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The Supplex Catsuit

by Leotardspank

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© Copyright 2017 - Leotardspank - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; catsuit; supplex; mast; boots; club; F/m; tease; dance; torment; carpark; oral; denial; M/f; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

It was just another day at work for Judi when she walked in the office and saw the two guys ogling a picture of Xena and Seven of Nine on a magazine cover. She asked them what the big deal was. They told her it was the skin tight Catsuit that made Seven of Nine so sexy. She says, “Oh that’s no big deal.” To which they replied, “Well, how come we’ve never seen you wear something like that?” She tells them that she doesn’t own one or she would wear it.

Six months later Judi receives a surprise gift. She opens the box to reveal a long sleeve black Supplex Catsuit. She can hardly wait to try it on. The Catsuit is so soft and stretchy that she is already excited about wearing it before she even puts it on. She takes off all her clothes and slides the Catsuit onto her naked body. She loves the feel of the soft smooth material as it slides over her skin. She pulls the Catsuit up nice and tight so that it separates to form two perfect ass cheeks and a beautiful camel toe in the front. She stands in front of the mirror and looks at her beautiful body encased in the soft stretchy material. She can’t believe how great she looks in this Catsuit.

Her firm young body covered by the soft smooth fabric is really turning her on. She looks at her perfect tits and the smooth fabric that covers them. She takes her hands and cups both of her tits and she loves the sensation that this creates. She takes her fingers and runs them over her nipples and they immediately start to harden and stand up against the smoothness of the Catsuit. Her breathing becomes a little quicker as she becomes excited. She continues to caress her beautiful perfect tits and then she starts to pinch and squeeze her nipples. Now she is really getting excited! She loves the feeling of her firm young body encased in this sexy material.

She starts to move her hands down her flat belly toward her Catsuit covered camel toe. She stops to admire the nice little mound that is protruding at the crotch of her Catsuit. She slowly brings her hand onto the mound and starts to massage it through the Catsuit. She takes one finger and slides it right down the middle of her hot pussy. She moans with the pleasure that this brings. She then begins to rub her swollen pouting pussy lips and pays special attention to her throbbing clit. She is able to push the material in enough to reach her hot little love button and she starts rubbing the Catsuit against her clit.

She’s really hot and she’s moaning as she begins to rub furiously. She’s breathing hard and her tits are gliding back and forth against the soft Catsuit, her hard nipples are tingling from the feel of the Catsuit. She feels the tingling all over her Catsuit covered body and then she begins to have an orgasm. Her hand is very busy massaging her hot pussy and she starts to hump her crotch against her hand. Then she just locks up as the most intense orgasm flows through her body. She forgets who she is and where she is and just starts to cum as wave after wave of pleasure courses through her body. She screams out as she has the most intense orgasm of her entire life.

She staggers over to the bed and falls across her bed. The crotch of her Catsuit is totally soaked with her love juice. She rolls onto her back and her hand finds its way down to the crotch of her cum soaked Catsuit. She feels her hot wet pussy through the soaked material and she laughs to herself. She realizes the power of her magnificent body in this outfit and knows that men and women alike will want to fuck her for wearing this Catsuit. She can hardly wait for the opportunity to test the Catsuit effect on the unsuspecting public. She thinks that this would be a great outfit to wear to the bar that night. She’s thinking about all the people she wants to tease with her new Catsuit. She peels the Catsuit off her hot, wet body and washes it for her special night out.

Judi takes a nice hot shower and gets herself all clean and fresh for her great night out in her new Catsuit. She slides the soft stretchy Catsuit over her smooth, clean, perfumed skin. Then she slides on her black leather high-heeled boots. She has decided to wear her little black leather jacket. She doesn’t want anything to cover her tight muscular ass since it looks so nice in the Catsuit. She drives to the bar that she always goes to when she feels like dancing.

She notices that everybody is staring at her amazing body encased in the soft supplex material of her Catsuit. She slides off her little leather jacket so that all she is wearing is her Catsuit and boots. Judi is totally turned on by standing in this huge room full of people wearing this skintight outfit. She almost feels like she’s naked except for the boots. She can feel that her nipples are hard and straining against the soft material. Her erect nipples are clearly visible to everyone and that makes her even more excited. Her favorite friend asks her to dance, and she gladly accepts. Judi has wanted to show off her Catsuit this way since the first moment that she saw how it looked on her muscular body.

She enters the dance floor and begins her dance of seduction. Everyone in the bar is staring at her hard body wrapped tight in supplex. The music is fast and she is really warming up and performing a dance that is not only making every guy in the place hard, but is also making the women wish they could fuck her also. The song changes and she draws her friend close and she is surprised by the size of the hardon that is pressing against her crotch and belly. She turns her back to him as they are dancing and he presses his huge thick cock into the crack of her perfect ass. She is totally turned on by the huge cock that is pumping her ass crack.

She turns back around to face him and as he pulls her close her hand finds the huge hard cock that she was feeling. She grabs it tight and is amazed by how thick and incredibly hard it is. She says, “I can’t believe how hard that thing is!”

He says “you make me hard baby, with that outfit and that perfect hard body!”

They make their way back to their table and she sits on his lap so she can feel his big thick cock against her tight ass. After playing around in the bar for a while and noticing that all the guys around her had hard cocks straining against their pants she decides that it’s time to leave.

They go out to the parking lot and she starts rubbing his big cock through his pants as he feels her firm young tits and starts rubbing the hot camel toe in the front of her Catsuit. He pushes her against his car and she starts feeling the hot moist tingling sensation of her excited pussy. She grabs his cock and squeezes real hard; He throws his head back and moans. She slides down until her face is right in front of his crotch and she unzips his pants. Judi reaches inside and pulls out his huge thick cock and begins to stroke the length of the long shaft. Then she kisses his cock right on the tip and runs her tongue around the head. Then she slowly and skillfully takes the cock into her mouth.

She is bobbing her head up and down as she sucks his throbbing cock. She manages to take the entire length of his massive member into her hot mouth. Her tongue is busy massaging his hard cock and she keeps her thumb and forefinger locked around the base of his huge thick cock. He can’t believe how good she is; He feels the sudden rush of cum about to pump through his throbbing cock. He says to her, “I’m gonna cum; I’m gonna cum right now!”

Judi doesn’t stop sucking his cock; she makes her grip tighter and sucks even harder. He starts to shake and buck forward, he lets loose with a huge load of cum. Stream after stream shoots right down her throat and she takes every drop without even the slightest problem. He falls back against the car, exhausted and drained. He can barely catch his breath. Judi gets up and says, "Take me home I’m really horny now!"

He says “I don’t think I can do anything else you drained me!”

Judi says, “Fine, I’ll just have to find somebody else to fuck me tonight!”

Judi leaves him staggering in the parking lot and heads back into the club. She walks up to the bar and gets a drink. When she turns around she notices a guy on the dance floor and she really likes the way he moves. She orders a shot and washes it down with the rest of her drink and heads out to the dance floor. She starts dancing by this guy and she is very excited, as she gets closer to him she sees that he has noticed her. He is about six feet tall and has smooth black skin. His hair is short and his face is clean shaved. She starts to dance in front of him and he can’t even look at anyone else.

He reaches out and runs his hands over her lean muscular body covered only by the thin stretch of Catsuit. He is staring into her eyes and then he scans down her beautiful tight body and can’t believe how magnificent she is. His cock begins to swell as he looks at her amazing body that she is showing off for everyone that night. She starts to dance closer to him so that she can feel his body. She runs her hand across his chest and it is rippling muscle and his belly is just as hard. Judi leans her body against his and she can’t believe the size of this guys cock. He must be nine inches and he’s not even hard yet. She runs her hand down and feels his cock to make sure it’s real. He leans over and asks her if he can buy her a drink.

She says; “Yes, at your place!”

He says “Alright, let’s get out of here.

They walk out of the club and the valet is just pulling up with his Porsche Carrera. He opens the passenger side door for her and she slides into the nice leather seat. He gets in the car and says, “My name is Andre, What’s your name beautiful lady?”

Judi smiles and says; “My name is Judi and I’m a naughty kitty”

"I can see that", he says, "I like naughty kitties".

As Andre drives his car to his house Judi is massaging his massive cock through his pants. They pull up to his house and she can’t believe the exclusive neighborhood where he lives. His house is gigantic and has a four-car garage. They go in and he pushes her against the wall and feels her firm young tits and presses his cock against the pussy mound in the front of her Catsuit. He asks her; “How naughty of a kitty are you?”

Judi says; “I’ve been very naughty, I should probably be spanked!”

Andre says; “Well maybe I should give you a couple of spanks right now!”

Judi feels his cock growing rapidly hard and says; “I think you should put me over your knee and give me a really hard spanking for a long time, and then you can show me what you can do with this!” She has a handful of his cock and is squeezing it hard.

Andre starts to squeeze her tits and grabs her ass and says; “I could give you the best spanking you’ve ever had on this tight little ass of yours!”

Judi is so hot that she can feel the crotch of her Catsuit starting to get wet. She looks him right in the eye and says; “spank me, spank me now, I need it!”

He grabs her by the arm and takes her into the living room; he sits in a wooden chair and pulls her across his lap. He starts rubbing her lovely ass through her Catsuit and works down into her hot wet crotch. He pulls his hand out of her crotch and smells his fingers and says; “you really do want a spanking don’t you!”

Judi is scared and excited and totally turned on and before she can even think she says; “spank me, I want it now, make me hot!”

She feels his hand let go of her ass and he slowly raises it in the air and then the first stinging spank lands on her little ass. Then he raises up again lands one on the other cheek. Judi is silent, her butt is stinging and her pussy is hot and wet. He continues delivering one stinging spank after another, switching back and forth between sides with every spank. Now he is in a steady rhythm of spanking her hot little Catsuit covered ass. Her ass is getting hot and her pussy is getting hotter. She starts to let out a moan with each stinging spank that lands. The thin material of the Catsuit offers no protection to her sweet ass.

Andre finishes with a flurry of stinging spanks and then he slides his hand between her legs. Judi spreads her legs apart to allow him access to her hot, wet pussy. He starts to massage her pussy and she feels an orgasm coming. She arches her ass up in the air and he pushes the Catsuit inside her pussy with two finger tips. Judi screams out “spank me, fuck me, make me be naughty!” Then she has a massive orgasm, she’s locked up and shaking all over as her hot pussy clamps down on his fingers. Then she goes limp and tries to catch her breath as she is still lying across his lap in the spanking position. Andre is running his hands over her smooth Catsuit as it caresses her body and her hot, wet pussy.

She slides off his lap and kneels between his legs. She feels the enormous hardon that is straining at his pants and she puts her hand on it and gives him the knowing smile. She unzips his pants and pulls out the biggest, thickest cock that she has ever seen. The thing must be twelve inches and so thick that she can barely get her hand around it. Judi starts by licking the length of his huge cock and then she takes it into her mouth. She can’t believe how big it is but she knows she can handle it. She slowly starts to work her way down the shaft of his enormous cock. She loves the taste of it, and the musty smell of his hot crotch. He slides forward on the chair and she is right over the top of his huge cock.

She starts to work up and down on his cock and she notices that it is getting even harder and bigger. She has an entire handful of cock and she can’t even get down close to where her hand is. He reaches out and takes the shoulders of her Catsuit and slides them down. Now her succulent tits are free and he wants to taste them. He lifts her head up off of his cock and helps her stand up so that he can take off her boots and her Catsuit. He takes off his pants as Judi unbuttons his shirt and they are both naked.

His huge cock is pressed against her belly as he holds her close. He lowers her to the floor and puts her on her hands and knees. He comes up behind her and his massive cock is lying in between her ass cheeks. He loves the feel of her hot spanked ass, and she loves the feeling of his huge cock on her ass. He slides it back and forth along her crack and she is getting totally wet. Then he takes his cock and rubs the head up and down on her pussy to make it wet.

Andre leans forward and says to her, “Now I’ll show you what a naughty kitty gets!”

He starts to shove his huge cock in her pussy and she is amazed at how hard it is. He grabs her by the hips and pulls her hips toward him with every thrust of his cock. He is pushing his massive cock deep inside her and she can already feel an orgasm coming. He grabs her hips hard and gives a big thrust to push his cock deep inside her. She has an orgasm as she is impaled on his huge cock. Andre starts to slide in and out now and is beginning to give some hard thrusts. He grabs Judi’s hips real hard and starts giving her deep hard thrusts with his big cock.

Judi feels another orgasm coming on and she can’t even talk all she can do is rock back to meet the thrusts.

Now Andre is fucking her hard and fast and he can see that she is just having one orgasm after another. He says to her; “OK baby here it comes, I’m gonna cum in you, I’m gonna fill you full of cum for being a naughty kitty!”

He pushes his cock deep inside her and keeps bucking and thrusting and pulling her hips onto his cock. Then he starts to pump his giant load deep inside her. She can feel one spurt of hot cum after another, she is locked on his cock and is tingling all over as she has the most incredible orgasm ever. She can’t even feel anything but his massive cock and her pulsating pussy. They finally finish and they slump over to their side with his cock still inside her.

Judi can’t believe what just happened and she really can’t believe that his huge cock is starting to get hard in her pussy already. Andre begins to push his cock back into her pussy and Judi just lets out a deep moan.




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