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by Unknown

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Karen was an old friend of my wife and mine, and when she passed through town on her way home from a holiday we were happy to put her up for a few days. My wife and I are keen cyclists and I commute a good 15 miles to and from work every day, so when on her last day with us Karen was looking rather bored, I suggested a bike ride.

Karen is an atheletic lady - no keen cyclist but game for anything active and outdoors, so she jumped at the chance. "Can you find me something to wear?", she asked.

No problem. I poked through my wife's cycling gear and came out with a racing one-piece - short legs and short-sleeved jersey top.

She looked it over and said, "I haven't worn one of these before. What I do I wear under it?".

"Normally nothing - it's more comfortable that way", I replied, "But suit yourself".

Karen went off into the bathroom to change, and while she was gone I changed into my shorts and jersey.

When she came back, I had to fight to keep myself under control! Sarah, my wife, is well proportioned, but quite petite. Karen, on the other hand, is also well proprotioned, but her natural build and her musculature makes her a larger woman. The tight shiny lycra clung to every curve, displaying a figure to die for. Her breasts, were large, firm, round, and slightly erect, and did things to the racing suit that had never been done before! The suit was mostly wet-look black, with yellow and blue colored stripes running the length and ending at her well tanned arms and legs.

"Do I look okay?", she asked. I could only nod stupidly. She smiled happily, and turned around and bent over to pick up her trainers. Now normally the chamois padding in the seat of cycling shorts doesn't reveal a lot of detail. But on Karen's larger hips and back, the suit was pulled deep into the crack of her ass leaving nothing to the imagination. While her back was turned I quickly re-arranged myself, hoping to hide my growing erection - not an easy job in tight cycling shorts. I sat down to put on my cycling shoes and desperately thought of credit bills, fat women, and my boss - a trick that always works.

Then with sunglasses and cycling gloves for both of us, repair kit and keys in pocket we were ready to be off. Down in the basement I manoeuvered the bikes out of their corner. There was not much room to move and Karen's occasional rubbing of her hard tight little ass against my thigh was setting me off again. We adjusted the seat of my wife's bike for her extra height, and I couldn't help but stare at the lean curves of her legs, nor could I resist holding her thigh, hot to the touch, while showing her the position to stand in to get the seat height correct. She grabbed my shoulder to keep her balance, and the sleek material coating both our bodies felt electric as it rubbed together. The dim light in the cellar was all that stopped her from seeing the large hard bulge in my shorts.

Once outside I rode around briefly in order to get blood flowing elsewhere while Karen got used to the bike and it's gears, then we headed off into the hills. We took it in turns to be in front. Karen knew some of the area so it was not necessary for me to always be in the lead. It was also easier for me to keep to Karen's pace from behind, so mostly I sat there, admiring the way the sun highlighted her curves, and the way her gorgeous legs and ass moved as she pumped the pedals. My erection was constantly throbbing, but being behind her was hidden. I could still feel her touch - her hand on my shoulder, my hand on her leg, and the way the cheeks of her ass rubbed past my thigh, both slippery with lycra. I'd always thought that Sarah looked good in lycra, but somehow it had never affected me like this before! And Karen's tight ass was only an arms-length away...

I placed a hand on my thigh, and felt the muscles moving underneath my shorts, hot with the bright sun on black material. Looking forward to Karen's hot black ass, straining slightly to keep her pace up as we entered the hills, and wondered if it felt the same. Did she feel the joy of muscles working hard, the air sliding by her body, the sun hot on the tight fabric?

At an intersection, she turned to me smiling, and I knew she did. Karen loved any outdoor activity and, even if not as turned on as myself, was having a good time. I signalled her to continue straight, then moved up past her to take the lead for a while. As I moved by her, I marvelled again at the wonderous curves of this body, and noticed that her nipples were hard and straining at tight material about her chest. The combination of hot sun and cool breeze were having an effect on her too!

For a while I lost myself in the countryside - the fields, the trees, the view down into the valley, and the constant hum of my tires on the road. Occasionally I'd glance back to make sure Karen was keeping up, but she was doing fine. Being a week day the area was quiet - hardly any other cars, which made for great riding. Then I looked back to see Karen shifting uncomfortably on the seat. She looked up, noticed that she had lost some pace, then put in some effort to catch me up. I stopped pedalling, pulled out my drink bottle, and enjoyed the cool water. As Karen pulled alongside I offered her the bottle which she accepted. She reached out for the bottle, and I followed the line of her gloved hand, her slim brown arm, and her beautifully wrapped shoulders before I saw her slightly flushed face and realised I'd been riding a little too fast. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were as hard as ever, if not more so than before. I suggested a resting place about 3 miles away, and she nodded her assent. Then I dropped back behind her to once again contemplate her body.

Karen kept up a good speed but didn't seem comfortable. I knew how she felt - my hard-on was once again threatening to burst out of my shorts. She again shifted around on the seat, then rode for a while. She ran a hand down her chest, trying to scratch an itch, and seemed to notice for the first time the hardness of her nipples. She gasped but continued riding. But she couldn't resist and a short while later rubbed her right breast again. Was she finally catching on to how good she looked in that racing suit? How good she felt? Her hand moved around to her ass and pulled the fabric from between the cheeks - anything to relieve the itch she felt. But the lycra was relentless and slipped back in the moment she let go. Pulling along side her I said, "We're there now.", then pulled ahead and into the road-side stop a few hundred yards down the road.

I moved onto the grass, leaned my bike against a tree, then took a long drink from the bottle. Karen put her bike against mine, and I passed her the water-bottle. Now that we had stopped, sweat began to soak our bodies. She held the water-bottle over her head, and water poured down, over her hair, her sunglasses, her open mouth, and her shoulders. Her breasts, oh so perfectly formed, were trying to burst out of the suit, those nipples still painfully erect. She looked like a goddess standing there, sun relecting from her curves, and I knew my hard-on was clearly visible through my shorts, but although she glanced down at it, she said nothing, only rubbing her neck stiffly.

Two could play at that game. "Sore neck?" I asked. "Have a seat and I'll rub out the kinks".

I sat down, legs apart, and sure enough she came and sat in front of me. She let her head fall forward and I started to knead the hard muscles of her shoulders and neck, slippery with sweat and lycra.

"Oh yeah!" she groaned as I worked, then she started to run her hands over my legs."Damn it you've got strong legs", she said.

"Well I do ride a lot...", I reasoned.

"That's not what I mean. I knew you were a good rider, and I'm sure this wasn't the pace you would have chosen if you were by yourself...", she continued. I shrugged. "But I didn't realise just how strong you were until I saw the muscles through your shorts. And they feel nice too", she chuckled.

"Glad you like them", I mumbled. "Hey, lean forward and I'll do your back too."

She sat with legs bent to each side of her, and leant forward. "Hmm. Flexible", a part of my mind noticed as I slid my hands over the back I had been longing to touch for so long. I worked my way slowly down, from the rhomboids, out to her lats, in and down along her spine to her lower back. The lycra stuck to her body and my hands slid over it with a feeling I'd never noticed before. My strokes took in more and more of her back, until I was gliding from her shoulders down those gorgeous ass cheeks. She began to moan and her hand moved up to rub her tits.

"I've got a better idea", she grinned. Karen slid around and then up into my lap. Her breasts rubbed against my chest, sending shivers through her. She pulled her sunglasses off, wrapped arms around me, and kissed me deeply. I returned the kiss, hands around her hips, and she ground her crotch aginst mine. "Carrying a little extra baggage down there aren't you?", she grinned, then groaned loudly as one of my hands moved up to cup a large firm breast, then pinch one of her begging nipples.

"God DAMN that's good!", she cried. "You didn't tell me that this suit would feel like this!".

"I didn't know, until today", I admitted.

Her legs were to each side of me, her hips sliding over mine, and I continued to caress her - from her legs, over her ass, up her back to her shoulders, back down her chest, stopping to pay homage to those amazing tits, then slid a hand down into her crotch. The chamois, tight as it was against her body, was in the way, so I unzipped her from her neck down to below her navel and slid a hand inside to feel her dripping cunt.

Dripping? More like soaking. I wondered just how long she'd been turned on for - certainly the chamois was holding more of her juices than a sponge. I slid two fingers straight inside her and nibbled at one then the other nipple through the sleek fabric of her racing suit. She threw her head back and screamed, her hands clenching hard on my shoulders as she came. And continued to come as my fingers moved in and out of her, then down and around her asshole, the other hand racing over her hard slippery body - around beautiful tight ass cheeks, atheletic thighs, firm breasts, all covered in that magic material. At the climax of her climax, she froze and held me tight, her tits pressing into my face. Then she smiled a huge contented smile, kissed me deeply, and started to run her hands down my body.

"This stuff really is magic", she purred as she slid over my shoulders, arms, and chest, feeling the tight silky smoothness of my jersey. She backed off my lap and directed her attention to my aching cock. After briefly teasing it through the soaking material of my tight black shorts, she pulled it out and started to lick the combination of her juices, our sweat and my precome off. Then she went for it in earnest, exploring the hole, the veins and ridges of my cock with her tongue. At the other end her ass was stuck in the air, legs parted, and the look of her lycra covered back, curving from two glorious globes of her ass up her magnificent back to her tight shoulders, with her long hair falling down over her face in disarray made me wish I could be in two places at once so I could take her from behind. God her mouth felt so good!

I leant forward, pushing her head down, and ran my hands over that back. The black material was hot in the sun, her muscles trembling with excitement, then pulled her up and kissed her, tasting myself in her mouth. I peeled the chest of the suit away from her tits, finally seeing them in all their glory. They too were a deep brown - she obviously sunbathed topless on her holiday - and were full and pert. The nipples, relaxed now after her extended orgasm, tightened and rose to my tongue.

"I want you inside me NOW", she cried. She climbed back into my lap and pulled the crotch of the suit away from her pussy, pink, and dripping excitement. Onto my cock she slid, gasping as it's size filled her up. Four hands ran over her body as we both explored the feeling of fucking with us both still covered with the slick racing suit and my tight buns equally sleek in my shorts. I felt her smooth tight ass, muscles clenching as she rose and fell on my cock - her hands ran over her chest, her belly, and down to play with her clit.

Pulling the suit back over tits, I revelled in the smoothness, the shiny black curves and the two sharp lumps caused by her tits and nipples, then took to licking them through the material. Her cunt, so wet and slippery, was growing tighter as she got more excited and my cock was enlargening and hardening with the impending climax.

"Oh GOD!!!", she screamed, one hand clasped over my hard ass, the other still fondling her clit, and came, also sending me over the edge. I came in massive spurts, which I swear she must have tasted, and she was everywhere. My hands felt her legs, her ass, my eyes took in the erect tits pressed in my face, my tongue tasted her sweat and excitement.

We sat there for a long time just panting and stroking each other's bodies. After that, after we both recovered from the two strenuous rides we'd just enjoyed, we let our clothes dry while swimming together, and later the ride home was just as memorable. But those are other stories...


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