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Spandex Writhing

by Jere

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© Copyright 2010 - Jere - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; nylons; gag; sleepsack; catsuit; toys; climax; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

Jenn wiggled and flexed testing the limits of my latest acquisition from Winterfetish, the Darlex sleep sack.  Her firm 38DD breasts pushing out against the tight, shiny fabric nipples hard and clearly visible.  Soft mewing escaped from the hood tight against her head, focusing all her attention on the tight tube that encased her...  Wiggle, writhe, flex, wiggle, writhe, flex.. That was all she could do in her tubular prison.  Then I flipped the switch....

Jenn and I had been friends for years.  She knew of my predilection for binding and gagging pretty women.  Our conversations alway’s would turn from the mundane and ordinary to the more exciting realm of restraint and erotic torment.  Though gay, Jenn seemed to alway’s push the flirtation envelope with me when it came to bondage conversation.  She would mimic the positions I would describe to her in her knowledge quest and tempt me with her image.  She would ask about my bondage toy’s and how they worked.  Her tentative curiosity about my gag collection excited me to no end..

Finally I just asked her; “Do you want to try out some of my toy’s?”  Her eager reply of yes caught me a bit off guard, but gave me an exquisite thrill at the same time!  We made a date for Saturday and I went about ordering toy’s...  Winterfetish has such a beautiful supply of supple bondage garments and restraints.  I ordered their Darlex sleep sack, 4 way stretch PVC catsuit and Darlex hood.  I wanted her to be comfortable for her first time while still feeling the full thrill of tight bondage.

Saturday arrived and so did my package.  Thank God for express shipping!  I watched the clock all afternoon awaiting that pivotal hour that would mark Jenn’s arrival.  The knock finally came and I open my door to a vision of loveliness.  Jenn was wearing her beige sweater that showed off her breasts so well, a jean mini and her knee high boots.  The caper to her outfit were the high gloss nylons adorning her legs.  My true fetish and she knew it!  The light played off of her legs and I instantly became aroused...  I invited her in and got down to business.

We were both a little nervous so I offered her a drink to cut the tension a little.  I wanted her to keep that small knot of apprehension in her belly, but be loose enough to enjoy her imminent captivity.  We talked about how she would be bound and I showed her the sleep sack.  Her eye’s glazed as she felt the sensuous fabric, lost in the promise of what it held.  I then showed her the catsuit and told her she could change in my bedroom.  I had left a surprise for her on my bed that would augment her bondage experience.  Before departing for my bedroom I asked her to keep her hose on for me.  Jenn gave me a sly smile and disappeared.

Jenn hollered out; “You are a wicked man!” from down the hall and I just smiled.  I guess she found my surprise.  I had purchased a latex thong with an internal dildo attachment for her that contained a remote control vibrator.  However, I did not mention any of that to her, especially the last part...:)  Soon Jenn appeared down the hall wrapped in her tight PVC catsuit.  Every inch of her curvy body held snug by the material.  Her hips swayed with more vigor as the dildo worked its magic.  Her cheeks were a bright crimson as she settled herself on my couch.  A slight gasp escaped her lips when her full weight set itself upon the devil inside her.

I helped her into the sleep sack, taking a small moment to caress her nylon covered feet.  The Darlex slid over the PVC with ease and soon her arms were in the internal sleeves and the zipper was pulled shut and locked in place. 

“Would you gag me” she asked? 

“Which one would you like” came my eager reply?. 

“ Your choice”.. 

Probably not her smartest move since I cannot resist the beauty of a lady wearing a penis-gag..  A slight smirk came across her face as she open to accept that phallus.  I buckled it in place giving her  little play, then slipped the Darlex hood over her head and sealing her in.  I helped her to the floor and told her to feel the sensations her body was having.  Testing her bonds she rolled around and tried to sit up.  Each undulation brought about either an OH, Ooo, or Ah with an occasional grunt.  Jenn wiggled and struggled trying to get her arms out of the sleeves and escape her cocoon, but to no avail.  Her breathing had increased and the buck of her hips told me she was finding the limits of her internal friend. 

Finally she rolled onto her belly and began to push and grind her hips into the floor.  With much glee and euphoria I took the remote from my pocket and pressed the button.  Frantic bucking and squeals erupted from the cocooned womanly form before me.  Deep grunts and floor shaking thrusts signaled her approach to orgasm and I just enjoyed the view.  The writhing became more intense, then her body stiffened and became still.  Soft whimpers and pleas to turn off her invader slowly escaped from the enwrapped prisoner.  Her ragged breathing calmed and Jenn lay still... 

Time for round two...



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