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The Test

by Eric

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© Copyright 2010 - Eric - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; F/m; latex; catsuit; gag; sleepsack; toys; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

Karen woke up this morning realizing she did not have go to work today: she did a lot of overtime the last few weeks so she gain some extra holidays.

She wants to stay at home relaxing and recovering from the hectic days at work before, she first takes a shower and afterwards she put on her favourite outfit: a one piece custom made bodysuit whit attached feet, gloves and hood made of latex.

Because she first have to eat her breakfast she puts the hood inside the catsuit and zip it up so she feels the wonderful fabric stretching around her body by every inch  the backzipper went up.

While preparing her meal she hears a motorcycle stopping in front of her house, and a little later the doorbell rang.

She listened at the door phone and hearing it’s a delivery boy with a package for her.

Now she is realizing it’s her order for a sleep sack from winter fetish, she did not expect that it arrived so soon!

Because she don’t like to go to a local storehouse to pick up her package, she tells the deliveryman to wait a few seconds and she puts on a long bathing wrap, closing it firmly whit the cloth belt so you could see only her hands covered with latex, if he asks something about it I can tell him I am doing the dishes she thinks to herself.

She opens the front door and accepts the delivery from the motorman, she has to sing a paper to confirm the order arrived at her place.

While she is putting her autograph at the block note, she makes a wrong move and the block note falls to the ground, without thinking, in a reflex, she grabs the papers, but at the same time the cloth belt loses and the bathing wrap opens and exposes her latex covered body.

She handles the papers back to the delivery boy, he accept them but he hesitated a bit, meanwhile she close her cloths again but not so firmly since he already saw her suit in his glory.

After a few seconds he grabs his guts and asked her: is it latex you are wearing?

Because she can not denying what he saw she said: yes, why?

Could i ask you some questions about it? I am married for about a year now and my wife, which I loved very much, wants to introduce me to latex cloths since she has a real fetish about this, I did know this would come sooner ore later because we have no secrets for each other and she spokes about it  even before we were married!

Now I am not afraid about the idea, it even intrigued somehow, but, because the costs for some good latex cloths and not knowing where to start, I want to speak someone who has experience whit this, and this not via the internet since the most people you find there are not what they say they are.

She takes a few seconds to think about his weird question, and than she invites hem inside.

Before he enters her house he explains her has no sexual meanings ore feelings so she don’t have to worry about this!

When they are inside she takes of her bathing wrap, they takes a seat on the dining table and she makes some coffee for him.

After this she begins to talk about her fetish and the sensation of wearing latex on her bear skin, about the feeling to be completely enclosed in rubber, and how it started and grow.

After a while she interrupting her story and ask him: have you done with you work?

A bit confused, he answered: yes you are my last costumer, why?

We could talk a lot about this but the best experience is to wear it! So you could feel what I am talking about, so you could explore the sensation!

I have another suit like this, so you could put it on, you don’t have to pay for it so you would not have a financial hangover after you discover it is not your thing !the only thing I ask is that you first take a shower.

A bit overwhelmed about this proposal he first want to be sure she don’t has any sexual meanings, to ensure this she puts on her hood and padlocked the zipper, after this she handed the keys to him whit the words: its in your hands now!

The only thing he could see now where her blue eyes through the openings in her hood.

She indicates him to the bathroom, giving him a towel and explains how to put on the suit with some talc powder she gave to him.

After this she ran to the phone and call a girlfriend, Kim, she has recognised the guy in her bathroom as the husband of her former room mate, she explains the situation and asked to come over as soon as possible so they could have some fun, she also asked to bring two small padlocks whit her and leave the keys at home.

Since their home was only 15 min. away she would arrive soon.

In the meantime the guy has finished the shower and has struggled himself into the suit but he could not reach the zipper so he came out and asked her to do this.

She pulls up the zipper and padlocked him the same way as her, for precaution she tells him!

She led him into the bedroom and asks to wait for a second, at the same moment her girlfriend, the guy’s wife, arrived whit a motorbike also.

Karen quickly let her in and says: put on this suit as soon as possible, it’s the same as mine, since we have the same measurements and eye colours he won’t see the difference! The only thing that is not the same is the build in vibrator, but because I know you very well it won’t make a problem isn’t it?

As soon as Kim was inside the suit she says: I put this bal gag in your mouth so you can not betray our little secret since our voices are very different.

Before Kin could protest she puts the bal gag in her mouth and zipped up the suit and padlocked the suit with the to locks witch where on her suit before (she had some spare keys). What Kim did not know: the keys from the suit of her husband were inside here suit.

She led Kim into the bedroom, to her husband, taking care he would not see the two women together.

When Kim was inside she makes a sing to her husband with her finger before her mouth not to speak, she takes a polishing aerosol and explains him with gesture to polish her suit.

He starts to do this but he ignores the places between her legs and her breasts not willing to arouse an unknown women. The only thing he could not hide is the hard one he archived from being encased in latex and the beautiful sight before him.

Kim, a bit disappointed, takes over the aerosol and polished her husband and, in contrary, makes a lot of attention to the sexual spots of her husband.

The guy, not willing to have any sexual contact whit this women (he don’t know it’s his wife) wants to go out of the room and escape of all the lust inside.

At this point Karen enters the room, not knowing what he sees the guy stood still in unbelief,

The two girls showing themselfs in front of him. Slowly Karen unlock the zipper from Kims suit and lowered the hood, at this point the guy recognise his wife, and he feels a great relief knowing the girl who caressed him was no stranger but his wife.

Quickly, before Kim could remove the balgag, Karen zipped up again Kims suit, this time using the padlocks Kim has brought with her from home.

Now she explains: I have a little surprise for you two: I put the keys from your suit, pointing to the guy, inside hers, pointing to Kim, the padlock on yours are replaced by the one you take along whit you from your place, so you can’t take of your suits before you are at home since I told you to leave the keys at home! And since it is not so cold outside, a have put your clothes aside and left only your helmets and boots for driving at home! people would thinking you are wearing a one piece racingsuit so its no problem!

No you ask; Why?: it’s a small revenge not to be invited at your wedding party!

But, as a late wedding gift, you could kept the two suits and, with the hard one exposed inside your husbands suit I think it’s a useful gift also, so you remind at me every time your inside those, and knowing Kim, it would be a lot!

Before they left, Karen took the guy for a moment aside and give him a remote control from the vibrator inside Kims suit, and says since you are a faithful guy I give you this so you could have some fun driving at home: I have taken out some gasoline from her bike so she has to visit a gas station to reach your home, have fun! I have put some money inside your topcase for paying the gasoline.

So when they went on Kim pointed to her gas tank to let know her husband she needs some fuel, at the gas station she fuels up and go inside to pay the bill, at this moment her husband starts the vibrator inside her witch makes her wiggle a bit inside the store. The people inside asks her if everything is ok but she could not answer: she left her helmet on because she is trapped inside the hood and she also has still the bal gag inside her mouth ,not knowing what to do, she throws the money to the station keeper, and hurries outside not waiting for the change, leaving the other people surprised behind.

She gives her husband an angry look and went of home.

At home, she first unlocks her own suit, put his keys outside, but unlocked only his crotch zipper and played with him till the evening, leaving him all the time encased in his suit, and: he likes it!




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