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Storycodes: Solo-f; spandex; catsuit; college; exhib; mast; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

The doorbell chimed, and Claire looked up from her computer. With a deep sigh she rose from her chair and walked to the door.

When she opened the door, she saw nothing. No one was there. She looked around if there was someone nearby. No; nothing. Just when she started closing the door, she saw the small box which was left onto her doorstep. It was a plain box. A sticker with her name and address was put on top of it.

‘Who left a box with my name on my doorstep?’ Claire asked herself.

When she took the box, it was not heavy. In fact the weight was less than she expected. Claire checked again if she saw someone nearby who delivered this box to her doorstep.

No. No one was there to be seen. She closed the door and took the box with her inside.

For some years Claire was studying mathematics on a university at the other side of the country. She did have some friends from college. But she did not have real close friends over here. It was not because she was not attractive. Claire was a natural beauty; attractive, single and intelligent. On several occasions other students asked her for a date, but she never took these invitations. She liked to be on her own, alone into her room, sitting behind her computer and working on mathematical problems from college.

She did not expect to receive a package. Her family never sent packages to her. And she did not order things from web shops on the internet. She took the box into her hands and studied all sides. It was just a plain cardboard box like most of the parcels which are used for sending books and other things. The box did not give any indication or address from a sender. It was very strange. The only thing on the box was some tape to keep the lids closed an a sticker with her name and address.

Claire shaked the box, to find out if the contents made some noise. No, nothing noisy was inside. Puzzled with the question who would send her something, she opened a drawer and took out a knife to cut the tape on top.

When she opened the lids, she saw why the contents of the box did not make any noise. Some type of black fabric came out of the box. It seemed that the fabric was some sort of elastic. And when she took the fabric it seemed that it was some sort of clothing. Claire unfolded the strange thing. It looked like a strange type of suit.

Claire had never seen something like this. It seemed that it was made from the same fabric like female stockings, but the fabric was thicker. When Claire studied the suit in more detail she found out that the suit could cover a whole body except for head, hands and feet. On the back of the suit was a zipper. A second zip was made between the legs. ‘Why a zipper on this odd place’ Claire thought.

Claire took the suit into her hands and held it in front of her body. It was small in comparison with her body, but if the material was stretched out, it could fit her body. ‘Who did send this strange suit to me?’ she thought.
Claire looked again into the box. It was empty. No note, no return address, there was nothing what could tell her about who sent her this strange package.


Claire looked up form her screen and looked to the suit, which she draped over her bed. She did not have any idea about who sent her this strange suit. One by one she flipped through the pages of the college guide on the internet with photos of students to find some hint. She already checked her account on myspace, but had clearly no idea who did this.

At the other hand she was more and more curious about the suit itself. The fabric felt strange. Claire thought about the idea of wearing the suit. ‘No’ she thought. ‘I do have other things to do.’ She tried get back to her work, and looked back to the mathematical problem on her screen.

But continuously the strange suit popped up into her mind. After some time Claire came to the conclusion that the only thing she could do to get her mind satisfied, is to try the suit on.

Again she took the suit into her hands and tried to find out how she could put it on. She opened the zippers of the suit. At first she put one of her arms into the suit. It felt strange. The suit stretched around her lower arm. It gave her arm a strange glow, like she wears a black stocking around her arm.

After a while Claire stepped in front of her mirror. Her body looked strange with this large stocking type fabric on it. She tried it on including her underwear, but it was very strange sight. So Claire decided to remove her underwear and wear the suit and nothing else.

After a while Claire stood back in front of the mirror and looked to her body. The suit accented her figure. The long seam gave the back of her legs a very feminine sight. In front her breasts were accented by small seams running below the curves of her bosom. A black strip ran through her legs to conceal her sex. The strip also concealed the small zip. Claire now understand why the zip was there. It allowed her to go to the toilet.

Claire looked to her body. She came to the conclusion that her body was not bad at all. ‘This seems to be the reason some boys are looking to me’ She thought.

With the palms of her hands she felt over her body, over her legs and on her butt. It was a strange feeling, but Claire did not have the idea that this feeling could be wrong.

After some time she sat down behind her computer and tried to study again, only wearing the suit.

At the end of the evening Claire closed down her computer, turned off the lights and went to bed, still wearing the suit. ‘It is nice to be hugged into a suit like this’ Claire thought and fell asleep.


The next morning Claire woke up with a shock! She was almost late for college. Quickly she got up, put on her clothes, grabbed her books and went out to college.

Just when she was on the street she became aware that she still had on the strange suit. She just forgot to take it off! But there was no time left, so in a hurry she went to college.

During the day it was very difficult for Claire to give her full attention to the lessons. The idea that someone else could possibly see the suit did not leave her mind.

Claire was continuously analyzing the other students. Was someone looking to her with more than normal attention? Did someone smile more than normal to her? Did she get more attention from someone? Who left this strange suit on her doorstep? Why did she put on this strange suit? Why did she forget to take it off last night? Why did she sleep through her alarm?

Claire’s whole mind was occupied by the suit and her strange feeling and experiences.

But Claire also had some sort of strange feeling into her stomach. The idea that someone could see the suit gave some sort of excitement to her. Little by little Claire became more excited by wearing the suit under her normal clothing.

At the end of the day Claire left school and went to her room as quickly as possible.

When she entered her room she removed her clothes as fast as possible and looked into the mirror. More and more she liked the image of her body hugged into the strange suit. She looked at her sex. There a wet spot showed up into the suit.

Claire opened the zipper and lied down on her bed. Quickly her fingers found her most intimate place. Then she closed her eyes and enjoyed the intense combination of the suit and her fingers massaging her intimate parts. It did not take long until her body did shake from the first of several orgasms.


Many orgasms later the heat into Claire’s body subdued. Tired she felt asleep and slept like a baby until she woke up the next morning.

It was Saturday, so she did not have to go to college. Claire stepped out of her bed and finally took off the suit from her body. She took a shower and thought about the strange excitement of wearing this suit to her lessons. Something inside her body was triggered, just by wearing the suit.

After some breakfast Claire sat down behind her computer and searched on the internet to find out more about this suit and the strange feelings. After some browsing she found out that more people did have the same feelings: getting excited by wearing suits like this. Surfing around she found out that the fabric was spandex and that it was some type of fetish to wear fabric like this.

She looked at the suit. After showering she cleaned it using some soap, and now it was drying on a clothes hanger.

One major question was still in her mind: why did someone leave this suit into a package on her doorstep? She really did not have an answer on this question and she still had no idea about the person who sent her this exciting suit.

Back to her computer she tried to some studying, but it was difficult with the suit within her view. She tried it again, with the suit put into her closet, but still she could not get the concentration she needed for studying.

Finally, at the end, she could not hold herself and removed her clothes and put back on the suit. Wearing the suit gave her some sort of someone hugging her intensely.

It felt exciting for Claire and increased her feeling for the fabric.

Quickly Claire became addicted to the suit. When she was back into her room she put on the suit and started studying. And when she went to college, she enjoyed it to wear the suit hidden under her clothes. It increased her internal heat and ended into a lot of orgasms at home.

Claire really enjoyed her new fetish. It was so much fun that she finally forgot to think about the person who delivered this strange suit to her doorstep.

Two weeks after the suit arrived, Claire was studying behind her computer. It was again a difficult mathematical problem. And Claire was just wearing the suit. Then the doorbell ringed. Claire looked up, grabbed some clothes and answered the door.

No one was there. When Claire looked at her doorstep she looked puzzled. There was another box. Equal to the last time, the box only had a sticker with her name on it.

Claire quickly grabbed the box, took it inside and closed the door.

She took a knife and cut the tape. ‘What is this?’ Claire thought when she looked into the box…



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