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by TBN

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This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

My name is Jane and I share a small 2 bedroom flat in an inner Melbourne Suburb with a girlfriend Sharron.

I have lived here with Sharron for about two months since moving out of home after getting a new job in retail. My new boss Kate owns a Lingerie shop where I work in a nearby shopping centre and found me this flat with Sharron to be closer to work.

I'm 22 years of age and I consider that my background is fairly typical of many Australian middle class girls. I come from a close family environment, which was neither overly relaxed or restrictive in terms of freedom or parental discipline.

As an only child, I mixed happily with both sexes at school but would describe my social life as relatively unexciting. Throughout my school years I had a couple of close girlfriends who I still keep in touch with but who live in the outer suburbs near where I grew up.

I never thought of myself to be the most beautiful of girls, but my long blonde hair, pale blue eyes and slim figure was in my opinion just a case of lucky genes.

My contacts with boyfriends during these years were not extensive though I did go out with different individuals from time to time. I never really got to know any boy very well and I guess that I shied away from intimacy or ongoing relationships. I don't consider that this was prudishness or fear but more a shyness and uncertainty about myself. Call me a romantic... but I was always expecting a very clear and spontaneous relationship to occur someday and I felt that it would be wrong to experiment or test a relationship if it wasn't LOVE at first meeting.

Anyway... thats enough background now let me recount my recent awakenings that have changed my life and I suppose would shock or surprise my family, friends and even myself only a couple of months ago.


I answered an advertisement in the Newspaper to secure this new job having previously worked in another ladieswear shop that closed down recently.

I was surprised at first that Kate gave me the job seeing that I had not worked in Lingerie before and I knew that she had seen many other applicants. Nevertheless I was thrilled when she rang me to confirm the job and I started shortly thereafter.

The first few days were a bit of a blur as we were fairly busy doing a stocktake and I was trying hard to learn as much as I could about the trade.

The shop was located in one of the older "street style" shopping centres in an affluent established area of inner Melbourne. Kate lived alone in a flat upstairs above the shop and this meant that she often worked back late after normal shop hours.

Kate incidently is a very attractive dark haired lady in her early thirties and has a personality and humour that I find very easy to relate to.

In the first few weeks of work I was naturally a bit nervous to do well but I quickly settled in to working along with Kate and finding her to be a very kind and patient employer and soon friend.

In hindsight I guess that I now know that Kate took an immediate liking to me and as we worked together I too relaxed with her and somehow felt drawn to this mature and sophisticated lady.

When I first came to the shop it was winter and I initially wore a warm practical outfit that often included jeans or slacks and a cream or plain blouse and pullover. In a short time however I quickly modified this image as I watched the clientele and more importantly Kate who always dressed smartly and with an eye I discovered to the "PRODUCT". As she taught me early on "when your business is lingerie you must live the business and dress to advertise and seduce the customer into buying".

It was common for Kate to wear lacy bodysuits and stockings coupled with classy dresses or suits and outfits that accentuated her distinctive feminine lines. She was very fond of tight form fitting outfits and wore her makeup and hair in a stylish confident manner.

Not wishing to be out of place and looking for Kates acceptance I gradually copied much of her style and asked her opinion on my own clothing purchases.

Over these weeks I became more and more obsessed with trying to please Kate in everything I did and though I didn't realise it at first I guess now that I was becoming obsessed by Kate herself.

Looking back, Kate never showed any overt intimacy to me in this time, other than the occasional stray touch or brush of hands or bodies as we moved past each other in the narrow shop, everything remained professional but friendly.

Finally one Friday night as the shop was due to close, I was straightening up the products on the shelves as no-one was in the shop to serve, when Kate walked up to me and handed me a pack of pantyhose. At first I assumed that I was to put them away when she spoke up and said, "here try these on". My quizzical expression must have been obvious because she said, "have a look at your legs, you can't work in a Lingerie shop and have a ladder in your stockings".

I looked down and to my embarrassment noticed a distinct line down my right leg. "Oh I'm sorry Kate but I must have caught it on the counter" I said.

"Don't apologise dear, I'm only having a tease, just see how they look .. I think that they will suit you".

They were a shiny black pair of pantyhose with obviously a high Lycra content which made them both tight and soft at the same time. As I pulled them on in the change cubicle I heard Kate locking up the shop out front and then her footsteps walking back to the rear of the shop where I was preparing to pull on my short black skirt again. "How are they" Kate asked as she pulled back the fabric curtain on the cubicle. I stood up with a start dropping the skirt around my ankles as I did so. "Ah they look great" she added reaching forward and running her palm down the outside of my thigh and sending charges of excitement like electricity to my brain.

I was momentarily stunned then struggling to regain my composure I responded, "They're g-great ..... how much do I owe you?"

"Nothing .... they’re on me" said Kate.

She turned as if nothing had happened and I stood transfixed watching as she went about her work until I remembered my skirt around my ankles and hoisted it back to my waist and stepped into my shoes.

Awkwardly I finished my own duties looking for any hint as to her intentions and not knowing what was going on in my own head. Finally after completing our chores and exchanging a little small talk I grabbed my coat to leave and said goodnight. Kate followed me to the front door and held it open for me, then as I pulled on my coat and straightened the shoulder pads she uncharacteristically leant forward and planted a short kiss on my lips and said goodnight.

I stumbled out of the shop my mind racing and my stomach in a knot. I don't remember the journey home but that night in bed I hardly slept as my mind tossed over the evenings events and played out a range of fanciful and strange scenarios. I had not considered myself a lesbian before but that night I dreamed of Kate and in the darkness my fingers found my pussy lips and my groin was filled with fire.


All the next day I was confused with pent up emotions and fears that she had done nothing out of the ordinary and I was imagining everything. Several times I caught myself staring at her as she worked in the shop or served a customer and I had to focus myself back at the job and try not to do anything stupid.

Kate made no other signals that morning that I was anything else to her but an employee but I searched her words and her actions for anything that might betray her thoughts about me.

At closing time as I again began to tidy up, Kate asked me what I was going to get up to that weekend. Brought back to reality I remembered my Birthday on the Sunday and my invitation to dinner that same evening with my parents. "Oh! well actually its my Birthday tomorrow and I'm having dinner tonight with my folks" I answered.

"You naughty girl, why didn't you tell me it was your Birthday" Kate responded, "I hope that you have a lovely night".

Again as I left the shop Kate wished me a Happy Birthday and kissed me lightly in a sort of social way that struck me as an anti climax after the previous night.

I was already walking down the street when Kate called me back and asked, "What are you doing tomorrow night dear".

"Oh well I guess that I'll be back at Sharron's and my place..... why?".

"Well" Kate continued, a smile growing on her face, "how about you and I having a little dinner over here to celebrate your birthday, I feel dreadful for not knowing that it was coming up".

"Oh! that would be lovely" I said my heart rising at the prospect but trying to suppress my emotions.

"Great then" Kate said with a touch of finality, "I'll see you here about 8pm ... and just bring yourself, It'll be my little treat".

"Oh please don't go to any trouble" I responded, "can't I bring some wine or desert or something".

"No!" she replied emphatically "just come as you are.... now off with you before you miss your train".

I was now grinning like a Cheshire and she just smiled back warmly, "I'll see you tomorrow then.. at 8" I said.

"I'll look forward to it ... and have a lovely night tonight Jane ... goodbye". So saying Kate took my shoulder and gently pulled me forward and kissed me once more lightly and briefly on the lips, then gently guided me back and away with her same hand.

As I turned and walked away I could feel my face turning crimson and an expectant warmth grew in my stomach. I felt almost like I wanted to skip and jump for joy.


A typical family evening followed with a home cooked dinner and a few birthday gifts, mainly practical T shirts, some perfume and a book on my childhood hobby of horseriding. I felt deflated by the night and found my thoughts wandering to Kate and wishing that I was elsewhere. Not wishing to hurt my parents feelings I tried hard to be loving and grateful but suddenly I felt a gulf growing between us and I fear that they began to sense it too.

On Sunday afternoon after spending the morning with my parents and catching up with a couple of my girlfriends who were living nearby, I ate lunch and excused myself to go back to my flat as early as I could.

I travelled back to the flat by train lost in my thoughts and I couldn't wait to get to the shop and see Kate.


That night I took extra care with my appearance and wore some of the new Birthday perfume which I must admit was my favourite brand and quite expensive. I put on a new red polo neck pullover, a black mini skirt and the shiny black pantyhose that Kate had given me.

When I arrived at the shop it was 7.50 PM and I rang Kates private doorbell and waited. A few minutes later she greeted me at the door and apologised for keeping me waiting, "I'm sorry to keep you dear but I'm never on time when I'm cooking dinner... I must be out of practice".

"Thats fine" I replied, "I am a bit early".

She closed the door behind me and I followed her up the steep stairs. She was wearing her favourite black leather mini skirt and jacket over a flattering white lycra bodysuit top. Together with her long black boots she cut an impressive figure and I followed her with my eyes fixed to the almost sacred sight I had of her white stockinged thighs between boots and short skirt. Occasionaly I even glimpsed her bare flesh above the stocking tops, through the skirt slit at the back.

"Your looking great today Jane" Kate remarked as she helped me off with my coat, "So do you Kate" I replied blushing a little.

"Your wearing those lovely pantyhose dear", Kate observed, "I said that they would suit you. I had feared that you didn't like them when you didn't wear them to work yesterday".

"Not at all," I responded defensively "I love them but I thought that they might get torn or damaged at work... I wanted to save them for a special occasion".

"Is this a special occasion?" she probed then laughed softly to dilute the import of the observation. She changed the topic before I could respond, "would you like a drink dear".

"Yes, anything you're having" I replied. "How about Champagne then" Kate offered.

We continued in this way for some time, exchanging small talk while I took in the surroundings of Kate's flat. It was reasonably large by what I could see, occupying the upstairs of maybe 2 or 3 of the linked shops below. It had obviously been recently restored and looked like one of those gracious Victorian living spaces with antiques and comfortable old furniture.

"Do you want the guided tour" Kate remarked watching my roving eyes. "Yes please" I accepted, "It's a lovely house Kate".

I had seen the Kitchen and Lounge room but Kate took me through the Dining room with its large Oak table, the hall with its Victorian Arch, bathroom and toilet, Bedroom with a big four poster bed (the like of which I had only seen in movies) and small sort of glass atrium at the rear. Kate explained that this last room was her favourite when the sun was setting and was the warmest part of the house on a cool spring day.

We passed a few shut doors that Kate didn't open, but politeness prevented me from enquiring what lay beyond.

Throughout the house I saw stained glass windows and open fireplaces which gave it a rich and comfortable warmth, in short I thought it was the most beautiful home I had ever seen.

My rapture in the house must have been evident, for as we moved from room to room I felt Kate open up and the tenseness that I realised we both had been experiencing began to slip away. By the time that we returned to the kitchen we were both laughing at some joke or other and sipping the last of our glass of Champagne.

We ate a wonderful dinner and talked casually about many topics. Instead of employer and employee, we talked like a couple of girlfriends and the age difference and situation seemed to hold no relevance.

After dinner, we loaded the dishes in the dishwasher and retired to the fireplace with a couple of port glasses. It was at this point that Kate produced a most beautifully wrapped birthday gift for me and I knew immediately that the contents would be classy.

I was embarrased at the gift but her lovely smile and the effects of the wine prevented me from protesting and with genuine joy I unfastened the package. Inside I recognised the inner wrapping of an expensive matched gift pack of lingerie that we sold downstairs. The delicate black suspender belt, g-string and low cut brassiere were my first such exclusive items and the matching stockings were the genuine French article.

"You shouldn't have" I gasped, "these are far too much". "Not at all" Kate admonished, "what’s the good of owning a candy shop if you don't take a bite occasionally".

"Why don't you try them on" Kate offered "and when you do that I have another surprise.... but don't get too excited.... the surprise isn't exactly ..NEW".

"Oh truly Kate I don't know what to say, you shouldn't spoil me like this" I said, but in my chest my heart was pounding and yes I did want to try on this seductive finery.

"Come into the bedroom Jane and lets see how they fit" Kate said and took my hand to help me up from the low couch. She led me to the bedroom... the one with the dramatic four poster bed and dreamily almost mesmerised I followed her directions and removed my clothing. My current underwear though reasonably new seemed course and insulting and I was anxious to remove it in my friends presence.

Surprisingly I felt no shame or embarrassment now, though I was inwardly emotional. I wanted this thing to happen and I was playing the game by Kates rules.

I pulled on the stockings first and then the garter belt to support them. Next I tried the bra and Kate stepped forward to secure the clasp behind. Her hand then stroked the small of my back and she walked around to my front and looked me up and down admiringly. This was all it took for I finally blushed and had to turn my eyes away, I looked down at my silken feet and crossed my hands across my exposed pubic hairs.

"What’s all this then" Kate kidded me "there’s nothing to be shy about look great" and saying this Kate stepped closer and gave me a warm motherly hug.

"Oh Kate they are beautiful and I am so grateful" I whispered almost ready to weep.

"There there" Kate responded and placing a finger under my chin lifted my face up until I was looking into her eyes, "You! are the thing of beauty" she instructed "and the clothes are merely a complement to you.. now sit down here for a moment on the edge of the bed while I find you your other little surprise".

Kate walked to a door which she opened revealing a large walk-in wardrobe into which she disappeared momentarily.

When she returned she held a coat hanger supporting a substantial black leather dress.

"This is for you Jane, I'm sorry it's not brand new but I find that I was a litle optimistic when I bought it and I should have gone for a size larger" said Kate. "I only wore it once and I found it a little on the breathless side" she smiled ...."but on you it should be perfect".

She held out the supple black leather outfit for me to admire and I took in the simple graceful lines of the long sleeved high neck dress with its long narrow skirt.

"Come on dear, stand up and I will help you on with it" Kate offered and I rose obediently and expectantly.

The leather was soft and it was obviously a very expensive item going by the Italian label I observed as I slipped it on. The cut was very slim and form fitting and I suspect if not for the young stretchy leather it would not have fitted even me.

Kate eased the second skin over my shape and straightened and moulded the seams over my arms and body. The long zip in back extended from the high roll neck down past my buttocks and I had to almost breathe in to allow Kate to fasten it up.

The effect I must admit was immediately exciting and most unlike any outfit that I had ever tried before. The tight sleeves and body hugged my flesh like rubber and the tight narrow skirt was not much roomier. My hips and thighs were squeezed and it was only below the knees that I had the slight freedom to make short measured steps across the shaggy white carpet.

Kate helped me back into my black stilletos that I had arrived in and then motioned me towards the mirror in the walk-in robe where I admired the alien reflection that greeted my eyes.

The exotic nature of the outfit and the tight satin finish of the leather combined to make a different person of me and I began to marvel at the remarkable character I had become.

"What do you think" Kate asked interrupting my thoughts.

"Its amazing" I replied "its a beautiful dress and I've never owned anything in leather that felt and looked this good".

"Yes that was my thought when I first tried it on" Kate said, "but I didn't look as good as you do in it".

Her words caught me by surprise and I spun around to protest, "that’s stupid" I said, "I could never look as beautiful as you".

"Oh is that so" she answered smiling, "I appreciate the compliment but it's not true from where I'm standing Jane". It was my turn to feel embarrassed again and I wrung my hands again not knowing what to say.

"There there my dear, I do believe that you genuinely think of yourself as the ugly duckling" Kate said, "but that is most definitely wrong". "Here take a seat on the bed again and I'll give you a little of the boss's advice and experience".

I sat down again and Kate busied herself about the room collecting her brushes from the side table and telling me things that I can hardly remember now. But I do remember the tone of her voice and the feelings that began to well up inside me as she began to brush my long hair.

She spoke to me something about men and their lust for beauty, she talked of love and a woman's needs for companionship and trust. It was apparent that Kate had been hurt by men and without her intending it, I began to feel a deep sympathy and caring towards her.

She finished my hair and began to kneed my shoulders and back. The black leather dress was so thin and tight that the pressure felt like it was almost directly on my own skin. Her finger traced an invisible line down my back sending a shiver to my brain and she leant forward to position her face only centimetres from my own.

"Your a very special girl Jane and I love you very much" Kate whispered. Her lips were large and soft and engulfed my whole attention, before I knew what had happened they drew closer and softly caressed my own lips. Not quite a kiss they contacted with my mouth and hovered like a bee not quite sure where to land.

The next kiss was not so tentative and my own lips responded without hesitation.

I turned slightly towards her and Kate lay me back on the bed and leaned over me and pressed her advantage.

We were soon embracing and our hands roamed and pressed against each others leather clothing. My hand slipped inside her jacket and cupped her soft bodysuited breast, inviting a small gasp to escape Kates lips.

We rolled about on the bed continuing our exploration of each other and discarding any items of clothing that didn't put up too much resistance. Our shoes and Kates leather jacket fell beside the bed as we kissed and hugged with passion I had never known.

Finally after almost an hour of this intimacy, Kate arose from the bed and turned off the bedroom light, she then lit up several candles about the room and a warm romantic flicker illuminated the area near the bed as Kate removed her tight leather mini and peeled down that glorious white bodysuit.

Beneath the bodysuit she stood exposed, bra-less and with only her white suspender belt, stockings and knickers.

Signalling me to rise, Kate gave me a hand to slide off the bed battling the constraints of my new dress and aided me in peeling the warm fleshy leather from my body. Next she unbuckled my bra and removed her own knickers, leaving us both standing in only stockings and suspender belts, hers white and mine black, a fitting contrast to our respective hair.

We now moved closer together and embraced where we stood, our hands finding each others largely naked flesh for the first time. Kates dark pubic triangle caught my attention and the yearnings of my own flesh, inspired me to stroke the tight curly hair and cup her mound.

Kate responded with a low moan and threw back her head conveying some unspoken encouragement that needed no translation. Not knowing what I should do next my fingertips and nails explored the patch as gently and delicately as I dared.

Perhaps sensing my uncertainty, Kate returned me to the bed and took over the initiative and via kiss and touch created sensations that words cannot describe. Following my initially clumsy attempts to mimic my new lover, I eventually succeeded in stimulating her to a significant climax and we collapsed in each others arms.

Around midnight we finally extinguished the candles and slipped beneath the bedclothes like two exhausted children cuddling each other for warmth and comfort in the dark. Only exhaustion prevented me from thinking all night about the evenings events, but I slept very happily and with a partner by my side for the first time in my life.


Working with Kate continued to be a joy to me and gradually I used to stay over at Kates house more and more. Kate insisted that it was important for me to maintain an outside existence and not work and live solely at her place but I found the wrench of leaving her very hard to do.

One night after work, we dashed upstairs and stripped as we scampered to the bedroom. In usual fashion Kate instructed me and I complied quickly with every direction or suggestion for our play. I was dressed only in my stockings and garter belt as Kate laid me on the bed and began to knead my urgent mound. Arousal came quite quickly and with it the lubrication we required. Tenderly Kate produced and inserted a medium sized penis shaped vibrator into me, with a remote wire about a metre long leading to a curious switch. The vibrator was next secured into place with a tight black wet look leotard which stretched tautly around my groin and prevented any liklihood of the vibrator working its way back out.

Next I was equipped with long black leather gloves, black high heeled knee length boots and a rubber penis gag secured around my head with broad rubber straps. In the mirror I was starting to look like a kinky magazine centre spread.

After this I was outfitted in that tight black leather dress which I was given on our first night together and I was once again squeezed by that delightfully tight supple skin. Laid out on the bed Kate secured my wrists to the two posts at the head of the bed with leather straps made for the purpose and secured my already dress hobbled legs together with additional broad leather straps. These last straps were positioned both above and below my knees and also at my booted ankles.

Kate then produced a light coil of soft rope which she proceeded to thread through tiny pulleys secreted in the four posters canopy. She connected the inactive vibrator switch to the top of my gag and secured one end of the rope to the opposite side of the switch. Next the loose end of the rope which hung near the foot of the bed was secured to my ankles which had been lifted approximately 18 inches from the bed. Finally she attached a small bag of sand around my ankles which dragged my heels down with the force of exaggerated gravity. The effect was to pull at my gag straps lifting my head slightly from the bed and all the time straining at the vibrator switch which hung tautly just below my eyes.

"Now my dear" Kate observed "while your tied up here I might go and have a quick shower and change. But just to show I still love you, here’s a little introduction of what is to come" and with that she flicked a small switch on the side of the vibrator switch which sent the device buzzing uncontrollably inside me.

Quickly I discovered that on lifting my ankles against the weight of the sand bag, I somehow overrode the vibrator switch temporarily cutting off the stimulation until my muscles sagged and the power came back on.

In this exciting and exasperating way I bucked and tensioned my body on and off in response to the vibrators commands while Kate wandered off to freshen up.

After what seemed like hours Kate returned in a transparent black negligee that floated loosely around her naked form. After she asked if I had finished my naughty game, I nodded awkwardly and mutely and she proceeded then to release me from my light rope bondage.

In this way we continued exploring our remarkable relationship broadening and developing our experiences with new and varied experiments wherever possible.


One of our recent adventures occurred after we purchased an amazing sleepsack from an online shop called Winter Fetish.

This unisex Sleepsack was made of a fantastic soft but firm spandex/lycra and had the effect of mummifying the subject in a head to toe cocoon which allowed the occupant virtually no movement whatsoever.

After private play sessions with this sleepsack, Kate decided to feature my mummified form at a dinner gathering of a few of our lesbian fetish friends. An hour before Greta and her sub Susie as well as Millicent and her partner Judy arrived, I was showered and prepared for the evening to come.

Kate dressed me first in a tight black lycra catsuit with a zipper crotch opening. Laying me then on top of the open sleepsack she inserted an electronic anal plug/dildo and followed this with a devilish remote controlled dildo in my front opening which incorporated a tickler extension that hovered over my clit. My legs were then strapped together above and below my knees and attached to these straps were additional leather loops which then accommodated an aluminium rod which ran the length of my legs connecting to my vaginal dildo and extending down to a cross piece which rested above the tops of my feet. This cross piece was then strapped around my feet, giving me the ability to tilt my ankles and raise my feet/toes which in turn thrust the dildo up and down as I desired. My arms were next immobilised down my sides by being attached in two places to straps around my chest and waist. A final touch was the insertion of a large red ball gag into my mouth through the mouth opening in the attached catsuit mask and this was strapped around my head. Now only my eyes were visible thru the eyeholes of the all enclosing black catsuit.

After this preparation I was sealed into the brilliant bright red sleepsack which effectively hid the accessory's attached to my body and added anonymity to my obviously trussed feminine form. Throughout the process Kate continued to take digital photos of my situation which she took great pleasure in displaying to me after the evening.

With the help of our friend Lisa I was lifted onto a firm, purpose shaped foam rubber mattress about 10 inches high. This contoured base was shaped to my body and was the same size as my flat mummified footprint. Because it was higher around the edges but was cut into a body shaped depression along its length - I was effectively mounted and on display but unable to roll off this platform which now sat along the middle of the dining table like a living decorative centrepiece.

As the guests arrived, I recognised their voices and suffered their jibes and jokes as they traced with their fingers along my mummified form and the unyielding Lycra cocoon. Thus far my dildos remained deeply buried but peaceful and I was content to lie still and wait to see how long this would last.

After the entree was finished I heard Kate Introduce the evenings entertainment, I was not surprised to hear that that entertainment was me!

Up until this point I was not actually aware of what Kate had in mind - but this was quickly revealed as she explained her game plan to our guests. Producing a board game from the adjoining room Kate explained to our guests the concept of "Sexual Pursuit" a Trivial Pursuit style game variant which involved the group answering comical sexual related questions which Kate had thoughtfully vetted and selected the lesbian and fetish related questions only. After each course of the meal she would ask five questions and whoever answered the most questions correctly got to control the two remote control dildos for five minutes. The only stipulation was to be that no-one was to allow me to come before the final round, following desert. The goal was merely to tease and frustrate the incapacitated victim.

All went well for the first round, it was pleasant but restrained and the girls were largely gentle with me. As the evening progressed and the consumption of wine took its toll, the game play became a lot more ruthless. By the third course round of our four course meal I was becoming a bitch on heat and when the vibrations eased I was desperate and jiggling the only flexible part of my body... my feet.... trying single mindedly to finish the task that the guests were carefully avoiding. As my grunts and jiggling increased - I was vaguely aware that the group were now laughing and sniggering loudly as they witnessed my frantic performance. Fearing a premature end to our game Kate took a pre-planned action and I was suddenly aware of a new restraint gripping my tilting feet and locking them into a now rigid vertical aspect. Try as I might the new strap locking the feet in its tight grip stopped almost all my self stimulation and effectively stalled my approaching climax.

Needless to say I listened intently through the dessert chatter and the ensuing final questions. When the winner was announced - my anticipation was palpable and I just wanted the game to end and gain my release both sexually and physically. The finale was great and the winner played her part frustratingly well…in short order I was right on the cusp of my orgasm, my feet were again released and I needed no encouragement to help hump my self to was amaaaazing!

Needless to say the guests enjoyed the entertainment.


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