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Room Service

by Jo

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© Copyright 2012 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; FF; hotel; spandex; catsuit; bond; rope; gag; oral; sex; climax; voy; cons; X

Diana pushed open the door. A wall of noise hit her. The place was packed, too crowded to work, but then he caught her eye. A lot of the men glanced her way, just to check her out. He held her gaze for a moment, then turned his attention back to the TV. Diana made a slow circuit of the bar.

When she got to him he slid off the stool.

"Would you like a seat?"

"I don't want to be a bother."

"No bother. I don't think there are any available."

Diana nodded and edged onto the seat.

"Thank you."

"My pleasure."

The bartended took her order: Absolut, rocks, twist. When she brought her drink, Diana raised her glass. He did likewise.

"Are you here for the convention?"

"No. Came into town for dinner and a concert. You?"

She sipped her drink, shook her head.

"I work uptown."

"I'm Bradley."


"Nice to meet you."


They chatted about the convention, the weather, the game on TV. Diana glanced at his hand, saw the gold band. He caught her looking.

"She's upstairs in our room."

Here it comes, but which way will it go?

"Perhaps you'd like to join us for a glass of wine. It's quieter and more private."

"Are you a police officer?"

He chuckled.


"Affiliated in any way with law enforcement?"

"No. And I could ask you the same questions."

Diana smiled.

"No and no and so yes. The noise it's getting to me."

He leaned over, spoke into her ear.

"How much?"

"A three way?"

He nodded.

He was no GC type, but he looked nice enough, well groomed, nicely dressed.

"Oral? Anal?"

"Oral. No anal. Figure at least an hour, but less than two."

"Five hundred."

He tossed back his drink, placed his hand on the back of her chair.

"Shall we?"

Diana eased off the stool. He took her arm and led her through the crowd.

In the elevator, he pressed 19. That was one of the floors with the suites.

Should have said a thousand.

He opened the door to the room. Diana stepped in, into a sitting room. She walked around a corner and stopped. The form on the couch was encased in black and bound with white rope, a position they call a hog tie. Diana couldn't tell if it was male or female, but judging by the spread of the hips and size of the ass she guessed female.

"Uh, you didn't mention bondage."

"Just keeping her safe while I was away. Didn't want her to get into any trouble."

He stepped over to the couch, rolled the bound woman onto her side.

"This is Evelyn."

She was covered completely in shiny, black spandex, even her hands and feet. The only opening was for her mouth which was filled with a large black ball.

"We're looking for a semi-regular play partner for some light BDSM, but this time we'll see how things go sans ropes ... or not." He glanced up at her. "I'll give you another five."

Diana did a gut check, came up negative, no alarms bells going off.

"Sure. Just let me freshen up a bit."

He gestured at a door. Diana went into the bedroom, turned and went into the bath. She dug her cell from her purse.

"Hey girlfriend."

"Hi, Molly. Er, listen. I've got a client, a couple actually. He's got her tied up on the couch. I'm not getting any bad vibes, but-"

"But you never know."


"It's okay. I've got your back. Where are you?"

"The Plaza, room 1907. He said he wants an hour, maybe more, but less than two."

"No problem. I know the drill. If I don't hear from you in two hours I'll call in the cavalry."

Diana checked her makeup and headed back into the sitting room. She stopped. He was fiddling with a camera, mounting it on a tripod.

"Uh, sorry, no cameras."

"Don't worry. No one will see your face." He gestured at the black clad form on the couch.

He pointed at an envelope on the desk.

"One thousand dollars."

Diana picked up the envelope, fingered through the bills. Ten C-notes. She slipped the envelope into her purse. He held up a black garment. Diana stripped.

She took her time unbuttoning her blouse, the cuffs of the sleeves. She slipped it from her shoulders, draped it on the chair by the desk. She unzipped her skirt, added it to the chair. She unclasped her bra, let it fall. She eased her panties over her hips, down her legs, off her feet. She picked up the bra and turned, adding them to the chair, giving him a view of her ass.

She unhooked her stockings, rolled them down her legs, kicked off her shoes, removed the hose, unhooked the garter belt. She stood watching him watch her. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror behind him.

The big 3-0 had treated her well. Her new tits had healed. They were half the size of her old ones, but still substantial - and firm, nice and firm, with up-turned nipples. The doctor was a wizard and there were no scars. He nose was a bit smaller and it, too, had a slight up-turn. And she was now a redhead. You couldn't prove it wasn't her natural color because she had her bush lasered off.

He set the garment aside and stood.

"Hold that thought."

He disappeared into the bedroom and came back a moment later with something black in his hand. He held it up. It was a blindfold, black leather.

"I want to take some pictures. No one will know it's you."

Diana nodded. He pressed thing into place, buckled the strap behind her head.

There was a minute or two of silence, then he took her arm and eased her down onto the floor, first on her hands and knees, then face on the floor, ass in the air, then on her back, legs spread.

"Good, good," he said as he took each shot.

He took her hand and helped her to stand. He removed the blindfold. He held up the camera, thumbed through the images. Diana felt oddly embarrassed, always did when someone took her picture. More so like this. It's one thing to be naked and leaving only a memory, but this?

"Okay. Shall we get started?"

She took the garment.

"Zipper's broken."

He fished a small bit of plastic from his pocket. It had a metal hook on the end.


Diana shook it out and stepped into it. He steadied her as she slid her feet into the tight tubes that were the legs. The thing looked impossibly small, like a child's unitard, but the black material stretched, stretched some more as she tugged it over her hips, grabbing one side then the other, squirming around a bit.

He pushed a couple of plugs into her ears and held up the hood. Diana ducked her head and he pulled it into place. He took her hand, guided it into the sleeve, did the same with the other.

He ran his hands over her, making adjustments, smoothing the fabric. Then he zipped her in. It was a stretch, literally, but he managed.

She was sealed in spandex. The legs and arms sewn off to encase her feet and hands. Diana realized that without the toggle and with her hands covered as they were that she was helpless, her hands useless.

There was an opening, roughly pear-shaped for her nose and mouth. And then she felt a waft of air on her bald pubes and realized there was a hole down there, too. As if reading her mind, he slipped his hand between her legs, stroked the smooth skin of her pouty lips.

She stood, waiting, expecting him to tie her, gag her, but he didn't. Didn't need to. She was perfectly helpless as she was. He took her arm and led her into the bedroom, guided her to the bed. Diana climbed on.

The bed shifted and the other woman was there, facing her, wrapping her arms around her. She kissed her, a nice, soft kiss, with just a hint of tongue.

So this is how it's going to go, all mouth and pussy. Look Ma, no hands!

And that's how it went. They kissed. They stroked each other. Spandex on spandex. Evelyn ran her hands over Diana, head to toe, front and back. Diana reciprocated. She decided she liked it. She tried to imagine Bradley. Was he naked, watching them, stroking himself? Or perhaps he was just moving about, playing photographer.

The two women, like two large, black worms slithered over each other. When mouths came into contact with pussies there was much licking, nibbling, clit sucking. It was really turning her on.

Diana settled between Evelyn's legs, buried her mouth in her crotch. Evelyn writhed. Diana tried to hold her, but the slippery cloth let her slip away. In an instant she was on her again, mouth on pussy.

Evelyn came. Even with her ears plugged, she could hear her. When the spasms eased they swapped positions, Evelyn's face between Diana's legs. After few minutes she allowed herself to come. A nice little orgasm, nothing earth shaking. It was obviously what her clients wanted - full participation. Apparently Evelyn wasn't satisfied with Diana's reaction. She kept her mouth glued to Diana's pussy. She tried to push her head away, but her hand just slid off. She managed to squirm away a bit, but the other was on her in an instant, literally on her, legs spread, straddling Diana's face. In spite of the slippery spandex, she managed to pin her, press her lips to Diana's sex. This time she didn't have to let herself come, Evelyn's magic mouth sucked the orgasm out of her - a back arching, grunting, gasping this that left her panting.

Evelyn climbed off of her. The bed shifted, shifted again. She was urged up onto her knees, then her head pressed down, then the familiar velvet kiss of a cock head. Diana opened her mouth.

Evelyn was there, licking his cock while she sucked it. They swapped, back and forth for several minutes, then he pulled her up. She spread her legs and straddled his face.

She couldn't see it, but she could imagine it - Evelyn opening her legs, impaling herself on his cock. And she was right as the bed started to shift rhythmically. Evelyn groped for her, found her head, pulled her face to face. Gripped her, hard. Kissed her. They kept their mouths glued together except for the occasional grunting gasp. Diana could hear it, but she could feel the desperate whimpers, whines in the other's mouth.

Evelyn came. Slowed her rhythm, still riding is cock, though. Diana allowed herself another orgasm. It wasn't an eruption like the last, but it was pretty good. This seemed to be his cue and she felt the bed shake in that familiar way.

Once they'd all caught their collective breath, he eased Diana off, pulled her on top of Evelyn. She buried her face buried between Evelyn's legs. He fucked her. Evelyn licked her pussy as she was being fucked. After several strokes he slipped from her pussy, fed his cock to Evelyn to suck. It went on like that for quite a while. The first time he came it was fairly quickly, not hair trigger fast, but fast enough. This time the fucking went on and on.

Diana didn't come. She focused on munching Evelyn who did come - a lot.

The third time (viva viagra!) they swapped positions. Now Evelyn put her magic mouth to work while Bradley fucked her. Evelyn munched and Diana came, boy did she come. Yes, she was a whore, but she liked sex, one of the reasons she got into the profession in the first place. And sometimes, with some clients, things just clicked. Things were clicking. She licked Evelyn's clit as her husband's balls slapped against her face, his cunt-slick cock demanding to be sucked again and again.

Later, they lounged around having that glass of wine. Diana had decided to call it a night. She had made her thousand dollars, her nightly minimum, with only one client no less, and she was in  no hurry to leave. There was a knock on the door.

"Room service!"

Startled, Diana shot a glance at the clock, burst out laughing. She walked over to the door, opened it. There was Molly with one of the hotel's staff, and a tray of food. She gave Molly a wink, turned to the others.

"Anybody hungry?"



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