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Happy Anniversary, my slave!

by Slave Manchester

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© Copyright 2011 - Slave Manchester - Used by permission

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This story was an entry into the 2011 Winter Fetish Story Contest

I walk in the door to my home after just finishing another exhausting week of teaching business classes at an intercity high school in the southwest. I am surprised to discover that my Mistress is sitting on the couch wearing her black Spandex catsuit holding her riding crop in her hand.

As I walk over to my Mistress, she commands me, "Kneel in front of me, my sex slave!" I then set my computer bag down and kneel in front of my mistress.

I love this idea of kneeling in front of my mistress. I have been collared to my mistress for over two years, and every time I kneel in front of her I get the same goose bumps feeling in my stomach that I did when I knelt in front of her at the SPACE, our local BDSM Pansexual Club where she officially collared me.

"How was your day?" My Mistress asked me. "It was terrible. My students drove me nuts! They did not want to listen and follow directions. It was so frustrating. I’m not sure if I still want to be a teacher!" I vented to my Mistress.

"You are now home with your Mistress. You are safe here! You don't have to be anywhere until Monday morning for work." My Mistress reassured me.

I looked into my Mistress’ eyes as she leaned forward and kissed my lustful lips. "My sex slave, I have a present for you to wear tonight to the SPACE. I have also made kinky, erotic plans for us tonight with a special surprise for you when we get to the SPACE." My mistress explained.

"Please go into the Mistress’ bathroom, remove all your clothes, and take a shower making sure you shave all your body hair off." My Mistress commanded. "Yes, Mistress" I replied to her.

I walked into her bathroom, stripped off my work clothes—my slacks and shirt. I looked in the mirror, seeing my reflection in my black nylon Spandex compression shirt and my black nylon Spandex compression shorts. I started to touch my body thinking back to a time when I use to dream of being a sex slave and serving a Mistress. Now that is happening! It is the most exciting time in my life!

I begin thinking about how neat it would be to go to work and teach while wearing Spandex leggings and a long tunic. Oh, the days that I envy the women at work. They can have fun dressing for work because women’s fashions are bright colored, silkier, more comfortable and sexier! I love to wear women’s clothing! This is why I love being a cross-dresser on the weekends, during my free time, and special times with my Mistress.

During my shower I make sure to follow all of my Mistress’ directions--shaving my legs, arms and chest hair with a disposable razor. I’ve been doing this ritual for the past few months because my Mistress encouraged me to enjoy myself and have fun with my life.

As I step out of the shower my Mistress is waiting for me with a warm, soft towel. My mistress begins drying me off. I love that she loves to pamper me and take care of me.

"Come this way my sex slave," she orders me. I follow her out of the bathroom and stand naked before my mistress. I place my hands behind my back submitting to her. "Very nice, my sex slave. Please lie down on the bed and relax for a bit before we start our evening preparation," said my Mistress.

It is so wonderful to lay with my Mistress on our queen-size bed with black nylon Spandex sheets and a heavy, black nylon Spandex comforter. I love the feeling of nylon Spandex!

As my Mistress laid next to me, she turned on her side and asked me, "My sex slave, are you looking forward to tonight’s surprise at the SPACE?" "Yes, Mistress, I’m excited. I love going to the SPACE with you as your submissive because it brings back memories of when we first met there." I respond.

"Very nice, my sexy slave. Well, I have some fun for us tonight. I have bought you a sexy outfit on the Internet that I think you will enjoy." said my Mistress as she pulled out a large box from under the bed. When she opened the box all I could see inside was silky black fabric. “This is for you, my sexy slave,” as she held up a gorgeous, sexy black dress for me to see. “I had this custom made for you. Please stand up and I will help you into your lovely new dress.” My Mistress exclaimed.

“It feels soft and silky on my skin, Mistress.” I gushed. As my Mistress helps me step into the beautiful black dress, she pulls it up from my ankles to my knees and I noticed that it is made of Darlex. This is the same material that my favored black zippered hood is made of.

"Mistress?" I ask. "Yes, my sexy slave" she responds. "Did you order this beautiful dress from Winter Fetish?" I question. "Yes, I did. A few weeks ago I was looking at some of your computer bookmarks when I saw that you had bookmarked this sexy item. Using your measurements I custom ordered this beautiful dress for you." She said while lovingly pulling the silky dress up my body, over my shoulders, and slipping my arms in the sleeves.

"You will see, my slave, that this dress is unique because it secures you so that you can't touch yourself nor can you touch me!" exclaimed my Mistress as she finished zipping up the back of the dress, took my arms and folded them across the front of my body and then synched the belt in back creating a beautiful, sensual straight jacket and looks like a hobble dress!

"How does this feel, my sexy slave?” My Mistress asks me. "Oh wow, Mistress, this feels unbelievable. It feels like I’m being hugged and it feels so delightful to be in bound tightly in this gorgeous Winter Fetish Darlex Straightjacket Hobble Dress! It’s so sensual on my skin, I never want to take it off!" I answered my Mistress.

"My sexy slave, please walk over to the mirror on the closet door and see how gorgeous you look," My Mistress commands. I try to take a step but notice that because of the way the dress is made, I can only take small baby steps. I slowly make my way over to the mirror taking such small steps that it is frustrating because I want to see how I look in the Mirror.

I finally make it to the mirror and in amazement turn with a huge smile on my face and say: "Wow, Mistress, I look amazing and stunning! I love the way the Darlex material hugs my body. It’s so tight and sensual. I feel aroused and grateful to you, Mistress, for this wonderful gift. Thank you!”

"You’re welcome, my slave" my Mistress says as she walks up behind me wearing opera length satin black gloves, her black zippered corset and purple nylon Spandex leggings in her black “over the knee” leather boots.

"You look very hot and sexy, my Mistress." As I complimented her, aroused and frustrated that I’m in a Darlex Straightjacket Hobble Dress and can’t bend her over the dining room table, rub her sexy ass and fuck her!

As I turn I notice that my Mistress is looking at me with a teasing and lustful smile knowing that after two years of being collared to her I want to get my hands on her. But being the wise and strong Mistress that she is, she tells me get my shoes and meet her at the front door.

As I slowly start hobbling across the room to locate my shoes and heading to the front door, I have a massive smile on my face thinking back to when my Mistress and I first met at the SPACE at a Halloween party after she caressed my naked body.

“It is now time to go to the SPACE," my Mistress said, "and I am going to walk you out the door and down the driveway to our car". When I walked outside, I could feel the cool night desert air. I hobbled ever so slowly on the concrete hearing the sound of my heals clicking. My Mistress walked in front of me.

Stopping here, My Mistress comes around and opens the car door of her older model import 4 door sedan. She guides me and has me every slow slightly step down from the curb with out following. My Mistress does not want to break her toy. My Mistress has me turn around in a position to sit down.

"Sit my slave and I will swing your feet in to the car", She requested.

I sat down feeling the Darlex encased body hit the leather seats of her car, it felt sensual feeling. My Mistress put my legs around in the car. My Mistress then leans over me reaching for the seat belt.

"I need to buckle you in my Sexy slave your are so valuable to me, I don't want anything to happen to you" Says my Mistress as she is stretching seat belt over my chest and clicking the of the seat belt, I can also feel My mistress purple leggings brush against my body it feels so sensual to have the Darlex rubbing against the nylon/spandex leggings.

My Mistress shut the door of her car and walked in front of her, I could see her walk past me, I was licking my lips think about how hot and sexy my Mistress looks, I am so blessed to have her.

My Mistress got back in to the car she buckled her seat belt and then began to drive to the SPACE.

For the next 25 minutes, my Mistress and I drove toward the SPACE. The SPACE is the valley local Pan sexual BDSM Club Tonight is the quarterly Photo Party.

"I have made some arrangements for us tonight at the SPACE, I have talked to so many of our friends at the SPACE, tonight they are going to help you and I celebrate our Anniversity of being doubled collard together" my Mistress shared the news with me.

"Yes Mistress, I can't wait, you always come up with brilliant ideas for us" I said to Mistress with a smile on our face

"Mistress we have so many skilful and kinky friends at the SPACE, I can't wait to see what you have all come up with" I continued to tell my Mistress.

"We are about 5 minutes away from the SPACE She is going to be helping to be helping us out tonight." My Mistress said to me as she called M_Mistress on her cell phone.

I had a smile on my face wow I can't wait to see what M_Mistress had come up with she was one of the first people I played with at the SPACE two years ago.

"Hello Mistress, this is Mistress-QP we are almost at the SPACE, just checking to see if everything is setup for our celebration" asked my Mistress

I could only hear my Mistress end of the conversation

"That is great that the preparations have been made, I have been looking forward to making my slaves fantasy come true, give my best to your boy Tom, bye bye" my Mistress said with a pleasure in her voice.

My Mistress ended the call and set her phone down as she was exiting the freeway going down the road that leads to the SPACE.

"Mistress?" I said to her.

"Yes, my Slave" she replayed

"Did I hear you right that M_Debbie is helping you make my fantasies come true", I asked with a puzzled look on my face

"Yes my Slave you heard correct, M_Mistress and I have been working on this night for a month to give you a night of your fantasies coming true" My Mistress said with a smile on her face and the lust full look that my Mistress gives to me that melts my heart

The car turns down off the main road to a side road of an instrustral park.

"Here we are my slave, we are at the SPACE" my mistress informed me.

My Mistress put the car in to park and turned off the engine.

"I will be over to help you out of the car, I need take our play bag in to the SPACE so that way I can help you with your entrances." My Mistress said.

My Mistress walked out the door of the car, I heard the trunk open and I saw her pull out our toy bag, she walked sultry to the door of the SPACE, a door with just words SPACE on the front with a ramp going up the door to make it assessable for all to come

I waited in the car thinking about what is going to happen tonight, what fantasies are is my Mistress going to fulfill for me, I had a grin from ear to ear just thinking about the erotic events that could happen tonight.

All of a sudden, I got a panic feeling coming over me as I thought this is a Photo Party, I can't have a picture taken with my face exposed. I am a high school teacher, I can't let that happen. I started to shake and begin to worry.

I could hear footstep coming up on my side it was my Mistress she was caring something in hand. She opened the car door and leaned over to unbuckle my seat belt next she reached and swung my legs so they were out of the car and my body was turned to face her as she is standing outside of the car.

"Yes my slave, I can see you are worried" My Mistress noticed my expression

"Yes, Mistress I am" I said to here in a wispier

"Oh my slave, I would never hurt you are put you in a position where you could be hurt" My mistress began to reassure me

"Yes, Mistress, I forgot, I am sorry" I apologized to my Mistress

"Oh my slave you are forgiven" my Mistress as she held the purple collar out so she could lock it on me.

My Mistress reach around my neck placing the purple metal and fabric collar around my neck, I love this feeling of wearing my Mistress collar it such an honor.

"Please put you head down" my Mistress requested

"Yes, Mistress" I replied as a was lowering my head.

I could feel my Mistress hands begin to clasp my collar and then I could hear the click of the pink lock signifying the fact I am owned by a Woman.

"I am honored to have you that you have agreed to be my slave" My Mistress said as she clipped a small linked chained lead to my collar.

"One more thing my slave" as my Mistress held out a Darlex hood. I ordered you another Darlex hood from Winter Fetish, I know how much you like the Plan one where you can't see out of. I wanted to reassure you that tonight that your face with not appear in any photos tonight my slave" as my Mistress said while she is placing my new hood over my head. She pulled the hood down over my head. I can see out of this hood through the eye openings and my lips can feel the fresh desert air through the mouth opening. I could feel my mistress push my head down, she then zipped up the back of the hood.

"How do you feel my slave" asked my Mistress as she was pulling me up with the chain lead

"Thank you Mistress, I feel strong and safe with you my Mistress. I am honored to wear your purple collar and thank you for the new hood.

I feel safe with you mistress, you take loving care of me. I submit you Mistress. I surrender to you Mistress." I said as my Mistress began to lead me with chain lead.

"Your welcome my sex slave, are you ready to enter the SPACE and enjoy what fantasies I have for you tonight my sweet, sensual, sexy, slave, stud" my Mistress asked me as we begin walking to the door of the SPACE.

"Yes Mistress, I am I can't wait" I answered as I was being led in to the SPACE by my Mistress. We were taking small steps across the parking lot and then up the ramp and into the front desk area of the SPACE.

"Hello Mistress and Slave Manchester, how are you tonight" asked Mistress Blue, who was working the front desk collecting admission and checking memberships.

"We are going swell,"said my Mistress as she handed over our Membership cards and the $40 dollars for admission for the club.

"Very Nice, your slave looks so amazing and sexy tonight, what is that he is wearing?" Asked Mistress Blue as she takes our admission for the party.

"Yes, he is hot and sexy, we ordered this online from Winter Fetish, Tonya does phenomenal work in the Seattle Area" she said as she picked up our Membership cards and began leading me out of the front desk are to the main dungeon area of the SPACE.

"Have a terrific time tonight" said Mistress Blue

My Mistress continue to lead me in to the Main dungeon area we crossed from the black title to the red tile where we are now in the play area of the space.

My Mistress lead me over to a large table in the middle of the play space where she had her toy bag next.

"Hello M_Mistress," said my Mistress.

My Mistress had me sit on the large table.

"Hello Mistress it is so delightful to see you again here at the SPACE," said M_Mistress

"Yes it is, are you ready to co-top my sexy slave with me" asked my Mistress

"Mistress-QP, I have the violet wand warmed up," said M_Mistress

"Great why don't you begin to using the violet want on my slave while I get some things out of my toy bag" Said my Mistress as she unclipped the lead from my collar.

"Thank you Mistress-QP for the letting me join you tonight in co-topping slave Manchester," said M_Mistress. As M_Mistress pushed me gently down on the table, so I was laying face up on the table.

"Your welcome, slave Manchester talks highly of you from the first time you played with him at the fall festival party back two years ago" said my Mistress as she was pulling a flogger and a vibrating wand to place on the small prep table next two the me laying down on the table

"Now remember my slave we are going you use the Green-Yellow-Red system of play here at the SPACE. You may call out yellow at any time and myself and M_Debbie will stop what we are going and check on your before we continue. If you want to stop the scene all together say Red and we will end the scene". My Mistress said to me as she was placing a small nylon Lycra pillow under my head and taking off my heals.

"Yes Mistress" I understand

"Very well my slave one more thing I have asked slave d to take photo graphs of our scene tonight are you OK with that my slave" asked my Mistress.

"Yes, I am mistress thank you that has been one of fantasies to have photos taken while we play" I said to my Mistress

"Your welcome my slave, please enjoy your first fantasy of tonight"

I could feel the current of electricity touching my body and going though the darlex suit, the violet wand feel so warm against my skin. My Mistress was checking on me "how are you doing my slave?" she asked.

"I am doing extraordinary" I answered my Mistress

I asked my Mistress if she had a blindfold for me during this scene.

"Yes, I do my slave." answred my Mistress

With that, she put on a neoprene blindfold around my hood so I could not see and the lights were not in my eyes.

I could feel the current of the violet wand going up and down my body and a the same time I could feel two hands rubbing and touch my nipple thought the dress.

I loved the sensation of being touched sensuality with the contrast of the violet want to give me these erotic, sensual sensations it feel as someone is cutting me with a knife.

I began to drift in to sub space where I could begin to relax and enjoy the multiple sensations during this scene, the sensation of being bound up and not being able to touch as wearing the hobble dress. The sensation of not being able to see adding to the sensation of the touch of two warm hands rubbing a caressing my body though the dress and the sharp sensation of having the violet want to be run up and down my Body.

"How are you enjoying this my slave" my Mistress asked me

"Hun oh yea I love this, Mistress" as I said in a startled voice

"Very Nice my sexy slave, we are going to continue you are doing a phenomenal job, just relax and enjoy my sexy one" My mistress said as she was leaning over me and petting my head through the Darlex hood.

"Thank you mistress and M_Mistress for this incredible scene", I replied

"Your welcome, we have only just begun, with this scene and there is another one planned for you my hot sex slave stud, if you are up for it" my Mistress answered in a sultry voice.

"Yes, Mistress" I relayed with sing-song voice

I could still feel two hands running over my body through the suit and the pricks and pings feeling the Violet wand, wow this is marvellous I thought as I am laying there "Buzzzz" I heard what sounded like a vibrating wand, I got a smile on my face just remembering the times that my Mistress has used this on me in the past.

I felt the Vibrating wand going up and down my body over my sensitive nipples and hard cock through the Darlex Hobble Dress, what was enthralling is that I could feel the vibrations thought out my whole body.

"Very Nice, my sexy stud" My Mistress said to me

What I am not done, no I thought as I could feel my mistress taking over my Blindfold.

As the blindfold was removed I could feel my mistress warm breath over me, and I looked up to see her eyes.

"You did so well, my sexy one" my Mistress reassured me.

"Wait until you see the sexy picture that were taken by slave d, I think you will be pleased", said my Mistress

"Would you like some water" asked my Mistress

"Yes, Mistress that would be neat thank you" I said with a breathless voice

My Mistress help me sit up, she turned me my legs were over hanging the table. I was sit up at the waist, my Mistress held up a sports water bottle, she squeezed the bottle causing the water to come out and in to my awaiting mouth.

"This scene lasted about 45 minuses, M_Debbie Violet wand was starting to get over heated" my Mistress spoke with me.

"Besides my sex slave, this was only the appetizer, I need to get you ready for the main course", My Mistress teased me with her sultry voice.

My Mistress helped me off the table. Both my Mistress and M_Debbie stood by to hold me up while I stood up.

"Just take it easy my slave, Just relax, I will walk you over to the after care area and then I will help you out of your suit"

"Yes, Mistress" I answered

She re-clipped on the lead and slowly we made our way to under the loft and through a velvet curtain to get to a long black leather couch where my mistress had me stand in front of

"Let me unzip you out of your dress, you are so beautiful my slave. I am honored to be your mistress" my Mistress complemented me.

I could feel my Mistress unclip the belt and my arms became heavy from staying in one position for a long time. I felt my mistress unzipping me out of the dress. She moved to help me out of the dress taking my arms out of the sleeves and then slowly moving the dress down over my chest and down past my thighs to my feet, the sensation of the darlex rubbing down my body was phenomenal.

"Please, step out my slave. Next on the leather couch is present for you. It is a Darlex sleep sack. Please, lay down sit down in the middle of the Darlex sleep sack and I will help you in it" my Mistress commanded with a loving voice.

"Yes, Mistress, Thank you, I have always wanted one of these, Mistress how did you know" I asked

My Mistress was helping me get my feet into the sleep sack. My Mistress is holding the sleep sack open so I could lay down with my arms at my side.

My Mistress said to me "Oh my sweet slave, when I was on the Winter Fetish site, I saw this Darlex sleep sack and thought that you would love it.

"You would never order it. This is one of many ways why I am in your life. To enhance you and show you that you are indispensable, I treasure you my hunk of a slave" My Mistress answered as she began to zip me up in the sleep sack just stopping before the neck.

"I need to change the hood my slave" My mistress said to me

"Yes, Mistress" I said as she rolled my body over on my side towards the back of the leather couch and began to unzip me out of my Darlex hood with eye and mouth openings

"Now I am going to put on a new hood this is like the one that your first Darlex hood that you ordered that is plan with the two grommet holes, this is a Darlex Dickie Style Hood this will help remove the gap that you had with the earlier tonight with the Darlex Hobble Dress and the Darlex hood you were wearing earlier" my Mistress Explained to me to treasure me

"Also my slave before I put on this new Darlex Dickie Style Hood I will need take off my purple collar," Said my Mistress as I could hear the key enter the lock and feel the release of the collar from my neck

"You are mine, my slave we are double collard and you are still wearing the chain of heart collar that you picked out for us two years ago" My Mistress reassured me after removing the purple collar from my neck.

My mistress pulled the new Darlex Dickie Style Hood Over my head. She made sure I was breathing through the two grommet holes before she tuck the hood into the sleep sack and the zipped up the hood

"How does this feel my slave" My Mistress asked me while looking my Darlex encased body

"Wow, Mistress this is unbelievable thank you so much, I love this sensation of feeling the tight Darlex material encasing my body. I am in a tight warm cocoon, this is so delightful, Mistress" I answered my Mistress

"You relax my sexy one, just enjoy" My Mistress said to me

"Yes, Mistress" I answered while just enjoying the sensation of sensory deprivation and feel of my body encased in this soft and sensual material.

I began to drift off and fall asleep I was warm and comfortable in my new Darlex Sleep sack, when all of a sudden I felt that I was being lifted of the couch, I thought I was flying before when I was in sub space. This is a new feeling it feel like I am up in the air.

"Hello My slave, it is now time for the main event" My Mistress said with reassuring and sultry voice

"You are now up in the air being picked up by 8 of the men from the SPACE, you are going to be moved in to the jail house where the main event will begin"

"Yes, Mistress" I answered as a could feel the 8 set of hands caring me in the club and then being placed on a soft vinyl mat

"Just relax and enjoy, I am right here my slave when ever you want to end the say the word red," said my Mistress

"Yes, Mistress" I said as I began to feel multiple hands on my body regaining to touch and pet and caress me, I could feel the warmth of the hands, I could not tell how many hands were on me or who was touching me.

"Yes, my slave you are now being touched by five women from the SPACE, each of these women I have chosen for you to enjoy their touch and sensation just relax and enjoy

"Yes, Mistress" I answered with amazement and excitement in my voice

I just felt the 10 hands rubbing my body including around my cock, which was getting hard.

"Yes, my slave you are sensual prison of love and lust, you are here to serve us, my slave" my Mistress said as I continued to feel the 10 hands on my darlex encased body.

I began to shake and make moaning sounds as I was enjoying this sensation.

"You can't touch my sexy slave, what until you see this picture, you are being touched by 5 women who are wearing Spandex Zentai Style Catsuits, where their whole body is encased on spandex, you know you would love to be able to touch these women my slave" My mistress loving taunted me.

"Yes, Mistress" I answered with frustration in my voice

"Would you like to cum my slave", My Mistress asked

"Yes, Mistress I would love to cum" I answer my Mistress.

I could feel the zipper running down my body the suit was not opening. I felt and heard one zipper open, I felt my hard cock come out of the Darlex Sleepsack and hit the chilly air, I felt all 10 hands rubbing my cock, with in a matter of seconds, I began to yell and scream as my cock exploited with my warm cum shooting out of my body.

"Very Nice my sexy slave you were unbelievable, what until you see the video you are going to get so turned on after we watch it" My Mistress said

"Please, go to sleep my slave, just enjoy this sensation, I will help you out of your Darlex Sleep sack when you wake up." said my Mistress.

"Yes Mistress" as I begin falling asleep still feeling the combination of sensations of cumming, still feeling my body tingle from the 10 women hand that caressed my body and the sensation being encased tightly in my sleep sack, I fleet my someone putting on my full face CPAP mask over on me, I felt the air hit come though my nose, I feel asleep with a huge smile on my face my last taught was wow I love being a sex slave


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