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Testing 1-2-3

by Firebird

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© Copyright 2010 - Firebird - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; zentai; sleepsack; hoods; bond; office; pantyhose; mast; climax; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

“Why aren’t those reports on my desk damn it!?” Yelled Darla.

This was the fifth time in one month that Brad, a short Caucasian analyst with decent looks and an average build, had forgotten to turn in his analysis summary. Working at a financial company that gave analyses of various corporations was always a bore to him, but the pay was great and for some unknown reason, he liked pissing off his boss, Ms. Darla Natrix. She wasn’t supermodel material, but she was definitely a 4.5 – on a scale of 1 to 5. She was taller than Brad by a couple of inches, at 5 foot 9, with fiery red hair and a sexy, almost gothic pale complexion. A tight black business jacket and short skirt outlined her perfect hips and she always wore sheer black stockings that accentuated her delicious legs, which rested on 4 inch heels that propped her up like stilts. The anger in her eyes was amplified by her dark black eyeliner and dark rose red lips that framed her now-showing teeth as she froze her face on her last word in anticipation of what was supposed to be an obvious apology.

Brad responded, for the first time, in a completely nonchalant and uncaring manner. “I’m sorry ma’am. I just wasn’t thinking about it today because I…well…I kinda didn’t really care and… I don’t really know why.” The truth was that deep down Brad KNEW why. As much as he was into encasement fetishes and bondage, he had always dreamed that his boss would be into the same thing. Countless work hours were wasted on his incessant daydreaming about various bondage ‘predicaments’ that his boss would put him in and pissing her off was the closest Brad could ever get to making a complete fantasy remotely broach reality. But this time he had gone too far. He had never spoke out against her and now he may have just gotten himself fired.

Surprisingly, Darla started to smirk. And the smirk widened into a mischievously creepy smile that sent chills down Brad’s spine.

Darla let out a taunting chuckle, “Okay look Brad. I know what you’re doing and I think it’s time we had a talk. Oh don’t look so surprised. Did you know that I can access and review all of the websites that you’ve visited on your WORK computer?”

Brad started to sweat. His heart began racing as the feeling of guilt and getting caught on something embarrassing really set in. If Ms. Natrix could see all of the sites he visited then he was screwed. He had never told anyone about his fetish because he thought it was rather peculiar. I mean sure he heard of bondage and S&M and the altogether BDSM, but his specific tastes were a bit…unique.

You see, at home when Brad got horny, it was never as simple as jerking off in front of a computer screen or in the shower. No, he had a ‘ritual’ of sorts. First thing was the shower to clean up after a long day’s work, followed by the sliding of his body into a black spandex cat suit that covered him from head to toe like a tight glove. The smell of spandex from the hood would always intoxicate Brad to the point of getting a raging hard on already. Then, he would attempt at some semblance of self-bondage that would never satisfy his true need for helplessness since he always knew he could easily get out of his predicaments. Lying on a Hitachi vibrator while ‘mostly’ tied up was never Brad’s idea of a sensual evening. More importantly, there was no partner to share this experience with. Even worse, after cumming, there was always this feeling of shame and embarrassment followed by the making of yet another promise to never do this kind of thing again, which was never kept.

Brad composed himself as best as he could despite the sweat droplet forming on his brow. “I’m sorry ma’am. I have no excuse and nothing to say for myself. I’m deeply embarrassed and I will clear out my desk first thing the second I walk out of your office.” He turned around to leave.

“Wait wait wait let’s not get too hasty here!” interjected Darla coyly. “You’re still forgetting that using a company computer for personal pleasures is a violation of your employment agreement and requires you to pay me back for any lost or MISUSED items.”

Brad looked at her even more dejectedly than before, “Right. I’ll work out a payment plan or something once I’m safely removed from employment.”

“So then it’s safe to say that you no longer consider yourself an employee at this moment. Oh thank goodness!” Darla let out a sigh of relief. Brad, on the other hand, looked like he was about to cry at this point. “Oh don’t start crying now. I just had to get us through the formalities to protect myself from any potential sexual harassment suits.”

What? What the hell was she talking about? All Brad wanted to do was leave peacefully and now the boss that he so physically admired was being the biggest bitch in the world by hinting at the possibility of pursuing him for sexual harassment. His brow started to furrow in anger.

“Oh don’t look at me that way. I wasn’t talking about you sexually harassing me. I was talking about me. To you. Right now.”

Brad started to blush severely. What was going on here? Was he dreaming? “I don’t understand boss – I mean ma’am. What are you talking about?”

“Alright I’m gonna just cut straight to the fucking point. What’s going on Brad, is that I have needs. Needs that are just not being fulfilled by the internet. I’m rather dominant and every last boyfriend I’ve had has been narcissistic, bossy and all-around stupid. Then one night last year I checked your computer log and noticed that you visited HouseofGord dot com a lot.” Brad’s face was bright red at this point. “I have to say that I like how the women were restrained and objectified in so many creative ways. I even started to like the fabrics they were stuck in. Tight black materials like spandex, darlex and pvc really accentuate the body and get me wet.”

Brad’s jaw was practically hitting the ground. He couldn’t believe this was happening. Part of him knew that this could be a dream come true while the rest of him was ever so weary about whether this was one of Darla’s crazy jokes she was playing at his expense.

“I must admit though, Brad, that I started to hate you. Yes. I thought you were looking at that site because that was what YOU wanted to do to other women when, in fact, it is chauvinistic men-pigs that should be subjected to that kind of treatment! So tell me were you indeed looking at that site hoping to be in the same predicaments as those women? Or was it because you wanted to put other women in bondage?” Brad’s face was still frozen. “I’ll make it easier. Continue to stare at me if you wanted to dominate or look down like a little sub bitch if it’s the other case.”

Brad’s chest was pounding at this moment. Was she fucking with him? Either way, the potential for a dream-come-true alone was too good to pass up and so he submissively lowered his eyes and then his head to stare at his own feet.

“Well what da ya know? A sub. Excellent. I have an offer for you Brad. We both know that you’re heavily invested in the company and, although you aren’t super rich, you can afford to not work for the rest of your life while getting a stable residual income of about $60K a year from the interest rate of your investments alone. I am also heavily invested with over ten times your capital, much less the fact that I will continue working at this office for a little longer. Maybe a few years. Here’s my proposal. I always wanted to start my own website called ‘House of Gordess’ where I did the same things that they did to women, but towards men, with some adjustments of course – double-headed back-massager vibrators to get both sides of the penis instead of single-headed one’s for women’s cunts, chairs with penis pump masturbators instead of a thrusting dildo in the vagina, similar forniphilia but with less… flexibility required since men aren’t as flexible as women, etc. etc. etc. You would be my first and only slave and maybe even eventually boyfriend or something more, while the other visitors would be male models coming in every once in a while to do a bondage shoot and mean nothing more to me. What do you think?”

This couldn’t be a joke. Even if it was, how could she have researched all of these things so well? If she laughs at him after he agrees to this… heavenly opportunity, then she’s lying because she had to have SOME interest to keep this going on so long with so much detail. “You know what? I’m getting sick of this hand-holding crap. So YES. I am down. I would love to be your fetish and bondage sex slave because THAT is what I’m into and you can knock off the joke, Darla, because I’m happy to say what I like honestly without fear of embarrassment or rejection!”

“My my my, Brad. I’m gonna have to start training you soon. First of all this is NO fucking joke. Secondly, you will address me as mistress or goddess for now on! Thirdly, I haven’t taken you on quite yet. I have a test for you. Lock my office door so that we don’t get interrupted, then go over to that file cabinet over there, open the bottom drawer and bring all of its contents over to me. Now!”

Brad quickly darted over to the door and locked it, but then approached the file cabinet rather slowly. Okay this has to be real now. If that drawer has a card saying that she fooled him then he would storm out of there and never look back. Of course the odds of that were pretty fucking low given the legitimacy of everything she had said so far. He reached down and started pulling the drawer out. The familiar smell of spandex and darlex began to invade his senses and then he noticed the glint of metal coming from belts and straps with buckles. As he continued opening the drawer, he saw numerous wonderful toys! Red ball gags, red harness gags, various zentai suits and some more spandex garments. He cradled both of his arms around everything and plopped them down on the desk in front of Darla. “Here you are mistress.”

“Excellent slave. Now first, I want you to put this on!” She gave him what looked like the full-body black spandex zentai suit. “You see, I’ve purchased a few items from, like this zentai suit, in great anticipation of this moment. And now the day has FINALLY come. Stop staring at me. Strip down and get in!”

Brad stripped off his clothes in record time and started to slide his feet into the suit. Oh it felt nice! This suit was definitely spandex and not unlike many of his very own. He pulled the suit up so that both of his legs were completely covered and noticed that the crotch area did indeed have a crotch zipper that was zipped up. He pulled the suit higher over his torso and started to put his right arm in first. Strange. This whole suit fit perfectly so far. Hmmm. Makes sense. After working under Darla for over 7 years, she would easily be able to eyeball his measurements by now. Both arms were now in and now the head. Brad grabbed the attached hood with both of his spandex covered gloved fingers and stared at Darla imploringly as if to beg her to allow him to stop now. Hey, he might as well go with the scene anyway.

“No excuses slave. Pull on the hood now! You may take one last look at my office the way it is now before it becomes a jumbled blur of black objects through the spandex for the rest of the evening.”

Brad surveyed the room quickly and then pulled the hood on. Mmmmm. It was intoxicating. The smell of spandex while being tightly encased in it was wonderful. Darla then walked behind him and pulled the zipper up from his lower back to the nape of his neck. She then pulled the other zipper from the top of his hood down to meet the other zipper. He then heard a CLICK. Shit! She must have used a tiny padlock to get both zippers stuck to each other! Looks like she was serious about keeping him for the night because he couldn’t escape the office wearing this suit stuck to him anyway. Everyone would know about his secret! One that he had kept from everyone including past girlfriends and best friends.

Darla then placed her hand over his crotch and cupped his package. Electric waves seemed to shoot from there to Brad’s entire body! He couldn’t believe that a gorgeous woman was touching him this way while he was completely encased in spandex. A fetish dream come true! “Now my slave, put this on. It’s a darlex sleepsack that I also got from Winterfetish.”

With no objections Brad picked up the sleepsack. It was strangely thick. Much thicker than spandex yet still stretchy and it smelled like spandex with even a subtle hint of rubber. First he sat down on the ground and slid his feet in towards the bottom of the sleepsack. Just hearing the interior darlex fabric run against his spandex covered legs was turning him on and a raging hard on ensued. The deeper his legs went in the more constricting the sleepsack felt. Man this thing was really TIGHT!

“Hurry up slave! We haven’t got all day!” Darla warned impatiently.

This was NOT helping Brad’s hard on. Not only was he getting into a tight predicament, but there was a bitchy dominatrix nagging him. MmmHmm. Now his legs and lower torso were in. He slid his right arm into the internal arm sleeve, which was just as tight, if not tighter than the legs portion. Done. He then tried to slip his left arm into the left sleeve but that was damn near impossible without the help of his other arm. Also, his spandex encased fingers weren’t exactly at their nimblest.

“Good God you are incompetent!” Darla grabbed his left hand and shoved it into the left sleeve of the sleepsack. She then pulled it up his arm while yanking on the other side until the sleepsack was all the way up to Brad’s neck! “Time to zip up!” Darla said in more of a commanding tone as she zipped the back of the sleepsack from the base of his back all the way up to the top of his neck. Now his whole body, save for his head, felt like it was being tightly hugged. “There. Snug as a bug my sexy little slave. You’re lucky this sleepsack doesn’t come with a full hood because you wouldn’t be able to breathe through darlex. Haha.” Darla then shoved him down so that his back lay on the ground as well.

The sleepsack felt amazing! Brad could only move slightly and while his raging hard on showed slightly through the crotch portion, he couldn’t pleasure himself because his arms were each tightly separated. It was like wearing another thicker spandex suit over his current one except that the idea of being in a sack of sorts just objectified him more turning both of them on. Darla stood back a few steps to admire her prey – and the quivering vague outline of his throbbing member. She licked her lips and then lightly bit on her bottom lip in thought. What was she thinking? No. What was she deviously devising?

Panic began to set in, but only a little. Brad realized that he was completely helpless and at the mercy of his crazy boss! Was this a mistake? She isn’t going to snuff him out here now is she? No that’s just silly.

“Now although darlex is not breathable, I still have a darlex HOOD for you…”

What? Brad made a face of utmost terror. Was she really into snuff and going to suffocate him!!?

“Don’t worry. I’m not into snuff, although it appears that you did not inspect all of the things that I asked you to bring to me. Tisk Tisk. I also bought a darlex hood from Winterfetish that will encase your entire head save for two nose holes silly slave.”

Brad still let out a protest that came out more like a whimper, “But Darl – I mean mistress, my head is already covered in spandex. Will I still be able to breathe!?”

“Of course you will stupid slave. It just won’t be comfortable. Remember, this is a test and so far you’ve got points docked for speaking without permission,” she said as she lightly slapped Brad on the forehead. “Lights out for you slave.” Darla grabbed the darlex hood from the pile of naughties and started to place it over Brad’s head. It must have been a very small hood because Brad could feel Darla having to slightly muscle her way as she pulled and shoved the hood down over Brad’s spandex covered head. Then something went wrong. Brad couldn’t breathe! Every breath he took, the hood just clung tighter to his nose with each inhalation. “Oh don’t worry silly. I have to align the holes with your nose,” Darla mentioned coyly as she adjusted the hood slightly and a fresh gust of spandex and darlex filled air gushed in. “You think this is tight. Wait until you feel this!” Darla zipped the hood all the way down from the top and with each inch of the zipper sealing, the darlex hood seemed to become twice as tight. “There! Even snugger. How do you feel my little pet?”

“Mmmmph!” Brad tried to say something but it seemed that the combination of the hood from his black spandex zentai suit along with the darlex one worked almost as a gag.

“Excellent! Sounds like you feel good. But good is not what I want. There’s tight and then there’s tighter. And I want ‘really-fucking-tight.’ As you might already know from all of your internet ‘research,’ darlex is basically two layers of spandex with a thin layer of rubber in between. That is why you can still squirm in your sleepsack with a small amount of freedom. And that is why I have to buckle you in tighter. Hahahaha.”

Brad started to squirm wildly for the first time. Up till now he was rather composed and kept still so as not to piss off his potential future mistress… But now, he didn’t know how the hell his predicament could get ‘tighter!’ “Nooomphhhh,” he tried to argue hopelessly. She was right, though, because all of his thrashing about revealed that he had quite a bit of movement free – at least a few inches in all directions.

“See? I told you there was still a little freedom, which I’m gonna have to relieve you of now,” Darla threatened as she put her hand over his spandex and darlex encased rock hard erection. She then proceeded to rub up and down fiercely. Brad practically came right there, but she kept on rubbing. The initial warning signs of an upcoming orgasm filled his thoughts and then she stopped stroking.

“Time for some lovely leather straps.” Brad couldn’t see anything. All he knew was that he was completely encased in a black spandex zentai suit as well as a thick black darlex sleepsack and a supertight darlex hood. His breathing was fine albeit a little bit labored. Then he heard the sounds of loose buckles jingling in the air as Darla approached him. “I like to go bottom upwards so first is your ankles. I love how it gets stuck right there and you can’t even try to slide it up or down.”

He felt a tight pressure around his ankles, which made his feet feel like they were encased even tighter! “Next up we have the knees. The right spot, which is where the groove of your legs is, will help keep the strap there for good.” Brad then felt the tight cinching go around his knees, which, again, made his spandex and darlex encasement constrict even tighter around his thighs and lower legs. The tightening from the sleepsack even spread a little to his finger tips.

“Now the upper torso is a little tricky. Given your small but athletic build, I’m going to go with two more straps. One below your elbows at the groove formed by your small wrists and the other one just above the elbows but below the shoulders where the next sexy groove forms on your body.” Wow! She’s really done a hell of a lot of research. The first strap forced Brad’s arms even closer to his torso. He was reminded of his hips and how his arms seemed to hug them perfectly like a glove but pressed ever so tightly against them. The next strap around his upper arms didn’t seem to do much restraining-wise but they felt like a strong dominatrix was hugging him really tight while pressing her tits against his upper chest. It also did add a bit to the helplessness.

Darla sat on the ground next to her new toy. “There we go. All done! Oh wait I almost forgot. You aren’t really thoroughly gagged are you?”

Brad tried to mutter another protest but could only make out a “Waitmphhh! Stophhhh!”

“See? I told you you needed a gag. I can still kind of hear you slave and that was strike TWO. Hmmmm. It seems that I obviously can’t shove a ball gag in your mouth since that will get your saliva all over my toys, so I’ll have to go for more of a muffling effect. I know!” She pulled something out of the naughty pile. “Now this is a darlex sweet gwen hood that I got from…you guessed it! You can tell I shop there a lot, but what can I say? They have great products that are built for longevity. How else do you think their toys last through all of those Gord scenes? This one’s almost like an open-faced hood so you can breathe just as uncomfortably as you are doing now, but your mouth will be covered by yet another layer of darlex!” Before Brad could respond in any fashion he heard and felt this next hood being slid on tightly over his head. “Funny how the hoods get tighter the more you add on, but I suppose it makes sense. Wouldn’t you say so, Brad?”

A barely audible sound reached Darla’s ears, “Mmph.”

“Perfect. All done. Now I have some work to do so I’m going to stash you under my large work desk, which is just big enough for you to lie down length-wise below me. Of course this means that your… midsection will be right below my sexy feet.”

Brad was now being dragged but still couldn’t see anything and now his hearing was a little bit handicapped from having three layers of fetish wear compressed against his ears. When he stopped moving, he figured that she had placed him where she said she would. He then heard her unlock the door to her office and then leave it open!

“Don’t worry, Brad. No one will be able to see under my desk, but they might be able to hear you if you scream loud enough. Do so and the test is over and you will fail, get fired openly in front of everyone and be sued for using company equipment for private pleasure. Now nod if you understand.” Brad managed a slow but pronounced nod.

“Good. Now be a good little slave and rest up while I work.”

Another analyst came into the room to discuss some things with Darla. This was comfortable, thought Brad. It was almost like relaxing at a spa. All he had to do was not scream and he would pass the test. All this while resting in a tight cocoon of spandex and darlex encased bondage ecstasy. Too easy. He should have no problem with “UHHH!” He let out a moan as Darla began rubbing his encased cock with her now shoeless, but stocking’d feet. Luckily the moan was only loud to Brad and didn’t reach the ears of the other analyst. Man this woman was a monkey with her feet! The ways they were fondling and groping him felt like four hands! The pleasure was insurmountable and then she switched to a stroking mode. Stroking left and right, or for Brad, up and down his shaft with her two feet in such a way that it felt like two hands constantly switching off strokes to create a feeling of endless rubbing. It was heaven and the impending orgasm was approaching again!

Damn it. The stupid analyst was still there and was continuing some kind of stupid line of questioning and complaining to a bored Darla. She should stop rubbing any second now, he thought. He just had to hold on a little bit longer! Too late. He came like he never did before. It must have been twice his usual load and the orgasm seemed like that of a woman’s. Meaning it was extended and filled with waves, waves and then more waves of pure bliss. The moan that he let out wasn’t too loud, but Darla had no way of knowing that he had cum! She just kept on rubbing to the point where it was almost severely tickling him. Brad did his best to keep his mouth shut. Finally, his erection had passed and his cock begin to loosen, which Darla must have noticed because she moved her feet over to his nostrils. Now the smell of slightly sweaty dirty nylons flooded his air. He wasn’t really a foot fetishist but this new humiliating experience almost revitalized his erection despite the fact that the usual 10 minutes he needed to ‘recharge’ had not passed yet.

The other analyst finally left the room. “Goooood SLAVE! Well you passed the test!” How the hell was this a test? He just had to be pleasured in paradise and this passed the test? Nailed it! “Now that you’ve passed the test. It’s time for the next one. The Test of Patience. Oh you thought there was only one test? Silly slave. Being able to cum from my feet alone just proves that you have passed the Test of Cumming and are indeed into encasement bondage but like I said, I want a House of Gordess. Women from the House of Gord can orgasm over and over again and you will have to be able to mimic that somewhat as a man. What this means is that I’m only going to give you 5 more minutes of rest and then you will have to cum again or else fail today’s testing.”

Oh fuck. The test just got harder (pun intended) and now Brad was having serious doubts about being able to pass it. He tried to rest as much as he could until Darla began massaging his crotch with her feet again. Sure enough, his erection returned and he was hot and bothered in no time. There may be hope yet! Soon the hard stroking began, but this time, Brad just couldn’t get himself to orgasm. “Oh don’t worry slave. I know how difficult it can be to orgasm again so soon as a lowly man, so don’t worry. I have plans to facilitate you.” Darla then put one foot on his nostrils again and left her other foot to continue the stroking almost as strongly as she did with both feet.

Now the smell of her slightly dirty feet filled his hood and nose again, but as she pressed harder, the air flow began to weaken a little. The thought of almost suffocating excited Brad and he came just as hard for just as long again. This time he let out a loud moan that only barely reached Darla’s ears.

“Excellent work slave! You have passed the Test of Patience. Now for the Test of Abandonment. Most people would get claustrophobic in this kind of predicament if they were left alone too long without any stimulation. YOU must be willing to accept that I might not always be near you for short or even intermediate periods of time. But like I said before, I also have other plans that will help you get through these unfair circumstances, you poor little bitch. I’m going to go the restroom to freshen up and should be back in twenty minutes. Here’s what’s going to happen. The first few minutes will be fine, but then your cock will eventually be a complete noodle and your mind will begin to wander towards other nonsexual things. This is when panic can set in. The only way out is to think about how I’ve just pleasured you twice and any other encasement bondage that you can think of. Got it? Good. Finally, I’ll leave you with something to help you stay, shall we say, HORNY. Brad felt something kind of heavy, like four pounds, being placed on his crotch. Then he heard some duct tape being torn from its roll and felt some pressing pressure against his thighs. “When I come back I’m going to check on you and you are NOT allowed to cum until I return and place my feet on your nose again. Nod if you understand!”

Brad nodded tiredly. “Good. I have a powerful dual-headed back massager duct-taped to your crotch to keep you busy. Catch ya later!” He then heard a switch being turned on and the massager came to life! It was strongly vibrating both sides of his cock and he could feel his third erection already coming to life! Her footsteps echoed farther and farther away from him until her office door closed with an audible locking CLICK. The vibrations were so strong that he didn’t think he could avoid cumming for longer than 2 minutes! This was torture! After what seemed like hours, Brad’s mind began to wander towards his work. Was she going to let him continue working there or did she want him to keep his investments growing while he moved into her place to be a 24/7 slave? Will he be allowed to see his friends and family occasionally? Shit! His erection was gone and now panic was beginning to set in accompanied by the humming of the back massager on his now almost-numb cock.

He started to squirm but he couldn’t move an inch! His zentai spandex suit was tight enough, but it was also smooshed against his skin from the darlex sleepsack. His head felt like it was in a vice because it was encased in spandex and then compressed by two darlex hoods! Then there were the straps. The final and unbreakable barrier to his freedom. Like boa constrictors, they made sure that he couldn’t even shift an inch away from her desk. Claustrophobia started to rear its ugly head towards him and he wanted to escape! At this point he didn’t care about everyone finding out about his secret. Maybe he could worm his way to the door and nudge it until someone came to save him. Had it been longer than 20 minutes? Where the hell was she!? No, he had to focus. Brad started to think about how she earlier cupped her hand on his crotch to tease him. Then how she stroked his shaft with her feet and stopped. Then he thought about how he came twice from her feet alone and the smell of her used stockings. Bingo! The erection was back and he didn’t feel terrified anymore.

He heard the door to her office unlock, open and then close. Who was it? Was he going to get caught by that annoying analyst? Then the smell of dirty stockings filled his nose again followed by the pressing of her feet against his face. Whew! She’s back. Suddenly there was a small clicking sound and the vibrator doubled its intensity. In only a few seconds, Brad came even stronger than both prior orgasms combined! He didn’t think it was possible but it was probably because this orgasm-by-back-massager thing was quite new and exciting for him. He let out a loud girlish moan. After several seconds of moaning orgasming, Brad finally quieted down as Darla turned off the back massager.

“Bravo! Good job slave. You have passed all three tests today! Sorry about the wait but I got caught up in a long conversation with that one annoying analyst and time just flew by. It’s been an hour and a half! Closing time! Everyone’s gone home so it’s just you and yours truly here in the office. Now, again, I don’t want to hear you speak. Just nod or shake your head to answer my questions. Firstly, do you still want to work here?”

He nodded.

“Good. Would you be willing to move into my house and add all of your fetish and bondage toys to my, probably much larger, collection?” He nodded again.

“Wonderful. After a typical day’s work you will report to my, or our, house and then immediately strip naked, shower and then get into a black zentai suit. Following that I will play with you as I see fit. Sometimes I will just want to cuddle with you and watch a movie, while you’re in the Winterfetish darlex straitjacket shorts, with the zentai suit underneath of course – eye holes for you to comfortably watch the movie would be optional and entirely up to you having prior good behavior. Or I may want to eat dinner with you while you’re in a tight spandex zentai suit that covers your whole body except for your mouth so that you can feed yourself. I may use you as a footstool or even as a pillow at times, while under heavy encasement bondage naturally. You will still be able to visit friends and family on some days and all holidays provided you ask me for permission in advance. Is this all agreeable for you?” Brad nodded fervently. This was a beautiful deal.

“Good. Once we get into the groove of things, I will have more bondage positions, tests and even Gord-like forniphilia experiments for you in the future so keep in tip top shape. Now I’m not going to release you because… because… well to be frank because I fucking feel like it. I’m going to drag you by your feet into the parking garage, stuff you in the trunk of my suv and then take you to your place where I will free you so that you can pack only your essential items and your ‘toys.’ Get ready for a whole new lifestyle lover slave.”

Brad smiled in his cocoon. This was indeed the best day of his life and he felt rather proud of himself because he passed three tests that he didn’t even have to study for.  




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