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by Killian Dark

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© Copyright 2010 - Killian Dark - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; kidnap; bond; electro; toys; catsuit; sleepsack; oral; climax; reluct; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

She awoke, very slowly becoming aware of her surroundings. Her groggy eyes slowly began to focus. Her confusion only grew as her vision cleared. The room she was in was dimly lit, light entering through only a small window in the wall. She appeared to be in an unfinished basement, judging by the gray concrete which made up the floor and walls. The room was un-insulated, making it cold and even less pleasing to be in. She turned and saw some kind of computer setup against the wall. A seed of fear slowly started to grow.

As her body started to awaken, she gradually became aware of her current predicament. Her short black hair was plastered against the sides of her face and forehead in a cold sweat. Her jaw and mouth were in a great deal of pain, and after exploring with her tongue, she felt something rubbery and possibly inflated in her mouth, pressing against her cheeks and the roof of her mouth. She tried to gasp and then shout, but found herself effectively silenced. The only sounds that escaped from her were a few gentle grunts. Hardly enough to get the attention of anyone outside of… wherever the hell she was. As she tried to move other parts of her body, her horror and discomfort only swelled within her. 

Her hands were imprisoned in some kind of padded mittens vaguely resembling boxing gloves, balling them into fists and making them completely useless. To her dismay, she saw that they were locked onto her wrists. It was then that she noticed that her arms, having yet to recover their strength, were shackled to the wall with heavy chains. 

Her body started to strengthen, regaining feeling in her extremities. It merely helped to enhance her growing dread as she discovered just how imprisoned she truly was. Her entire body from neck to toe was sealed in a black catsuit, perfectly and sensually sheathing her taut and young body.  It felt somewhat like spandex, but seemed much stronger. Her feet were also shackled to the wall, and she found she was so tightly restricted she could not even bend her knees in the slightest. 

She was petrified with fear, not only by the fact that she was being held against her will, clearly in some sort of sexual nature by an unknown person, but that.., she seemed to be enjoying herself. She felt wetness on her inner thighs and noticed her rock-hard nipples poking through the strict material coating her nubile form. It was then that she felt something inside her… two somethings, actually, lodged deep within her ass and moist pussy. This was not good in the slightest.

She began to writhe and struggle against her bonds, mewing into her gag and desperately trying to free herself from her restraints. The computer across the room sprang to life as if sensing her sudden alertness. The words “subject active” flashed across the screen. Before she had time to think, the objects in the most sensitive areas of her body sprang to life, vibrating with such intensity she lost her ability to even struggle against her confines. Her body slumped, then tensed again, all her muscles tightening as the vibrations grew to an almost unbearable level. She started moaning uncontrollably through her gag, her body involuntarily trying to relieve the building energy within her. She started to forget everything that was happening around her. She sank within herself, becoming entirely focused on the pleasure she was unwillingly being subjected to.

The door of the room swung open, and immediately the vibrations stopped. She clenched her already-balled fists even tighter, digging into her hands and thrusting her hips as much as she could to try and push herself over the edge. 

“Looks like this closet nymph is having a bit too much fun,” came a woman’s voice from the hallway. Into the room walked a woman who couldn’t have been a day over 23, in a shiny, full body latex catsuit. Her large, firm breasts were being pushed upward by a red corset, tightly laced. She wore red thigh-high boots with impossibly high heels, and long red latex opera gloves to match her boots and corset. Her long dark hair was pulled tightly behind her head into a ponytail. From her hand dangled a sinister-looking remote. As soon as she felt she had been properly admired by her captive, the woman said, “Hello, Kristine.”

Kristine’s expression changed from one of anger to one of complete confusion. She had never seen this woman in her life. She began to wriggle about, shyly trying to dislodge herself from the wall.

“AH-AH!,” said the woman said, holding up the remote. She pressed a button, and a powerful and painful shock was delivered to her swollen clit. Kristine gasped into her gag, clenching her teeth at the pain.

“As much as I loooove watching your pert little body squirm, right now you’re going to listen to me carefully without any distractions,” she said. “My name is Kat. You will refer to me only as Mistress Katerina or simply mistress, is that understood?”

Fearing another shock to her already punished clit, Kristine shakily nodded. “Good,” said Kat. “Now let me explain to you why you are here. I have been watching you for some time now. I’ve been looking for the perfect girl for a few years now. When I saw you on campus, I instantly knew you were the one. You just looked like such a goody-good, so perfect and angelic. I just needed to break you.”

“You see Kristine, I’ve never had an orgasm. Ever. I’ve been close, but I’ve never found something that can quite take me over the edge. I’m hoping it’s you. I’ve discovered that the thing I find most arousing is when a pretty, prideful girl like you is tied up and stripped of all self-worth. It’s even better when a bitch like you isn’t even into bondage in the first place.” Kat pressed a button on the remote and the dildos activated, vibrating at their weakest level. Kristine became aroused again, distracted by the pleasant yet subtle sensations. Her eyes started to roll back into her head.

Kristine suddenly received a slap across her face. “What did I say, bitch? I want you focused.” She studied Kristine’s face for a bit, then took a small step forward.   “This… this is going to be SO much fun…” Kat moved toward Kristine, rubbing her hands all up and down her immobilized body and moaning ever so slightly. The dildos sprang to life again, this time back to their higher intensity setting. Kat grinded against Kristine, taking some of the vibrations for herself. She ran her tongue up Kristine’s cheek, sending shivers down her spine. Kristine was lost, almost euphoric now. Between the vibrations, the surprisingly pleasing bondage and Mistress Kat’s advances, she had quite forgotten everything else.

As abruptly as it had began, all of Kristine’s immensely pleasurable feelings were lost as the dildos deactivated and Kat pulled away. She glared at Kristine, taking in her form. She rubbed her hand against her moist pussy, surprised at how turned on she had made herself. “That was… promising…” she said, her interest quite piqued. “This may turn out to have been an amazing idea.”

She started to leave the room, but was stopped by Kristine’s sudden protest moaning. “Oh, don’t worry. You’ll be quite safe here until tomorrow.” Kristine’s eyes widened. “You’d better get used to this kind of treatment, sweetheart. After seeing you in action, I don’t think I’ll be letting you go any time soon.” Before leaving the room, Kat entered a few commands into the computer. 

With a wink and a “night, pumpkin,” Kat strode out of the room, closing and locking the heavy door behind her. The computer screen changed to read “conditioning subject.” Kristine looked at the screen, sweating with anticipation. What the hell did “conditioning” mean?

She playfully tested her bonds again, only to reassure herself she wasn’t escaping. She closed her eyes and tried to think of how she ended up here. How long had she been out? She didn’t even know what day it was. She concentrated, trying to recall the last thing she remembered happening before she woke up in this situation. Try as she might, the last thing she could remember was studying her ass off for her midterm exam she had likely missed. She must have fallen asleep at her desk or something. Didn’t matter now, for she was not getting out by herself and the crazy bitch who now owned her seemed a little too attached to let her go.

Suddenly, the dildos activated, paralyzing her brain and forcing her body to convulse with pleasure. She writhed and pulled against her bonds, enhancing the feeling between her aching legs. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit down on her gag, ready to explode with pure bliss. She felt it coming. Not long now…

The vibrating stopped, and her pussy squeezed tighter on the dildo, trying to ride the last wave over the edge into an orgasm she so desperately needed. Warm liquid slithered down her legs. She was soaked with bliss and the need for more. Why did the vibrating stop?!? She was almost there!!! And then she realized that was likely the point. To keep her tortured body on edge, ready for release but never quite achieving it. She started to calm down and come off her high, feeling a deep ache in her bound wrists and ankles. 

The computer screen changed to read “repositioning” and the wall Kristine was chained to began to move. Her feet were pushed forward while her upper half began to sink toward the ground. The section of the wall she was attached to had sunk to lay flat on the ground. It was no less restrictive on her body, but at least it was a bit more comfortable.

The dildos turned on again, and she thrust her hips wildly and screamed into her gag, feeling incredible yet knowing she would not be fulfilled in the end. 

After having been subjected to the cycle of pleasure and intense discomfort more times than she could count, Kristine’s sex haze began to get the better of her. As the dildos activated for what seemed like the thousandth time, her eyes rolled back and she slipped out of consciousness. 

She awoke to something slithering around inside her mouth. She opened her eyes only to find she had been blinded by something. As she came to, she realized that she was being kissed quite passionately by someone. Without thinking, she tried to kiss back, enjoying the sensation. However, she discovered she was now wearing a different type of gag. This one felt like a metal ring had been locked into her mouth, forcing it open yet leaving it uncovered and accessible. 

“I see you’ve finally decided to wake up,” came Mistress’s voice. The blindfold was ripped from Kristine’s eyes, and she struggled to adjust to the light and take in her surroundings. She was still lying down, but instead of being chained to a section of wall, she was encased in some sort of cocoon which appeared to be made out of the same material as the catsuit she had been imprisoned in earlier. She struggled against it to find that her arms were pinned to her sides in internal sleeves. 

“You like it?” Asked Mistress Katerina. “It’s called a sleepsack. It’s made out of a material called Darlex, which is essentially two layers of spandex bonded with a layer of rubber. Strong, elastic and smooth. I LOVE it. It’s sold on a website called, a website I found only a day after I decided to capture you. It’s like the universe wanted you to become my slave. They’re the same people that made your absolutely delicious catsuit, as well. Did you like it?”

Kristine tried to speak, but all that escaped was “gah…” 

“I agree completely,” said Kat. “Needless to say, I’m going to be ordering a LOT from them.” Kat began to playfully tweak Kristine’s nipples, becoming lost in thought. Kristine felt herself become wet and her nipples hard, confused yet again as to why she was enjoying this so much. 

As if reading her thoughts, Kat said, “You know, I’m quite surprised you haven’t been putting up more of a fight. Are you really that weak-willed as to let a complete stranger, of the same sex at that, keep you as a sexual prisoner that you wouldn’t try to escape at all?” she leaned in closer, straddling Kristine’s helpless form. “Or could it be that you’re… enjoying this? Perhaps I’ve awakened something in you that you never sensed before?”

Kristine simply let out a small whimper, practically affirming her newfound love for being a slave. “I see,” Kat said, breathily. “Well that means only one thing. You owe me. You belong to me now, simply because I have painted your life with a color you never knew existed. You know you can never go back. Now that you’ve tasted this, you can never leave.” Kat leaned in and kissed Kristine’s gagged mouth, mischievously biting her bottom lip with pure lust. “You are MINE.”

The dildos, still sealed within Kristine’s body, activated once again. Kristine, still not satisfied from her sexual torture from the night prior, and having been entirely aroused by her Mistress, moaned and shook with pure delight. Kat grinded hard into her, stealing the vibrations and leeching off of her pleasure. After a few minutes, both women were thrusting into each other and arching their backs, each trying to carry themselves over the edge into sweet oblivion. “Oh… that’s… so close…” whispered Kat.

Kat stood up and undid the zipper of her latex pants, stripping them off to reveal a cleanly shaven, soaking wet pussy. She lowered herself back down, positioning herself directly over the head of Kristine’s writhing body. A drop of her juices fell from her, landing directly on Kristine’s lips. Kristine instinctively licked her lips clean, tasting her mistress’s delicious love honey. She arched upward, reaching with her tongue to try and make contact with Kat’s delicious-looking slit. Kat obliged, coming to sit on Kristine’s face. She felt her tongue lash out through the ring gag as she started to eat her out. The dildos inside Kristine started to vibrate even stronger, mirroring her mistress’s intense pleasure. She started to thrash about madly, partly because of the dildos and party because she was not getting any air due to her mistress being tightly sealed against her face.

Kat was in utter nirvana. She had never received such an amazing feeling as she was experiencing now. She arched her back and squeezed her eyes shut, throwing her head back. She couldn’t take that anticipation, she wanted to have it NOW! She started rubbing her nipples through her catsuit, then ripped it open in a fit of carnality. Kristine was struggling beneath her, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was the feeling. She clamped her legs tight against Kristine’s face, making it clear that she was not to stop, not even for a breath of air. She reached down and clutched Kristine’s Darlex-sheathed legs and pulled back upward, scratching her imprisoned body as she did so.

Then it happened. She exploded and imploded simultaneously, melting into Kristine and shuddering fiercely. Kristine came as well, starting to black out from lack of air. Kat lifted off of Kristine, not wanting to risk the life of her new favorite toy. Kristine gulped in breath after breath of sweet oxygen as her body was rocked with an intense orgasm. She tried to move her body, to stretch and flex and alleviate the pressure inside of her, but she was only able to wriggle about like a worm as she rode the dildos into sweet orgasm. Drool leaked from her mouth and down her chin which was already soaked in her mistress’s juices. 

Kat lay on the floor, drenched in sweat and love honey and saliva. She crawled back over to Kristine and unbuckled her ring gag. Kristine opened and closed her jaw to restore feeling, then looked up at her new mistress. 

“I wasn’t done, Mistress.”




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