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Old Flame Returns

by John Smith

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© Copyright 2013 - John Smith - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; bfold; cuffs; gag; rope; drug; spandex; catsuit; hotel; mast; climax; cons; X

John sat alone in a roadside cafe. John was a little nervous as he awaited Rupinder to meet him. Rupinder broke his heart numerous times when they met at University five years back. Relations with Rupinder never went past a brief fling. They did not see eye to eye and she wanted a man who was more sure of himself and frankly more accomplished. John was a struggling psychology student at the time, she wanted stability and not someone who could analyse her. John loved her, or so he thought, with age and a little experience John realised that he was infatuated with her and his idea of her.

The real Rupinder was another woman in her own right, who had desires, dreams and needs that we're different from his, so the cultural differences and frustrations were really just an excuse to cover the fact that things wouldn't have worked anyway. So why did Rupinder call John to meet him? What could she want after all these years?

John sipped his tea and looked around the cafe, looking at who else was here at 11pm. The rain was beating on the window outside and John was grateful for being in doors. The take away cup provided a comforting warmth he wondered what see looked like now? Did she still have those dark penetrating all seeing, all knowing eyes, that felt as if she could read his thoughts. Did she still wear those bandanna's around her neck?

One of them played a significant role in their last encounter. John would never forget that evening, it was not to dis-similar to the present. The last time they met Rupinder asked to meet in a cafe. She was wearing a dark brown down coat, with a pink bandanna around her neck, a green jumper, orange pattern satin skirt and knee high ankle boots and an orange satin head scarf. In the cafe they said very little, Rupinder would stare at John, deep into his eyes and refused to say a word. She reached out and took his wrist cupping her hand around it. This sent a warm pulse through John straight to his groin. 'Lets go back to mine' she said. 'I don't want to talk here'.

So they both got up, John helped Rupinder with her coat that was draped behind her. As he clasped the soft shoulders of the coat another sense of warmth lingered below. Rupinder noticed John's brief distraction. She had her suspicions about some of John's fantasies. Back on campus Rupinder unlocked her door and she let John pass through and she followed locking the door behind them. 'Do you trust me John?' she coldly asked.

'Of course' he replied, slightly nervous of his brief delay in answering her.

'Turn around and close your eyes'. John dutifully complied.

Rupinder came up to John. She kissed his neck and ran her finger down him. 'stay still and keep your eyes closed' she commanded. Rupinder took her satin head scarf off. She took John's right hand and then his left clasping then behind him. She tightly bound his hands together with the scarf. John opened his eyes and his heart began to pound in his chest and everything in his body became highly charged, with a focus on his bound hands.

'Rupinder' he exclaimed. She put her finger on his lips, 'shhh'. Rupinder then removed her bandanna and tied a knot in the middle of it. She then looped it over John's head, please the knot between his lips and fastened it with a secure knot at the back of his head. John stood still in shock, he was bound and gagged and totally at Rupinder's mercy. John was ecstatic and nervous, not sure what she was planning to do. He certainly could feel his crotch tightening.

Rupinder took her coat off and lay it on the bed. She then motioned John to lie beside it on the bed. Joh'ns nose was touching the soft and slightly crisp nylon shell of the dark brown coat. It felt good. Rupinder unfastened John's belt and the bottons on his jeans. She placed her hand on his crotch. He could feel the warmth of her hand through his cotton boxer shorts. If only I had worn satin he thought. She then took her hand away and pulled his shorts off. John was naked from the waist down. Rupinder rolled John's body on top of her coat. The whole of John's lower body made contact with the cold soft nylon shell. It felt so right, so comforting, so... Sexy.

Rupinder lay behind John, moving her hand so it was under the coat and directly on his crotch. She clasped John's now very hard penis through the coat. The sensation of Rupinders hand sparked a massive moan from John that was muffled by the knotted bandanna in his mouth. 'we don't want the neighbours to hear you' she said softly into his ear. John moaned in agreement. John could hear the neighbours going about their business behind the four walls.

He felt totally at Rupinders mercy, in ear shot of the neighbours with no way to cry out for help. Not that he wanted to escape, he would be the only kidnap victim to volunteer to be gagged. He loved it. Rupinder clasped her hand over John's penis and rhythmically rocked it back and forth. The sleek soft nylon accentuate the motion, sending John into a euphoric state. John mewed into his gag, every rub taking him closer and closer to exploding. Back and forth back and forth, the grip getting tighter and tighter and John's head getting lighter and lighter.

Back in the cafe John pulled himself back, his latte now cold and he was as stiff as a tree trunk. He hoped Rupinder would not come to greet him at this moment and thankfully for him she didn't. John slowly focused and started to wonder why she called now after so long and what could she want. The last time they spoke it was a row and she made it clear that she never wanted to see him again. Just as he was considering that thought she entered.

Rupinder was dressed in a black Gilet that was zipped all the way up, she wore black Lycra leggings with knee high brown boots, accompanied by a grey Russian style hat and deep red scarf. In her hands a box wrapped in brown paper. No bandana then John thought to himself, her leggings and Gilet looked nice and welcoming. He pulled himself back.

"Hello Jonathan". She always called him Jonathan, at first he hated it but over time he grew to crave it, she always sent a shiver down his spine using his name, he could never pin down why. "You look well" she said.

"Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself" said John, his reply sounded a little too Pierce Brosnan in his head for his taste. Point to Rupinder.

They shared a little small talk and it transpired things have not been to great for her. Her husband had cheated on her, so she divorced him. Her mother had sadly been taken ill. After they finished their coffees Rupinder introduced the box that she had with her. "I have something for you, something I hope we can share".

John was intrigued, he took the box conscious not to appear greedy he carefully took the brown wrapping paper off it. Just as he was about to open it she put her hand on his. "I hope you like it."

John smiled and slowly lifted the lid off the box. He looked in and he could see a deep red satin cloth which he held with his finger tips, it's smooth surface sent a heat wave through him. John pulled the corners back and his eyes locked onto a red ball gag and a pair of handcuffs. He could feel he was salivating and gulped as he looked back and caught Rupinders deep brown eyes.

"Can we go and find a room somewhere?" she requested.

Thoughts of why now briefly crossed John's mind but instinct and desire took over, he badly wanted to be her prisoner, badly. The thoughts of being helpless and gagged over shadowed any rationality, John assumed that Rupinder wanted to vent her frustrations on a man, any man and she had chosen him. It could be seen as a slight or a compliment. John didn't care. He took her hand and they got up together, Rupinder led the way and John tailed slightly behind catching a glimpse of Rupinders firm lycra clad buttocks as she walked ahead leaving John to carry the box. John and Rupinder pulled up at a local chain hotel. Rupinder turned to John. "Please could you get the room. I'll follow with our luggage".

'Luggage?" John thought, 'what had she brought with her?'

John got out and confidently walked up to the reception. He asked the lady for a double room, he made small talk with her to deflect his slight embarrassment as it was obvious by their arrival time that they were here for sex, nothing else. "Would you both like breakfast sir?" the young lady asked him.

"Yeah, sounds good". John left her his card details, he thought this is not like the movies were you give a fake name and pay with cash. Luckily for John his name was very common. John took the key and walked over to Rupinder.

"Lead the way", she instructed him.

Rupinder was keeping a slight distance, this was a little unnerving for John, maybe she was as embarrassed as he was. The idea of a dirty night together slightly loses its glamour when you check in. John and Rupinder got in the lift, she walked straight to the back whilst John remained near the door. The door closed and the lift jerked and started to go up. John counted the floors to seven, the lift came to a halt and the doors slid open. John with box and key card in hand made his way to room 718. John could feel the soft spongy carpet below his feet as he made his way to the door. Rupinder followed him with a mid sized black down bag. John slid the key in, the door beeped and popped open.

"Now walk ahead and place the box on the bed in front of you". John complied with Rupinders instruction. "Get on your knees and open the box".

John got on his knees and opened the box. Rupinder walked over to John, lent over and reached into the box. John could feel Rupinder's Lycra leggings against the back of his head. "Take your top off".

John took his top off and the cold air struck his chest. Rupinder reached over John's head, now he could feel her soft zipped up Gilet. She took the red ball gag and placed it in his mouth fastening it tightly behind his head. She then took the handcuffs and took John's arms, placing them behind him and snapped the cold steel onto his wrists and fastening them shut behind him. "Now that's better".

Rupinder took her Gilet off and placed it on the bed. She unzipped her jumper to reveal that her leggings were in fact part of a whole black wet look catsuit, that hugged her body from neck to ankles. John became highly aroused at the sight of her Lycra clad body.

"Stand up" she instructed, John complied, what else could he do. In his helplessness a sense of freedom over took him. Rupinder stood behind John and he could feel the Lycra of her catsuit make contact with his back and her warm chest. Rupinder unfastened John's belt and ran her hand down his crotch and with her fingers clasped the zip and pulled it downwards. The vibration went right through John's penis, which found a new freedom once she pulled his trousers and pants down. John was now standing fully naked.

"Please place yourself on my jacket".

John dutifully complied and his crotch was enveloped in the cool soft nylon of her ribbed black Gilet. It felt so good, so welcoming that the excitement of being bound and gagged topped with that was almost too much, but John managed to hold on. Rupinder left John face down on the bed alone for a few moments. He could hear her unzip her back and shuffle a few things, what was she doing he thought. Rupinder lay beside his naked body, he could feel her and the warm slinky Lycra touching his left side.

She slipped her hand under the Gilet and clasped John's erect penis, as she made contact clasping the rim around the circumcised head John let out a muffled groan. "Oh yes baby, please cry out as much as you can. Your moans make me wet".

She clasped him harder and for a moment blood drained out of his head and he became temporally dizzy and euphoric. A rush hit him and he became totally aware of his bound hands and the ball resting between his tongue and the roof of his mouth. There was no way he could be freed unless she desired it. He was at her mercy, her prisoner, hostage and he loved it! The soft nylon went back and forth back and forth and John could feel himself about to explode. Rupinder sensed this so she stepped up her efforts.

"I want you to cum like a fountain!" she continued back and forth back and forth tightly with her right hand under his body. John could feel the sperm building, ready to escape his body in a tidal wave. Back and forth back and forth she went and closer and closer he felt. Moaning and mewing into his gag, his body helpless and absorbed by the soft Gilet. Suddenly out of nowhere a rush went through his body and a popping sensation occurred, the wave had come.

Rupinder kept going and John squirmed as suddenly the euphoria was hitting a wall which he was scared to pass, she kept going and he squirmed and groaned. Rupinder clasped a white cloth in her left hand and used it to cover John's mouth and nose. A burning sensation similar to Vicks vapour rub passed his nostrils and consumed his airways. His body began to react and try and fight this moment, but Rupinders hand clasped harder over his mouth and nose and his penis found an unexpected second life and slid across the nylon in a moment of ecstasy and sensuality. Then John blacked out.

John groggily awoke to find the ball gag had gone and in its place was the thick red satin cloth from the box. It was more comfortable than the ball gag and the satin was incredibly soft. John tried to move but he realised he was no longer naked, he was now dressed neck to toe in a thick, soft and shiny blue spandex catsuit. His entire body was bound with a soft yellow rope and when he moved it created a tight rubbing sensation around his crotch. The spandex was so soft and slinky, sliding back and forth stimulating is erect penis.

Rupinder stood over him, "Oh you are awake. How are you feeling?" she reached over and rubbed his penis, she now had black satin gloves on which accentuated the stimulation to his erect penis.

With her finger tips she explored the head and rim of his penis. All John could do was squirm and mew into his gag as he was so well and fully tied up. Rupinder stopped the rubbing and she rolled John so he lay face down on the bed. She left him for a moment and went to her bag. All John could he was the rustling as she searched through the bag. She came back and lay next to him on his right side.

"Look at me!" she commanded and John turned to her and starred deeply into her brown piercing eyes.

Suddenly John felt a hard slap and a surge of pain on his buttocks. He felt it again, and he reflexively squirmed, but the bindings stopped him, he was totally immobile. Rupinder had fetched what must have been a riding crop and was whipping him continually. John was not really into this but the pain was followed by a strange euphoria that slowly lead him to a situation in which he wished she would never stop. Each reflexive move caused the rope to rub his penis and created pure pleasure. All he could do was moan into his gag.

Rupinder stopped whipping him and now used the crop to explore the lines of his Lycra clad body. The crops small head could explore each nook and cranny, it was particularly nice between his buttocks and along his arms. Rupinder slowly pulled away, leaving John helpless and alone face down on the bed. He had avoided exploding but he was very close. Rupinder came back from the bag and now lay on his left. She blew along his neck until she came to his ear. She kissed his neck and then brought her lips to his ear. "I'm going to provide you with an education John that you will never forget."

On saying that she placed the white cloth over John's mouth and nose and that familiar burning went through his nostrils. John tried to resist but he was helpless against his binding. John awoke what must have been an hour later. The satin gag had gone and the ball gag was back in its place. John was still bound by rope in the catsuit but he could feel the hand cuffs had returned. In addition John was now blindfolded by a soft face mask, the type travellers wear on long hall flights. The blind fold was fastened by something. John could not escape or cry out.

Rupinder obviously did not want John to be able to escape of his own accord or cry out for help. John could hear other people in the rooms beside his. One couple were having deep passionate sex, another were arguing and someone had a TV bleating away. John was totally helpless and each time he moved the rope would stimulate his penis. Every move he made was masturbating him. Suddenly John could hear a key on the door. The door opened and someone entered. A hand removed the gag from John's mouth.

"Sir are you okay?" asked a concerned lady. She sounded of African heritage.

"Yes, I think so', John replied.

There was silence for what felt a life time. John could hear her breathing.

"Forgive me", she said as she placed the gag back in his mouth. She rolled him so he was face down, got on top of him and her hand slowly moved down to his crotch. Her warm hands moved back and forth, sliding against the soft slinky Lycra, stimulating John's penis. John was on the road to ecstasy again at the hands of an unknown woman.

She whispered in his ear "I'm sorry I couldn't help myself".

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