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Natasha's Tutor

by Mark of Tasvalta

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© Copyright 2010 - Mark of Tasvalta - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; D/s; latex; darlex; hobble; maid; hogtie; gag; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

Natasha made quick work of the walk from the bus stop to home. She would have run if she could but the mid thigh pleated plaid skirt and the high heeled knee high boots kept her strides in check and that was the way he liked it. He also liked her hair wavy, long and black. The wind gusted around her and she tugged her white leather jacket tighter and flipped a stray lock of hair out of her face. She smiled at the sound of her heels on her concrete walkway and up her steps. She tapped out her access code on the lock's keypad and opened the door to her foyer. There was an extra click as she shut the door behind her and she deposited the backpack holding her homework and textbooks into it's bin. It was Thursday and Professor McAllan had canceled the only class she had on Friday making this a 3 day weekend. She slid the bin closed and grabbed a hanger from the open closet above it. The jacket went on the hanger and the hanger back into the closet. The door shut by itself and she looked about the room for her next task. Nothing was open yet so she checked the door outside but the handle didn't budge. Locked as expected.

“Great, another waiting game.”

A quick tour of the room pulling on all of the door and drawer handles found them all locked as well. With a sigh she stepped to the small circle in the centre and tried a few poses that were his favorites. Nothing moved. She stood up straight and tall, feet tightly together, spine straight as possible, neck straight and chin up. As close to the pictures from that old etiquette book he gave her when she first moved in. After a bit she heard the round dresser's access panel slide open. She waited still longer for the click before moving towards it. Last time she moved before the click and ended up having to pose again.

Natasha strode over to the dresser and began to strip. She tried to balance between sexy and natural while removing each item before placing it into a pie shaped drawer in the dresser. Yellow cardigan sweater into the top drawer, fitted white blouse in the next. She slowly slid the side zipper of her skirt down and stepped out of it, making sure it never touched the ground. That lesson was well learned after she spent her last spring break alone in a dog run in the woods out back. Her white lace bra went into drawer 4. The matching panties were also carefully lowered and stepped out of before being placed into drawer 5. The boots were unlaced and carefully laid into the correct position. She sat on one side of the access panel and rolled her knee high stockings off before dropping them into the last drawer. The access panel slid closed with a click and still sitting on the dresser she pressed the large wooden knob in the center.

The dresser began to shake as the drawers began spin like the reels on a slot machine. Natasha waited for it stop hoping her luck would be good but knowing the outcome was already predetermined. She jumped off the dresser in surprise when the electric shock came. Apparently she wasn't allowed to sit on it anymore. She stood on tiptoes with arms crossed and a look of both concentration and anger while the drawers began to slow. Her heels haven't touched the ground since her mom let her buy high heels and she even needed mules in the shower. Finally the drawers stopped and the access panel slid open. She opened the bottom drawer to find it empty. Drawer 6 held astroglide.

“Yay,” she said without a trace of sincerity.

The next drawer held something latex. She pulled it free and felt lumps that she knew was a dildo and a butt plug. She found the waist and held up the latex leggings. Natasha sat on the floor and began working on pulling on the leggings. Once she had each knee above her knees she stood back up and applied a bit of lube to the built in plugs. A bit more wiggling and she had them on and the plugs filling her up. Crossing her fingers she pulled open drawer 4 and cussed a bit under her breath. His favorite bondage bra. She wasn't as big of a fan. She pulled out and pulled it into place a quickly as possible. She pulled her smaller breasts through the smaller holes. She made sure to pull each strap as tightly as possible. It made things much less comfortable but made things easier when she was finally allowed to undress. The 3rd drawer had her salvation, after a fashion. Ankle high ballet boots. She again sat down but having forgotten about the plugs had to wait for a minute to catch her breath. With practiced ease she had each boot pulled on and laced up tight in record time. Once on her feet, a quick circling of her foyer made sure everything was in place.

The next drawer had her doing a little happy dance. It was her Darlex hobble dress. He had made her purchase this with her own money and it was her only possession in her current world. Everything else was selected and purchased by him and he rented it to her. Just attending class each day cost her $5. Punishment time was very expensive since it involved many items and he only bought the best. Natasha very carefully stepped into the dress and zipped it shut. Another happy dance followed with a many self hugs.

Finally she settled down and pulled open the last drawer. As she had expected she found leather padded cuffs and many little padlocks. Bending from the waist she spread her feet the couple inches allowed and slips the wide cuffs into place pulling the buckling strap tight before locking them with a couple of the padlocks. Matching cuffs soon adorn her wrists and biceps also pulled tight before being locked on. A small padlock was added to the collar of the hobble dress ensuring it wasn't going to slip off accidentally. With all of the drawers empty, Natasha hobbles over to the center of the room and again takes the perfect posture position. The dresser's access panel slides shut and the wait begins.

Finally a soft click is heard and Natasha minces as quickly as possible to the now unlocked door to the rest of the house. It opens easily and she slips out of the room, the door closing behind her with the same click as the outside door. Natasha leisurely strolls down the wood floored hallway and into the living room. Just inside the door sat a chest with what appears to be an alarm clock on top showing 2:00:00. There was also a feather duster. With a sigh she grabs the duster and presses the button on top of the clock. It beeps quietly and starts counting down. Natasha moves about the room dusting everything in sight. After 15 minutes she finishes and heads down the hallway and into the office. More dusting, with an occasional pause. Some to catch her breath and cool down a bit from dusting furiously, others to let her arousal die down a bit. Have to wait for permission these days. That lesson was learned shortly after she moved in when she spent a few days in a gibbet.

After finishing her dusting she returned to the chest and clock. 1:03:38. With no other tasks left she went to the office and called up her journal. He had her start writing it a month ago and she was still working on the first chapter. A quick review of the first pages detailing her teenage interest in bondage and she began with her second year in college and the day she answered an ad for a live in maid and model from the local alternative paper.


“SWM seeking live in maid and model. Room and board provided plus share of website profits.”

She scoffed right along with her friends. Just like they made fun of the “squirrel looking for mate” and “baby boy looking for mommy” ads. But when they finished lunch and went their separate ways to class, she kept the paper and in the wee hours of the morning wrote up a reply with a little encouragement from Jim Beam. By the time the reply came, she had forgotten the whole thing.

“You will be replacing my last maid/model who left after graduating from college. I'm attaching a link to the website, along with a temporary username and password, so you can see what she got herself into. Your share will be about 40% of the profits. Since my last maid is allowing me to keep her photos and videos online she will be getting 10% as a residual payoff.

You will have ample “time-off” to attend your classes and complete your homework. Your maid duties will be regularly scheduled and the modeling will be worked around your college schedule.

If you are still interested, please reply with a personal history, college major and schedule, clothing sizes, and an essay on what you expect out of our arrangement.”

Again she stayed up late into the night to write a reply. Jim Beam stayed on the shelf this time. She spent several hours perusing the website he sent her, one hand on the mouse, the other in her lap. The essay was the part she spent the most time one figuring it would make her stand out since the most exciting part of her past was moving from Arkansas to Nevada for college. She even sent in a photograph even though he didn't request one.


The small chime made her hit the save button and mince out to the living room just in time to see the last few seconds count down on the timer. She presses the lone button and waits for the audio instructions to begin. Not that she needs them. It was just another wait he forced upon her. Instead she used to the time to plan dropping out of college “involuntarily”. She didn't need to go anymore, she had found her career. Not that he would listen, he always asked about her education. He sounded like her parents those times.

The timer chimes and counts up to 2:00:00. She reaches out and taps the button twice, adding an unknown amount of time with each press but also increasing the chance that the box under the timer will open the drawer with her keys. As the timer starts playing the Jeopardy theme tune she reaches out again and hesitates. Natasha has no idea how much time she has already added, or how much she adjusted the odds of release to her favor. She could have already maximized the odds to the limit he had selected and would just be adding time for free. As the last few notes sound, she taps it three times impulsively. The last time she gave the timer 5 taps she wound up bound for a week straight. The display flashes 10%, then 20%, 30%, 30%, 33%. After a short pause the 2:00:00 comes back and starts to count up. The rate it counted up varied a few times, slowing to what Natasha hoped was a stop before rocketing upwards again. It finally settled at 6:00:00. A quick glance at the mantle clock showed Natasha that she should expect him home in 3 hours. Maybe he would override the timer. Or maybe he would add time.

Natasha reached out to the small drawer on the left side of the box and pulled. No movement, fate was unkind today. She opened the large drawer in the center and pulled out it's contents. A muzzle harness with an over abundance of straps, a couple of cam locking rope cleats, a couple lengths of rope, another pair of cuffs, and more padlocks. He'd provided her with this setup before, a self bondage hogtie setup. She could pick her own strictness but the tighter the ropes were, the more time would be removed from the timer.

The timer changed to 0:05:00 and began to blink. It would countdown those 5 minutes once she had gotten herself hogtied to the minimum strictness. Natasha pulled the large ottoman to the center of the room and sat down to apply the muzzle harness. He had mounted the inflatable gag bladder to it but the pump was not attached. He must have planned for her to be bound when he got home. She carefully pushed the bladder into her mouth and pulled the first strap tight. The other straps soon followed and she went back through them to make sure they were as tight as she could get them. The she applied the padlocks to each strap. The ring on the back of the harness took one of the rope cam cleats and the other was padlocked to the rings on her ankle cuffs and the ropes threaded through it. The pair of cuffs went on each elbow and the ropes threaded through their rings.

Natasha shifted her position on the ottoman and slipped onto her stomach, facing the timer. She began to pull the slack on the ropes, first the one running to her left cuff, then the one running to her right cuff. The one on the left pulled her ankles up and her elbows together. The one on the right pulled her wrist cuffs together and her head back. She pulled the right one until it took the weight and she no longer had to look up to see the timer. Then she pulled on the left. This one was much longer and took forever until her legs pointed straight to the ceiling and her elbows began to inch closer together. Finally she felt the rings on her elbow cuffs tap together and she looked at the timer. No movement. She tugged a bit at the right hand rope and forced her head back further. It wasn't until her wrists has reach the middle of her back and pushed her elbows away from her body that the 5 minute timer started. Any tighter and she would start taking time off her imprisonment. She tugged at the left side rope forcing her elbows to touch and legs to double upon themselves. Then she tugged a little on the right side rope pulling her wrists up further forcing her head back more and her elbows out behind her.

The timer changed it's display to 6:00:00 and Natasha stopped her efforts and waited. She didn't move as she knew the computer controlling the timer was analyzing the position of her cuffs to determine the strictness and she wanted all of her efforts to be counted. Finally the timer beeped and she saw the results of her efforts. 5:58:00. Two minutes was all she had bought. This wasn't a good sign. He was normally more generous with her rewards. Natasha wriggled a bit in her hogtie to feel the slipperiness of her hobble dress and try to relieve some of the pinching cause by her position. At 5:57:31 she felt the first vibrations and at 5:67:43 the first shocks hit. They must be on a random timer. At 5:30:01 she could have swore it started to count back up but a couple blinks restored reality and it was definitely counting down.

At 4:03:02 she heard him open the front door and come down the hallway. He stepped in front of her and patted her on her head. He crouched down and produced the inflation bulb for her gag. A bit of fiddling and a couple of hissing squeezes later her mouth was full of rubber. Then she heard high heels clicking down the hallway.

“I've been by your school to see your teachers today. They noted that your grades have fallen off in recent months. You should know this is not acceptable. You started college to earn a degree and I won't let you change your mind just because I've gotten you all hot and bothered. To that end I've enlisted one of your professors to tutor you.”

The clicking heels entered the living room and from her position all Natasha saw were shiny black thigh high boots with skyscraper stiletto heels. Then the new girl crouched and revealed herself to be Lisa McAllan, her faculty advisor.

“I've spoken with the other professors,” she said in her sweetest voice. “We've come to an agreement. They will be entering excellent grades for you irregardless of what you actually earned. But there is a catch. If your real grade is lower then what they enter as the official grade, I get to tutor you until you meet their expectations. Only part of my tutoring will cover what you didn't learn in class. The rest will be me practicing my slave handling skills on you under your Master's watchful eye. When you graduate, on time of course, you may stay here with him, or he may decide to sell you off to me and find himself someone younger. You never know what the future holds.”

With that Professor McAllan stood and began to run her hands over Natasha's bound form, squeezing her ass, plucking the taut ropes and pulling the elbow/ankle rope just a little bit tighter. Her Master came back into Natasha's view and smiled that worrying smile he used on her now and then. “While your timer runs out, I'll be extracting a little prepayment from Lisa.”

He then fished his favorite wrist cage from the storage drawers and followed her professor. Natasha heard the click of the cage being applied and the pair walked back in front of her. This time Natasha could see Lisa's wrists crossed and bound resting in the middle of her back just over her leather clad ass. He opened another drawer and produced a blindfold for Natasha. The vibrations hit again, this time a little stronger and she listened to the click clack of high heels exit the room and head down the hallway to his bedroom.



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