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Cindy's Thief

by The Cat

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© Copyright 2008 - The Cat - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; spandex; catsuit; bond; sex; reluct; X

What a day! Two long boring meetings and a financial report due tomorrow for another meeting. She pushed the garage door remote as she turned her red Porsche into the drive. It would have to be finished tonight, she thought. Oh damn! This was Thursday. Her night to go to the gym and lift. She really looks forward to gym nights. It really removes the days stress. Not to mention she likes the way some of the well muscled guys look at her as she lifts. Damn, she'd really like to go tonight! She's feeling horny and some skin tight clothes and getting a good pump would really have those guys stairing at her. Although she wouldn't have time tonight to take anybody home any way.

She pushed the botton again and the door began closing. She grabbed her brief case and headed into the kitchen and tossed the keys on the counter. She went up to her bedroom and removed her grey pin stripe power suit and tossed it in the dry cleaning pile. Then her white blouse, black pumps and finally her pantyhose. She typically doesn't wear underwear. In fact she finds the feel of the nylon against her skin very sexy. But if she really wants to get into one of her handsome clients pants she simply wears garters and pulls up her skirt to reveal her best asset and pump his. Funny how accounts seem to just flow her way.

What the hell! Since she has to stay up late anyway to finish the report, why not go to the gym. She dug for some clothes and a big towel and put them into her gym bag. Now let's see, no time to try different outfits on. So, red lycra sports bra and trunks with the legs cut almost to the waist band. And what goes best with red? Black! She found a pair of her favorite sheer black pantyhose. These were so comfortable and luxurious, not to mention seamless and truly sheer to the waist. A very expensive brand. She slipped each leg into the ultra sheer fabric and pulled them up to her crouch and over her hips. She slipped a peek in the closet door mirror. Hmmm, not such a bad bod! She admired her tall six foot frame in the mirror. Full breasts, shoulders as wide as her hips, even after having a baby. But then that was fifteen years ago.

She had married young and recently divorced. Her daughter was with her ex this week. And most of all, more than just a hint of muscle on her bones. Everything nice and firm! She flipped her curly flame red hair back and liked what see saw. She put on her sports bra, high cut trunks, ankle socks and gym shoes. Then grabbed the gym bag and headed out the door. Luckly the gym was fully equipped and was open twenty four hours. She arrived at the gym and handed them her gym ID card and headed for the weight room. It was half full of people. She'd noticed that as the week got closer to Friday fewer and fewer women came in to work out. Fridays were the best. Just the hard core guys and a few lean hungry women.

Several of the guys and two of the women she'd pumped more than weights with. Some of the guys waved and said hi as she set her bag down against the wall. She pulled her trunks up tight so they barely covered her crack. No chance of any pubic hairs showing, almost every one in the Lycra Lifestlye is hairless from the neck down. She loved the feel of her hairless clit rubbing against the nylon fabric. It kept her very aroused for a long time. And her nipples were already erect, hard and poking thru the thin fabric of her lycra sports bra. But enough fun, more lifting. When she needed a spot, she picked a guy with tights, and preferably lycra tights. Every line of a man's buldge was fully outlined when he wears lycra. The gym guys she'd made love with always wore lycra tights and no underwear from then on.

In hopes she would need them to spot for her, they would strattle her face and their balls and hard buldge would be inches from her face, so tempting to take it right there. Sometimes she would whip around and wrap her legs around there's and casually brush her nipples or breasts against their lycra length and run her finger nails around their asses. Or maybe, if he's new to her, she would casually lay a hand on his thigh or hip to see if he would get an erection. Sometimes she would caress a thigh or ass cheek to show her thanks. They would usually ask if there's anything else they can do for her. she usually say, maybe later.

One of the two women she'd made love with were there. Slender, lean and musclar. Very good looking. Short bleached blonde hair. Fingerless leather gloves. Tonight she was hot, grey lycra sports bra with black lycra tights. A small breasted woman with wide shoulders and narrow hips. Maybe twenty nine. She waved. Cindy went over and they hugged their sweaty hard bodies together and separated with a quick kiss.

"I really like your outfit Cindy."

"Thanks Sherry. Have you finished your workout?"

"No, I've got one more set of bench presses. I could use a spot though..."

"Sure." She positioned herself on the bench and grasped the bar. Cindy spread her legs over her forehead.

"Hmmm, nice view. Is that a stain I see?"

"It's just sweat, lover. Lift." Aware that it wasn't a sweat stain. Sherry pressed the bar eight times with help on the last two.

"Lets hit the jacuzzi." They grabbed their bags and headed for the locker room, stripped, and put on their swim suits. Sherry's was a simple two piece sports type. Brightly colored with high cut legs. Cindy's was a red string bikini that barely covered certain parts. She was hoping everybody was looking at her tall statuesque body. She glanced, several people quickly turned away. Severel more still stared at her. Very good, she thought. The jacuzzi was hot and wore any soreness away as they sat enjoying its heat.

Afterwards Cindy headed home feeling refreshed. She regretably turned down Sherry's offer for company and support for the night. Had this been a Friday, she wouldn't have thought twice about accepting her offer. Once home, she unpacked her gym bag and removed her clean sweats. Since she was feeling arroused and sexy she put on pair of red seamless pantyhose and red lace bra that didnt cover her breasts but held them out, pointing her erect nipples forward like two gun barrels. Finally a pair of red five inch pumps. Sure wish I had a reason to be wearing these sexy clothes, she thought. Oh well, work first. She poured a glass of wine, turned out the lights, lit a candle by the computer and put her glasses on. Then flipped her laptop open on a glass foot table in front of her couch.

She sat with her legs stretched out to each side and began typing. Somewhere towards the end of her report she drifted off to sleep. Cindy suddenly came wide awake and froze. It was an unusual sound coming from somewhere in the house. The candle had gone out. The green nightlight at the base of the steps gave an erie glow to the room. Another sound, from upstairs. Slowly and carefully she moved to a kneeling position and pulled a small barretta from under the couch. She knew having a second gun under the couch might come in handy one day. But it was barely the size of her open hand and strickly a short range weapon.

She buckled the belt tightly around her waist. She pulled it out. Its feel and weight in her hands made her more confident. The safety made a soft click when she released it. She moved carefully towards the stairs. Then crept up each step. Knowing where not to step to keep them from creaking. Her heart beating hard in her ears. At the top of the steps and moved against the wall, she peaked in her bedroom. A man in a black lycra catsuit. The street light reflected off every curve of every muscle, every lump, every buldge was highlighted. Her breathing quickened. A small black lycra bag sat by the open window. He was about her height. Lean, but muscular, and probably very wirery and strong. He didn't appear to be carring any weapons. Hopefully he hadn't found her other gun under the matress.

She stepped into the doorway and leveled the barretta at his back and slowly cocked the trigger with a loud double click. He froze.

"I don't think any of that belongs to you." She said in a slow steady voice. "And I'd really hate to get blood on my carpet. First, very slowly, remove your catsuit." He easily reached back and slowly pulled down the zipper, from the base of the skull to mid-back. He pulled his head and shoulders out. He had short black hair and piercing blue eyes. His arms came out and he made a show of slipping it down over his hips and legs. The suit lay in a heap at his feet. "Now, take the handcuffs off the dresser and cuff yourself to the head of the bed." She couldn't help but look at his rod hanging limp between his muscular thighs. It was a nice size when limp, she wondered about its size erect. When he finished, she check the cuffs and was satisfied, then she cuffed his legs to the foot of the bed.

Cindy dragged the barrel of the gun up his thigh and over his abdomen. She put it to the side of his head and said in her most sensious voice with a hint of mallice. "I heard somewhere that if you kill someone breaking into your house, as long as the body is inside the house, it's perfectly legal, and the courts wouldn't convict you for murder. Isn't that fascinating." She carefully released the trigger, set the safety back on and slipped the barretta back into its holster. Cindy suddenly felt bold while this thief was firmly handcuffed to her brass bed. "I think I like what I see." She purred looking over his lean, hairless body.

"I think I like what I see also." The thief said looking at her erect nipples and well built legs and ass.

"Ohhh, it has a voice..." Cindy removed the belt and gun, laying it over a brass post at the foot of the bed. She ran her long red fingernails over his chest as his rod stiffened. She played with his erect nipples. "Tell me Thief, would you steal me also if I were in my bed sleeping when you broke in?"

"Only beauty such as yours would be worth stealing. I take only the finest quality items from my... clients to make mine!" She removed her bra and played with her breasts for him. Carressing their roundness, rubbing her nipples between her fingers, pinching them. Moaning with pleasure. Squeezing his huge cock between her breasts and pumping him. Her pumps came off.

"Would you like to steal anything else, Thief?" She made a show of removing her panyhose for him.

"No. Except possibly for your heart. Release me and I will show you that which you long for!" Cindy laughed lightly.

"Oh, no, no, no. You are mine now. My prisoner." She kneeled on the bed strattling his hips. His rod was large and hard and she guided it into her wet target. She moved slowly up and down its length for some time feeling it become warm. Feeling it rub against the sides of her pleasure organ. Feeling its heat, its throbbing. "Soon I will steal from you that which I want! Yes, soon you will shoot your manly seed deep into pussy. I will feel it when you shoot, as it hits its target at the end of my hole."

Her rhythim increased and his breathing increased. Cindy's pumping increased. her lubricant running down her hole, down on his strobbing rod and dripped off his tightening balls onto the white lycra sheets. "You're close! I feel it! Shoot! Release yourself in me! Give me what I want! What I need!" And she rode him wildly, pumping hard and fast, slamming her hole onto his barrel. She tightened her muscles and squeezed his cock and he could hold back no more. His cock pulsed with massive bursts of his seed! "Oh god! Yes! I feel you shooting! Impacting my target! Piercing my pink target with your manly seed!" And her pleasure built to massive levels and she released herself. Massive waves of pleasure rolled over her body as she rode it out pumping his rod to the last. Making sure all his manly seed had found its mark. She finally collasped on his chest, both panting heavily. Their breathing slowed as she felt the heat of his rod slowly fade and shrink. She made herself more comfortable and soon fell asleep on top of her Thief.

The clock radio came on at six am. She shifted under the lycra sheets. A tingling sensation ran all over her body as lycra carressed lycra. She came suddenly awake and sat up on the side of the bed. She realized she was wearing a lycra catsuit. Then all the details of night before came flooding back to her. She was wearing the burgular's costume! He was gone, and the handcuffs still hung on the bed frames! And luckly so did her gun! But how! Naked into the night?! She got up and examined herself in the mirror. Only her eyes were visable in the hood. The rest of her appeared to be painted glossy black as the morning light illuminated the fabric.

It was the thinest of lycra with a seam running up the inside of each leg and joined at the crouch then up the back to begin the zipper. She even had a pair of black pumps on. She ran her hands over her body remembering the sensations of last night. Ohhh... she thought, no time for this now. She removed the costume and placed it in her drawer for later. She showered, dressed, ate, collected the stuff for the office and put them into her briefcase. She grabbed her earings and noticed a large diamond ring with a roll of paper in it and a red rose in in the roll of paper.

"These aren't mine..." she thought. She pulled it apart. The note read: To the woman to steal from a Thief. Would you like to to get together again? I will never forget last night. Signed Your Catburgular. "Oh yes! I want to see you again! Soon!" she realized she spoke out loud. Wait until Sherry hears about this!



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