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Darlex Desires

by BindLuck

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© Copyright 2010 - BindLuck - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; hood; armbinder; oral; sex; sleepsack; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

Erik killed the engine as soon as he pulled into his driveway. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his rapidly accelerating heart rate.

He had received a constant supply of texts today from his girlfriend of five years, Sara. At first they seemed the usual, wishing him a good day at work, wishing he was home. Then they began to shift- the focus of him being home turned to the things she would like to do to him.. and him to her. The texts went into surprising detail and Erik felt his face warm as he remembered walking around his office with a seemingly permanent hard on.

The last message was mysterious, merely stating she had a surprise for him when he got home.

Erik could barely remember the drive home, lost in the fog of arousal that had claimed his mind.

He eagerly stepped from his car, shutting the door and taking the steps up to the front door two at a time. His eyes scanned the house but nothing seemed different. The windows were heavily curtained and the front porch light gleamed as it always did, welcoming him home.

Their relationship had grown from strength to strength over the past few years- especially in the field of sexual experimentation. Erik had always had an interest in bondage while Sara had never really tried it until they met- though she loved fantasies dealing with the abuse of power. It had been a natural transition for her to try bondage and she has discovered a lust for it as both the captive and Mistress or more than a few occasions.

He pushed the key into the lock and taking a last breath opened the door and stepped inside.

Inside, the house glowed a warm yellow- lit by candles. He went to walk inside when he noticed a message pinned to the board by the door.

With trembling fingers he opened the note-

Dear Master.

Our package arrived from Winter Fetish and I thought

     it the perfect time to take some time out to explore our

     new items. I’m yours for as long as you want me.

     I have the weekend off.

                                                            Slave Sara.

Erik swallowed and eagerly stepped into the lounge room- The order from Winter Fetish had come! His mind flickered over the many items they had purchased together when all thoughts fled as he was confronted with a sight that caused all breath to leave him in a gasp.

Sara awaited him in the middle of the room. Her 5’3 body knelt on the thick carpet, utterly naked. The golden bronze of her mixed-heritage skin glowed in the candle light as she sat calming with her thighs parted slightly, hands on her thighs.

As always he had to appreciate the slim beauty of her. A flat stomach enhanced almost freakishly perky breasts, long legs tapering to very slim ankles and softly pale feet protruded from under the swell of her flawless buttocks.

A face that could normally make anyone look twice- large, liquid brown eyes framed by delicately curled hair that hung past her shoulders like polished midnight was now utterly hidden as her entire head was covered in what appeared to be a flexible, opaque hood that clung like a second skin. It left her soft lips open while encasing the rest of her face and plastering the beautiful hair tight to her neck, protruding from the back of the hood.

She obviously had heard him enter as her breathing rose sharply and he could see her pert nipples harden ever so slightly.

Erik grinned, now taking his time as he stepped almost silently on the carpeted floor. He examined the box sitting on the floor and idly opened it. His grin only widened at what confronted him- Within lay a stack of items- all of them made from the same material as what utterly covered Sara’s head.

Everything in the box looked exactly as he imagined it, the thick Darlex material feeling like an extra thick pair of nylon stockings and Erik felt his cock harden further at the thought of the possibilities ahead.

His hand slid into the box and removed an item that instantly made his breathing catch. A Darlex Armbinder. Both he and Sara had instantly desired the binder when they first spotted it on the internet- made famous for its use on the House of Gord, the binder kept the arms firmly together while forming a Y with its straps, leaving the chest free.

He smiled and moved over to the still-kneeling form of Sara who had begun to twitch at being left alone.

He knelt behind her and his hands slowly drifted over her shoulders before sliding down the lengths of her arms, enjoying the smooth sensation of her skin. As he slithered downwards he pulled the arms back behind her. Erik could see her chin lift as she vainly tried to see what he was doing, her lips parted to release a soft gasp.

Erik gathered her small hands and pushed them deep into the single sleeve of the binder, taking his time to secure the straps over her shoulders and back under.

Sara gave a low groan, her breathing rising to a pant as he busied himself with the binder- the zip seemed easy enough and he drew it upwards, watching as her shoulders were pulled back and the thick material pulled her wrists and elbows closer together. With trembling fingers he secured the straps around her elbows and wrists, buckling them firmly.

He used a firm hand on top of her mask-slippery head to spin her to face him. His cock pulsed at the sight. Sara looked stunning- her arms almost invisible behind her back, running along her spine. Only two small straps worked over and under her shoulders as if she wore a backpack. Her entire head covered in the matching Darlex hood with only her lips visible.

His hands ran over her chest with utter impunity. His fingers trailed around the nipples.

Sara moaned suddenly, shuddering on her knees as she straightened her back. He gave each nipple a sharp tug, watching them quickly harden and enjoying the sharp gasp that pushed through her revealed lips.

One hand slipped down lower and gently patted Sara’s neatly trimmed mound. She gave a loud moan, entire body jerking. Erik could feel the heat radiating from those lips and let one finger barely part them before pulling away. The groaning whimper making him smile.

He stood up, hands returning to give a squeeze to both nipples as he used them to tug her forward, making her stumble on her knees towards the couch until he could sit down. She squealed at the unexpected touch and he watched, satisfied as her shoulders tugged against the binder, but her arms remained firmly pinned. She settled back down on her pale, bare feet before him and he grinned, giving a slight pat to her masked head.

Erik splayed his legs wide, enjoying the sight of Sara engulfed in the skin-tight Darlex. He reached to unzip his fly and heard a whimper from Sara and Erik grinned.  Sara had a love/hate relationship with blowjobs. She hated the actual act, finding it disgusting and demeaning, but being forced to do it also struck a chord within her. Erik exploited this to his advantaged constantly.

He helped his cock spring free from his pants and held it ready as he grabbed Sara’s hooded head and guided it downwards. She gave a tiny shake just before his cock pressed to her lips. With a low groan her lips parted and he felt himself suddenly engulfed by the warmth of her mouth. He moaned gently, using the hand upon her head to guide her up and down his length as she squirmed on her knees.

The sight of his lover, slim body on her knees, arms utterly helpless and her beautiful face completely hidden spiked his arousal easily and his cock swelled. His hand upon her head moved faster and he ignored the occasionally choking as her lips formed a seal around his length and her tongue desperately lapped.

Small protesting noises pushed past his cock, followed by dribbles of saliva as she struggled to handle the thrusting. He felt his cock tighten, head swelling and quickly pushed her head away, leaving her gasping for air. Erik wanted to maintain his arousal for at least a while longer, not wanting a quick end to the night.

She took a moment to regain her breath, coughing softly and Erik noticed with a grin that she lifted and dropped slightly on her knees, hips squirming for some sensation to her flushed folds.

Erik let the silence drag and she regained her breath, beginning to squirm her arms behind herself when he suddenly reached out and grabbed her shoulders, yanking her forward to the couch. She gave a startled yelp, bare feet flashing in the air as she was forced to bend over the cushion of the seat. He dropped behind her, using his knees to part hers before she could do anything but vainly lift and let her bound arms drop back to her spine.

“Nooo.” She whimpered and Erik grinned- One of the best parts of his girlfriend was her need for clitoral stimulation in order to cum. This made bondage a frustrating experience for her, as she needed a hand free to touch and bring herself off, unless he was feeling generous and helped her himself, which was rare.

With Sara’s arms pinned tightly behind her, she had no chance of achieving an orgasm and she knew it. She began to resist, tossing her masked head and lifting her calves and feet at her knees, but he held her torso easily pinned to the couch, her feet unable to do anything about him now he was between her legs.

Erik watched her squirm, enjoying the writhing of her muscles beneath her skin as his hard cock brushed against her moist lips. He wasted little time, his head pressing against her before he suddenly buried himself deep.

Sara gave a loud groan, entire body going rigid as she was abruptly impaled. Her arms gave a wild tug but remained pinned helplessly. Erik started thrusting fast, panting as he held Sara motionless with one hand.

“Nooo.. goddd.. please let me cum!” Sara whimpered. Eriks cock seemed to leap to a new level of arousal at the begging.

He sped up his thrusting, hips grinding against the soft cushioning of Sara’s ass as he  fucked harder, both hands grasping her hips so he could drive himself deeply into her. He began to feel his orgasm build once more and welcome it. “Ohh.. ohhhh I’m going to cum.”

The answering whine and protest from Sara only enhanced his pleasure as his cock once more swelled inside her.

Sara thrashed wildly, tossing her masked head ineffectively as she could feel the oncoming orgasm. “Nnoooooo!” She groaned through gritted teeth as Erik suddenly tensed then exploded into orgasm, thrusting his quaking cock into her hotly frustrated hole.

He continued his frenzied thrusts for a long moment before he slide clear, drawing a whimper of disappointment from Sara as he did so.

Without a word he stood up, leaving her weak and groaning, bent over upon the couch.

Erik ignored her, panting as he sort through the remainder of the Winter Fetish items, grinning as he drew out a long length of Darlex and returned to the still puffing Sara.

He pulled her legs together and started to feed the body stocking up Sara’s long legs. She gave a confused whimper until he started to bring the zip up, forcing the tight material to cling to her shapely legs, making them unable to part.

“E..erik.. What are you doing?” She asked nervously, obviously expecting to be freed. He on the other hand had other plans.

“Shh slave..” He replied. He took that moment of confusion to undo her armbinder, release the straps and unzipping the binder. He tossed it aside and quickly fed her weak arms into the sleeves sewn into the sides of the sack.

As he zipped up the long length of the sack, he watched as the opaque material clung like a second skin, trapping her into a worm-like shape, arms by her sides. He bent down and easily lifted her, ignoring her squeak of protest.

Erik carried her through the house until he could settle her down onto the soft mattress of the bed. He climbed in beside her, cuddling her and giving a nipple a gentle squeeze.

Sara gave a testing writhe, resulting her body moving in a long Darlex ripple. She released a soft pant and spoke. “W..whats happening.”

Erik let a tinge of anger creep into his voice. “No talking. Anymore out of you and I wont let you cum tomorrow either.” He grinned at her frustrated and heat-filled whimper but she calmed quickly and Erik settled down to a comfortable half-sleep, filled with the warming thoughts of what the night ahead promised.




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