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My Love Of Lycra

by LycraLover

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© Copyright 2010 - LycraLover - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-m; lycra; outdoors; MF; caress; oral; mast; sex; toys; sleepsack; catsuit; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with lycra. The feeling of it is amazing, it's soft touch, it's stretchiness, but what I love most is wearing it, and the look of someone else wearing it. The way it stretches over the body, covering, and displaying everything, and then the way it feels as your touch said body in lycra... well to me it's the greatest feeling ever.

This fetish has led me to trying many different sports involving the wearing of spandex; swimming, cycling, and dancing for a while (though it wasn't for me). This story occurs on one my cycling outings:

Part 1

I had the afternoon off of work, so I decided it was time for a cycle, and maybe indulge in some fun while out on my ride. I quickly donned my cycling outfit, a spandex suit with shorts and short sleeves and a zipper that ran up the back into a turtle neck, it was coloured black with a diagonal red stripe from my left shoulder to my right leg. This was one of my favourite suits to wear while outside, as it was a perfectly acceptable cycling suit, and also kept me very much turned on during my ride. I pulled it on slowly, savouring the feeling of the suit sliding up and over my legs, making sure it was nice snug at the crotch. After softly stroking my balls through the lycra, I pulled the rest of it up and pulled the arms into place, once again letting the spandex stretch over my cock. I zipped up the suit and ran my hands slowly over my body, revelling in the tight smoothness of the lycra covering my body, and rubbed my now hard cock through it.

“Enough,” I whispered to myself, and quickly grabbed my bike and headed out of the door.

As I started on one of my usual cycling routes, I let my mind wander to the feeling of my suit, how it gripped my thighs and chest in such a pleasurable way, and how the lycra kept sliding over my hardening loins. I pedalled a little faster and lifted myself off of the seat a little to increase the friction from the spandex, and felt it drag across my cock again as I gave a little shiver of pleasure.

After about 30 minutes of cycling, I pulled over to a little picnic bench I always stopped at on the route. I took a deep drink from my sports bottle and calmed myself down while sitting on the bench. About five minutes into my break I heard another bike pull up behind me. I moved my hand from my crotch (where it had been “resting”), and turned around. A girl had just stopped and climbed off her bike and was heading towards me, I had saw her around here a couple of times, so I smiled at her briefly while quickly taking in her appearance. She was about 5' 7'', short dark hair and wearing what looked like black spandex leggings with a little zipper jumper on top, and good god she looked good.

She waved back at me and came over, sitting down next to me she started drinking from her own sports bottle. Once she had finished drinking I extended my hand to her. “Hey, I'm Michael,” I said.

She smiled and shook my hand, “Hayley.”

“Charmed” I replied.

“I'm sure you are!” she retorted with a chuckle. I laughed in return.

“I've seen you around here a couple of times, do you cycle much?” I asked.

“Yeah yeah, I moved here a month or so ago, and I've been out on this route pretty much every week since, I love cycling!” I noticed her hand absent mindedly stroking her spandex clad thigh, and I tried not to stare too hard (or let my mind wander for that matter)!

“Well I know a tonne of routes around these parts, so I'd be happy to show you a couple of others if you wanted?” I said hopefully. She smiled and seemed to considered it for a moment before saying:

“Sure, I'd love that!”

We chatted for another ten minutes or so before the conversation somehow got on to this:

“Well you must have been cycling for a long time,” Hayley was saying, “because you have a great body, especially in that suit!”

I was speechless, only for a second, “Well you don't look so bad yourself, especially in those leggings!”

She gave a little laugh, “These aren't leggings, but thank you all the same!”

I raised an eyebrow at that one, “Oh really? What are they then?”

She stood up in front of me and quickly looked around, apparently making sure the coast was clear, before she slowly started to take off her zipper. Once she'd removed it, my jaw almost hit the ground. Standing before me was an absolutely gorgeous girl, wearing a black full-body catsuit, with no feet or hands in it, with a turtle-neck zipper up the back. While I have been motionless, my cock certainly wasn't, it was starting to bulge out the front of my suit. She noticed immediately, and almost blushed. “Glad you approve,” she whispered.

I slowly reached out to touch her and looked at her for approval. She nodded slowly at me, and I quickly wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me, my hands rubbing all over her spandex back, and working my way over her shoulders down her sides. She moaned quietly into my neck before nibbling me with her teeth, then kissed her way up to my mouth. She grabbed my ass with one hand and my neck with the other, and I did the same to her, loving the way her gorgeous ass felt in the catsuit. My cock was now fully hard and stretching the spandex out and resting against Hayley's lycra clad stomach, she broke the kiss and moved back a little, putting my hands to my sides. She smiled a devilish smile and knelt in front of me. She cupped my balls in one hand, and started slowly kissing the tip of my cock through the spandex. I melted in her touch, I ran my hands through her hair, as her kisses became more forceful, as well as licking my cock over the spandex and massaging my balls.

I let this treatment continue for a bit before pulling her to her feet. I then spun her around, pushing my cock into her spandex ass, grinding into it, feeling the two layers of lycra rub over each other, while she pushed back into me, moaning louder. I reached around and massaged her tit with one hand, pinching her nipples and squeezing, while with the other I ran it up the inside of her leg before cupping her pussy, feeling the heat coming from it, even through her catsuit. I then started rubbing her through the suit, and her legs almost gave way, she reach backwards grabbing my ass with one hand, and over her head onto my neck with the other, grinding furiously against me now.

She eventually stopped this and pushed me away. “Is your place close?” she said in a husky voice. I nodded, unable to speak.

We sped back to my place on our bikes, me in front unfortunately, because I couldn't look at the wonderful ass. We almost ran into the house, barely able to keep my hands off each other, when we got to the bedroom, I told her to stop, and let me change.

I quickly stripped out of my cycling suit, and hearing a moan of approval from Hayley as she gazed at my rock hard cock, and slowly pleasured herself through her suit. I looked lustfully at her for a minute before pulling out my big box full of my fetish gear. Hayley came over too and looked through it, pulling out several items.

“Where did you get all this from?” she asked in wonder.

“Winter Fetish,” I replied. “It's amazing, I can't stop buying outfits from there, it's almost an addiction!”

“Lucky for me that I happen to love it then!” she said, throwing a dark red suit at me, while she pulled on a dark blue suit. Both of them had hands and feet attached, with a crotch zip and no hood. We wasted no time starting off where we had finished. I pulled her into me, rubbing our lycra bodies all over each other, squeezing her ass and kissing her deeply. She responded in earnest, rubbing my thighs and grabbing my cock when she could.

I eventually laid her down on the bed, and began kissing my way down her body, paying attention to her boobs, then slowly moving further down, intentionally missing her pussy. I then kissed all over her legs as she moaned and begged me to keep going. I slowly unzipped the crotch panel on her suit, and gave her pussy a long lick from bottom to top, making her shudder and groan loudly. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her, so I decided to stop teasing her. I began kissing, licking and sucking her cunt, rubbing her thighs with one hand, and her tits with the other. The feeling of the spandex on me and on her was indescribable, I was harder than I had ever been before, and desperately wanted to fuck this goddess beneath me. But first I had to make her scream.

It didn't take long, the combination of the suit and my attention was too much for Hayley, she grabbed my head tight and wrapped her lycra thighs around my neck and screamed out loud as she came, writhing around, rubbing her tights against me, making me even more horny.

She came down from her high and rested a minute, before jumping back up, pushing me to my knees on the bed. She smiled at me as she did before, and unzipped me with her teeth. She pulled my cock and balls free from the suit, and immediately took me into her mouth, grabbing the base of my back with one hand and steadying herself with the other. I almost came right there, but managed to hold out. She sucked up and down my cock, stroking me in time with her movements. I was in heaven. She then buried my cock deep into her mouth, straight past her throat, gagging a little. I growled deeply at this and again only just managed to hold off from coming. She continued to lick and suck my cock, bringing me to the edge several time, and I could do nothing but pant and moan in approval.

Hayley stopped sucking after about ten minutes of this exquisite torture, and knelt in front of me. She leaned into my ear and whispered sexily; “I want you to fuck me, right now Michael!”

I happily obliged. I grinned, and pushed her down onto the bed so she was lying on her back. I the slowly lay on top of her, rubbing my spandex covered body all over her. She moaned into my ear and begged me to fuck her again. I slowly pushed my cock into her very wet pussy. She quickly grabbed my ass and neck again, wrapper her legs around my, pulling me deeper into me. I lay there for a minute, buried inside of her pussy, her legs wrapped around me. My hand lazily drifting along her side, slowly rubbing the spandex layers over each other. I looked at Hayley, this incredible, sexy woman, a thanked my lucky starts that I'd found a girl as great as her, who loved spandex.

I smiled at her, then pushed my hips forward, pushing my cock deeper into me, she almost screamed, and kissed me deeply. I starting moving back and forward, pulling my cock almost entirely out of her before thrusting back in, making sure my body was always touching hers, making the spandex loving caress us both. I kept up this slow pace for as long as I could, but I couldn't contain myself much longer.

Hayley knew exactly what was going on in my head, and used her legs to pull me deep inside of her, after moaning loudly she quickly said; “Fuck me Michael, fuck me now!”

That did it, I pulled back, and shoved forward, pushing my cock into her hard, over and over again, our moans getting louder and more frequent and our speed increased. My balls started to tighten and I had that familiar feeling building around my groin, I gritted my teeth and buried my face into her neck, smelling the neck of the spandex she was wearing. Her moans suddenly got a lot quicker, and her legs began to tighten around my ass, as did her pussy around my cock.

“Oh fuck, Michael, I'm coming, fuck, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!”

She groaned loudly pulling me deep into her as her pussy started to convulse around me, that sent me over the edge. I grabbed her hips still covered in the catsuit, and desperately tried to push deeper into her as the come sped from my balls and started shooting inside of Hayley. We were both motionless (although extremely loud) for what seemed like forever as she came over and over and I just kept shooting more come. Eventually we collapsed back down, with me still inside of her.

I slowly looked at Hayley and gently kissed her head and all over her face. She smiled contently and kissed me back.

“That was unbelievable!” she said with a dreamy expression on.

“God yes,” I replied. “I'm so glad I found someone who loves spandex as much as me.”

She smiled at that and winked at me, “Ditto, it feels so good to finally do this with someone else.”

I finally pulled out and rolled off of her to lie next to her. “So, how long before you're ready for round two?” She asked. “We've got a hell of a lot of gear to get through you know!”

I laughed, “Just looking at you, and thinking of that is already getting me excited!”

She reached down and grabbed my cock, “Can't wait!”

Part Two

After resting for a while, taking a quick shower and having a bite to eat, me and Hayley started looking through all my gear, decided what to try out next. She pulled out several items.

“What's this?” she asked, running the slippery material through her hands.

“Darlex straight jacket,” I replied. “Amazing fun, little tighter than spandex, and is obviously completely restrictive because it's a straight jacket. Just a shame I can't wear it by myself!”

She winked at me, “Well you don't have to worry about that any more, you have me! But we can try that later, first I wanna try this!”

She quickly hid a few items behind her back, and threw me a black zentai suit. “Wear it! I wanna play.”

I grinned broadly at her, my cock hardening, before pulling off my red suit and slid on the black one. This was footed and hand gloves well, but no crotch zip and it also had a hood attached. Before I pulled the hood over my head Hayley stopped me. She quickly changed into an identical suit to mine, except in white, leaving her hood down as well. She turned me around, slowly rubbing her hands over me again, the lycra adding the turn on. She then swiftly bent down, grabbed something from the box, and proceeded to slip my ball gag into my mouth.

“Mmmmmph?” I questioned through the gag, she turned me back around and put her hands on her hips, suddenly in complete control of the situation. She strode over to me and pulled my hood up, covering me head to toe in lycra. My cock stiffened some more beneath the suit, and she obliged by rubbing me softly, receiving a long mmmmmmmmmmmph through the gag.

“I love the sounds of a gagged guy, especially when I can see he's covered in lycra too,” she whispered in my ear. She stroked my chest, my arms and my ass before pushing me onto the bed. “Let's get you a little more uncomfortable.”

She pulled something out of my box, with my vision slightly obscured I couldn't make out what it was, but I soon found out. She started pulling the darlex sleepsack onto me, and I let out a long gagged groan of approval. She worked my legs into the bottom then started helping my arms into the internal sleeves. Once I was in, she zipped me up, securing my inside the sack. Once I was totally enclosed, the feelings that started were incredible. I was totally enclosed in two layers of tight spandex, and I was also tied tight and gagged.

I let out a huge muffled groan and started to struggle within the sack.

“Mmmm, someone seems to enjoy this. I may just have to let you enjoy it for a while!” Hayley said.

She the pulled up the hood of her suit, and sat in the chair next to the bed. I could barely see out of the hood, but I could see her running her hands all over herself, enjoying the lycra, and enjoying her own body. I struggled more, twisting and turning, feeling the spandex rub against me, the layers against each other. It was fantastic, my cock was being massaged by the spandex, though not enough to get me off, so I continued to struggle in the sleepsack, pulling the sleeves tight, tugging and the legs, desperately fighting off the tight hug of the sack, but loving every second.

After what seemed like an eternity, I saw Hayley sit up and come over to me. She lay down next to me, still in the sleepsack, and started rubbing my bound body.

“Mmmph, hmhp hmm!” I mumbled, pushing my hips up in an attempt to get her to pay attention to my rock hard cock. She giggled a little, and started tickling the tip of my dick, making me struggle again, hoping for me. She unzipped enough of the sack to allow access to my cock still covered in the suit.

“Well there's no zip here, shame! I'll just have to tease you through the suit instead.”

She then pulled out a powerful vibrator from my box, and proceeded to casually stroll over to me, turning it on. “Now this could be very fun,” she said menacingly. I tried to struggle again, but the sleepsack made it impossible. She then knelt beside me and teasingly held the vibrator inches about my cock. I groaned into my gag a few times, pushing my hips up to meet the vibrator. She smiled, and slowly pressed it into my cock.

I automatically began struggling in the sack, groaning heavily into my gag. The vibrations were shooting up and down my cock, making my head rush with pleasure. Hayley kept the vibrator on my cock as she began to rub herself through the suit. She then moved the vibrator to my balls, making me arch up, stretching out the sack. If it wasn't for the gag I would've screamed the house down by now I was moaning so much. The vibrations were almost unbearable, my balls were at boiling point, and I could do nothing to stop her doing whatever she wanted to me.

Hayley must have sensed I was close, because she quickly pulled the vibrator away, leaving me humping the air, feeling the spandex stretch across my cock, praying it was enough to get me to come. I was desperately struggling now, trying to get off in any way, and Hayley eventually took pity on me and placed the vibrator back onto the tip of my back, and massaging my balls with her free hand.

It took me about five seconds of this treatment to come, and come I did! My cock nearly exploded with come, and my balls were painfully pumping out the come.

“Mmmph, mmmmmmmmmmmmmph!” I screamed over and over into my gag as my come sprayed all over the inside of my zentai, till I was spent. I collapsed in a head in the bed, held comfortably tight by the sleepsack, feeling the come in my zentai.

“Good boy,” I hear Hayley whisper next to my head, before she kissed me, and left the room.

Part 3

I woke up later on with Hayley lying beside me. I was now naked, but she still wore the white zentai from earlier. I grinned to myself, “Payback” I said to myself. I slowly pulled out the restraints that were constantly kept under my bed at each of the four corners, and manoeuvred a sleeping Hayley into a spread eagle position in the bed. I quietly and quickly cuffed her to the corners of the bed, and pulled them tight, making Hayley stir a little. I then pulled on my red suit that I had worn earlier. I picked up the gag that had recently been in my mouth, and started rubbing Hayley's bound body. She moaned and slowly woke up with a smile on her face, which quickly changed when she realised her predicament.

“Michae-” was all she managed before I pushed the ball gag into her mouth, making the rest of the sentence unintelligible. I smiled at her, and pinched her nipples.

“Mmmmmmmph, grph hm!” she mumbled as she struggled to get away from me.

“Not a chance, you're mine now sexy!” I said and began rubbing all over her body, her gorgeous legs, arms, face and stomach. She began to relax and enjoy my ministrations, but it wasn't for long. My hands found her pussy and gave a few sharp rubs, making her gasp and struggle again, pulling tight against the restraints. I stopped and got off the bed, and picked up the discarded vibrator from earlier. She shook her head and tried once again to get away, pleading through the gag. I turned it on, while massaging her tits, I ran it over her apparently ticklish feet and watched as she screamed and pulled even harder, attempting to get away from the vibrator.

I began running it over her legs, making her try and escape wherever I moved it to. Up and over her stomach, over her hard nipples, which got a great response from her. She arched up and her eyes shot open and let out a long moan. I laughed a little, “This is great fun!”

She shot me an evil look, and I responded by putting the vibrator against her now wet pussy. “MMMMPH! Mmph, mmph, mmmmmmmmmmph!” Over and over she panted and screamed into the gag, twisting in her restraints, pulling so hard I thought she would break the bed. When I thought she was about to come, I really paid her back by pulling the vibrator away from her. She screamed at me, pleading with her eyes, desperate to come, but I shook my head. I then slowly unzipped my crotch zipper, and watch as her eyes followed my cock as I pulled it out of the suit and begin stroking it. I used the vibrator on myself for a while, as she began begging through the gag again.

I took a moment to take in the situation. I had a gorgeous girl, tied up spread eagle in front of me, gagged. She also was wearing my favourite material in the whole world. A sexy white spandex catsuit. I was wearing my red one.

This. Was. Heaven.

The lycra, the bondage, the girl, it was perfect. I decided it was time to reward her. I put the vibrator against her pussy again.

“You can come girl,” she moaned loudly, and continuously as the orgasm built up and up inside of her, and I began to pump my cock faster and faster. As her orgasm crashed over her, she began bucking violently on the bed, screaming into the gag and then pulled tight against her bindings, I pushed the vibrator against even harder as I began to come, which seemed to make her come again. She sounded like she was hyperventilating and I could see her muscles strain through the spandex as she just kept coming. My come was shooting out of my cock and landing all over her stomach and tits, covering the top half of her suit.

She collapsed after what had to have been a full minute of continuous coming, and fell back into the bed. I gently untied her, helped her out of my suit, and took mine off as well, then climbed into bed beside her, with a huge smile on my face. This was going to be great fun.


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Thanks for reading.



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