were I had started. After a couple more minutes the vibrator reduced itself to the lowest level I had felt earlier, keeping me excited but nowhere near enough for anything else. My body was aching all over in particular at my shoulders and jaw. My nipples were also receiving constant abuse as the chain swung as I moved. I moved carefully though the trees and steering clear of any open areas, not wanting to be caught with no cover, until I came to a clearing that I could not avoid. I had run through it earlier in my initial 10 minute head start so knew I was getting closer to the start point. I took a deep breathe and walked through cautiously. Not having seen Rachel yet was making me very nervous.

It turned out that I had good reason to be nervous as Rachel stepped out from behind a tree in front of me when I all but finished crossing the clearing. She was grinning from ear to ear like a cat that had just caught a mouse.

“Surprise!” she said as she aimed her gun at my chest. I immediately turned around and ran as fast as I could back the way I had came. I knew this would give her time for a few shots but I would have at least a chance of losing her in the undergrowth on the same side. Sure enough, despite my attempts to dodge from side to side to spoil her aim, the box at my belt reported five beeps before I got back into cover. I nearly tripped over as the vibrating went from annoying frustration level to full blown localised earthshaking device. Barely able to concentrate I looked for a bush big enough to cover me and dove underneath it. The chain on my clamps pulled a small branch with it as I hit the ground, but I barely noticed with the waves of pleasure rocking me. I curled up into a ball and clamped my lips onto my gag, attempting to silence my moaning.

I could hear Rachel walk nearby shortly afterwards and I hoped I had picked a good enough hiding place. I could not see her through the undergrowth I had hidden in until she stopped right next to the bush I was hiding in. Her long legs concealed by the red spandex suit and red boots were only several metres away. I pulled up my legs together beneath me hoping that the sound of the vibrator would not give me away, let alone any moaning I may make. This had the added effect of intensifying the feeling of the vibrator and there was nothing I could do as shuddered to a climax. My whole body shook as I sucked on the rubber ball, trying not to give myself away. The sensations of forcing myself to stay quiet plus my tightly restrained body kept me going on the longest orgasm I ever remember having experienced. My eyes could barely focus as wave after wave of pleasure ran through me from head to toe.

When I could focus again, I realised that Rachel was no longer in front of me, anywhere that I could see. I strained my hearing, listening for any signs, but daring not to move. All I could hear however was the vibrator humming away inside of me, only slightly less violently then it had been earlier when it had sent me over the edge. I closed my eyes, kept myself curled up and started counting to a hundred. I had to give myself some time to recover before I risked moving again. I was sure Rachel would backtrack eventually and find my hastily located hiding spot. It had been a miracle she hadn’t found me earlier. The vibrator greatly disturbed my counting part way through as it successfully brought me back to the edge before giving me a not so gentle push. The orgasm was less powerful then the one I had earlier but certainly no less gratifying. I had to chew on my gag to silence myself, as I was still mindful of my discovery.

Eventually I felt I was composed enough to make another move. The vibrator was down to a low speed and I could see no signs of Rachel. I slid backwards on my lower legs, reversing the way I had crashed into the bush. My nipple chain dragged the branch I had snagged earlier with me, forcing a groan out of my as it pulled. I had to shake my breasts to force it out, which caused more pulling and I clamped down on my gag yet again. I barely managed to contain the scream of pain this time. The aftermath of sitting for so long as well as the orgasms, was making my body ache all over. I carefully managed to get to my very wobbly feet before standing up and having a look around. Everything was eerily quiet and there was still no sight of Rachel or Melissa. I looked down at the belt box for the remaining time and was heartened to find that there was only fifteen minutes to go. Time was flowing quicker then I thought and I just had to stay away from them for a little longer. I wobbled over and lent against a tree, continuing to keep my eyes peeled for any movement.

The timer ticked away for another five minutes before I did notice some movement. Melissa was moving back slowly towards our original starting point, peeking around trees and bushes as she went. As I had spotted her a while off due to her distinctive blue themed outfit I had carefully moved away from her, the way I was heading earlier. Surely Rachel wouldn’t have looped around just yet? I hoped I was right. I darted across the clearing that had given me problems earlier without any sign of Rachel, and Melissa didn’t appear to be following me yet. I crept steadily through the undergrowth, not seeing any flashes of red and came to where the car was parked. Looking down at my belt box there were less then three minutes to go and I breathed a sigh of relief. The end of my rather enjoyable ordeal was in sight now. I stood near a large tree; not daring to go near the car until the final time had ran out.

A few leaves rustled above me and I looked up in horror to see Rachel sitting on a low lying branch. She had been just out of my vision as I had come through due to the thick foliage. There was no doubt that she had seen me as I looked directly at the barrel of her gun with her smiling face behind it.

“Got you” Rachel sung as my belt box screamed out a cacophony of beeps. The vibrator then kicked up to its highest gear just as the final time ticked away. I collapsed on the spot as all the pent up energy of the day combined with the relief that it was finally over exploded all at once. An orgasm ripped through me and I screamed as loudly as I could past the gag. It felt like my entire body was being charged with pure pleasure as I rolled around all over the grass. I am not sure how long it took me to recover from the first blast, but the vibrator was not letting up despite all my previous exertions. I managed to focus on Rachel who was now standing above me, smiling down at me. She didn’t say a word as she reached down and released both my nipple clamps at once. The blood rushed back into my poor tortured nipples and I unleashed another garbled scream. There was so much pain and pleasure mixed together that tears were pouring from my eyes. I had another small orgasm as Rachel leant down and gave my breasts a nice massage through their spandex coverings. She then reached behind my head, unlocked the ball gag and withdrew it slowly from my mouth.

“How is that now?” Rachel asked, smiling still but looking concerned for me. I worked my jaw around and licked my lips before answering.

“Best Birthday Present Ever” I laughed back in reply as I rested down on the ground.

“Good to hear” she said grinning as she sat down herself next to me. Melissa walked up shortly afterwards also with a big smile on her face.

“You managed to catch her in the end then?” Melissa said to Rachel as she sat down next to us.

“Yes, but it was close – less then a minute to go” Rachel said

“And the final scores was?”

“I got seven and you got three. I technically got a few more in after the ten count, but she was so tempting a target” giggled Rachel.

“Now what?” I asked as I looked up at them, my arms still restrained by my armbinder.

“Now we go home, get you a nice long bath and we work out my prize” smiled Rachel, suddenly with a much more evil smile then she was previously wearing.

“You didn’t think the day was over just yet did you?”


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