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Sushi Bar of Kink

by Agentdrow

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© Copyright 2014 - Agentdrow - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; restaurant; spandex; catsuit; tease; toys; denial; drug; bond; rope; sheath; encase; cocoon; cons; X

This is a fictional story, about a young man named Pat, about 22 years of age, going to a sushi restaurant unlike any other with friends. The story is open-ended to the point where others can write themselves into the story. There are a few clues as to what to do and most of all I hope you enjoy the story.


My friends and I all decided to get sushi the other night. This is one part of the tale from that night. This sushi place was like no other restaurant in the area. There were quite a few sushi and hibachi restaurants, but this one brought the kink out of all of us. I personally, had no idea what we were going to, but I was fortunate enough to bring along several zentai suits, like I always do. I had chosen to wear a shiny black spandex zentai suit with a cock sheath underneath my vanilla clothing.

Upon entering the restaurant, each of us noticed something slightly off. It was an enjoyable sight to each of us, but we noticed that among the dining room. There had been seemingly nude women atop the tables where many guests were dining. The entire experience was like being part of a show. Each of us was given masks to wear, though I wouldn’t need one, to wear during our dining. Next we were given one menu for our main server and menus individually for our own personal server. Among the many selections for our main server, we decided that it would be most exciting to have our server wear a one piece swimsuit, while in an elaborate form of rope bondage called shibari.

Before our server came out to assist our dining, I found some time to take off my clothes, so that I could enjoy the show with just my zentai suit on. I felt at home being in such a kinky place. When I came back from the bathroom I noticed that there were several private rooms, I wanted to be nosy and explore a little, but I would soon find out what goes on in the private rooms of a kinky sushi restaurant like this one. Returning to my table, I noticed that there were people underneath the table, inconspicuously hidden by the table cloth.

On the other menus that we were given, there were also selections much like for our main server. However, having remembered that I was carrying a few extra zentai suits in my bag, I chose the “custom” option without knowing, but hoping that it meant exactly what I thought it would mean. My server was under the table that our main server was bound upon. Bare-naked, she looked at me like a blank canvas and at that point, it was time for me to get my kink on. I pulled out two different colored shiny spandex zentai suits. I showed them both to her and asked her to pick one for herself to wear. To my surprise she chose one of my favorite colored suits, red and in the setting of the restaurant, when she put on that suit in front of me, I knew as well as a few other nosy customers, how good she looked. I had her stand before me as my friends were each occupied with their own experience. We seemed to be ghosts in a crowded place, but our attention was towards each other.

I couldn’t help myself, to keep myself formal in a seemingly informal place. My spandex gloved hands rubbed over her ruby red zentai suited body. I was hoping that she was enjoying the experience as well. Zentai is meant to be enjoyed with others after all. Lena, as she told me her name, was actually enjoying the suit, but like many others before her thought it was weird at first. I was delighted to be the first to pop her zentai cherry. She was around the same age as me, with a seemingly athletic build, like that of a ballerina. We talked more of life and fetishes throughout our evening, and eventually she lured me into the private room, the same one I was meaning to inspect earlier.

She had me sit down on a velvet recliner that had the foot rest sprung out. I was lying flat on the chair with my arms resting; she’d begin to tease me by rubbing her new favorite zentai suited body upon my own. She noticed the crotch zipper of the suit that I accidentally forgot to mention to her when she first put it on. Before unzipping herself, she continued to rub her breasts and rest of her body upon me as I lay reaching for her. The penis sheath on my zentai suit was stretched far beyond its limits, but managed to keep my friend encased in his silky, spandex sheath.

She had toys of her own and I was now beginning to understand the “Custom” option on the menu. She pulled out two vibrating wands, for the both of us. We almost didn’t need them, but they added more friction to our current rubbing-together status. She had a ploy that I was too foolish to discover. She would bring me to the brink of an orgasm, but would deny me the enjoyment. This was a repeated struggle for me and a game to her. As my mind was clouded with ecstasy and arousal, she pulled out a rag and a bottle of chloroform.

Passing out for what seemed like several hours, I woke up to quite a predicament. I was still in my zentai suit, but duct tape was wrapped around my lips. My eyes were blindfolded by tape as well. My body was unable to move due to rope being tied completely in a shibari knot, much like the one our main server had. Lena also granted me with a butt plug which wasn’t going anywhere as she proclaimed. I was then sheathed inside a spandex body-sheath that had a fishtail at the end. I appeared like an armless mermaid to those nearby. Squirming, I looked like a fish flopping out of water.

Lena stood in nearby, but she wasn’t very much human anymore, not that I could tell from my current predicament. But as I lie helpless in bondage, she told me that she was actually a succubus and that true fae and other mystical beings owned the Sushi restaurant. I should have known, but the result of the night wasn’t so bad. The looming question of what they were going to do with me left me anxious.

When they were done for the night and getting ready to close up shop, Lena gave me another whiff of chloroform and a kiss on my taped, spandex-encased lips. A white silk-satin bag was draped around me like a cocoon and tightened by rope, I was then carted elsewhere. Then I wondered, as I was dazed and nearly unconscious by the effects of the chloroform was what happened to the friends I was with.

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