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Mistress Jane

by Kinky Kent

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© Copyright 2010 - Kinky Kent - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; catsuit; tease; foreplay; dom; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

She really is quite the minx. Her long hair cascading down her back, framing her face on one side, yet partially concealing the slight smile and the mischievous glint in her eye on the other as she peered through her Auburn locks. I know that look. The look that she gets when she wants to play. The look that I'm always falling for. The one that melts all my resistance. The look that says she owns me. Of course my Mr Willie immediately sprange to life, a mind of it's own, instantly signaling it's interest in the events about to unfold.

Her smile grows wider as she glances down to confirm the obvious. Having caught me naked as the day I was born, with just the towel in my hand, as I exited the bath, she sat on the edge of my bed. Her head tilted to the side, aimlessly flipping pages of a magazine, she was defiantly up to something. What, I had no idea. But with that smile and glint in her eye I had no doubt I would soon find out. And I could hardily wait.

She was wearing my favorite jeans, they hugged her derriere just right, flowed down her thighs and calfs as if trying to fuse with her skin. The preverbal painted on tightness causing Mr Willie to throb a little more. The jean cuff at her ankle was hidden by the black leather boots with the wicked heels that clicked so sexily as she walked across a hard floor. I swear I could hear the click-clack now although she was stretched out, resting on one elbow, her hip protruding provocatively, with her right leg crossed over at the knees. Her toe was tapping to some unheard tune in her head. She wore a simple turtleneck red sweater. The kind that holds off the brisk cold of an early spring day. The kind that molds to her breasts and narrow waist like a sort of corset, accentuating her fine curves before stopping just beyond her waistline. Oh yeah, I would do her bidding, whatever the consequences might be.

But I was determined to hide all of this from her. No, I would play it cool and aloof. I wouldn't fall easy prey to this vixen, this siren of kink. She wouldn't want it that way. We would dance our little dance. The lust seething just under the surface as we jousted for Dominance. Each trying to seduce the other, to enslave for the weekend our partner. To use and command as we wished for our mutual pleasure. I never knew just how these games would play themselves out. I did know the weekend would be filled with an exciting mix of passion, need, and lust, with just the right amount of danger tossed in regardless of who ended up on top. It was, as they say, our destiny.

My destiny was to please her. Whether to submit to her totally or to sweep her off her feet. To ravage her body with a wanton lust bordering on the animalistic, or sweet and passionate, like some overdramatic romance novel. Regardless of the how, it would be my task to ensure her total pleasure.

I really hadn't been expecting her. She said she had to work all weekend. Slowly she raised up off the bed and sauntered over to me. She stepped up close to me, slightly to my left side and rose up on tiptoe as if to give me a slight peck on the check. With her left hand she danced her fingertips over my thigh. Her nails danced around Mr Willie, teased at my balls and then they were gone, as was she, all the while whispering into my ear "It's about time asshole, I thought you'd never get out of the shower!" Oh how she loved to tease. A very real payback would be in order at some point this weekend.

As she departed into the bathroom I noted that she had also been on my computer. There displayed in all 42 inches of the flat screen were the images of the site she had been exploring.

A beautiful redhead adorned the screen in not one but three separate images, each intoxicating in it's own right, displaying the company's three distinct product categories in the most scintillating and tasteful manner.

The banner read "Winter Fetish, the highest quality stretchwear." It was easy to see that garments made by this company would certainly be enhanced by the voluptuous woman in my bathroom. Now don't get me wrong the model on the web page before me was certainly quite attractive, but the simple fact was that, well, I'm a one woman man. Hell, I'd be crazy not to be, as any red blooded man would attest to after seeing my Jane.

Seeing the sexy model on the screen before me set off a flood images of Jane in my mind. Any one of the three materials shown on the page would embrace every curve of my Jane's fabulous body. I began clicking on the various categories, caught up in the rapture of my kinky imagination as I pictured my Jane bound by some of these wonderful products. The darlex straightjacket dress with its trim collar above the smooth shoulders leading down to its tight, form fitting embrace, accentuating her jutting breasts, the nip of her waist, and the flair of her hips, only to taper down to her ankles like the most severe form of full length pencil skirt known to man. Oh yeah, these were definitely products worth their weight in gold.

"See anything that interests you?" she hissed into my ear as her arms enveloped me. Resting her chin on my shoulder she peered at the images before us. He breathing was shallow and she began nibbling on my earlobe as her hands slid across my body. One hand went low to tease Mr Wille while the other went high to toy with my nipple. "Bet you'd like to see me in that" she whispered. With her hot breath in my ear she began her assault. Her teeth teasingly clinched down on my earlobe as her nails dug into my nipple and her hand tightened its grip on Mr Willie, drawing out a faint moan from deep in my throat as I closed my eyes.

She pulled us both back to recline onto the bed, yet with the practiced swiftness that only years of dance and martial arts training can bring, she freed herself from behind me only to pounce on top of me as my back hit the mattress. In one seamless motion she threw her leg across my body, coming to rest atop my prone form trapping my hands at my sides between her powerful thighs. She leaned forward slightly with her palms flat on my chest and her fingers splayed across my nipples toying with them until they responded accordingly.

OK.... so cool and aloof just went out the window. Damn how well she knew just how to press my submissive buttons. Mr Willie was trapped too. She was rising and falling the full length of Mr Willie with her pelvis shifting ever so slightly as she reached the apex of her stroke, threatening to envelop him at any moment. But she couldn't. Had she made a fatal error in her haste to assault my body with hers? Had she not removed her panties? I could certainly feel the silky smoothness of clothing between us. And how would she proceed without releasing her grip on me. This would be my chance to turn the tables on her! My eyes sprung open. I was sure I would see the look of surprise on her face as she realized her mistake.

Instead what I saw was her sly smile and that glint in her eye!

Suddenly I realized that she was wearing a catsuit straight from the website we were just viewing. As if the suit leapt from the screen to envelop every curve and crevice of her firm body. Once again she had fooled me! Instantly I realized that she had this all planned in advance. She had carefully thought out every detail of our dance and that meant only one thing! I would be the one to serve all her whims on this glorious weekend...... be continued? Let me know what you think, I might find time to tell the rest of the story....... That is after I'm released from the spandex sleepsack she's guiding my feet into.......


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