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I Love Wearing Leotards for Halloween

by Leotardspank

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I have always had a long tradition of wearing leotards and tights for Halloween. This started when I was 12 years old and continued every year. I would wear a costume that used a leotard and tights as a foundation and then my sisters and sometimes my mom would design a costume around that leotard and tights base that they had given me. I was several traditional costumes. When I was 12 it was the alien costume in a green leotard and green tights. When I was 13 I wore a yellow leotard and yellow tights for a banana costume. When I was 14 I wore a black leotard and black tights for a dice costume with a cardboard box covered with white paper and black paper dots. When I was 15 I wore the same black leotard and tights for an executioner costume. When I was 16 I wore the same black leotard and tights for a monster costume which was actually just the executioner costume with a monster mask instead of a black hood. When I was 17 I wore a royal blue leotard and royal blue tights with red cheer briefs over them for my superman costume. When I was 18 is when things really started to change. I had been very excited when I was wearing all those costumes and I think I masturbated in every leotard and tights I had ever worn. But the year I was 18 started something completely different.

I went with my mom and 2 older sisters to stay at my uncle’s place in Pennsylvania. I brought 3 of my favorite leotard and tights costumes to wear there. Halloween was actually on a Sunday that year but we were staying at my uncle’s cottage by the lake in Pennsylvania. They were planning 2 nights of parties there and Halloween night at the local bar where they had a Halloween costume contest that my sisters and mom wanted to win. The first night up there I wore my green leotard and green tights for my alien costume. My sisters and my mom got pretty drunk and went to bed early but I stayed out by the fire with a bunch of guys from the neighboring cottages. They were very drunk!

This one guy kept saying how nice I looked in my green leotards! He kept telling the other guys that my butt looked really good in the green leotard and tights that I was wearing. There were 5 guys there and the other 4 guys all agreed with him. They told me that if I was their little brother they would spank me for wearing green leotards and showing off my butt like that! They were making me a little nervous! Then the one guy grabbed me and bent me over a log bench that they had next to the fire and they all took a turn spanking me. My butt was on fire but even more amazing was the fact that it made my dick get hard as a rock! I loved getting spanked by those guys while I was wearing a green leotard and tights! It was an amazing experience. They all drifted off to go home except the guy that had been talking about my green leotard and tights all night. He stayed and continued to talk to me about my leotard and tights. He had a lot of questions. He asked me if I liked getting that spanking in my leotards and that he noticed that it made me get a really hard boner in my leotards

Now things were really about to change forever! He told me that spanking me in my green leotard and tights made his dick get hard too! He told me that the way I look in that green leotard and tights had been making his dick get hard all night! He told me that it’s not fair for me to make his dick get hard that many times in one night and not do anything to help him out!

So I asked him what he wanted me to do. He told me to stand close to the fire so he could see my leotard and tights! I stood close to the fire and he watched me slowly turn and had me stop with my back to him. Then he told me to slowly turn. When I was sideways to him he told me to stop. He asked me why my dick bulge was so much bigger than it was before. I told him it was because I was so excited and horny! He told me to face him. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his big hard dick out of his pants. He asked me if I knew what I should do now. I told him that I didn’t because this was my first time seeing a hard dick that wasn’t mine. He told me to come over and kneel between his legs. His dick was sticking straight up and was so thick and hard! He told me to take it in my hand. I was squeezing it and he said, “Jerk me off Leotardboy!”

So I started stroking his big hard dick and he was pumping it into my hand! Then he told me to give him a blowjob! I hesitated because I couldn’t believe he was telling me to do that! He stood up from his chair and his big hard dick was right in front of my face as I was on my knees in front of him. He looked down at me with a tern look on his face and said, “You made my dick get this hard now you can suck it!” His dick was huge and throbbing in front of me!

I leaned forward and grabbed his dick and squeezed it hard and put my mouth around his thick hard shaft and started sucking his hard dick! He was pushing his hips forward and telling me to suck his dick! He said, “Come on Leotardboy suck my dick!” “Give me a good blowjob leotard fag!”

I was sucking his dick and I could feel it swell up and get really hard and then he exploded loads of cum in my mouth! I was trying to swallow it but there was so much cum I was dribbling it down my face and onto the front of my leotards! He finished by grabbing his dick and squeezing the last few shots of cum out of his dick on my green leotards! He told me thanks for the blowjob and left! I was so excited that I stood up and pulled my leg opening to the side so that just my tights were covering my dick. I pulled down my tights just enough to let my leotard boner out of my tights and then I grabbed my dick and stroked it furiously until I shot my cum everywhere! I put my dick away and very quietly went into the cottage where everyone was sleeping and took a shower in my leotard and tights so I could wash all the cum out of them and off of me!

I was wondering what was going to happen to me when I would wear my royal blue leotard with royal blue tights for my superman costume! I could hardly wait for the next day when we would head down the path to the fire pit again! My sisters and my mom were all wearing costumes. All the same neighbor guys came there again. I was wearing my royal blue leotard and royal blue tights with red cheer briefs over them and some red boots that my sister gave me and a red cape. The boots had high heels and I wasn’t sure I should wear them but my mom said to just wear them and not worry about it! After all nobody was really going to see me down by the fire pit! My mom and sisters got a little drunk and went to bed early again. When my sister was leaving she told me to be careful with her red cheer briefs because she needed them next weekend. I took them off and gave them to her along with the red cape. They didn’t think I should wear a cape by the fire pit.

My mom and my sisters left and the guys that were there were talking about them. They were saying how those girls made their dicks hard and they wanted to spank them for wearing leotards and tights! They were saying how they were all really horny now and they needed to get handjobs or blowjobs from someone!  I was standing by the fire in my smooth royal blue long sleeve leotard and royal blue tights with high heel red boots! I knew they were all staring at me and I pretended that I didn’t notice. I was adjusting my boots and then I smoothed out my tights and pulled them up and adjusted my leotard and pulled it up so that my dick bulge looked perfect. When I looked up they were all staring at me!

They decided to take turns giving me spankings. Each guy put me over his knee like a naughty girl and spanked me in my royal blue leotards! It was amazing! My dick was so thick and straining against my leotard and tights! The guy that made me suck his dick on Friday night said well that was fun! He told the other guys that I gave him a handjob the night before and that I told him I wanted to do it again! The guys all started saying that they wanted a handjob! They were telling me to start jerking them off. They lined up and each guy took a turn sitting in the chair as I stroked their dicks until they shot their hot cum on me! The only one left was the guy that made me give him a blowjob the night before. He told the rest of the guys that he wanted to get his while nobody was there. So the drunk guys all left and went back to their cottages to sleep it off.

I was there all alone with the same guy from last night. He told me that I was a leotard slut for teasing all those guys with my blue leotards and stroking all those hard dicks! I told him that boys that wear leotards and tights with high heel boots love hard dicks! He took off his belt and grabbed me by the arm and bent me over the log bench. He was giving me a really hard spanking with his belt and my dick was so hard that it was stick straight out in my leotard and tights like a flag pole! I could feel that it was wet at the tip because I was leaking precum through my leotard and tights!

When he finished he told me to get on my knees. He took out his dick and told me to give him a blowjob. Without hesitation I was on my knees in front of him with his dick in my mouth! I was sucking his dick and he was fucking my mouth! He said, “come on Leotardboy suck my dick you leotard slut!” He was fucking my mouth as I was sucking his huge hard dick and then he shot his cum in my mouth! I swallowed it all this time!

When he was done he told me that I was a leotard fag and I should get buttfucked just like my mom and my sisters! I told him that he was right and maybe he should do something about that! He said he was going to tomorrow night!

I was getting ready for Sunday night and so were my 2 older sisters and my mom. My mom was wearing a black long sleeve thong leotard and black tights with 6” high heel shoes and black cat ears. Both my sisters were wearing long sleeve shiny black thong leotards with black fishnet tights and 6” high heels with black cat ears!

After my mom and sisters left for the bar I slipped into a long sleeve black leotard and black tights with black cat ears and I was wearing 6” high heels that I took from my sister. I went down to the fire pit dressed like that and the guys were all there. They had a leather strap, a wood hairbrush, a leather paddle and a wood paddle. They immediately started spanking me! First with the hairbrush, then the leather strap, then the leather paddle! It was amazing! I had such a hard boner in my leotards that it was almost tearing through the material! They asked me where my mom and sisters were. I told them how they were dressed and where they went. They called six of their friends and the ten of them went to see my mom and 2 sisters in the costume contest at the bar.

The guy that made me suck his dick was still there with me. I asked him if he was going to go. He said he wasn’t interested in spanking my mom or my sisters! He told me that he was going to spank me with his wood paddle and then stick his dick in my butt! I was so excited that I was shaking in anticipation. He bent me over the log bench and started spanking me with the wood paddle. He was spanking me so hard that I was actually crying and at the same time my dick was sticking straight out in my leotards! It was the most incredible experience!

Then he stopped spanking me and he pulled my leotard leg opening to the side and took a pocket knife and cut a hole in my tights. I heard him undo his pants and then I felt the head of his big hard dick on my butthole! He started pushing and shoving to get his hard dick in my tight butt! He was calling me a leotard slut and a leotard whore! He told me that he was going to fuck me for wearing those black leotards! Then he was pushing his huge hard dick into my butt.

Once he got it all the way in he grabbed me tight by my hips and told me that he was going to give me what I deserve! He started buttfucking me as hard as he could! I was screaming as he plunged his huge hard dick deep in my tight butt. He was fucking my tight butt hole fast and hard and then he pushed his dick as deep in my butt as he could. He had every thick inch of that hard dick shoved deep in my butt! Then he started pumping his hot cum deep in my tight butt! At the same time I was shooting my own cum into the nice black leotard and tights that I was wearing. Eventually he took his dick out of my butt and we both went our own ways. He had set up the spanking implements and built a nice big fire before he left! I wasn’t sure why he was doing that.

I was in the cottage and I heard my mom and sisters come back from the bar with their trophy and their prize money. I guess people in Pennsylvania just like sluts in leotards and tights! The 10 guys were with them. They wanted my mom and sisters to go down by the fire pit. My mom said maybe they should change out of their costumes first. The guys were telling them that they wanted them to wear their costumes so they could pose for some pictures. My mom was quick to agree to that and my drunk sisters followed right along.

When those guys got them down by the fire pit I could hear the spankings start! I could hear them all crying and begging not to get spankings! I loved it! They got severe spankings and then those guys all took turns getting blowjobs and buttfucking those 3! I was still wearing my cum stained leotard and tights and I was masturbating furiously as I was listening to those girls get the spankings and hard dicks they deserved. Those ten guys spanked those girls and got blowjobs and each of them buttfucked those girls hard for hours. When the sun came up I went down to the lake and went swimming in my leotard and tights and then I went and helped the girls get back to the cottage.

The truly astounding part is that they never talked to me about what happened!




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