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Spanked in Leotards

by Leotardspank

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© Copyright 2017 - Leotardspank - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; leotard; tights; boots; costume; party; M+/m; tease; torment; drink; bdsm; spank; hand; belt; paddle; hum; mast; oral; cum; climax; cons/reluct; X

I was nineteen years old and had been experimenting with my sister's leotards and tights for several years now. I remember when I first tried on her long sleeve black leotard and the matching black tights. I loved the way my cock made a nice big bulge in the front of the leotards. I ran my hand over the bulge and my cock instantly began to stiffen and grow. I pulled the leotard leg opening to the side and pulled the tights down far enough to bring my cock out of the opening. I began to jerk off furiously and shot a huge load of hot cum all over the leotards and tights. I repeated this ritual many times until I became accustomed to wearing the leotard and tights without the immediate need to stroke my cock.

My sister got a brand new green leotard and matching green tights just before Halloween. I asked her if she was going to wear it for a costume, when she said no I promptly asked if I could use it for my space man costume. She said that I could wear her leotards if I was very careful with them. I borrowed her high-heeled black boots after she left and wore them with her green leotards and black gloves. I went out drinking with my friends and some of them made fun of my costume but most people gave me compliments. I especially liked the compliments and inquiries about the very large cock bulge that I had in the front of my leotards. After a long night of drinking I got a ride back to my friends house and decided to walk the three blocks home from there.

I was only about a block from my friend's house when a car pulled up next to me. The window rolled down and I recognized Ken in the back seat of the car. He was a college kid that lived on my street. He called me over to the car and asked if I needed a ride. The driver was staring at me and said, "I really like your leotards" I was feeling intimidated and excited. I accepted their offer for a ride so the back door opened and I hopped in. We pulled up at Ken's house and they told me that they were having a party in the rooms above the large garage behind the house. They asked if I wanted to join them they had a lot of beer and wanted the rest of the guys to see my costume. I was feeling very excited that these guys liked my costume and my cock was swelling in my leotards. I accepted their offer and went upstairs to the party.

When I entered the room there was seven guys standing around a keg of beer and the three guys that walked in behind me. A guy by the keg says "Nice leotards kid, is that your costume or did you wear that for us." I told him that this was my costume and that I was a spaceman.

He looked very serious and said "Get over here leotard boy! I asked you if that was a costume or if you wore those leotards here to please us?" I noticed that all the other guys had surrounded me now.

I looked up at him and said "I wore these leotards here to please you guys."

"Good" he said "I thought that I was going to have to paddle your little ass until you changed your mind" and he pulled a wooden paddle out from behind his back and showed it to me. Then they handed me a beer and we started playing some drinking games. It was about two thirty in the morning and I told them that I had to go.

The big guy that had threatened to paddle me when I first arrived grabbed me by the arm and said, "Oh no you don't, you said that you were wore those leotards here to please us and you're not leaving until you do." All the other guys got up and started cheering and yelling "let's get the leotard boy". The big guy pulled me close to his chair and said, "I think what you need is a spanking for wearing those leotards."

Everyone was cheering and clapping and suddenly he pulled me across his lap and began giving me an incredibly hard spanking. His hard hand was alternating between my left and right cheek and I was just trying to hang on and last it out. After what seemed like about a hundred spanks he suddenly stopped and let me up. I was standing there rubbing my hot spanked ass when he points to the bulge in my leotards and says, "Look a leotard boner, I think leotard boy likes to get spanked."

Then I heard Ken from behind me he said, "Wait a minute, before you guys get carried away." He was moving to the front of the group (I thought he was going to save me) He grabs my arm and says "get out of the the chair it's my turn to spank him".

I looked at him and he had an old fashioned wooden hairbrush in his hand and in one swift motion I was over his knee and he was giving me the hardest hairbrush spanking you can imagine. He was spanking me harder and faster as the spanking continued. The seat of my leotards was getting red hot. I had tears welling up in my eyes and at the same time my cock was rock hard and sticking straight out in my leotards like a flagpole. He finished blistering my ass and let me up to see the next guy waiting with his belt in his hand. I stood up and they all started making fun of my boner and yelling, "He likes to get spanked in those leotards, give him the belt Dan." "Let's see if we can make him cry like a little girl."

I went down across his lap and the belt spanking began. The loud slaps of the leather spanking my leotards filled the air. I could feel my hard cock straining against the tight nylon of my leotards. I was getting totally excited by the feeling of my cock straining against the tight nylon of my leotards and the sting of the belt spanking that I was getting for wearing them. I started to pump my big boner into my leotards as he was spanking me harder and faster. I started moaning and pushing real hard and suddenly I was pumping a huge load of hot cum into my leotards.

I was struggling to my feet when I realized that they were all laughing at me and telling me that I was really going to get it now for cumming in my leotards. I was grabbed by both arms and pulled to the kitchen table where they bent me over the table and started spanking me with the wooden paddle. I was so spanked already that my ass was getting kind of numb. I was aware that I was receiving a severe paddling on my leotards.

One by one each guy took a turn spanking me with the wooden paddle. Then the last guy said, "now I have something special for you." I could hear his zipper come down and he pulled his cock out and laid his hard cock between my ass cheeks. He started humping my leotards and telling me he was going to cum on my leotards. He was humping my leotard-covered butt furiously and then he started spraying his hot cum all over my leotard and tights.

Next they told me to get down on my knees and the rest of them were all standing in a line facing me. The first guy stepped forward and unzipped and pulled his big hard cock out of his pants and said, "Give me a blow job leotard boy."

I took his long hard shaft into my mouth and started to suck his throbbing cock. He was thrusting his cock into my mouth as I sucked up and down on his ridged shaft. I could feel him tense up as he started to cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow as much of his cum as I could but some of it dribbled down the front of my leotards. Then the rest of them stepped forward and received my cock sucking and they covered the front of my leotards with hot sticky cum.

They finally allowed me to get up and leave. I had to walk home in my cum soaked leotards. I never told my sister what had happened that night. I just told her that her leotards got ruined and I gave her the money to buy new leotards. That is when she decided to buy her royal blue leotard and tights and a purple leotard and tights.

Now that will be a whole new chapter in the tales of a boy spanked in leotards.



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