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Let's All Exercise

by Diana

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© Copyright 2008 - Diana - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; spandex; leotards; class; locked; cons; X

My car was in the shop and I needed to get to my exercise class so I called my boyfriend and asked him to give me a ride; I said that I was sure I could get someone in the class to give me a lift home.  [I should point out right now that ours was a non-sexual relationship and that we did not live together.]  When he arrived, I had already put on my leotard and tights, and when he saw he, he just stared.  I could also see movement in his crotch.  But why would I be surprised?  I had a nice figure and the spandex showed it.

Maybe I could now get him to see the joys of wearing spandex.  I talked with the instructor and we came up with a plan.  The next week I talked my boyfriend into attending the class with me; I told him of all the women there in spandex and that did the trick.

He dressed in shorts and t-shirt and took the class, keeping up with the rest of us.  At the end, the instructor took him aside (as was our plan) and told him how well he had done and suggested he continue the class.  But there was one thing - - the dress code for the class was a leotard and tights.  Color didn't matter; in fact, the more colorful the more the members of the class enjoyed themselves.  He was hesitant but both of us worked on him and assured him that there was nothing to fear.

The next day I took him to a large dancewear shop and we looked at the wares.  He selected basic black tights and tank-style leotard.  He went into the changing room and came out all spandexed.  Very nice! The clerk and I approved right away, though I knew he would have to do something about his crotch as he had no underwear on.

The next week we went to class and he was the center of attention, even with  his all-black outfit amongst the reds and greens and blues, and even one yellow. And to hide his crotch (which was not all that large) he wore a jock strap.

As the weeks went on, he became more confident and decided that he wanted to go for a color.  We went back to the dancewear shop and picked out a pair of green tights and a red leotard; considering that this was close to Christmas, it was appropriate.  Again, he was the center of the admiring bunch of women.

We shopped from time to time for something different. But one day I had the flu and there was no way I was going to make it to class.  And I was worried about him going solo as the single women fawned all over him.  We still were not having sex but I was sure that some of these women were sexually active and on the prowl.  But I had an ace up my sleeve.  I invited him over en route to class and told him I had a new leotard for him.  He removed the one he was wearing and I handed him a new black turtleneck.  He put it on and I zipped it up, and then the surprise.  I had done a small alteration on the back of the collar, which he had not noticed when he put it on.  There was a small metal loop on either side of the zipper's tab, and with a small padlock, I secured it so that he was locked into the leotard. 

He had heard the click and reached back and found out what it was.  He demanded an explanation and I told him the truth.

"OK, if I am going to class and you are preventing me from having any post-class fun with these horny women, then you are going to have to fulfill my needs. Otherwise, I don't go to class."

I agreed.  He went and word I got from a friend in the class was that the padlock was spotted right away and that he got a lot of ribbing from the women.  But I was true to my word and when my flu ended, he came over for his reward.  I had prepared another altered bit of spandex, a black leotard and tights with a hole in the crotch for him to be exposed.  He put it on and . . . . well, you know the rest.



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