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My Spandex Servant

by Wendy

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© Copyright 2011 - Wendy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; spandex; leotard; tights; cd; outdoors; pool; shopping; bet; cons; X

It all came as a surprise to me; my boyfriend of three months and I went on a short vacation together.  No sex, twin beds.  I suggested we go use the pool and he told me to go ahead and he would be out in a few minutes.  I was preoccupied with doing laps and when I took a rest, I looked up to see him on the diving board, in what looked like short trunks and a t-shirt.  When he me waving to him, he removed the t-shirt and I got a real shock - - he was wearing a cap-sleeved Spandex leotard.  And it looked gorgeous, and sexy!  All black except for a blue “V” which pointed right down to his crotch.

I had not seen him naked but when I had seen him in his underwear, he didn’t seem to have a large package.  And that was the case here; nothing really obscene, except that some of his public hairs were sticking out from the leg elastic.  He dove in and we swam for awhile and then went back to the room.  After we had changed, he asked what I thought of his new swim suit.  I told him that it looked pretty good on him, but told him about the pubic hair.

“I had a problem the last time I swam.  I dove off the board and my trunks came off in the water.  Luckily I retrieved them and got them back on before anyone noticed.  And that’s when I decided to go with something more secure.”

I guess I really should not have been surprised at the leotard since he did like to sleep in a pair of tights.  “Pajamas tended to bunch up when I turned over and I can’t sleep bare-legged because I get cold.  So this was the perfect solution.”

A few nights later, there happened to be a dancewear store across the street from the motel.  I went to the pool and he went over to see if they had anything interesting in stock.  He was wearing shorts and t-shirt, but when he came back, he wore a pair of tights and turtleneck leotard, all in black.  As he passed the pool, he said, “I’m going to the room to change.  I’ll be right back.”

“The pool closes in ten minutes.  You won’t make it in time for more than a splash.”

So into the water he went, in his new dancewear.  But when he got out, he had a problem - - he could not unzip the leotard.  And he admitted that the clerk in the store had zipped him in.  Before I unzipped him - - and he was anxious because it was wet and cold once he got out of the water - - I made him a bet that he could not wear the leotard and tights for one entire day.  And nothing else except shoes and socks.  What about bathroom breaks?  Two of them in the time between getting dressed in the morning and the time we went to bed.  I won’t say what the prize was except that it included the words ”clean my apartment’s bathroom.”

So two days later, after they had dried, was time for him to take the challenge.  What he had not counted on was being seen wearing what he had on, which is why I had added the “nothing else” clause.  He made quite an impression  everyone we saw - - the motel desk clerk, the waitress at breakfast, the people in the flea market, etc.  And it was there that we had a problem; I could not find him with all the aisles of cases.  Then I spotted him coming from the area of the restrooms; he had asked someone to unzip him!  But I did not let on; I would mention the next time that it was number two, and after that he would really have to hold it.  And when number three arrived, he admitted that he had cheated and that he shouldn't have have had those two glasses of Coke at lunch.

He begged me for another chance and I relented with one stipulation.  After he was encased, the first stop we made was a pet store.  I bought an inch-wide collar and put it on his neck right then and there, adding a small padlock which not only secured the collar but connected the zipper to it.  And since it was one of those combination luggage locks, I didn’t have to worry about the key.  

I also bought a leash and told him that since this was a new bet - - he had lost the first one - - I would snap it onto the ring in the front of his collar and parade him around if he had to be unlocked and unzipped more than twice.

Well, he made it.  But once we were in our room, I did snap the leash onto the collar to see what it felt like to lead him around.  And I know he loved it because the spandex did not hide his getting very hard member and then having an orgasm.

We had many other similar adventures, but now we do it as a married couple.  He works at home and I come home at noon for lunch.  In the morning, he puts on his tights and then a skating dress, which is really a leotard with short skirt.  I release him to use the bathroom during the lunch break and then I zip him up and snap the lock.  His job is to do the housework and cook meals.

And, yes, we went shopping for the skating dress and he tried it on right there in the store.  All the customers commented on how nice it fit, and how the red skating dress coordinated with the black tights.  After all, we do want to be fashionably correct!



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