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Night of Black

by Kessen

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© Copyright 2010 - Kessen - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; M/f; zentai; armbinder; hood; bond; anal; sex; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

Lexi had just gotten home when she found a folded note atop a red ribbon-adorned box set on the center of her bed. A thin smile came to her small lips. Her husband, Jake, had a habit of planting presents like this.

After a stressful week of work, her lover planned to reward her. But with what? The box was long and thin, and only clothing could be inside. Was it a new dress? Tonight was Friday after all, and he knew how much she hated the immobility of her body in a desk chair and the confines of a cubicle. She wanted to move, be free, stretch, twist.

Lexi snatched up the note and unfolded it. In her husband’s handwriting were these simple orders:

Eat if you haven’t. Take a shower and clean thoroughly. Open the box and put on what’s inside. Lie on the bed and wait for me.

Lie on the bed? Did he want sex? She wouldn’t object to that, but Jake wouldn’t be home for another two hours. Puzzled, Lexi obeyed the note. Her lover had a way of surprising her in ways she wouldn’t have fathomed, and tonight he was going to surprise her yet again.

Lexi ate and climbed into the shower, running her sponge up and down her small form. She was, in fact, very petite, tiny almost for a woman, short, but not lacking in muscle and healthy fat in the right places. She was in her prime, and wore her blond, curled hair down to her shoulders.

She chewed her lip in anxious delight at what Jake had in store for her. Lie on the bed must mean sex, and compared to her tiny body, he was a giant. His fingers between her lips, both north and south, were divine.

Lexi let out a soft moan as her hands traveled downward, then she giggled. Save it for him, she told herself, retracing.

She made sure to clean thoroughly and dry well. Naked, she stepped back into her bedroom and eyed the box. The clock told her in an hour her husband would be home, so she didn’t waste time in undoing the ribbon. She took a deep breath before lifting the lid.

“What the hell?” Lexi asked aloud.

Inside was a blob of black material. It was the only thing she could describe it as. As she stared at longer however, she could make out what looked like a torso shape. She touched the black by the shoulders and stopped. It was so soft, yet so strong. She’d never felt anything like it before. Lexi lifted the material by what looked like the shoulders and quirked her head. It was a body-suit, or… something. A leotard? No. The black material, if she put it on, would cover her from neck to ankle, leaving her hands and feet and head free.

As she looked it up and down, she noticed matching gloves and what she could only think of as socks at the bottom. What made her really wonder, however, was what looked like a black hood.

Now just what kind of game was Jake playing? Lexi pondered this as her fingers curiously trailed over the black material. A zipper was where the crotch should be, and she smiled, knowing full well now what was to come. Interest took her back to the hood, and she felt two nose holes. She bit her lip. Lexi knew she wouldn’t be able to see with the hood on, and the fabric, as she touched it, seemed heavy, confining…

At the bottom of the box, Lexi noticed another note. She dropped everything and quickly opened it. They were instructions on how to put her new “Zentai” catsuit on. She didn’t know what Zentai meant, and she didn’t care either. The suit was before her, and her husband was expecting to see his wife in it. She looked at the clock and noticed she only just under an hour before her husband would be home. She had to hurry.

Putting on the suit was easier than she had thought. Just a slip here and there and soon her entire body was covered with thick, black material. A sudden warmth seeped through her muscles, both from the heat of oncoming sex and from the incredibly cozy suit. Lexi rubbed her fingers together, feeling the strange material, trying to pinpoint what it was made out of but couldn’t. Her curiosity quickly made a turn toward her body. Every slight move she made was another rub of soft black against her naked form. She felt herself, hands traveling, up, squeezing here and there. Soft moans escaped her lips. Then her hands went down. She stopped, only to find a closed zipper.

Smiling, Lexi looked at the hood. The final piece. After that, her entire body would be enclosed. She snatched the black fabric from her bed and bit her lip. A rush of danger-filled fantasies flowed through her mind. She would be pretty helpless laying there, unable to see, barely able to breathe.

Without another thought, slowly, Lexi slid the hood over her head, aligning her nose with the holes. Blind now, she felt for the bed and steadily climbed on. On her back she lay, waiting for her husband to take her.

Lexi lay still for a while. Boredom soon took her, but that was toppled by the urge to sleep in her second cozy skin. Lexi shut her eyes for how long she didn’t know, but quickly awoke to the sound of the front door. Jake was home.

What position did he want her in? No, Jake was far more creative than her, let him play with her. Tonight, she was his toy. Lexi put her hands and feet together and waited as still as a statue. It wasn’t long before her bedroom door opened and closed and a big hand caressed her head. Lexi shivered with delight as his fingers trailed over her silky exterior. Jake toyed with her breasts, cupping them, squeezing gently. A pinch to both nipples sent a jolt that left Lexi melting in her confinement.

Time passed - Lexi had completely lost track – and the touching stopped. A small moan escaped her lips as she desired more. She wouldn’t say it though. Speaking would ruin the mood.

Their closet opened and closed, as did what sounded like a box. Her senses heightened, Lexi heard the heavy footsteps of her love come toward her. Something was placed on the bed next to her. Hands came and caressed her ankles, then her feet. What was gentle touches turned into a hard foot massage.

Relaxing, Lexi didn’t realize she couldn’t move her ankles apart until she tried.

Confused, she tried to rise, but a heavy hand came and pressed her back towards the bed. Something tightened around her thighs and Lexi knew she wouldn’t be able to walk if she wanted. About to protest, Jake’s hand came and gently covered her mouth.

What was he doing?

Two fingers massaged her inner thighs.

Jake was tying her up, that’s what. In bed, he was always the dominant, always on top. His hulking form was twice her size, and when he took her, she could do nothing but allow herself to be pounded by his might. Now, she couldn’t protest if she wanted to. He had her in his grasp.

So Lexi stayed silent, even as she was lifted and turned on her front. Her hands were gently drawn behind her back and fit into what felt like a big bag. Like lacing a shoelace, her elbows were drawn closer and closer together, her wrists touching and unable to move.

When she was laid on her back again, despite her arms bound behind her back, she felt comfortable, blissful even. Fear no longer plagued her mind. She submitted, wholly and fully, to the large man who was, without a doubt, going to plunge into her.

And yet Jake added another element to the mix. Something heavy, something thick, was pressed up against her mouth. Lexi felt straps wrap around her head, tightening with buckles. When Jake was done, she tried moving her lips to no avail.

Helpless, Lexi relaxed. It was the only thing she could do. She couldn’t prevent her crotch zipper from being pulled down, nor could she stop two massive fingers slide into her wetness. She didn’t want to. This was amazing!

Jake’s fingers massaged her slowly at first, and Lexi rocked her hips as best she could in response. Then his entire hand moved up, his strength in two fingers raising her waist for her. A thumb crept into her other hole and Lexi half screamed in fright. Jake had never gone there before. And yet there was his thumb, pushing in and out.

Lexi didn’t resist, in fact, she only tightened, and could feel herself tighten around Jake’s fingers. Despite her orgasm, he relentlessly continued, and torrents of pleasure filled her. Her moans came after every push and he went on and on and on.

Jake stopped and suddenly his heavy palms roughly pushed her shoulders down onto the bed. She was his, and from her position, she couldn’t resist. Her binds were too secure, her mouth bound. Helpless, she felt his cock fill her completely. He was a man whose member was matched by his enormous size. And he drove and pushed and thrust until the only noises Lexi could make anymore were meager whimpers of submissive bliss.

When he came, it was like a high-pressure hose. The thrusting continued for some time after, but when Jake slowed to a stop, he stopped inside her. His might still pressed her deep into the bed, but his caresses became gentle, and Lexi could feel him kiss her on the forehead. He got up and left the bed. The next thing Lexi felt was a blanket covering her, and her husband’s hand zipping up her crotch zipper, sealing both their juices within. He pat in there too, as if for good measure.

Jake wrapped an arm around his wife, and she heard the click of their bedroom light turn off.

Was he going to keep her tied up like this all night?

His customary goodnight kiss answered that question.


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