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The Halloween Party

by Leotardspank

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It was the big night. The annual Halloween bash at the Marriott Hotel. There was the chance to win the $1,000 prize, and the possibility of wild sex with a complete stranger. I was going to the party alone that night but I was not planning on leaving by myself. I decided to wear my renaissance period swordfighter costume. Not only was it the best costume that I owned but it also increased my chances of attracting some action for the night. I had rented the presidential suite for the occasion and had fresh flowers and champagne delivered to the room. I was very anxious as I changed into my costume to get ready for the party. I knew something special was going to happen tonight.

I decided not to wear the cape with my costume so that nothing would be covering the nice package in the front of my red tights. I left my room at the hotel and went to the grand ballroom. I entered the room and the first person I spot is a beautiful young blonde in a Xena costume. I can’t help staring at her strong muscular body. She’s wearing these leather boots and her legs are so tan and smooth, I follow her powerful legs up to her nice leather skirt. Now I see the smooth skin of her succulent young tits pouring out the top of her costume. As I get close to her I smell the sweet smell of her beautiful young body and I see the smoothness of her soft skin. Now I am standing next to her and I can feel a sort of tingle all over from her powerful presence.

She turns and looks at me and scans me up and down with her gorgeous brown eyes. She looks me in the eyes and says, " I love your red tights, and you have a nice package, is that really all you or is that padded?" I’m almost speechless at her direct approach and at the same time totally excited by it. I tell her no Xena that’s all me in there, would you like to check? She smiles and laughs and says, "You bet I want to check!"

I had not noticed that she was holding a long black leather leash. She started to pull the leash in toward herself and then I noticed on the other end of the leash was a young woman in a cat costume. When She had her catwoman next to her she said, "This cat is my personal slave, She does anything that I tell her to. Including wearing this costume that I picked out for Her."

I looked at her costume and it consisted of a catwoman mask that was black patent leather, a black thong leotard, black tights, and was finished with 5 inch spike heeled shoes and long black satin gloves. I asked this woman if She liked wearing this costume. She looked to Xena and The Blonde Goddess nodded her head, and the young woman told me, "I love wearing this costume, it feels good on my skin, and anything that makes my mistress happy also makes me happy."

I was very excited to see this powerful young mistress controlling this beautiful young woman. She had a very slight build and was a little too skinny for my taste (like a size 2) but she had a very nice round little butt. I looked at Xena and She was smiling an evil little smile.

"I own this naughty kitty, She will do whatever I tell her, and I can do anything I want with her. Right now I’m going to have her check your package to make sure that you are worthy of my attention".

I was so excited that I was speechless. I couldn’t even move I just stood there smiling and hoping that Xena would deem me worthy of her intense ministering. She whispered something into the ear of the slave and then this catwoman stepped forward and placed her gloved hand on the bulge in my tights and squeezed my package. She looked up at me and gave me a knowing smile. She then turned around and said to Xena; "it’s real alright"

Xena pulled her leash harshly and said, "I wanted you to tell only me."

The little catwoman lowered her eyes and sheepishly said, "Yes Mistress, I’m sorry."

Then Xena looked at me and said "come over here tights boy, let me see."

I walked over to her and she again whispered something to her slave. When I was standing right in front of her she looked down at my package and just smiled. Suddenly she grabbed the waistband of the tights and roughly pulled it toward her and the catwoman stuck her hand down the front of my tights. She grabbed my cock and was squeezing it very hard, I didn’t move or say anything because I knew this was a test.

When the catwoman pulled her hand out Xena grabbed her by the wrist and smelled her satin glove. She looked at me and smiled and said, "that smells like a nice clean cock to me!" Then she moved closer to me and I could feel her sexual power, as she was only about one inch away from me. She looks straight into my eyes and tells me "I will give you the greatest sexual experience of your life if you can surrender yourself to my control."

I was standing there feeling my cock beginning to swell and strain against my tights. I wanted to push it against her so that she would know my excitement, but I didn’t dare. I wanted to experience her in all her powerful glory. She reached her hand down and put it right in front of my package, she was moving her hand around it, only a fraction of an inch away. I was so excited that my cock was really swelling and straining against my tights in a most noticeable manner. She said in a low sexy voice, "You want me to touch your thick dick don’t you?" I gasped "yes."

She smiled and said "Well I’m not going to yet but I like how big the bulge is in your tights now. I’m going to do something right now that will get the attention of everyone in the room and then we will leave".

I just stood there and nodded my head approvingly. Then she grabbed her slave girl by the leash and led her to the center of the room. The catwoman could hardly keep up with her taking very quick little steps in her spike heels. Her round little butt was shaking when she walked and started getting some attention. Then Xena gets to the middle of the room and says, "Can I have everyone’s attention please!!" The room falls quiet and everyone is looking at the Powerful Blonde Goddess. Then she says, "this slave girl has been a very naughty kitty tonight, how would you like to see her get a long hard spanking right now?" The entire room begins clapping and cheering; people are yelling, "spank her", "spank her hard!" Xena grabs her little slave girl and leads her by the leash to the stage.

Xena is now standing on stage and leads her slave girl to a chair that is right in the middle of the stage. She raises her hand to quiet the crowd and the house lights go down and spotlight comes on right on Xena and the chair. She sits in the chair and pulls the slave girl across her lap. She raises her powerful hand high in the air above the catwomans little butt. The crowd is waiting in breathless anticipation. Then the first spank lands with a resounding slap. The tights are not offering the slave girl much protection from the strong hand of her powerful mistress. Then she lands the next hard spank on the other cheek. Her hand keeps rising high in the air and then crashing down on her slave girl’s little butt. The slave girl just lies still across her lap and takes this tremendous spanking without moving or making a sound.

After about 100 spanks she lets her slave girl up and stands to a frenzy of cheers from the crowd. My cock is really straining against my tights now. My cock wants to straighten out so that it can grow to its full length and thickness. Now Xena walks down from the stage with her freshly spanked slave girl in tow and grabs me by the big bulge in the front of my tights and leads us both out the main ballroom door. The crowd is cheering, clapping, and howling the whole time that we are walking out. I couldn’t believe the amount of cameras flashing and video cameras recording this erotic event. This video and photo collection was going to get around for sure. Xena seemed to gather strength and power from the attention and exposure. As we left the ballroom she looked at me and said, "give me your room key now!" I reached into the pocket of my suede vest and handed her my key without even thinking about it. I was truly under her powerful spell now.

We entered the elevator and Xena said "8th floor!" The slave girl bowed her head and said, "Yes Mistress Judi!" and then she stepped forward and pushed the number 8 button. She stepped back and her Mistress yanked her leash harshly again and looked angrily at the small catwoman, "What did you call me?"

The slave girl says, "I’m sorry Mistress Xena, it just slipped out."

"Well obviously the spanking I just gave you wasn’t good enough for you. I want you to go to our room and get my party bag and bring it to his room right away".

"Yes Mistress Xena, I will".

The elevator stops on the 8th floor and the doors open. We step out into the hallway and Xena is leading us down the hallway, the slave girl by her leash, and me by my cock. As we arrive at my room she takes the slave girl by the neck and puts her little nose right up against the wall and tells her, "Don’t move or I’ll give you the worst spanking you’ve ever had in your life." She opens the door to the room and leads me inside. She tells me to stand facing the chair at the entrance and not to move. She returns to the hallway and tells her slave girl to go to their room and bring her party bag back to this room and if she is not back in two minutes she will get another spanking right there in the hallway.

The slave girl leaves and Xena returns to the room, She sits in the chair right in front of me and looks right at my package. "That thing is really bulging out in those tights now isn’t it!" she asks.

I say, "Yes, you make me more excited than any woman I have ever met!"

"Of course I do", she says, and she pulls me closer. My package is right in front of her face. She leans forward and smells my package and says, "I love the smell of your cock in those tights! I’m going to make you cum like you’ve never cum before!"

Then she puts her hot hand on my bulge and squeezes my cock. I arch my back and moan and push my package toward her beautiful face. She pushes my package back away and says, "I think I’m going to have to help you control yourself. Kneel on the floor!" she commanded.

I kneel down in front of her magnificent thighs. She grabs me by the hair and spreads her legs revealing her soft black costume panties. Then she brings my head right down to her crotch. The smell of her hot pussy combined with the soft smell of nylon from her costume panties and the leather of her costume was like an aphrodisiac. I could feel my cock getting thicker and straining against the tights so hard that I thought it would rip right through. Then she stood up and put her skirt over my head so that I was just an inch away from her wonderful love treasure. I wanted to lap her magnificent hot pussy and taste the flavor of her sexual power. Then there was a knock on the door and she said, "It’s about time that little slave got her ass back here!"

She walks to the door and grabs the bag from the slave girl in the hallway and brings it back into the room. She sets it on the floor right next to me and says, "You are really in for an adventure now!" Then she storms back to the door and says "You’re late, What did I say I was going to do to you if you were late?"

The slave girl answers, "You said that you would spank me Mistress Xena."

"All right then turn around", she commanded, this was immediately followed by the sounds of another very hard spanking being administered in the hallway. I heard the tone of the elevator arriving on our floor between spanks. The doors open and a group of young women get off the elevator and are laughing and giggling as they walk by the slave girl getting her spanking in the hallway. Then I could hear the door to their room close and the spanking stopped. Xena then brings her slave girl back into the room and tells her, "I’m not through punishing you yet, and you still have to pay for calling me by the wrong name."

Then Xena walked over to me and took me by the arm and led me over to the bed. She instructed me to lie on my back right in the middle of the mattress. She ties my hands to the headboard and ties my ankles together, and then ties them off at the bottom of the bed. I find myself getting more excited than I have ever been in my entire life. My cock is straining to get out of the tights and the bulge is huge. Xena straddles my lower legs and starts petting the huge bulge in my tights. I can feel the moist heat of her pussy on my lower legs. She looks up at me and says, "You want to have your cock out of these tights don’t you?"

I tell her that I do want her to set my cock free, but she just laughs and gets up off my legs. She commands her slave girl to come over and sit on my legs, and then she tells her to find the place where the base of my cock meets the tights. The little catwoman feels for the base of my shaft and points to a spot on my tights and says, "Right here Mistress Xena."

Xena walks back over to the bed and says, "OK now we need to be careful this time, we don’t want another bad accident". Xena then produces a shiny scalpel and tells the catwoman to pull the tights away from my cock. I’m feeling very nervous because I don’t know what they are planning to do to me. The cock that was straining to get out of the tights is now going limp and trying to hide. Xena leans down over my package and makes an incision in my tights and then tells her slave girl to pull my cock out through the hole.

The little catwoman reaches down the front of my tights and grabs my cock and moves the head towards the hole and then pushes it through. She then grabs the head of my cock from the out side of the tights and pulls my cock as she pushes the tights down around the base of the shaft. My cock is soft now and laying over to the right side. Now Xena returns with a ruler and looks at my cock lying outside the hole in my tights and says, "You do have a big ol’ dick don’t you!" Then she tells the catwoman to hold my cock up so that she can measure it. She holds the ruler up to my cock and says, "Well, seven inches that’s real good, now lets see how big it is when it’s hard." She then tells the slave girl to put my cock down because its punishment time again.

She grabs the little catwoman by the arm and leads her over to the chair next to the bed and Xena sits in the chair and tells the slave girl to bring the black leather paddle. The slave girl hands the paddle to Xena and then assumes her position over her lap. Xena raises the paddle high in the air and lands the first loud stinging spank on the slave girls tight little ass. She raises the paddle again and starts to bring it down on her ass faster and harder each time. She is now applying the paddle fast and hard to her hot little ass. The slave girl is sticking her ass up in the air to meet the paddle now and she is moaning and grinding her hot little pussy against Xena’s knee.

Xena begins giving her the hardest fastest spanking I have ever seen. The slave girl is moaning loudly and bucking against Xena’s knee. The slave then starts to cry out, "spank me harder Mistress Xena, Make me cum in my leotards, spank me harder please!!!!" Then as the sting of the paddle matches her fast rhythmic thrusts against Xena’s knee she cries out, "I’m cumming, spank me hard Mistress Xena, spank me hard!!!" The spanking stops after the little catwoman begins to slow her bucking and thrusting. My cock is totally hard and standing up again like a meat missile ready to launch.

Xena reaches between the little catwomans legs and says, "Naughty slave girl, your leotards are soaked, who told you that you could come in those leotards?" The little catwoman slides off the lap of the Blonde Goddess and is kneeling right in front of her. Xena tells her to stand up and says; "I guess I’ve punished you enough, now I’ll have to pleasure you."

She walks over to the party bag and pulls out a huge black strap-on dildo. She puts the dildo on herself and starts walking back to the slave girl. She grabs her by the hair and says, "So, you want to cum in your leotards, I’ll make you cum like you’ve never cum before!!"

She brings her over to the bed and puts her on all fours straddling me and then slides in behind her and begins to rub the hot wet crotch of her leotards. Very soon the little catwoman is moaning and rotating her hips. Then Xena grabs the thong of the slave girl’s leotard and pulls it to the side. She grabs her tights and pulls them down to reveal her hot little pussy. Xena plunges two fingers deep in her hot little slit and the little catwoman throws her head back and moans loudly. She works her fingers in and out of her hot pussy until its totally wet again. Now she grabs the business end of the huge black dildo and begins to shove it into this petite slave girl. Surprisingly the little catwoman is able to accept this big dildo and does so with great skill.

Now Xena has pushed the entire dildo into her and she is positioning herself to begin the thrusting. She draws the dildo out and then forcefully thrusts it back again. The little slave girl shakes with anticipation of the fucking she is about to receive. My cock is sticking straight up hard and the tip is sliding back and forth between her firm young tits and being massaged by the soft material of her leotard. Xena is now thrusting deep into the little slave girl and beginning to build some speed. She is thrusting the entire length of the dildo into her dripping wet pussy and the little catwoman is arching to meet each thrust and allow the deepest penetration.

The little slave girl begins to shudder and screams out, "Fuck me Mistress Xena, fuck me hard, make me cum." The little slave girl repeats this over and over again until finally she just locks up and shakes all over. Xena gives a final deep thrust and manages to sink the entire dildo into her little slave girl as she cries out, "ooohhhhhhh" Then the little slave girl drops her upper body down on top of my rock hard cock and Xena is still holding her hips with the huge dildo still buried inside. I begin to pump my thick shaft between the little catwomans tits and start to get excited. Xena sees this and pulls the dildo out of the little slave girl and then pulls her off of me and tells her to fix her leotards.

While the slave girl is fixing herself back up Xena leans down with her ruler to measure my erect cock. She says, "I don’t think anyone will have to hold it this time". She measures it and says, "well ten inches, now that’s more like it. I think that we can still make that thing get a little bigger".

She goes to her party bag and gets out a long black leather strap; it’s about twelve feet long and one and a half inches wide. It is the same kind of soft, supple leather as the straps she used to tie me to the bed. She tells her slave girl to come over to the bed next to my cock. Then Xena folds the strap in half to find the exact middle. She tells the little slave girl to grab my cock at the base and slide her hand up and she places the center of the leather strap on the bottom of the base of my cock. She then wraps it around so that the straps cross over each other on the topside of my cock. Now Xena tells her little slave girl to hold the strap tight. Xena takes the strap down and pushes it underneath my back and tells the slave girl to hold it until she ties it off under the bed. Then she takes the strap from the other side and pulls it through the same way and ties it off on the other side of the bed. "That should keep you from cumming too soon and make your cock even bigger and thicker".

Now Xena tells the slave girl to watch as she teaches me about real sex. Xena gets on my chest and straddles my face with the crotch of her soft black costume panties are already soaked. I can smell the sweet musk of her love emanating from her moist panties. She lowers her hot pussy onto my face and tells me to eat her pussy. I start working my tongue against her soft black nylon panties. She is grinding her hot pussy on my face. She eases back and asks if I am ready for her panties to come off. I tell her yes, and she pulls her panties off and spins around to face toward my cock. I’m so excited now that my cock is throbbing and she says, "oh man your cock is huge now."

I really get off whenever she talks about my cock, whether it’s a casual comment or even a joke about how big or thick it is. She backs her hot wet pussy up to my mouth and has her slave girl put a pillow under my head so that I can service her better. I begin by smelling her amazing combination of leather and hot pussy. I lean my head forward and kiss her on the tight little hole above her pussy. She moans and I feel her hot breath on my cock. I then begin flicking my tongue up and down the entire length of her crack and she moves up and down with her hips to make sure I can reach everything. Then she pushes her pussy up against my mouth so I begin focusing on that. I’m teasing her by just licking on the outside so she jams hard against my face.

Now I start pushing my tongue inside her pussy and licking back and forth across her clit. She really starts to grind against my face and then she grabs my cock with her hand. I feel that she is really close to cumming so I roll my tongue around her clit while I rotate my tongue and suck her clit. Now she is breathing very hard and her hot breath is heating up my throbbing cock and her grip tightens even more. Then she bursts with an orgasm that sends her love juices into my mouth and they are sweet and I savor every drop. I lick up and down her entire crotch and clean up every drop of her sweet sex.

The next thing I feel is her hot mouth on my throbbing cock. She has a tight grip on my cock and she starts to lick the entire length of my thick shaft. Now she puts the head of my cock in her mouth and begins to suck. She’s taking the entire length of my cock into her hot soft mouth. Now she begins to work up and down my rigid cock. And I have never experienced such an amazing sensation. My cock is as long, thick and hard as it could possibly get. I could feel that amazing sensation that comes just before the big climax. I start to push my cock deeper into her mouth as I prepare to give her my hot load of cum. Suddenly she pulls back and lets go of my cock. She tells the little slave girl to come over and measure my cock now. The catwoman holds the ruler up to my fully engorged cock and says "Wow, it’s a full eleven inches now mistress Xena!!"

Xena then looks down at me and says; "Now I am ready to take this thick dick for a ride!"

Xena climbs back up on the bed and straddles my cock and hovers her hot pussy over the top of my aching cock. She grabs my cock very tight and begins to rub it up and down her hot tight slit. Her entire crotch is soaked and steaming hot. Then she begins to lower her firm young body down on my throbbing love muscle. I can’t believe how tight her hot little pussy is. She is moaning and gritting her teeth as she forces my cock deep inside her pussy. Then she is finally touching my hips with her hips and I can feel my huge cock filling her tight pussy. Xena begins to move back and forth on my thick dick and I can feel her hot little pussy grabbing onto my cock.

She’s rocking me at high speed now. I am surrounded by the smell of her young soft skin mixed with the smell of her sweat and the leather of her costume. She smells like the perfect sex Goddess, and she is proving that she is just that. Now she’s gyrating and making my throbbing cock tingle all over. I start to push up into her gyrating hips and she now begins the hardest thrusts I have ever felt. I push up as hard as I can and the leather strap around the base of my cock tightens even more and she begins to shake all over. I feel the waves of pleasure rolling over me. Then she throws her head back and starts to have a tremendous orgasm. She grabs my chest with both hands and digs her fingernails in as she begins to cum.

I thrust my cock as deep inside her as I can and begin to pump the biggest hottest load of cum that I have ever delivered. She is bucking like crazy and I can feel her pussy clamped down on my cock as she gives her final thrusts as the hot juice of her love washes over my cock. I have never cum like this in my life. My head is swimming, and my whole body is tingling. She slumps forward and lays on top of me, she smells like pure heaven. She tells her little slave girl to untie me now. I then put my arms around her and hold her tight. My cock is still inside of her and I roll her over onto her back.

I can feel my cock starting to throb again. I push my cock deep inside her as I feel it growing rock hard again. I lean down and whisper in her ear, "Now you’re going to get the fucking you really need!"

I begin to slide my cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy and she begins to moan again. I slowly pull it all the way out and roll her over onto her hands and knees. I take my cock and push the thick head back into her tight little pussy as she gives a little groan. I then sink the entire length of my cock deep inside her tight pussy. I grab her by the hips as I begin thrusting my cock inside her. I start with nice slow deep strokes and then I begin to get a little more forceful.

She starts to arch into each thrust, matching my rhythm and intensity. I start giving her hard forceful thrusts and she is pushing back as hard as I am thrusting. Now I grab her hips hard and start slamming my cock into her. She starts yelling, "Come on fuck me, fuck me hard!" So I start fucking her as hard as I can. I’m slamming my cock deep inside of her and I’m pulling her hips toward me as I push my cock deep inside that sweet pussy. She starts screaming as she is being totally rocked by the waves of pleasure that are streaming over her hot body.

She feels like she is totally disconnected from this world as her whole body is tingling and her mind can only feel adrift as her body just locks up and shivers and shakes. I give several more violent thrusts deep inside her and then I start to cum. I feel the hot streams of cum pumping inside her as my cock pumps deep into her tight pussy. I grab her tight and give one final deep thrust as I fill her tight pussy with my hot cum. I can hardly even move now but I hold her hips tight to mine and keep my cock buried deep inside her. I slowly pull my cock out of her and she lays on the bed on her left side and as I lie facing her I tell her that she is the sexiest woman I have ever known.



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