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The Rainbow

by Jo

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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; spandex; catsuit; bagged; bond; rope; display; maids; oral; sex; cons; X

follow up from "The Christmas Tree"


"Denise, you're violet."

Which means I'd go last and get to watch as the piece is prepared. Anderson calls this "The Rainbow" because each of us will be a color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

His Christmas tree was a big hit: ten girls forming a human pyramid, bound neck to foot with sparkly, green garland, a colorful, plastic ball encasing each of our heads, only our brightly colored tits hanging out. They were the "ornaments" and they were very popular, if the groping was any indication. The guys asked Anderson to come up with something else. They do a "theme" meeting monthly. This month: spandex.

There are white, wooden frames leaning against the wall. On a table a pile of brightly colored cloth. Next to it a smaller pile. Jess pulls the red garment from the smaller pile. Faith has already stripped. Jess holds it up for her to step into.

Jess and Tammy are the seamstresses and the project was a secret. Why? Ask Anderson. six girls, six colors, but there are ten of us. What's up with that?

The first answer comes with the garment. It's a catsuit of sorts. Faith pulls it up her legs, stretches it over her butt. She ducks her head into a hood of sorts, slides her hands into the arms. The feet have no toes, but the hands have fingers and Faith wiggles her own into the stretchy, red cloth.

Jess zips the zipper. The thing seems a size too small, but with a bit of tugging, Faith is "clothed" - if clothed is a word.

The hood covers her head completely, except for her mouth where there's an oval opening. Her tits are squeezed through two elastic holes, making them bulge. And her bush is clearly visible from the open crotch.

Jess takes a larger red cloth from the stack and shakes it out. There's a roughly human shape sewn into it and there are brass grommets along the edge. The sewing isn't quite complete. There's a gap where the head should be. There's another gap along the upper edge.

Jess eases Faith onto the floor.

"Sorry, should have explained this before the hood. There's an envelope of sorts, two layers. I've sewn in a pocket, a human-shape pocket. You're going to slide into the pocket. We'll start with you on your back so I can pull it over your legs."


Faith raises her legs. Jess slides her feet into the envelope. She tries to pull it over Faith's hips, struggles for a minute.

"You know, it might be easier if she stands." This from Anderson.

Faith does and it's quick work getting her arms into the inner pockets. She does a bit more tugging, then helps Faith back down onto the floor. Jess drags a small, portable sewing machine over to her, sews up around her shoulders and over her head, two of the girls holding the edge, stretching it, so that it fetches up snug when Jess finishes. She runs the upper hem through the machine, grabs a hammer and a handful of brass and sets the grommets in place.

Anderson squats next to her.

"Good. Not bad at all. You can't even see where you added the extra stitches."

He pulled a frame from the stack and laid it over Faith's shiny, red form.

"Okay, Tina, you're up. Orange."

Tina stripped and squirmed her way into the catsuit. Anderson laced white rope through the grommets and around the frame. Two other girls helped to stretch the fabric, keep it snug.

Anderson tied off the last knot and raised the frame. It had a couple of boards fastened to the end, making a kind of base.

"Whatta ya think? Kinda wrinkly, isn't it."

Jess came over. They put their heads together.

"You have to get these points tighter, and ease these a bit, these are the key anchors," she said pointing out various features.

"And instead of using one length of rope, use four. I know it offends your sensibilities, but it's the only way you'll get the proper tension."

Anderson nodded and proceeded to undo the lacing. It didn't bother him, he's fussy like that.

When he raised the frame a second time it was much better, not perfectly smooth, but darn near. He went to work on the second frame as Jess sewed Kelly in.

They'd just finished the green panel, Liz was getting encased. I had stripped, waiting my turn.

"Okay, girls, we're getting tight on time. Time to do your maid thing."

Three of the girls, minus Jess, stripped. The pile of black cloth on the table turned out to be more catsuits, except the only opening was for the eyes. Each girl gagged herself with black cloth and black tape, then climbed into her suit. I helped with the tugging and zipping. They each had a black spandex apron, trimmed with white spandex "lace". They also had a little white, frilly, head piece. There were bits of white for the wrists and ankles. Last came the shoes - impossibly high, spike heels in black, of course.

There were noises coming from the next room and the three girls went to attend the guests.

Anderson raised the green panel, positioned it with the others in a kind of staggered line that formed an arch, sort of. He proceeded to lace the blue panel and I proceeded to be encased.

The garment was snug. It dawned on me that each one was made for a specific girl and they were all a size too small. I like spandex. I like the slick feel, the way it stretches. I like it for its smoothness. I've done girl-girl scenes dressed like the maids and it was a total turn-on, in a frustrating kind of way. I mean, we couldn't kiss and, although we could touch, we really couldn't get at the goodies. Still rubbing on another girl that way was nice.

I allowed myself to be eased down onto the floor. I raised my legs. Jess pulled the envelope over my feet, down to my rump. I stood and she completed the process. Back on the floor, I was sealed inside the thing.

There was some tugging, then I was vertical. A bit of shifting.

"Okay, Jess. Show time."

There were muffled sounds, doors opening and shutting. I tried to imagine the others. Anderson would take pictures, of course, but I wondered what we looked like, girl lumps in a rainbow of colors.

Presently the noise level increased. There were footsteps, hands on my tits, squeezing my ass, stroking me, groping me. It went on for quite a while. The noise level ebbed and flowed. The hands came and went.

After what had to be a couple of hours, I felt a tugging, then a ripping. Hands supported me, helped me to step down to the floor ... down onto my knees. A cock brushed my lips, I opened my mouth.

Another girl, whose mouth was not similarly occupied, made soft grunting sounds. It sounded like Faith and I could envision her on her hands and knees getting pounded from behind, her huge tits flopping with each thrust.

There were twelve of them, at least there were the last time we were here, which means we were each used twice ... at least. Although one guy used me and came back for seconds, thirds? I don't know. I kind of lost count.

All I know is that we were six, spandex whores, in all the colors of the rainbow.



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