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Spandex Humiliation

by J Davis

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© Copyright 2010 - J Davis - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; hood; sleepsack; catsuit; bond; FM/f; oral; sex; bdsm; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

Part 1

Evan arrived home from his week long business trip, to find his wife's car gone, and a black envelope waiting for him taped to the garage door, addressed to 'slave'. His cock became instantly hard, straining to break free of his pants at the mere thought of what might lay inside.

He hastily opened the envelope, smelling the perfume scented note folded inside. His cock again throbbed in his pants as the scented perfume worn by his Goddess filled his nostrils. He unfolded the note and read.

Slave. It has been only a short time since we played, but tonight I am going to allow you to prove your devotion to me. Wait for me in the bedroom at 7:30pm, shower, shave, and put on everything which is inside the box on the bed. Do NOT open the box until you are showered and ready.~ Goddess S

Evan quickly checked his watch, it was 6:45, he cursed to himself that had not carried on and had to wait for them to bring out the baggage at the airport. He quickly rushed up to their bedroom stripped off his clothes, and jumped in the shower with his shaving gear.

He quickly shaved his cock and balls, and face. His Goddess loved a smooth face rubbing against her glorious pussy.

He flipped open the lid on the black box sitting on the edge of the bed. His cock again throbbed when he saw the contents of the box.

Inside he saw an vibrating butt plug, a metal cock-ring (with a piece of chain and an open lock), his collar and a open lock, nipple clamps,ankl erestraints (with 2 openlocks) and a brand new, black PVC hood with an open mouth.

He glanced quickly at the clock on the bedside table, it read 7:15, no time to waste.

He quickly lubed the butt plug and inserted it into his ass, attached the metal cock-ring, locking the two together with a small piece of chain, with the chain as taunt as it was, any vibration from the butt-plug would be transferred to the cock ring.

Next he harshly pinched his nipples, attaching the Japanese style clover-clamps, he did notice that his Goddess had attached heavy steel carbines to each of them...

He glanced at the bedside table again, the time read 7:25.

He quickly pulled the new stretch PVC hood over his head, aligning the mouth hole, before attaching his collar around the long neck of the hood and closing the lock on the collar.

He quickly dropped to his knees beside the bed, his cock throbbing in anticipation.

Evan's mind began to wander, fantasizing of what might happen, he could not hear much as the hood slightly muffled the hood he was wearing. He could see nothing with the hood tight over his eyes, but he found breathing to be quite comfortable with the hood that tightly surrounded his mouth.

He dared to quickly check the movement of his mouth and tongue to ensure it was not hindered by the hood, as his Goddess would not take this as an excuse for poor oral performance on his part.

He nearly jolted out of his skin as his Goddess said, "having fun now are we my pet? Don't wear that mouth out too much, it's got allot of work to do tonight". He did not even hear her come in, he was wondering how long she had been watching him.

She asked, "Are you ready to submit to me slave"

"Yes Goddess", he responded without hesitation.

"Are you ready to obey every command without question?"

"Yes Goddess", he responded

"Are you ready to lick wherever I want, as long as I want?"

"Yes Goddess", he responded hesitantly... slightly scared from how vague her question was.

"Good" she said, "Now put stand up, while I guide you to the couch."

She helped him up, walking him over to the large overstuffed leather couch in their room.

"Lift up your foot, one at a time", she said, "good now the other" while she gently placed his legs inside of the new spandex sleep sack.

"Put your hands at your side", she said, he quickly complied as she zipped up the sleep sack to his nipples.

"You won't be able to notice slave, but I made a few small adjustments to this sleep sack." she said, "one of which is to add holes to pull your nipples clamps through" She forcibly pulled the nipple clamps through the holes, and aligning the sack along with his pinched nipples before zipping the sack the red of the way to his neck.

She quickly retrieved several leather fleece-lined belts, attaching them over the sleep-suit a his ankles, knees, around his wrists/waist, and above his nipple clamps. She pulled each of them tight, as if the tight embrace of the spandex was not enough.

"You look nice and secure, lets lay you down" she said while gently helping him onto the couch.

She unlocked his collar, pulling off the PVC hood, and replacing it with the model with the open eyes and mouth . His eyes squinted re-adjusting to the brightness of the room. It was not long-lasting as she quickly pulled a blindfold over his eyes.

"You stay still while I finish getting ready, and no talking or I will gag you" she said before walking away, he heard the bathroom door close.

Several minutes later he heard the door open an the smell of candles being lit around the room.

She walked over to him, pulled down the blindfold, he gasped in astonishment as his cock strained against it's restricted spandex prison.

His Goddess was dressed in a beautiful one-piece cat-suit in a clear tan color, he remembered her taking quite a fancy to it while browsing the Winter Fetish website. To complete he ensemble was her knee-high PVC boots.

"Do you like my slave?" she asked, before straddling his body, and rubbing the crotch of her cat suit against his spandex encased cock.

"Yes Goddess, you look magnificent" he replied

She began to slowly rub her crotch back and forth against his rigid member, he was mentally cursing the spandex from preventing him from burying his cock in her silky smooth love canal. He moaned slightly... as she picked up her pace.

She gently got off him, giving his cock a nice tight squeeze through it's spandex prison before she glanced at the bedside clock. The clock was just out of his reach and he wondered why she had done so...

She said, "You have 7 minutes to make me cum with that tongue of yours, now get to work"

She quickly straddled his head, lowering her wet pussy onto his face, he licked and nibbled at her slit and clit as hard and fast as he could, suddenly the doorbell rang, he froze in horror.

She quickly stood up, and said, "Well they are early, oh well, you'll get your chance to finish off later"

Evan was still frozen in horror when his Goddess placed a metal O-ring gag in his mouth and buckled it tight before wiping the pussy juice off of his chin and sticking it in the ring and saying "lick", he quickly complied, she pulled him onto his side slightly, and propped a pillow behind him, so he had a good view of the bed.

Before he could utter any protest, she left the room. He heard the muffled sounds of people ascending the stairs to their master bedroom, and he would have gasped in astonishment if he had not been gagged.

Into the room walked a man and woman whom he had never seen before, His Goddess wife was kissed passionately by the woman while the man held her from behind, running his hands all over the catsuit his Goddess wore. His Goddess moaned in ecstasy as the couple rubbed her all over her gorgeous tits and pussy.

While the man continued to kiss and rub on his wife, the woman undid her trench coat, underneath she was wearing a complete Leather Dominatrix outfit, with knee-high leather boots, a cup less leather teddy, with a nasty looking 10-inch orange dildo sticking out of it.

His view of his wife was suddenly blocked as the leather clad Mistress approached him, without a word, she shoved the dildo into his mouth through the open O-ring, causing him to gag on the large phallus. She grabbed the carbines attached to the nipple clamps and pulled them hard, upwards towards his collar, as they tightened under the tension, and snapped into place against the metal rings attached to his collar. She simply stated, "I am Mistress V, and my husband and I are going to fuck your slut wife for all she is worth, with you trapped there, doing nothing abut it."

She quickly withdrew the cock from Evan's mouth, it was coated in his saliva. He was fighting a mix of emotions from rage to Passion, to lust knowing his wife was about to be treated like a piece of meat in front of him, and there was nothing he could do about it.

With his view now unobstructed he was able to see his gorgeous wife, his Goddess, kneeling on the bed, with the now naked man's cock rammed down her throat, she was sucking and pumping it with all the effort she could, while her vulnerable enticing ass was wiggling back and forth in the air.

Again, Evan was utterly amazed by the events transpiring in front of him, he watched as Mistress V got onto the bed behind his wife and rammed the monster orange dildo as far into his wife as it would go in one swift thrust. His wife moaned in pleasure at the sudden rush of her hole being filled by that monster, but continued her cock-sucking mission. It took only a few seconds before Mistress V grabbed her hair and started fucking her for all she was worth with the monster dildo.

She continued to moan in pleasure having two of her holes full at once, this continued for a few moments until her body suddenly shuddered from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes in an orgasm that nearly made her collapse onto the bed. The dildo and the man's cock where withdrawn from her, and then Evan realized the full size of his 10-inch rock hard cock jutting out.

They forcibly rolled his Goddess onto her back, while the man swung her legs over his shoulders before slowly entering her dripping wet pussy. Meanwhile at the other end Mistress V had removed the dildo from it's harness and walked over to Evan, jamming the dildo into his mouth, taping it in place with an ever handy piece of duct tape. She patted him gently on the cheek before saying, "enjoy that for now slave, that will not be the only thing you suck dry tonight." With that she noticed his cock twitch ever so softly through it's spandex prison. "Now what's this? does someone think he can come out and play?, well why not", she said. She reached down, unzipping the crotch, releasing his throbbing cock from it's spandex prison, it sprang free, hard as a rock, standing fully at attention. She squeezed it ever so hard, running her rings in a finger from the base to the head, it was oozing with pre-cum. Which she scooped onto two of fingers, before walking back to her spot near his wife's head. She rammed the two fingers into her mouth, pulling her hair and saying. "suck them dry you cum slut". His goddess complied.

Satisfied that she was now in control, Mistress V un-fastned the crotch of her leather corset, exposing her beautiful pussy, before swinging her legs up and mounting Evan's wife's face. She ground her pussy against her face, while her husband began to fondle Mistress V's breasts, while slowly pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Evan could hear the slight moans of wife escape from below Mistress V's legs....

To be continued....


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