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Free Ride

by Jo

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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; collar; bond; spandex; drug; enslave; sawhorse; sex; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

The alarm chirped. Brad set the book aside, half turned in the bed, shut it off. He flipped on the small reading lamp on the shelf. At the door he fingered the wall switch. Down at the end of the corridor he unlocked the electrical box, flipped a switch: off on off on.

Fifteen minutes 'til lights out, campers.

Across the hall he slid his ID through the reader. The LED switched from green to yellow. He was glad it wasn't red, meaning someone was in the room. Because A) he didn't need a confrontation and B) he was looking forward to some quality time. He pushed open the door.

The scene that he met was both familiar and surreal. A large ass encased in shiny green spandex. A slit in the crotch revealed slices of white butt cheek, the brown pucker of an anus and a thick, but well-trimmed bush. Delicate, moist pink lips, like dewy rose petals peeked out at him. He paused taking it all in.

It was the same every night, seeing her like that, straddling the plush leather bolster. Half lying on the thing, half kneeling astride it. Knees and elbows locked to narrow shelves, holding her in the best position, making her perfectly available to be used front and rear. For there was another hole in the garment, a garment that encased her, covered her from head to toe, to the tips of her fingers. There was a hole for her mouth. The rule was you could fuck her pussy or ass, but you came in her mouth. Sloppy seconds didn't even begin to describe the state she'd be in after fifteen hours if there wasn't that rule. Of course, some guys didn't follow the rule. That's why the reamer was there. That wasn't its official name, but that was what it did. Pull an absorbent sheath over the shaft, run it up inside of her. Follow it up with a damp, antibacterial towelette. Some guys, being a bit prissy, reamed her every time they used her. But he checked her and there was no evidence of the previous visitors. He stepped between her legs, moved forward until his hard cock, still trapped in his gym shorts, brushed against her pussy. He ran his hands over her spandex-clad ass.

He resisted the urge to spank that ass. It was the same every night. That first sight. That first touch. The almost tangible sensation of paddling her, watching her ass jiggle beneath the blows.

He didn't, of course. That, too, was against the rules. Mama was available for sex - period. Though, truth be told, Brad knew there were those who didn't follow the rules. He had stripped her on more than one occasion to find her ass cheeks flushed and red. But he was the Resident Assistant and RAs had to follow the rules if they were going to enforce them. He checked the clock. A bit over five minutes to go. He spent them refamiliarizing himself with the woman; caressing her, groping her, fondling her, stroking her. She seemed to recognize him and responded.

When it was time, he stepped across the hall, flipped the switch off and on again, waited a minute, then flipped it off for the night. Not only the rooms, but the hall went dark. Lit only by the red EXIT signs.

Back in the room, he released the woman from the horse. Because that's what it looked like - a large, padded saw horse. She was a bit unsteady. The effect of being strapped to the horse for fifteen hours. That and the drugs. He fed them to her a couple of times a day. Whenever she ate or drank, she'd get a small, but potent dose. He had tried them once. The effect was like a four-drink buzz or maybe that and a bit of pot. He wasn't stoned, but he was in a warm, pleasant, dream-like place. He didn't remember much of the experience, little snippets here and there. But at this time of night the drug was wearing off and he was sure she recognized him.

He hooked the tool into an eyelet and pulled the zipper up from her ass, up to her neck. He pulled the hood from her head, peeled the sleeves down off her fingers, legs down off her feet.

Naked she looked a bit rough. Her hair was a mess and she had no makeup. Holding her, naked, she was soft in that MILF kind of way. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't real fit, either. Clearly she had started losing the war with gravity. She had a belly and her tits sagged a bit, but her skin was smooth, even down on her ass and thighs. A situation that had improved in the last three months.

He was responsible for not only feeding her and washing her, but exercising her. A small, fold-up treadmill lived under the bed and she spent an hour on it each morning. She also had some light, hand weights to use while she walked. Between that and a healthy diet, she had lost a few pounds and had toned up noticeably.

Her room was like all the other rooms, except it wasn't. The window was boarded over, though the curtains remained. She had no clothes, so she didn't need a closet. It had been made into a small, private bathroom. Basically a toilet with a fold-down sink over it and ridiculously small shower stall. Still, she managed. And emerged from her bath clean and freshly scrubbed and smelling of soap.

He took her to bed.

Her period was due to start tomorrow. It was the drugs, other drugs, hormones. They regulated her cycle to the minute. She would spend the next couple of days in her room. No drugs. No serving the students. Just quality time with her computer catching up with family and friends.

Most nights he'd simply release her from the horse, allow her to pee, then lock her collar to the bed. Once a week, he'd remove the garment and allow her a shower. The other nights he'd fuck her just like any of the guys, but the night before her period they made love. And even during her period they were intimate. Not necessarily sexually, but more in a cuddly sort of way.

He wasn't sure if that was against the rules, but no one had ever said it was. And, besides, in addition to the feelings of responsibility he had to her he had, well, other feelings.

And then the last day of her period would come (three days later - always exactly three days later) and they would do it again. Boy! Did they do it. She was like an animal. It was if she knew the next month would pass in a hazy blur and she wanted to stock up on sensations.

And they never spoke. Not once. He didn't know her name. She didn't know his. It was almost as if they were a monk and nun in a kinky monastery honoring a vow of silence. The only sounds she made were the sounds when they fucked and even those she suppressed to breathy gasps.


John Benhurst jammed in the last suitcase, slammed the trunk, walked around the car, and slid into the driver's seat. He backed out of the drive, catching a view of Jennifer in the back seat, ear buds in, focused on her iPhone. Whether texting, playing Angry Birds, or simply listening to music he didn't know. He drove the eight blocks to the highway. Once up to speed and snooze control set, he reached for Gloria's hand. They shared a look. Not a happy look, not an angry look, something of a resigned, somber look as they headed north to the small, private college. Gloria lowered her visor, flipped open the mirror, took her own look at her daughter. She felt a wave of sadness. Driving her to school to start her freshman year, she felt the impending loss. She had hoped Jen would be in chatty mode, a mode that generally annoyed her, but that she would welcome now.

And then there was the contract. The financial crisis had decimated their savings. It was either dig into the 401k or send Jennifer to the state school. Or then there was plan C. But three years? The small, exclusive school was a boarding college. Students lived on campus and studied twelve months a year, graduating in only three years. Somehow the words "only" and "three years" didn't connect quite right.

Five hours of silence, broken only by soft music coming from the front speakers, found them on campus. Everyone was tense as they unloaded Jennifer's things, dragged them into the dorm. Her roommate was already there. She was a sophomore. That's the way it worked. Freshman had to bunk with an upper classman the first year. But she was nice enough. Gave Jennifer her choice of beds.

There were teary hugs, waves. John and Gloria climbed into the car, drove to the admin building. Their appointment was for 3:00.

"You have the doctor's report?"

"Sure," Gloria said, fishing the thin sheaf of papers from her purse.

The gray-haired woman slipped on her reading glasses.

"Hm. STDs negative. Vaccinations up to date. Sterilization?"

"Done. Not an issue really. After Jennifer was born we decided two were enough. John junior is in the Army. Married. Stationed in Germany. Anyway, after Jen was born we decided to, er, fix things."

"I understand. And the other procedure? Ah, yes, here it is."

The woman flipped through the pages a second time.

"Well, this looks fine. I'd like to extend my thanks on behalf of the school. It's a serious commitment on your part, but it provides a certain ..."


"Yes, exactly. An outlet for suppressed hormones. Not to mention the financial benefits. I hate to put this so bluntly, but it IS a contract. Jennifer will have a scholarship-"

"A free ride."

"Yes, a free ride as it were as long as you uphold your end of the commitment."

"Of course."

"I'm sorry to be so blunt, as I said, but if the commitment is not honored, tuition, paid in full, is due within 48 hours. Otherwise, she will have to leave. Again, I'm sorry, but you're making a serious commitment and we must make absolutely sure that we are clear on this."

"We are."

"Well then. Please come back at 11:00 p.m. One of our RAs will help you settle in."

John and Gloria climbed into the car.

"So, shall we have dinner?"

"A last meal? A final request?"

The attempt at humor was lost on both.

"Listen, we don't have to do this."

"Yeah we do. Honey, we've been over and over it. This school is the best in its class. Plus she'll be out in three years. A year ahead of her peers."

"But three years. Will you be able to handle it?"

"It's not a matter of whether I will or not. It's a responsibility. I'll honor it."

"Yeah, yeah, always the responsible one."

That brought a small smile.

"Are you okay with it?"

"Please. We've been over it and over it. They're kids. It's not like I'm out chasing college tail."

He took her hand. They shared a look. Gloria sighed.

"No. Honestly, I'm not all that okay with it. But we'll get through this."


The administrator handed over a pair of sunglasses, the old-fogey style, wrap-around type. The lenses had been painted black. The RA led the way across campus.

The spandex felt odd. The collar odder.

"Sorry," the administrator had said, "but we've found it helps to keep you in the proper frame of mind. You understand."

Not really, but in for a penny, in for a pound.


Sherry slid the tiny vibrator between her pussy lips, up against her clit. She was wearing only a T and gym shorts, nestled in a couple of pillows. A candle flickered on the desk. She was working herself up to just the right point. It was her bed time routine. In a few minutes she'd head down the corridor-

Beep - beep - beep

Sherry reached up and batted the alarm. She ambled down the corridor, flicked the lights, turned to the door, and stopped.

The LED showed red. Someone was in there.


Then: "Fuck it."

She slid her card, overriding the locking mechanism. She pushed open the door.

The guy stopped, cock asshole deep in the latex clad form on the table. It wasn't so much a bed as a raised table with a futon mattress on it. The guy was holding blue, spandex-clad legs in the air. The moment drew long. Finally, Sherry regained her composure.

"Lights out in under five. If you're gonna finish, make it quick."

He didn't finish. He tucked his now-soft cock in his jeans, zipped them as he stumbled out the door. She looked at the blue-clad form.

God damn.

Well, at least his dick was down. Well, not really. With the implant he would never go completely soft. Kind of had what guys call a "semi". Sherry activated the device. The cock slowly became erect. She asked herself, why bother? Seeing that guy had pretty much cooled any warm, fuzzy feelings he'd had.

There were no rules prohibiting homosexuality, but it was kind of a DADT thing. And he wasn't the first guy he'd caught. Still, she'd never heard of one of the girls getting it on with the women in the guy's dorm.

When the man's cock had swelled erect and a bit beyond, Sherry smeared some lubricant on him, pulled off her shorts and put a bit on herself. She climbed up onto the table and opened her legs, touched the tip of his cock to her pussy, lowered herself. It took a bit of effort. She hadn't had a lot of sexual experience and her pussy was really tight, but after a minute of ooching around he slid into her - a millimeter here, a centimeter there, until the whole, massive thing was buried.

She lay down on him.

Sherry loved the feel of spandex. Loved it since she was a kid. Love it when she was in gymnastics and she started to bud and her boobs got big and her nipples rubbed against the slick material. Loved the way it felt on her pussy when she'd figured out there were other things she do with it besides pee.

She fucked him. Moved slowly. Ground her hips. Rubbed her clit. Her pussy loosened, his cock slid in and out of her, and she was back in that warm, happy place.

Sherry came.

The orgasm she had perfected these past few months. Not a gut-wrenching thing, but not a little smirk of a thing. But it was low and deep and lasted a very long time. The perfect thing for going to bed.

But she had a couple of things to attend to.

She slipped off the enormous cock, deactivated the device and watched it shrink, not all the way. Too far for sex for sure, but not so far as a nice hand job or blow job wouldn't set things right. She had been told that the device was distinctly uncomfortable and that he would probably not be able to achieve orgasm. Sherry didn't think that was fair. And since nobody told her she couldn't do it, she turned, straddled his face, and took his cock in her mouth.

There was obviously some recognition because he lapped at her pussy. Not pushing her to another orgasm, but keeping her at a nice simmer, one that would last until she climbed beneath the covers of her own bed. A nightcap as it were.

When he came she sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed some more. She released him from the table, led him to the toilet, waited while he peed, then locked his collar to the bed.

She lay with him, snuggling against him, waiting for that first, soft snore.

He wasn't her daddy and, no she didn't have any feeling there at all, but he was someone's daddy. Someone who was getting a free ride at daddy's expense. Sherry suppressed a giggle at the double entendre.


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