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My First Leotard and Tights

by Leotardspank

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Storycodes: M/m; drinking; drugs; spandex; leotards; tights; boots; tease; bdsm; spank; mast; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

I was eighteen years old when I moved out of my parent’s house and got my first apartment. I lived on the third floor across the hall from a real cool guy named Don who was twenty-four years old. Two days after I moved into the apartment Don invited me over to watch a movie and get high. I went over to his apartment but I told him that I had only smoked a joint once in my life and I was a little nervous. So we sat and had some beers and talked for a while and then he asked me if I was ready to get high. I told him the four beers had helped but I was still a little nervous. Then Don asked me if I had ever heard that wearing a leotard and tights while your getting stoned makes the experience more intense. I said that I had never heard that, and asked him if he was kidding.

Don looked me straight in the eye and said, "No dude I’m serious I wear a leotard and tights all the time when I get stoned." He grabbed me by the hand and took me into his bedroom. He opened a dresser drawer and showed me a huge selection of long sleeve leotards and matching tights. He told me to pick out the color that I wanted to wear as he took the black leotard and black tights for himself. I decided that I would wear the green leotard and green tights.

He told me that I could change in his bedroom with him or go in the bathroom. I decided to go to the bathroom and put mine on. I took off all my clothes and slid the smooth green tights on. I loved the way they felt. I stepped into the green leotard and pulled it up to my waist and it felt great as the leotard cupped my balls and cock. I put my arms in the soft tight sleeves and pulled the leotard up onto my shoulders. I looked in the mirror and was very impressed by the size of the cock bulge in the front of my leotard and tights. The green leotard and green tights was like a big soft hug of tight nylon on my whole body. It was making my cock start to tingle and swell. I could already see that my cock was getting noticeably larger and harder. I tried not to get too excited because I didn’t want to walk out with a raging hardon in my leotard and tights.

I walked out and right after I walked out of the bathroom Don walked out of the bedroom. He looked totally hot in his tight, smooth long sleeve black leotard and black tights. He was wearing a pair of black western style boots. I asked him if he had any boots that I could wear. He told me that he had just the thing for me. He goes back in his bedroom and comes out with a pair of women’s high-heeled black leather boots. I took them from him without even saying anything and put them on. This made my cock even harder and more obvious. I stood up and I could feel my cock straining at the leotard and tights.

Don looks at me and says, "Well I guess you really like that leotard and tights from the look of things." He gives me a smile as he checks my leotard-covered package.

I look him over real good and I can’t believe how big the bulge is in the front of his leotard and tights. Without even thinking about it I said, "Dude you should talk, look at the size of the bulge in the front of your leotard and tights! You must have a really big dick to make that huge bulge!"

He just smiled and said, "Well, Let’s get high!"

Don pulls out a joint and we start getting high and the sensation of the leotard and tights was increasing. I started getting a real hardon now. By the time we finished my cock was rock hard and sticking straight out in my leotard and tights. When we get done Don looks down at my cock and says, "Wow dude you’ve totally got a boner in your leotards!"

I just smiled and laughed and I grabbed my cock and squeezed it and said, "Yeah man and this is the hardest boner I have ever had in my life! You should feel this thing!"

Don walks over and as I let go of my cock he grabs it and squeezes it. I just moaned and arched forward pushing my cock into his hand. He pulls me closer by my cock and says, "I know what you need!"

He brings me out to the kitchen and sits in a chair and pulls me down over his knee. Before I could even say anything he starts giving me a stinging spanking and the amazing thing is it felt wonderful. I was really getting into it! I started telling him to spank me harder and faster. Soon he was spanking me at a blistering pace and I loved it. Then he stopped and let me slide off his lap and I was kneeling between his knees.

I looked at him and noticed that his bulge was gigantic now and I couldn’t help staring at it. He tells me, "Go ahead and touch it, I know you want to feel that big dick in my leotard and tights".

He had a gigantic cock bulge in his leotard and tights and I reached out and started running my hand over his big thick dick. He slid forward on the chair and I grabbed his big dick and started rubbing up and down the hardening shaft. He grabbed the leg hole of his leotard and pulled it to the side so that just his tights were covering his big dick. It continued to grow and strain against his tights. I couldn’t believe how hard and long his big dick was now. Then he pulled down his tights and released his huge cock. He let go of the tights and the leg hole of his leotard and they closed around the base of his massive stiff cock. He had a huge pulsating meat missile standing straight up out of his leotard and tights. He stood up and I was still on my knees with his giant boner pulsing and throbbing right in front of me.

I looked up at him and he just gave me the knowing nod of his head and I leaned forward and took his big boner into my mouth and started sucking his dick. It was so big I couldn’t even fit half of it into my mouth. I sucked his dick the best I could but it only made his dick get thicker and harder. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and said, "I know what you need!"

Don took me by the arm and brought me into the other room and bent me over the back of his couch. He grabbed the leg hole of my leotard and pulled it to the side and then he pulled my tights down to reveal my tight little hole. I could feel the huge wet head of his juicy cock pressing against my tight butthole. He started pushing his massive cock into my ass and he said, "Now I’m gonna buttfuck you for wearing that green leotard and tights. I knew you wanted this when you wore those slut boots with your leotards! You want me to fuck you up the ass while you wear those leotards don’t you?"

"Yes," I gasped! "Fuck me; Fuck me hard, I want your big dick in my ass!"

He grabs me by the hips and says, "Don’t worry about that I’m gonna bury this boner in your butt right now, I’m gonna buttfuck you so hard you’ll never forget it!"

I leaned all the way forward to give him full access to my ass. Then he started shoving his cock into my ass as hard as he could. It hurt and felt great at the same time. My hard cock was still sticking straight out in my leotard and tights. It was in the crack between the cushion and the back of the couch. He was shoving his cock deep into my ass and I could not believe how big and thick it was. He started shoving and pushing as hard as he could until he had his entire cock in my ass. Then he leaned forward and asked me if I was ready to get fucked for wearing a green leotard and tights with slut boots. I told him to give it to me; I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could.

He grabbed me tight by the hips and pulled back and slammed his massive cock deep in my ass. I moaned and he started back to shove it in deep again. I tilted my ass up to get the deepest penetration. Again he slammed his big dick deep in my ass. Now my ass was loosening up. He grabbed my hips real tight and started into a regular rhythm of pulling back and forcefully slamming his massive cock deep into my ass. I was rocking forward with every thrust of his cock as he was slamming it into my tight ass. The feeling of the smooth green leotard and tights on my body and my throbbing hard cock was unbelievable.

He regripped his hold on my hips and started fucking my ass hard and fast. Then he shoved his cock as deep as he could into my ass. I could feel his cock thickening and hardening as he prepared to cum in my butt. I could feel my own cock straining against my leotard and tights, as I was getting ready to cum. Then I felt his cock let loose and he started pumping a huge load of cum into my butt. He was yelling, "This is for wearing that leotard and tights, this is for wearing those slut boots! Now I’m gonna cum in your ass! Now your gonna get my cock in your butt!" I started shooting my load of hot cum into my leotard and tights as he was filling my ass with his huge load of cum.

He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and fixed my leotard and tights. I straightened up and he saw the big wet spot in the front of my leotard and tights. He smiled and said, "I guess you really do liked getting buttfucked when you’re wearing that green leotard and tights with those slut boots".

I just shook my head as I was catching my breath. We peeled off our leotards and took showers and got dressed again. He took my green leotard and tights to wash them and dry them for me. We had a few more beers and relaxed until my leotard and tights was cleaned and dried. He told me that the green leotard and tights and slut boots would be mine from now on. He let me take them home and keep them. I could hardly wait for the next chance to wear my nice smooth green leotard and tights with the slut boots again.

I didn’t have to wait long either because I saw him in the parking lot about three days later and he asked me if I wanted to come over. I told him I would love to. He told me to wear my green leotard and tights with the slut boots and he would change into his black leotard and tights for me. I quickly put on my nice green leotard and tights with my boots and went across the hall and knocked on his door. He didn’t answer until the third time I knocked. I was getting excited standing in the hall in my smooth green leotard and matching green tights with high-heeled slut boots. I knew that someone could walk out in the hall and see me wearing my leotard and tights 

Don answers the door and he is wearing his beautiful black leotard and tights and once again I find myself staring at his massive bulge. He says, "Are you going to come in or are you going to stand there and stare at my dick?"

I walk into his apartment and he hands me a beer. He tells me to turn around so he can look at me. He tells me to stop when I have my back to him. He steps forward and presses his leotard clad cock bulge into my ass and says, "You know I’m gonna fuck your ass every time you wear this green leotard and tights with those slut boots don’t you?"

I laugh and say, "I hope so!" 

We finish our first beers while we are standing in the kitchen admiring each other’s leotards. Then we have two more beers while we look each other over and start to get horny. I can feel my cock starting to swell and press against my leotard and tights. I can see that his big dick is getting thicker and making a giant leotard cock bulge. We go into the living room and smoke a joint and now I’m really horny.

Don tells me to stand up so he can see how excited I am. I stand up and my cock is getting very hard and bulging out in my leotards. I push my hips forward to increase the leotard and tights pressure against my swelling cock. Don looks at me and says, "Well I guess you know what I’m going to have to do now".

I look down at him and say, "Spank me?"

He grabs me by the arm and takes me into the bedroom. He gets an old fashioned wooden hairbrush off the dresser and says, "Get over here leotard slut, I’m gonna give you a hairbrush spanking for wearing that green leotard and tights with those slut boots".

I walk over to him and he pulls me across his lap and starts spanking me as hard as he can. He tells me that I am a naughty leotard slut for dressing like that. He also tells me that he is going to buttfuck my leotard ass for being a leotard slut. I can’t believe how bad the hairbrush is stinging my ass. My cock is hard and sticking straight out in my leotard and tights again. I love the feeling of getting a real hard spanking in my leotard and tights. I start pumping my hard cock into my leotard and tights to fuck them as I get spanked with the hairbrush. He is spanking me as hard as he can and I start thrusting my cock into my leotard and tights as I fuck them.

Don stops spanking me and pushes me off on the floor. He grabs me by the hair and drags me out into the living room. I can see that his cock is huge and straining against his leotard and tights too. He opens the drapes in the living room so that if anyone looks they can see into his apartment. He bends me over the back of the couch and starts spanking me with the hairbrush again. Now he’s winding up real far and spanking me as hard as he can. I love it and start to fuck my leotard and tights with my big hard leotard boner.

Then Don stops spanking me and tells me to get on my knees. He pulls the leg opening of his leotard to the side to reveal his massive cock straining against his black tights. He starts rubbing his cock and tells me that I make him horny when I wear my green leotard and tights with those slut boots. I can see his big dick getting longer and harder. He pulls down his tights and his big dick springs out. He lets go of the tights and then the leg opening of his leotard. His huge cock is sticking straight out of his leotard and tights. His balls are still firmly packed into his leotard and tights.

He starts sliding his hand up and down the shaft of his big dick and it gets rock hard. His hand is sliding up to the tip and then coming back and slapping his balls. Then he stops and his big dick is sticking straight out and pulsing. He walks over to me and says, "Suck my dick leotard slut, and give me a blowjob right now!" I open my mouth and he puts his dick in before I can even move forward. I start sucking his dick and it really gets hard and big now!

Then he pulls out of my mouth just like last time and grabs my hair and bends me over the back of the couch right in front of the window. He pulls my leotard to the side and my tights down enough to gain entry and he’s fucking my ass again. This time the curtains are wide open and someone could be watching us. Don starts yelling at me through his grit teeth as he forces his cock deep in my ass. "You are really going to get fucked this time!" "I’m going to buttfuck you as hard as I can!" "I’m going to show you what happens to leotard sluts that like to get spanked!" "I’m going to shove my big dick all the way into your ass you leotard slut!"

He starts fucking me hard and pushing his cock deep into my ass. I lean forward and spread my legs with my knees bent to get all of his cock in my ass. He’s slamming his cock into me and I love it, I want to get fucked in my leotard and tights. I can feel his cock swelling as I begin shooting my load into my leotard and tights. Don shoves his cock deep into my ass and keeps pushing and pushing as he starts pumping a huge load of cum deep in my ass.

When he finishes I let my legs drop and he just stands there catching his breath with his cock still shoved up my ass. He slowly pulls his big cock out of my ass and we both sit down and relax. We continued this leotard and tights relationship for the next two years. We would get together at least once a week and sometimes as often as four times a week to wear our leotards and tights and have wild Lycra clad sex.




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