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A Spandex Story

by Obvious Pseudonym

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© Copyright 2018 - Obvious Pseudonym - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/f; shop; offer; purchase; zentai; naked; sleepsack; encase; massage; tease; climax; transform; kiss; change; mind-control; stuck; cons/nc; X

My girlfriend of several years and I have always enjoyed an active and varied sex life; as well as "vanilla" sex, she indulges my passion for spandex and bondage every now and then, and we switch between dominant and submissive roles fairly freely.

On a whim, when I was in town I spotted an adult store that had opened recently, and dropped in to have a look. Most of our bondage gear came from online shopping or Anne Summers, so I'd never been into a "real" sex shop before, and to be honest I was a little curious. I looked around at the various vibrators, restraints and costumes, but nothing was really catching my eye.

The shopkeeper approached me after a while, asking if there was anything in particular I was looking for. I told him no, and that I was just browsing in case I saw anything that looked interesting enough to try. He looked at me hard for a moment, and then beckoned me over to the counter, from underneath which he withdrew a flat black package. He opened it at one end, and then partially drew out the contents. It was made of heavyweight spandex, but seemed to have a bright red lining in it that felt remarkably slippery to the touch. "This," he told me, "will give you what you're looking for. Once you've used this, nothing will be the same again or I'll offer a full refund. I'm never wrong about these things."

The price seemed reasonable, so I paid him (in cash, I still get embarrassed about these things appearing on my credit card statements), stuffed it into a grocery bag that I had in my coat pocket, and headed home.

When I got back, Jane was there packing away some of her own shopping, and I kissed her hello. We chatted about our days, had a good dinner, and when we'd cleared away the dishes, I showed her what I'd bought. It was a spandex sack big enough to fit a person in; heavyweight black spandex on the outside, and the super-slippery red lining on the inside. On running her hand along the lining, Jane commented that it would probably feel pretty good on bare skin. I agreed, and started to take off my shirt, but she claimed first dibs on trying it out.

We headed back to the bedroom and laid the sack out open on the bed, the glistening red lining glinting seductively in the dimmed lights. Even though it wasn't me going in first, I changed into a black zentai and made sure to pull Jane close in for a kiss before I pulled up the hood and she slipped into the silky sheath. I zipped the sack shut once she was in, and began to run my hands over her, tickling her sensitive areas and massaging the rest of her. I guessed that the lining must have felt as good as she said, because after only a few minutes, she was moaning and groaning until at last her body arched in orgasm.

I stood back, to let her enjoy the afterglow for a moment before I started in again, but before I did, the zipper parted a few inches, and bright red fingers, the same colour as the sack's lining, reached out and curled around the sack's edges. As they pulled apart, the black spandex parted and the sleepsack opened to reveal Jane covered in a bright red zentai that she hadn't been wearing before. She slowly withdrew first one shiny red leg, then the other, and gracefully climbed out of the sack to her feet. As she approached me, I noticed that the inside of the sack was now the same black fabric as the outside - the red lining had gone.

"That was amazing," came Jane's voice from the figure. "I wish you could experience it."

She glided over to me in three or four delicate steps, and placed her hands on my waist before drawing me in for a kiss. It was a little strange kissing her with both our faces covered in lycra, but her tongue pressed against the fabric from the inside to dance against mine as her body rubbed against me, letting me feel the smooth glide of spandex on spandex all over my body. A wave of pleasure surged through me from the soles of my feet to the top of my head, and my vision went dark for a moment.

When I could see again, everything was covered by a red haze. I looked down, only to see that I was now wearing the red zentai, and Jane was nowhere to be seen!

A voice in my ear whispered, "Once you've been inside, things will never be the same again," but before I could process that, I felt my left leg take an involuntary step forwards, followed by my right. I tried to lift my hands to my head to look for a zipper or anything I could use to remove this strange red suit, but my arms didn't move; I just took another step towards the bed and the sack that lay on it. One more step, and I was right at the edge of the bed; I felt myself reaching forwards and climbing up. I watched, a passenger in my own body, as my feet slid into one end of the sleepsack, even as I lay down to pull the hood over my head. I lay still for a moment, still unable to move of my own volition, and then felt the sack tightening as the zippers began to close themselves...

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