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Storycodes: F/f; superhero; fanfic; catsuit; darlex; bond; chain; cuffs; naked; collar; electro; drug; petsuit; buttplug; gag; remote; nc; X

Former supervillain Shego was lying in her bathtub, relaxing in the hot water after another day at work. After leaving the path of evil behind her, she went back to Middleton High School to teach the students there. A job that sometimes pushed Shego to her limits and made her wish she could teach the little shits some manners. Today had been one such day and she'd almost pulverized her teacher's desk with her powers, but had managed to hold back at the last moment. Instead, all that had happened was a dent in the wooden desk. Her class had also become very quiet afterwards. Shego let herself sink deeper into the water and tried not to think about school anymore; after all, she finally had a weekend off. At that moment, her cell phone rang and Shego groaned in annoyance. She lifted a slice of cucumber from her right eyelid and squinted at her cell phone to see who was interrupting. It was her favorite redhead.

"Haaa, sorry Kimmy, but unfortunately I'm not available today," Shego mumbled and suppressed the call before dropping the cucumber slice on her eyelid again and heading back to the warmth of her bathtub. Not ten seconds later, the phone rang again and Shego rolled her eyes before popping one of the cucumber slices into her mouth and grabbing the phone.

"What is it?" she asked, annoyed.

"Hey, Shego, please excuse me for interrupting…" came Kim's voice through the phone, but Shego interrupted her.

"I really hope you'll apologize," Shego said and lifted one of her long, smooth legs out of the bathtub. Water flowed down from it and drops fell back loudly so that Kim could hear it without a doubt.

"Ah, sorry for the bad timing."

"Never mind… just wanted to get out of the tub anyway. So… what's the sitch, Kim?" Shego asked, looking at her fingernails as she put her leg down on her knee. She knew Kim was blushing at that exact moment when she had used her catchphrase.

"Um…so…I just got word from Wade that a top secret weapon has been stolen. Unfortunately, I'm on another mission right now and can't take care of it. Could you step in and take a look at it? Please."

Shego started to grin.

"Oho, the Mighty Kim Possible asking me for help? That's gonna cost you, Cupcake," Shego demanded, flicking dirt under her fingernails aside.

"Shego come on I…" Kim fell silent briefly as Shego cleared her throat, "Grrrrrr! All right… as soon as I get back… usual time?"

"Usual time. My place. And bring your battlesuit, it looks so sexy on you."

Kim exhaled heavily and shook her head, trying to forget the thoughts of Shego's prize. That would be the problem for future Kim now.

"I'll send over the info," Kim mumbled, "Thanks Shego."

"Don't thank me too soon. I already have an idea or two about what to do with you. What do you think of breathplay?" Kim hung up quickly before Shego said anything else.

"Still my little innocent Kimmy," Shego murmured and got out of the bath. The water beaded off her skin as she stepped out of the tub and Shego grabbed her white towel. She used it to dry herself off before putting on a bathrobe. She reached for her phone and, as if on cue, it vibrated as Kim relayed the details of the mission to her. Bored, Shego skimmed the message as she went to her bedroom. Ever since Drakken and most of the 'old guard' had hung up their boots, new villains had been crawling out of every hole. In her opinion, each one was more pathetic than the last. When she and Kim talked about the new ones, Shego always referred to them as "weeds". Kim, however, had her hands full despite the poor quality of the weeds. Much to the displeasure of Shego, who wanted more time with her favorite redhead.

"If I have this doctor… Captura… is he serious? That's what my weekend is for? When I'm done with you, you'll wish you'd never been born!" muttered Shego, pressing a secret button on her closet. It opened a hidden compartment and revealed several of her old green and black special Darlex suits. A material that was durable and stretchy. Exactly what she needed then and now. Shego bit her lower lip as she also revealed some of her souvenirs and toys. Some of them she could use on Kim later. Her hand brushed over one of the control chips, but she quickly pulled her hand back. Kimmy would be at her feet soon enough. Shego took one of her suits out of the closet, along with her sports underwear, and let the robe slide to the floor. A few scattered drops of water rolled down her breasts and fell to the floor as she pulled on her black panties and bra. She sat down on her bed and pulled her catsuit up her legs. It slid effortlessly over Shego's hips and her stomach. Despite her new profession, her body was still in top condition and she was proud to still fit into her suit. Shego closed the zippers at her shoulders and hid them under flaps of Velcro. Shego took a deep breath, her fingers itching to steal something herself.

"Stop, calm down." She admonished herself and reached for her boots. She slipped her legs into them and pulled the zipper up her calves. The boots clung seamlessly to her suit. The last thing she did was pull on her gloves and attach her utensil bag to her leg. A sinister smile graced Shego's face. She stepped in front of her mirror and pulled out her cell phone. Shego took a selfie and sent it to Kim before sending a voice message to her.

"Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy. You're really putting me in a tempting position here. I might fall off the wagon."

Kim just sent back a laughing smiley face. Shego grinned. It was about time she earned her paycheck and she couldn't wait to finally be alone with Kim again.

All the way to her mission, Shego had the feeling that she knew the coordinates from somewhere and as she stood at the edge of Doctor Captura's base, she couldn't help but stare up at it with her mouth hanging open.

"You can't be serious," she muttered, annoyed. Drakken's old secret base loomed before her. Almost unchanged, the fortress of evil lay on the mountain she knew so well. A simple chain-link fence had been erected around the grounds, blocking her way. Shego flashed her right hand green and struck the fence, which immediately gave way under the heat and melted away as if it were made of butter.

"Please tell me the password has been changed at least," she muttered, walking to the secret elevator at the base of the mountain. Shego pushed aside a stone and a keypad appeared, into which she simply entered the old password. Drakken's birthday. It beeped, a green light flashed and a door opened. Shego shook her head and stepped inside. If this kept up, she'd be out in five minutes. She pressed on the top floor and the elevator door closed. At the same time, monotonous music began to blast from a loudspeaker and Shego felt herself slowly growing tired of it all. She had only been traveling upstairs for ten seconds when her patience snapped and she smashed the loudspeaker. The music stopped immediately and green sparks flew out of the hole her fist had left in the elevator. Shego closed her eyes and rubbed her temple.

"Weeds. Nothing but weeds."

The elevator made a chiming sound, the sign that Shego had reached the top. The elevator doors slid apart, revealing the dark main hall. Shego's eyes narrowed as she saw something flash in the darkness and she instinctively turned her body to the side. Small arrows shot towards her and dug into the elevator wall behind her. Shego breathed a bored sigh of relief.

"At least something's new."

She stepped out of the elevator and immediately took a step back as she saw more arrows flying towards her out of the corner of her eye.

"Far too obvious," Shego commented.

"Is that obvious too?" asked a female voice and lights immediately flickered on throughout the hall. Above Shego on a pedestal stood a woman with blonde hair and long white strands. She was wearing a pink catsuit made of latex that left nothing to the imagination and had her hands propped up on a black walking stick.

"Doctor Captura I presume? No, didn't think weed could afford this fortress of evil. But don't worry, if you hand me the superweapon, I won't go too hard on you," Shego said sarcastically, but suddenly she felt three quick stabs in her butt. Shego just managed to click her tongue in annoyance as her eyes closed and the three tranquilizer darts sent her into the realm of dreams. Doctor Captura's soft laughter echoed in the hall.

"Welcome to my realm… Shego."

Shego slowly regained consciousness, but she kept her eyes closed. Her senses were not yet at full strength and she needed all the information she could get in a situation like this. First she had to find out what situation she was in. With every waking second, she realized more. Shego sensed that she was naked, suspended from her wrists by chains. Around her neck was a collar, no doubt there to keep her powers in check. Whether it only suppressed her powers or did something else, she couldn't tell yet, she would have to test it out soon. Carefully, she opened one of her eyes a crack. She could make out Doctor Captura in front of her, sitting casually in an armchair and fiddling with a metal bracer.

Time for a test. Shego thought and tried to concentrate a small part of her powers in her clenched fist, but they didn't obey her. Instead, an electric shock ran through her, taking her breath away and making her groan. Doctor Captura looked up.

"As you would expect from the great Shego. First scout out the situation and then make a plan. That won't do you any good, though," said Doctor Captura and stood up from her chair.

"Release me immediately and I'll take you to prison in one piece," Shego growled at her, pulling at the chains that ran up to the ceiling.

"Not exactly a rosy prospect, Shego," Captura replied, "I actually thought a certain redhead was going to fall into my trap. I have something very special prepared for her, but with you it could be all the more interesting. You see, I currently have a shortage of staff. I have big plans for the future and need someone to put them into practice for me. Are you interested in working for me?"

"Seriously? You're asking me to work for you while I'm hanging naked from the ceiling? You can shove that offer up your ass," Shego replied, spitting.

"How utterly deplorable," Captura said, holding up her bracers. Shego remembered the data Kim had sent her. It had shown the bracers and collars. Was she wearing one of these collars?

"Last chance!" Shego shouted, silently hoping that they could overload the collar with their powers or something similar. She summoned her green flames and gathered them in her hands.

"Then amuse me a little," Doctor Captura said, sitting back in her chair curiously. Shego's eyebrow began to twitch with anger and she felt the electricity coursing through her body. Shego's body began to tense, but she fought it and ignored the pain.

"THIS IS NOTHING!" she screamed and saw the familiar green glow flare up on her hands. A panicked beeping coming from the collar told her that she had almost made it. Even Captura seemed surprised and hurriedly pushed on her bracelet. All at once, the electric shocks got worse and Shego lost her concentration. She stopped her attempt and dropped her head onto her chest.

"Wow, I didn't think you could last this long and even almost make it. A normal person would probably have fainted," Captura murmured appreciatively, "really a shame you don't want to work for me. And now you'll keep that collar on for the rest of your life."

Shego was breathing heavily and her blood was boiling with anger.

"And now what? Am I your bait, for Little Miss Perfect?"

"Maybe twenty percent, but the rest is for my pleasure," Captura said and stood up from her chair again. She walked towards Shego and the clacking of her high-heeled boots echoed throughout the secret base.

"It can get very lonely here at times and, above all, boring. You're just in time for me until Ms. Possible joins us."

Doctor Captura walked around Shego, stroking her bare stomach. Shego almost expected the villain's hands to claw into her skin, but far from it. The touch was gentle, almost familiar from their evenings together with Kim. Shego was so confused that she didn't realize her cheeks were turning red. Captura's hands went up to her clean-shaven armpits and Shego flinched almost imperceptibly. But Captura saw it.

"Oho, is someone ticklish?"

"No!" Shego lied quickly and braced herself for what was to follow. Doctor Captura's finger traced its circles in Shego's armpit, irritating her more and more.

"How about a bet Shego? I have five minutes to make you give up. If you get through it, you can leave and I'll come with you without resistance. If you ask me to stop or don't last the five minutes, you stay here. Forever."

Shego turned her head to look at Captura, but she was hiding behind her.

"And what if I say no?"

"Then all the fun starts five minutes earlier." Captura replied simply and Shego took a deep breath.

"Enjoy these five minutes Captura, they'll be the last you'll spend in freedom!" puffed Shego, clenching her hands into fists. She almost expected Captura to attack her immediately, but instead Shego heard a beeping on her neck and then a slight prick from the collar.

"What the hell was that?" Shego asked angrily, craning her neck to check on Captura. The chains clinked loudly and the echo reverberated off the walls like thunder.

"Oh, just a little chemical cocktail I implanted in the collar. Normally this function is there to sedate prisoners, but I've repurposed it. Here, let me show you!" Captura explained cheerfully and Shego felt her fingernail on her back. All at once, Shego's breath was taken away as this simple touch felt like a knife being drawn across her skin. She flinched, but didn't dare make a sound.

"Swallowed tongue? Or are you afraid you might accidentally give up?"

Shego gritted her teeth and stared straight ahead.

Concentrate, you've been through worse! She admonished herself and drew her eyebrows together as Captura began to blow gently on her back. It felt like someone was pouring ice water on her back. Shego growled irritably and strained against the restraints.

"Yeah, it's nasty stuff, but just wait and see what it does to your ticklish skin."

Oh no.

Captura's fingers dug into her unprotected armpit and began to tickle Shego. Shego opened her mouth for a sharp scream, but all that came out was a hysterical, yet uncharacteristically girlish laugh.

"HAHAHA! OH DAMN IT! YOU'RE SO HAHAHA DEAD!" laughed Shego, pulling at the chains that held her up relentlessly.

"Come on Shego, say stop and we can have this much fun forever."

"FAHAHAAACK YOU!" screamed Shego, getting dizzier as she found it hard to breathe. Her upper body tensed and she tried to escape Captura's claws.

"One little word and I'll stop right now. Just… one… little… oh," Captura stopped as Shego's laughter died with a gasp and her head fell onto her chest.

"Might have been a bit too much of a dose… well, you lost, Shego, now you're mine."

Captura walked around the unconscious Shego and reached through her black hair, which hid her face like a veil. Captura grabbed her chin and lifted it.

"Really cute…Ms. Possible better think so," Captura said, wiping Shego's black lipstick with her thumb before leaning in and pressing her lips to Shego's.

Shego woke up and moaned. She kept her eyes closed again. Not to assess her situation unnoticed, however, but because she was too exhausted. Her chest ached as if she had sore muscles and she had the urgent feeling that she had to go to the toilet. On top of that, something was squeezing her whole body, as if she had her slightly too tight suit back. She raised her hand to rub her eyes, but it didn't obey her. Shego shook her head and opened one eyelid. She was lying on a round, fluffy pink carpet in the middle of a bedroom that was also decorated in pink. She wanted to throw up at the sight of it. Light shone down on Shego through curtains. It dazzled her and she tried to raise her hand again. A pink stump appeared in her field of vision. It rattled in Shego's head for a moment until she realized it was her elbow. Her arm had been bent in the middle by pressing her hand on her shoulder and holding it in this position with a kind of bag.

"Captura you're so dead," Shego mumbled weakly, trying in vain to suppress her increasingly red cheeks. Her other arm and legs were in the same position, preventing her from getting up. Captura had locked her into a pink petsuit with the same pattern as her original catsuit. A headband held her hair back and Shego had the dull feeling that cat ears were attached to it. Shego's eyebrow began to twitch.


From the bed, Shego heard a grumble.

"CAPTURA, let me out of here right now!"

"Quiet Shegocat, or you don't get breakfast. The suit stays on. And don't even think about taking it off. It's connected to the collar," Captura mumbled sleepily and turned over in her bed. Shego unleashed her powers, but she was immediately reminded by a jolt of electricity that this was still not allowed.

I have to get out of here while Captura is still asleep. Shego thought and rolled onto her stomach. She shakily stood on her stumps and crept on all fours towards the door. Shego ignored the squeezing feeling in her crotch. She would take the time to relieve herself when she was free again. The door was ajar and Shego hoped she could squeeze through. She was only a step away when the pressure in her crotch increased, forcing her to stop. It felt like she was being pulled back by her butt.

"Ahh, what the…," Shego mumbled and looked behind. A chain had stretched from the bed to her and disappeared into her bottom. Shego would have liked to tear Captura apart when she realized that she didn't have to go to the toilet, but that her warden had chained her to her bed with a butt plug. The chain ran underneath and disappeared between blankets that fell to the floor above the bed. Shego tried to pull it out, but the butt plug was absolutely stuck and only caused her legs to tremble and she slumped down. Her butt stuck up in the air as she pressed her forehead against the floor.

"Captura, if you don't get rid of this…" Shego began, but was interrupted by Captura's sleepy voice.

"That's it Shegocat, time out for you."

Her hand wandered sleepily over her mattress to a small cupboard, where she pressed a switch. A soft humming could be heard and suddenly Shego listened to the chain rustle across the floor. The former villainess glanced back and sweat broke out on her forehead. The chain slowly shortened and pulled Shego by her butt under Captura's bed. With nothing to hold on to, Shego slid across the parquet floor.

"Captura! What the fuck! Captura… CAPTURAAAA!" Shego shrieked and disappeared under the bed. Shego was pulled into a foam mold by the chain and a flap closed in front of her, swallowing her screams. Meanwhile, Captura rolled over again and yawned loudly before falling back asleep. The machine stopped and Shego's butt plug began to vibrate instead. Shego opened her mouth in horror and began to breathe faster. Locked in the darkness, she could do nothing but wait and let the ordeal take its course. And for the first time in her life, Shego felt fear and helplessness, something she had previously thought impossible, but now?

"Shegocat, you haven't touched your food yet. Don't you like it?"

Shego did not answer. After being trapped in the suit for three days, she knew Captura was just out to play with her emotions. If Shego ignored her, she would be punished, but that was still better than making a clown of herself. Besides, she couldn't answer because Captura had given her a ring gag after Shego had tried to go for her throat last night.

"You know what? If you don't want to eat this, I'll give you something better," Captura said, grabbing Shego's chain and pulling hard. Shego still hadn't gotten used to the permanent full feeling and had to give in to Captura and follow her awkwardly so that she wasn't dragged behind her by her butt. Captura unzipped her latex catsuit and dropped onto her sofa. Shego wasn't keen on what followed and tried to turn away, but Captura's fingers grabbed her collar and pulled her towards her crotch. Unable to pull her head away, Captura cut off her air and forced Shego to work. Shego's face was instantly wet. The former villainess stared daggers up at her captor, wishing she could just break that stupid ring gag.

"Come on, get started or are you going to pass out again? I'm not letting you go until I've come!" Captura said, pushing Shego deeper into her crotch. Shego felt dizzy again and wondered if she really wanted to take another chance, but she was a little scared. What would happen if she wasn't awake again, with this madwoman in the same room.

"Come on, Shegocat…" Captura whispered, but looked up when another person suddenly appeared in her living room.

"K… KIM POSSIBLE!" Captura shouted and quickly pushed Shego aside. Kim was wearing her purple shirt and black pants. She had her hands placed loosely on her hips and she looked at Shego and Captura with a smile.

"I see you two had a good time, but I'd like to take you both with me now." Kim said and jumped towards Captura. Captura desperately threw one of the collars towards the redhead, but Kim skillfully dodged it and kicked at the bracer, sending it flying through the air in a high arc and disarming Captura. A quick punch from the heroine and Captura lost consciousness. Now Shego felt even more humiliated. Could it have been so easy?

"Shego, I was so worried!" shouted Kim, kneeling down to Shego and removing the gag.

"Oh Kim," Shego said, pressing her head into the heroine's shoulder.

"Wow, are you all right? I didn't expect that from you," said Kim, wiping a solitary tear from Shego's cheek.

"I'm allowed to be happy to be rescued for once, ok?" asked Shego pouting and pointing at the bracelet, "Come on get me out of here. I have to thank Captura for her hospitality."

"Shego, we're the good guys now, remember?" asked Kim, however, walking towards the bracelet and picking it up.


"What oh?"

"It broke."

Shego closed her eyes and tried to stop herself from strangling Kim and Captura. No doubt a difficult endeavor in her condition but a possible one in her mind.

"So what now?"

"Ehm… I think I'll take it to Wade and he can fix it for us. The suit …?"

"Only opens with the remote." Shego whispered and slumped down. Kim walked over to Shego and bent down again.

"Hey, don't worry, I'll look after you for so long. I'm sure we can have some fun until you're free again. I think I can manage relatively well with the mistress," Kim said and stroked Shego's hair.

"Little Miss Perfect has learned from the best, after all… Thank you… Cupcake."
"By the way… how did she call you… Shegocat?"
"Shut up."


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