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Leotard & Tights Bondage

by John

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© Copyright 2017 - John - Used by permission

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My Name is John

I am married with children and very happy. My wife knows about my fetish and tries to help me in sessions. I have been wearing leotards, tights, pantyhose & ballet slippers since I was 6 years old. My sister used to dress me in her ballet outfits to play around the house, I grew to love the feel of these sexy clothes. As I got older and sexually excited at about 11 years old I have got a huge erection under my leotard and tights. When my sister saw this she laughed and said she will fix it. She slipped her shoe off and rubbed her pantyhose covered foot over my bulge and I came real hard for the first time filling my tights. My sister said ok now you're better and went about her business.

I could wear my outfits all day or night long when my sister was watching me, but my sister never made me cum again. I started to do self bondage in the basement by tying my ankles together and slip knots around my wrists over a beam I would pull myself up so my feet were off the floor. I would look down and watch my feet pointing towards the floor and I would cum filling my tights and leotard always making a big wet spot.

I started putting red polish on my toes and I ordered leotards, tights and ballet slippers from Sears catalog, I went on my bike and picked up my order so nobody knew. My sister also bought me 3 black long sleeve leotards and black tights, my sister also gave me her old ballet outfits and slippers along with pantyhose. As I got older I became more obsessed with my fetish, most of my girlfriends were good about my fetish. I only told them I like seeing them in leotards, tights and pantyhose, plus I loved seeing there sexy feet with red polish showing through their pantyhose or tights.

When I got married my wife caught me dressed in a leotard and tights with red polish and ballet slippers, she was mad at first but then she tied me up and forced me to cum, telling me she is going to make my sexy feet flex as she rubs me to orgasm. It was great for years, my wife always let me dress at home and under my clothes. My wife also dressed in leotards and tights or pantyhose with red or black polish, my wife even told her friends that I had a foot and pantyhose fetish. Her friends loved to slip off their shoes and tease me with their sexy feet.

Then we had kids and my wife no time for me, I kept doing my self bondage but it wasn't the same. One day I was sick and on Benadryl I took a shower and shaved from the neck down ( I have been shaving my body for years) I put on black toe nail polish, I took a hot bath with skin so soft and put on sheer-to-waist black pantyhose and a long sleeve turtleneck leotard. I don't dry off so the skin so soft makes my leotard and pantyhose slide really nice and feel so sexy.

I set up my computer camera. I sit in a chair and I tie my ankles to the legs of the chair, then I take a black pair of tights making slip knots on each leg I pull the panty part over my head, I wrapped the legs of the tights around my neck twice and pull the leg parts down to the back of the chair, I slide my wrists into the slip knots and pull. Now I am tied to the chair and as I pull the tights tighten around my neck. Now with my cock as hard as a rock and throbbing I start to try and wiggle loose.

In about 2 minutes my cum boils and I can feel my orgasm starting, This time I was kept on that awesome about to cum threshold and I was in heaven. Then when I did cum I pumped like crazy and felt the cum run down my leg. On the video you can see the cum leaking through my pantyhose and leotard - so much cum! So Benadryl makes me cum so hard.

I feel so feminine when in my outfits I also feel that I need to be punished I need to be put in tight bondage and abused. I need my cock and balls to be tortured and forced to cum, I went to a mistress, it was unbelievable. She tied me up in all manner of ways ceiling, swing, table. My cock and balls were tied, beaten, shocked and then milked to a fantastic orgasm. I took Benadryl every time I went to her but only 50mg.

At one of my sessions last year my Mistress gave me something to drink and 100mg of Benadryl. She put me in tight bondage in a swing with a hood over my head I was so horny and my cook was throbbing like crazy I had this super warm feeling all over. Mistress crushed my balls in her hand until I almost passed out. Next she said I was in for a surprise, I was feeling very funny and I said what did you give me?

Mistress said, "When you took your Benadryl I then gave you apple juice with more liquid Benadryl in it. I gave you about 200mg in the juice plus the pills you took is about 300mg You should be flying by now! Besides pictures I am videoing this for you. This is to keep you quiet so you can't complain about what is going to happen to you".

Mistress tied a gag on me, Mistress then unsnapped my leotard and I felt her pull on my pantyhose crotch. I felt a cool jell put in my ass and Mistress put her fingers in my ass. Next a dildo was slowly slipped into my ass.

Mistress said, "You will like this!" as she worked it in and out of me. Pre-cum poured out of my limp cock, I felt so fucking horny and my cock felt so good but it was limp ( I guess due to Benadryl ) Mistress made a hole in my pantyhose for the dildo.

The dildo was pulled out and all was quiet I heard two voices in the background, one sounded like a male. Mistress whispered in my ear, "Ok my little slut now you will be deflowered!"

Next a male voice said, "Ok bitch I will fuck you like you deserve to be fucked"..

He entered me slowly.

His cock was warm and hard.

It felt strange but good.

As he slid in and out of me my cock felt so awesome as pre-cum poured out into my pantyhose covering me.

I couldn't believe how good this felt.

Am I gay or bi?

I should not be liking this...

No matter what I thought it was happening and I was loving it I couldn't do anything but get fucked and it was great. He started to pound me and I could feel myself building up to a massive orgasm. Mistress grabbed my cock and jerked it a couple of times and cum shot out of me like a fire hose. As I came so did the cock in my ass filling me with boiling cum. My orgasm was so crazy as my head was spinning from the drugs and being fucked by a guy Wow!!

After he pulled out of me I lay there with cum leaking out of my ass and cock, the gag was removed and the hood was pulled up half way, my mouth was forced opened and Mistress poured cum that she milked out of me into my mouth. I hate to say it but I liked it and it made my cock twinge.

The hood was pulled back up and the gag replaced, a small dildo was slipped into my ass and a cock ring was placed around the head of my cock. My balls were tied up tight and my leotard was snapped and put over my cock and ass I felt a spasm in my ass and cock head as electric shock was turned on.

Mistress said "I will see you at 8 and I hope you are done".

It was 2 and I thought I was done.

Well the next six hours I came more then I can remember. When Mistress untied me I could  barely walk and she said to me, "Now you are deflowered  my little bitch!"

So that is my experience, I'm not gay, I still love my tights and leotard pantyhose and bodystockings, nail polish, ballet slippers, high heels and I go to my mistress every other month for strict bondage and milking. I am very attracted to women I don't think I'm gay but when I'm in my outfit I feel like a slut who needs to be tied up real tight and punished and I want to be fucked in the ass again and made to come like the whore I am!



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