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In Training

by Miss's Pet

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© Copyright 2020 - Miss's Pet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mpov; spandex; catsuit; bond; tape; leash; petplay; hood; outdoors; backyard; clothesline; cbt; D/s; toys; rom; cons; X

Finishing her breakfast she stroked my head and bending towards me, raised my chin and kissed me gently. "Would you like to spend some time in the garden today?" she asked.

"Yes Miss," I say, knowing it wasn't really a question, more a statement of intent.

"Go to your room and wait for me." I do as I am told and kneel by my cage patiently, wondering what Miss has in store for me today. "Put on your Skinsuit," she calls from the next room. I quickly take off my clothes and go to the chest of drawers and take out the black Spandex bodysuit and put it on, carefully feeding the hood under my collar. I love the way it feels; it is one size too small and hugs my body tightly, I struggle to zip the double zip up to the neck, sealing my head inside the hood. I can still see through the thinner panel that covers my face. I kneel back down and wait. The pressure on my body especially over my steel cock cage serves to excite me causing greater pressure on my imprisoned manhood.

When she enters the room she is holding two large rolls of duct tape. She orders me to lay on my back and quickly and efficiently tapes my ankles to my thighs and wraps my legs individually from foot to knee. she then tapes my hands into fists and tapes wrists to shoulders and then tapes me tightly down to the elbows. "Roll over!" she commands and after several attempts and some help from Miss’s boot I manage to get over on all fours. She unzips the suit down to the bottom and pulls the suit down to expose my arse. It doesn't take long to realise what's coming next, as she lubes a butt plug and unceremoniously inserts it into me. The pressure and pain causes me to gasp. Ignoring that, she attaches a lead to my collar and pulls me through the house and out through the back door into the garden. Down over the lawn to the washing line post we go. She then clips my lead to the post.

"I have some calls to make, you be a good boy and I'll be out to play later." Then she walks back towards the house. Upset at being left alone outside I accidentally let out a whimper. She glances back before entering the house, then comes back out with a roll of tape, striding angrily back to me.

"You couldn't even manage waiting quietly could you?" My head drops but she raises it and wraps the tape around my mouth and chin then up over my head, clamping my mouth closed then around my eyes and ears. My whole head encased in the silver duct tape leaving only a small gap for me to breath through my nose. Then I heard nothing except muffled footsteps fading away. I did not like this one bit, but was helpless to do anything but wait and hope my Mistress would come back soon and in a forgiving mood.

Time seems to drag by so slowly, My mind made up all kinds of scenarios, Someone coming into the garden and seeing me. Miss going out and leaving me all day. Cats attacking me! My elbows and legs are aching and my head is pulsing inside it's cocoon but I can feel a nice breeze over my back and belly where there is no tape. What if it rains? I wonder, will she come and get me in or will she let me get soaked as further punishment. Whatever happens next, I know I have no choice but to accept my fate.

This is what I chose when I gave myself to her. I hear a click and footsteps and instinctively turn towards them and raise my head. I feel a hand on my head, "Will you be quiet now if I unwrap your head?"

I nod and try to brush my head against her. She laughs loudly and pushes me over onto my back. I flap around helplessly and still laughing she sits astride me and unwinds the tape. My vision comes back and the cool breeze on my face feels so good. As the tape is removed from my mouth I breathe the fresh air deep in through it. She kisses me passionately through the fabric of the hood. Her kiss seems to make all the discomfort and anxiety disappear.

She gets off my chest and sits on the grass besides me and runs her fingers over my chest and belly, I wriggle with pleasure as her fingers find the most sensitive areas. If I try to snuggle over to her I receive a pinch to a nipple or a twist of my Chastity cage to tell me to lie still. "When you are my dog, you will not speak or whine, you will not pull or push against me. You will just accept whatever attention I chose to give you and wait patiently at all other times. Do you understand?" I nod. She giggles, "you may speak."

"Yes Miss, I understand," I say.

"Good," she says, "because those rules apply to most of your life with me now." She helps me to a kneeling position and I raise my elbows expecting her to release my arms.

Laughing, she hugs my head to her stomach. “Oh no, Pet, I'm not finished with you yet. You must show me how patient you can be." I look at her puzzled as she gets a plastic toy bone and puts it in my mouth. I grab it with my lips through the stretchy fabric of my hood and it gives off a high pitched squeak with the littlest of pressure. "Now I am going inside again for a while and when I return I expect you in this position with the bone still in your mouth. And I do not want to hear a squeak out of you,"

My heart sinks as she walks back into the house. I kneel for what seems like an eternity. I know how ridiculous I must look and yet I don't feel ridiculous. I just feel determined to carry out my Mistress’s instructions and not let her down. My knees and back are aching, I have had several cramps in my legs and arms but I have switched my mind off to the pain and concentrated on how good it feels to please my Mistress. It must have been at least two hours I was waiting as the sun had moved quite a way before she returned. I was elated when she walked up to me with a big grin on her face. She took my lead and pulled me onto all fours again. Pain shot through me as I landed on my elbows and awkwardly followed her up the path but amazingly the bone stayed in my mouth and silent. "I'm sorry I left you so long, Pet, I had an important phone call come in, But you did very well and as a reward you may choose between having dinner with me tonight or me letting you out of your chastity cage and giving you an orgasm." My head swam.

I had been locked into that damn thing for three weeks aching and praying for release but I surprised myself by, without thinking saying "I would love to have dinner with you tonight, Miss.” She kissed me long and passionately before cutting the tape away and telling me to have a bath and a lie down. She would wake me when it was time to go for dinner.

I stripped out of the skinsuit and put it in the washbasket before having a long soak to soothe my aching bones. I glanced at the clock and it was 4.30pm. I had been a dog for 8 hours. No wonder I ached. Miss woke me at 6.30. "A table is booked for 8 at La Mistral. Taxi will be here in an hour." I got dressed and shaved after doing the cleaning. I looked down at my cage.

This better be bloody good food, I thought...


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