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Never Look Back!

by Aaron Roberts

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© Copyright 2010 - Aaron Roberts - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; spandex; darlex; catsuit; sleepsack; hobble; straitjacket; public; bond; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

This may explain why our life has changed. Changed for the better I must say, but changed nonetheless.

My wife and I have been together for over 20 years, and we are the adventurous type and like to try lots of new things. One of the things that we found we both really enjoy is dressing in lycra or spandex, and preferably shiny spandex. We also like a little light bondage thrown in the mix. We both have cat suits and zentai suits as well as leggings and leotards. Some times we dress up, put some normal clothes over top, then go out somewhere for dinner, then go somewhere fairly secluded and take our outer layers off and get brave and go for a walk or something, hoping not to get caught or see somebody. It always gives us a thrill and no one is harmed. Then we go home and feel each other up until we can’t handle it anymore, undo the crotch zippers and make mad passionate love. Maybe one of us will be tied up, or one tied up and the top with a spandex hood too, just to add a little excitement. We never really went far enough with each other that we couldn’t get out of a situation or scenario. If we played like that, there was always a way out right away.

Then one day we stumbled across this web site called Winter Fetish, and they had the most exquisite fetish wear made out of Darlex. Darlex being ten times or so stronger than spandex, we just had to give it a try. We ordered a bunch of stuff including a Darlex Hobble Dress for her, Darlex Straightjacket Shorts for me, and a couple Darlex Hoods with only nose grommets, a Darlex arm binder, and a Darlex Sleep Sack with internal sleeves. We just loved it! So comfortable, but so confining, a spandex lovers dream come true.

As always we tested the boundaries of bondage and self-bondage, but always were careful to leave a way out. On our 20th anniversary we decided to get dress up and go out and celebrate. I got dressed my my Spandex Streamlined Cat suit from Winter Fetish and then put some regular clothes on over top, and my wife got dressed in her Darlex Hobble dress from Winter Fetish and put a blouse and a regular skirt on over top. I was aroused already because she would never go out in the hobble dress, because it was hard to walk normal. We chose a nice fancy restaurant that had no stairs, a requirement of her Hobble Dress, and had a really nice dinner. When the waiter found out it was our 20th anniversary, the restaurant owner brought us each a bottle of their finest wine. We felt obligated to drink it even though neither of us really drink that much.

After the meal and drinks, we were both left feeling quite tipsy to say the least, and this made my wife feel a little more brave than normal, and me unable to use my full discretion. All of a sudden she ripped her outer layer off right in public and threw her clothes down a sewer drain, leaving her only wearing the Darlex Hobble Dress and her high heels. The next thing I knew, she was pulling my clothes off, revealing my Spandex Cat suit. The only problem with this situation was when she took my clothes and threw them in the sewer drain, my keys, not that I could drive, and my wallet, were still in the pants pocket. Realizing the gravity of the situation, I tried to find a long stick or something and retrieve my pants, but it was too dark to see, and someone might wonder what was going on and call the police. May be hard to explain.

After careful consideration, we decided that we were only about a mile and a half away from our condo and could just walk. The only problem, we have to walk right through a section of town that is really busy even at night, and walking the side streets or alleys is a good way to get mugged or worse. So off we went, seeing the odd person taking a second or third look at us, some staring, and some whispering comments to one another. When we got to the busy nightclub section, our dress code didn’t seem all that weird all of a sudden. There were lots of people in all sorts of different outfits including PVC and latex. Just as we were getting close to the front of the nightclub, we noticed a sign that said it was fetish night at that particular club, and entrance was free with appropriate attire.

Feeling a little intrigued, and still foggy from all the wine, we decided to check it out. It was amazing! All sorts of like-minded people wearing leather, latex, spandex, corsets, hoods, collars, straightjackets, you name it, it was there. We had always thought about going to one of their parties, but just never got the courage to go. Once there we seemed to fit right in. We even got into a few of the activities that were going on. My wife still feeling a little frisky volunteered to get bound to a cross and spanked. Everyone just loved her dress and asked where she got it. At one point there was a woman who was wearing a Winter Fetish Stretch Mesh Cat suit. She happened to notice my wife’s hobble dress and came over to talk. We talked about the joys of wearing spandex and how she came to enjoy it. She bought us a few more drinks after we told her what had happened, realizing we had no cash on us. We certainly didn’t need any more to drink, everything was like a dream already.

After checking out a few more of the stations and watching a fashion show performance, we decide we were feeling about as horny as we could and decided to get going home. We left the bar and started walking, or should I say hobbling toward home. After being at the fetish night with a bunch of like minded people, we felt less self conscious, and whenever someone would take a second look, we would remark how nice of a night it was to take a stroll. After about an hour we reached our condo building, and started trying to figure out a way to get inside. After fifteen minutes of standing at the door we had to finally call the security office, which have a master key to let us into the building. That was a little embarrassing, but we were finally home.

Once inside we were both feeling really horny after our unbelievable night, not to mention still very tipsy. Being as horny as we were, we decided to get a little more adventurous this time and push the boundaries a little farther than normal. I got into my Darlex Sleep Sack and my wife zipped me up leaving the goods exposed. She took her hobble dress off and put on one of her cat suits leaving the crotch zipper open. Then she put a Darlex Hood on me, but rolled up the bottom so I could still use my teeth. After that she put her own darlex hood on. Then leaving the straps a little loose, she managed to wiggle into her arm binder. She positioned the straps close to my mouth and I was able to cinch the straps tighter, and then she rolled my darlex hood back into position, and we were set.

She mounted me and we made love for what seemed like forever. After struggling against the Darlex and sliding around on top of each other, sweet release came to both of us at the same time in one magical moment. Almost at the same time, I also realized, clouded by alcohol and lust, we forgot about using protection. I think she realized it too, because she just froze, then fell over on top of me.

After considerable effort, she managed to get my hood unzipped, and then I was able to loosen the straps on her arm binder some. It was still quite arousing to watch her struggle blindly trying to get the rest of the way out of her arm binder. Once she was out and we were all showered up, we went to bed without saying too much. In the morning we talked and decided that what ever happens, happens.

And that is how our life has changed. Nine months later we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and we named her Emily. We thought we would never have kids, but now, it’s hard to imagine life any other way. We still enjoy our spandex fetish, but we now just get a babysitter for the night and go out to the fetish nights. It now seems way more intense to only go out once every two or three months and get all dressed up. We have even got a bit more risky too. Last time we were at the fetish night, we both wore our Darlex Hobble Straightjackets and let the crowd have their way with us. It’s absolutely amazing.

Never look back!

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