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by Diana

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© Copyright 2009 - Diana - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; spandex; leotard; swimwear; public; mast; cons; X

My boyfriend and I were on our first vacation together. When I came out to the motel pool on the first day in on one-piece tank suit, he laughed.

"Not brave enough to wear a bikini? Or just too old-fashioned?"

I informed him that I felt safer in a tank suit, esspecially when diving off the board. He still laughed.

The next day we were in a cottage on a lake, and we swam out to the raft which is a perfect place for sunbathing. There were lots of others there, too. It got awfully warm in the sun so I dived into the lake for a little refreshing cool, and he followed.

Then the unexpected happened - - his trunks slid off in the dive!

Of course I helped him look for them, and he didn't know that I had found them. And I carefully tucked them under the raft so they would not be found, nor would they float away.

I went back on the raft but he could not, of course. After he had decided they had either floated away or gone to the bottom, he asked me to swim back to shore with him. But he couldn't get out of the water. Would I bring him a towel?

Yes, but only if he promised that we would go shopping for him to buy a one-piece suit like mine, so the accident wouldn't happen again.

He had to agree.

The next day we went into a dancewear shop to look at leotards. He reluctantly selected a black tank and went into the changing room to try it on. Great fit, and the dark color hid his crotch pretty well - - he is not that well endowed anyway, so it looks like a black bump.

When we went swimming the next day, he got many looks and some teasing, but he answered with my line of how he caan feel secure in knowing that anything he did, diving and all, would keep the suit secure.

We went back and bought him a black turtleneck leotard and a pair of tights. He likes the feel of the tank leotard so much that now he wears the turtleneck and tights to bed; they keep him warm and he does not have the problem with pajamas that he once did, of them bunching up when he turned. [No, he's not into sleeping in the nude. He gets cold at night.]

And the addded advantage is that anytime during the night, I can reach over and stroke his crotch since it is held snug in the spandex, and very much available. We still have not had regular sex but he always comes to orgasm after a minute or two of stroking. And knowing that does the same for me.



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