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Storycodes: MF; Solo-M; F/m; spandex; catsuits; tease; massage; sleepsack; multi-layer; gag; encased; oral; sex; climax; true; cons; X

For what seems like forever, I've had a thing for spandex. Seeing it, feeling it, and wearing it. I kept it a secret for ages, as best I could, with only a small collection of one or two zentai that could be hidden easily.

A couple of months ago though, I made a confession to my girlfriend, Jo. I told her about my fetish, and explained that while I was more than happy with our existing sex life, I would like to "spice it up" occasionally. We got a pair of black open-crotch spandex catsuits (not zentai) that we wore for lovemaking now and then. I loved running my hands over her body and getting worked up as I went down on her, and the feel of spandex on spandex as our bodies entwined was amazing! She didn't really share my kink, but enjoyed the enthusiastic attention so was happy enough to play along, even buying some soft rope for occasional light bondage sessions, which I really enjoyed :)

Having enjoyed the suits for a while, I tried to raise the stakes a little. If I got a spandex sleepsack, I asked her, would she let me put her in it... and would she put me in? She shrugged, and said "Yeah, if that's what you want".

I appreciated that it was a strange thing to ask of someone who only wore spandex for my benefit, but got the sack as soon as I could, looking forward to the experience of having her trapped in shiny slinky spandex and at my mercy... and of being trapped myself, if she'd do it. When the sack arrived - a hoodless neck-entry version with a short back zipper, I got her on my good side with a neck and shoulder rub, and raised the subject of the sleepsack. True to her word, she let me put her in it and endured an hour and a half of sensuous tickles and massages until she asked to be let out. I complied, knowing that I'd been as hard as a rock the entire time, and that her soft moans had meant she'd enjoyed the massages if nothing else.

It was another few weeks before I got her to put me in the sack, and we found that while it was snug on her, it was quite tight indeed on me, to the point of being almost inescapable on my own. I got another sleepsack later; slightly thicker fabric, with a full hood that had no eye or mouth holes for a more intense experience. Jane said that she wasn't much of a fan of that one, claiming claustrophobia, so we put it aside. I still climbed into it on occasion, when Jo was out of the house and I was feeling horny; If I got in with the zipper at the front, I could get a good feeling of restriction while still being able to let myself out at any time. It wasn't as good as the trapped feeling of the hoodless bag, but it was one that I could enjoy safely on my own.

One day, Jane was busy working on one of her craft projects in the other room, while I was feeling increasingly horny and bored. I hit upon an idea. First, I would dig out the hoodless sleepsack and tie a thread to the zipper, which would then go between my teeth. I'd wriggle into the sack, and then tug on the thread to pull the zipper closed, leaving me inescapably trapped in the slinky spandex prison. When it was time to get out of the sleepsack, I could just call for Jane, who could then release me. Foolproof, right?

I wriggled into the sleepsack, pulled the zipper closed, and had a very good time wriggling about on the bed. Eventually, though, it was time to get out and take care of cooking dinner. I shouted for Jane, and after a few moments she came into the room to see me bound and shiny on the mattress.

"Hello there," she said, walking up to me and placing a tantalising hand on my hip. "Well, aren't you snug?" Her hand slid lightly up across my chest, and I was suddenly hard as a rock again. "I don't think you want to get out just yet though, do you?" She almost absentmindedly rubbed my cock, making me strain against the silken restraints to press against her.

"I think you could be even snugger." She walked away from me to the closet, and rummaged around for a little. "Here we are..." She turned around, with the hooded sleepsack in her hands. My heart was pounding; I hadn't ever expected this to happen.

Gently, she slid my legs into the second, stronger sack until it cleared my hips. Then she had me sit up so that the sack could be drawn up over my shoulders and she could reach the zipper up my back. She leaned forwards over me and kissed me passionately on the lips, till I had to break away and regain my breath. In this moment, she stuffed a handful of fabric into my mouth, pulled up the hood, and zipped the whole thing closed. I tried to ask what she was doing, but the fabric had effectively gagged me, and all that came out was a quiet muffled noise.

"The thing is, honey," she told me, stroking one hand across my spandex-covered face, "I'm really busy and need to work without any interruptions. You don't mind, do you?" She pushed me back down on to the bed and ran a single hand my entire length from head to toe, making me strain again when she brushed past my cock. "I'll be back in a few hours..."

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