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There's No Place Like Home

by kinkyme

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© Copyright 2010 - kinkyme - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; femdom; dildo; oral; armbinder; catsuit; collar; foot; anal; mast; cons; X

This story was an entry into the 2010 Winter Fetish Story Contest

I stepped off the plane after three days travelling and was really looking forward to going home after a long few weeks of travelling for work. My work regularly has me travelling and I don’t seem to get home as much as I would like anymore. But it pays the bills and then some, and of course it does make it even more enjoyable when I do get home. Leaving the gate, I walked down the corridor, past the shops and last security checkpoint, and toward the baggage claim area. I don’t typically check bags, but with the new security changes it was impossible to take even a small travel bag containing a razor and nail clippers on a flight so it had to be checked. Luckily, even with two flight changes, and one delay at an intermediate airport, my bag was one of the first off the carousel at my home destination, then it was just short 2 minute walk to the train and an even smoother 3 hour journey back home. I even managed to get a little sleep on the way and woke just up as the train pulled into the station.

With my bag in hand, I pulled out my phone and called my girlfriend who was waiting just outside to pick me up around the corner. A few moments later, she was pulling up in front of the station. I threw my bags in the back seat, and got into the front seat for the drive home. Before she pulled away and headed out toward the highway, I leaned over to give her a light kiss “hello.”
As I did, she kissed me back passionately and had a strange, mischievous look in her eye. I sat back in to my chair and started to relax. After about 5 minutes we were clear on the highway where she took my hand and pressed it down on her upper thigh. As she did I noticed a large lump in her jeans pressed against her leg. I immediately began to get hard because I knew what was under those tight denim jeans she was wearing. She knew I had noticed it immediately and began to smirk as I sat up and kissed her. Underneath her jeans, she was wearing 8 inches of solid silicone, “strapless strap-on” that she was going to use on me when we got home. Her strap on was a baby pink, silicone, double ended dildo called “the share”, “the share” is designed to fit inside her vagina while holding a respectably sized “penis” in place and it’s designed to stimulate her as she used it, thus “sharing” the fun.

While she drove, I leaned across and slowly began to kiss her neck and caress and fondle the bulge in her jeans. She smiled while I did this and I could tell she was looking forward to what was ahead. Continuing to drive, she was visibility becoming turned on as I stroked the dildo she was wearing under her jeans. Her nipples became hard and it was apparent she wasn’t wearing a bra as I unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped her fly to reach inside her pants and continue stroking her stiff cock. She wasn’t wearing any panties either and my hand brushed against her trimmed pubic hair and moist crotch. Pulling the cock from laying against her leg, I freed it from the tight denim cloth through the now open front of her jeans. It stood tall, proud and pink from her pussy.

I reached across and felt her nipples through her shirt. They were hard as bullets as I brushed my hand over them. I leaned in further to kiss her passionately and looked into her eyes intently, but only for a moment since she was still driving. 

After kissing her, she steadily took hold of my head with one hand and pushed me down towards her pussy. I leaned over as she guided me and kissed the tip of her long, thick, silicone cock that was standing tall and ready from the folds in her jeans. I kissed it gently and slowly at first, then stuck out my tongue and allowed some spit to drip down onto the tip. Slowly I began licking my way down its shaft to its base teasing her mound with my tongue.  I began to lick slowly, up and down. As I did so, I turned my head to look up at her so I was looking her in her eyes as she watched me kiss and lick her penis. She was enjoying the view, smiling and breathing ever more deeply as she watched. I averted my eyes and looked down to focus my attention.

With the base of the cock in my hands, I took the tip of the dildo into my mouth and slowly put as much of the rest her cock into my mouth as I could handle. Looking up again, she watched as best she could while she was driving as I slowly sucked and bobbed up and down on the cock between her legs with my mouth. She stroked my hair as she guided me up and down. I was blowing her in the car and she loved the image of her boyfriend sucking her cock as she drove, just as she had done to me so many times before.

I continued to suck her cock as she drove, slowly, quickly, softly, and sometimes more forcefully. As I worked the cock with my mouth, its base drove up and down, moving inside her and creating pressure against her increasingly wet pussy and clitoris. I knew it was stimulating and turning her on and I could tell that she was going to be ready when we got home. Getting to a stoplight near our home, I let the cock slide from between my lips and raised my head. The shaft of the cock was wet from my saliva and my mouth was a little sore from the work it had done.

Arriving home, she pushed the button on the garage door opener and we pulled in, the garage door then closed behind us.  She grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me towards her passionately, kissing me hard and deep, we stayed in each others embrace for some time. Gently pushing me back she looked at me and purred “Go inside, clean up and wait for me in the bedroom. I have another sexy little surprise for you!” adding as I went “Oh, and while you’re waiting, why don’t you get out of those clothes and put on something a little more comfortable.”

That “something a little more comfortable” turned out to be a locking leather collar and blindfold she had left out on the bed for me. She had also written me a small note folded in half beneath the blindfold and the bed that had one sentence written neatly in black ink. “Kneel facing the bed.” I could tell from the clearly written handwriting and the strategically placed pillow on the floor at the foot of our bed that she had planned this for some time. Taking this all in I decided it would definitely be in my best interests to do as she said and decided to go a little further down the rabbit hole of her game. I didn’t know what she had in mind but I knew that she was horny as hell and seemed to be in one of her more kinky moods and I sure as hell wasn’t going to do anything to stop that.

After the trip away from her for a few days and the damned hot, ride back in the car I was more than a little horny, so doing as I was told, I went to the bathroom to wash up. Scrubbing the sweat from my face I picked up a hand towel and began to pat myself down when I noticed what had been left out next to the sink, it was an anal douche. I had a very clear idea as to what that meant. So after drying my face I took off all of my clothes and left them piled in the laundry hamper. I went back over to the sink and filled the douche with warm water to clean out my lower bowels a few times into the toilet. I dried myself off one last time and then went back into the bedroom.

Kneeling down on the pillow that was left for me I faced towards the bed. Then I picked up the collar from the bedspread and placed it around my neck, tightened the buckle and locked it in place with the padlock that was left open waiting for me in the lock. Reaching forward I picked up the blindfold from the quilt cover and pulled it over my head. The world went pitch black, I lowered my arms and waited.

As I knelt there waiting, my senses tried to pick up anything, a sound, a smell, a slight change in pressure around me, a breeze, anything. It’s amazing how the body reacts when you take away just one of its senses. I noticed that the room was a very comfortable temperature to be kneeling down in naked. I remember thinking to myself “She really has planned this little adventure today huh?” Then suddenly out of the black stillness of my solitary world I heard a squeak. It was ever so quiet but I definitely heard it. It sounded like the door being opened very slowly, and then there was nothing. Was I wrong? I couldn’t tell. There didn’t seem to be any other change, the room was as warm as it was before and there was no breeze. Maybe I had imagined it. Straining my ears I tried to pick up any sound beyond my own breathing. Suddenly out of the darkness I heard the barely audible sound of bare feet padding their way across on the carpet behind me. Just as suddenly it stopped in its tracks and I was assaulted by a waft of perfume carried on the air. It took a deep breath. It smelled of fresh clean, slightly damp skin. Freshly showered, with a hint of jasmine perfume, it was the familiar scent of my girlfriend. I knew it instantly as I’d spent many a night curled up next to her breathing her in each night as we slept.

But there was something different about it this time. Something out of place that I couldn’t grasp blinded as I was. I could almost recall what it was when I felt a cool shapely foot press into the middle of my back, pushing me forwards onto the bed. Yielding, I put out my arms to catch myself and turned my head to lower my torso down onto the edge of the mattress. Then out of the silent darkness I felt a pair of slender hands take hold of my wrists and draw them back together behind me. I heard her pull something out from under the bed beside me, how could I have missed it? It must have been hidden under there the whole time. I felt it glide across my body as she picked it up from its hiding place. It was soft and smooth, with some kind of strapping. What was strange was that I couldn’t place it mentally, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was. As it was brought behind me and out of my apparent senses I felt her pulling my elbows together and then rolling something over my hands, then I remembered.

She had the spandex arm binder I had bought a few weeks back from an online store called “Winter Fetish”. I bought it because I had just found the “House of Gord” website and thought that the women were extremely sexy, all bound in quite frankly what could only be described as gymnastic positions while they were encased in shiny body formed, cat suits and hoods. There was a link to the store they bought their stuff from and I decided to try it out. Clicking the link I thought “I work hard enough after all.” A few days later it arrived and I surprised my girlfriend by putting her in it completely naked, blindfolded and leaving her that way for most of the morning while having my way with her as part of another one of our kinky games.

“Do you remember putting me in this?” she asked as she pulled the sleeve up my arms, stretching to fit over my forearms, squeezing them together as it was pulled higher up over my elbows. “You had me in it for a long time. You said you loved the way it looked on me, the way it forced my arms back and chest out while keeping me utterly at your control. Well? Do you?”

“Yes.” I replied

“Oh good, because now your under my control.” She breathed into my ear as she pulled it up the last inch and began reaching around to loop and tighten the straps that held it in place. I felt her press into my back as she did, I could tell that she was still wearing the strapless strap-on. I felt the cool silicone bounce and bob against me with every movement and felt it press into my back as she reached forward over me. But there was something else, she was warm and smooth, not like her skin but something else, something more like plastic but softer. She began to tighten the straps that held my elbows together forcing me to arch my back and push my chest out.

With the arm binder in place she pulled me back to a kneeling position, holding me by the shoulders she spoke into my ear softly “I’ve had a look through your bag while you were up here, and I didn’t find the present you said you were bringing back for me!”

I had promised to pick up a pair of diamond earrings for our engagement anniversary while I was travelling as they’re a lot cheaper over there, But I was busy with meetings most of the day and I missed my last chance at the airport to get a cup of coffee instead. Fortunately I remembered while leafing through the in flight magazine and ordered them from the duty free on the flight so they were still in my jacket in the laundry hamper!

“So I guess you’ll have to just make up for it instead, but it’s not all bad, I got you a present anyway.” with that she smoothed one hand down from my shoulder to my chest and back up to my neck. She held a cord and it ran across my front to the other hand at my shoulder. Moving to the neck she took hold of the d-ring in the collar and pulled at it. As my mind put it together she attached a leash to the collar and pulled the blindfold off in one smooth movement. She walked around me to climb onto the bed leash in hand. She then knelt in front of me so I was looking up at her body. She was dressed in a shiny black PVC skin tight cat-suit with her strap-on dildo poking out from a crotch zipper. Her nipples were clearly visible as she knelt in front of me, teasingly tugging me forward by the leash I was on.

“Do you like it? I found the receipt for the arm binder while you were away and figured I’d check it out. It seems that when I put the web address into the computer there were already web pages in the memory. So I had a look at the sites you’ve been visiting. I have to admit they do look hot. And it looks to me like you really like the girls all bound and ready for you in tight cat suits, so I thought I’d reward you for getting me a present by letting you have your way with me in this. But since you forgot my present that’s not going to happen tonight baby! Besides, as hot as the pictures at “the House of god” or whatever I thought that they looked a little wrong anyway, all those women tied up as slaves when they look this good. This way around is much better in my opinion!”

I looked up at her in the cat suit and immediately become rock hard, damned she was sexy. Her entire body looked like it had just been painted in some kind of black liquid as the cat suit matched her every curve and reflected light like tar. I could clearly make out her erect nipples and belly button. Out of the black liquid body stood a bright pink silicone cock, the other end of which I knew was buried deep inside her wet pussy. She raised herself to a kneeling position on the bed and flexed her hips to bring her crotch forward. Pushing the dildo towards me, she pulled a little more forcefully on the leash causing me to lean forward.

“Now suck my cock!” she demanded as she grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulls me forward.  I topple forward unable to balance or catch myself as the spandex arm binder holds my arms in place allowing me just a small amount of give before pulling my arms back to their original position. That’s what I loved about putting my girlfriend in this, she could struggle all she wanted and it seemed like freedom was just one more push away but there was no way out. Now I knew how infuriating it was to be bound by such an ingenious device. I struggled to control myself as she pulled me ever closer.

She pulled me forward onto the bed making me take her strap on into my mouth as far as I could go, gagging me on her cock before releasing me and letting me fall back onto my haunches. “Awww, did you gag on my cock baby?” she cooed. “Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of practice being my slut this weekend. But right now I have other plans…”

Crawling to the top of the bed she pulled on my leash dragging me closer to the bed and eventually bent over it pulling against the collar. “If only I could undo the collar” I thought as the spandex once again flexed against my useless attempt of escape. She tied the leash off to the headboard leaving me bent taught over the bottom of our bed with my arms behind me looking up at her beautiful ass, both of my arms rendered useless to push myself up and reach out to squeeze her buttocks. She turned to look at me, her strap-on in one hand and smiles. “In case you hadn’t noticed already I knew you’d forget so I set this all up in advance.”

“Now, I think it’s time you learned about remembering promises, since you always seem to forget.” She said smiling as she pulled a riding crop out from beneath the pillow. She holds the crop in her slender, delicate hand, leaning back to sit against the headboard upon a pile of pillows, her shining legs spread to show her pink dildo protruding from her crotch, she is utterly a vision of female dominance. ”Now, why don’t you apologise.” It wasn’t a question, but a command. I look at her speechless, I can’t even describe in words how incredible she looked, laid back on top of the bed, a leather crop in hand, wrapped in a slinky black cat suit, watching me with her bright green eyes sparkling as she looked down at me with an authoritative look on her face. “Well!” she demands lightly spanking my face with the crop.

“I’m sorry.” I eventually stammer.

“Oh! You can do better than that!” She replies sounding angry, I know she’s just playing but damned she can really pull of the act. “Kiss my feet” she orders as she stretches her foot towards me. I reach out my face and kiss her on her foot. “More!” she demands and I again reach forward to kiss her foot and caress it with my tongue. I keep eye contact with her the whole time I worship her feet. I can see she is enjoying herself as she smiles back at me satisfied that she is the one in control. “Suck on my toes!” she says pushing her foot into my mouth. I eagerly begin to suck on her toes and lick them with my tongue. She begins to giggle as I lick between her toes and pulls her foot away. “That tickles!” she laughs.

A smack to the side of my face with the crop lets me know she’s not amused. “Lick my feet slowly. And don’t you dare tickle me again!” I slowly suck her toes into my mouth, this time taking care to slowly move my tongue around her feet. She grins at me bound and at her feet, worshiping her with my tongue. “Mmm! That’s much better.” She says watching me with her half closed eyes, dressed in a slinky black cat suit, I’m in heaven! I use every last inch of my tongue to massage her feet, licking and sucking her toes and soles. “Oh god! That feels sooo good!” She moaned putting down the crop. “You sure know how to use your tongue.” She laughs pulling her foot back towards her body her and away from me. I gasp wanting, reaching after her with my tongue as far as I can follow.

“But, I’m still not finished with you yet. Not by a long shot!” She reached for a bottle of lubricant she had waiting in the bedside drawer.  Moving into a kneeling position in front of me, she spread some onto her hand and then caressed her cock with it in front of my face, lubricating its full length so it glistened with wetness. “Wanna guess what I’m gonna do next?” She purred looking down at me with her bright green eyes as she gave herself a hand job in front of me. I looked up and moaned in pleasure at the sight of her “Mmm, that’s right baby!” she said smiling down at me.

She climbed off the bed and came behind me, making sure I was pushed forward onto the bed. She lifted my bound arms and exposed my waiting asshole. Bringing the bottle of lubricant behind me, she let some drip into my ass crack. It was cold but not unpleasant.

She spread it over my asshole with her fingers, gingerly pushing her finger in and out of my asshole slightly as she did so. She was close to me as she did all of this, squatting behind me her buttocks resting against the back of my legs, and all the while, her cock raging between my legs brushing against me teasingly as she moved. With my ass and her cock lubricated, we were ready.

Bringing the head of her cock up against the opening of my asshole, I was as turned on as I could possibly be. She gently pushed forward holding the dildo in one hand to support it and my hips with the other, the head of her cock began to bury itself into me. I could feel the pressure of it as it began to enter me and stretch my ass open.

I can only imagine the picture we made as she entered me. A beautiful long haired brunette girl with pert breasts encased from neck to ankle in a shiny PVC cat-suit and a huge silicone cock coming from her crotch, fucking her boyfriend who was bent over the side of the bed in a spandex arm-binder. Her breasts bounced as she fucked me from behind, I could feel myself moving eagerly back and forth on her cock, taking it all in with vigour.

As if reading my mind she leans forward and whispers into my ear “Perhaps we should video tape this sometime, I’m sure you’d love to see how sexy you look all bound up like that, the sexy little plaything of a mistress. Or maybe just take a few pictures of you as you suck my cock” I can hear the grin on her face as she says it, “Maybe I should put them up on a website for bound guys in spandex” I can tell without looking at her that her eyes are closed and she’s smiling as she says this grinding into me from behind “or maybe, I should just show them to your boss the next time you forget a promise.” She adds, as she takes a firm hold of my waist and slams her hips forward to punctuate her sentence and I gasp at the sudden roughness.

Her speed of fucking sped up, slowed down, and changed rhythm as I did so many times with her. Her hands grasping my hips and guiding her as she drove her cock into me. As she continued, I became more and more turned on. She began to fuck me slightly more forcefully, and then gradually even deeper, and faster. I knew from experience that as she did, the base of the cock she wore pressed against her clitoris underneath. Bumping and grinding against her, it stimulated her more and more, making her moan and adding enthusiasm to her fucking as she continued. My own stimulation grew along with hers, her cock driving deep into my ass and pounding against my prostate, deep inside me. I took all of her cock and she eagerly gave it.   We were both physically and mentally stimulated in ways that normal sex simply could not provide. We had traded roles. I was her supplicant, bound and helpless, she my master, in total control having her way with me. God I love being a switch.

Both of us fucked each other in our new roles eagerly, coming closer and closer to orgasm. Hot and frenzied fucking gave way to the raging orgasms that began to shatter their way through both of us.  As we approached climax, she reached around with one of her hands and stroked my own erect cock. With a tight grip she stroked it in rhythm to her fucking of my ass. My mind went blank and all I knew was the feel of her hot PVC body pressed against mine, the heavy breathing in my ear and the pleasure that seemed to wash throughout my entire body. Her moaning increased and intensified as she herself approached her own orgasm.

Our breathing and moans synchronized with each other as our pace increased, I could feel myself getting ready to explode. Her stroking of my cock and pounding of my ass combined to create a feeling of fucking and getting fucked simultaneously. I began to swell, ready to shoot the biggest load of my life. She began to breathe deeper and moan louder into my ear as she pressed into me from behind, she began to shudder slightly, and a rolling orgasm spread throughout her body as she fucked me. Unable to hold back any longer I released the biggest load of cum that has ever come from me. We both fucked through it until we were fully spent, collapsing over the bed together sweaty, hot, and exhausted with her cock still buried inside me as my own cock began to subside from its excitement.

She slowly pulled her cock from inside me as I groaned then she unclipped the leash holding me over the bed and we both collapsed to the floor where she curled up behind me. I turned my head sideways to look at her, locking each other into a passionate kiss. I look into her eyes and said “I love you.” “I know” she replies smitten with herself and we just lie there together. Her arms wrapped around me, keeping me warm. After a little while, she pulled on the straps to release my arms and helped to peel me out of the arm binder, oddly my arms had not gone numb this time, probably because of the give in the spandex, so together we took off her cat suit, me kissing her sensually as I revealed her flesh. She tenderly removed the wet glistening cock from her sex, it was coated in her love and dripped as she held it. She put it onto a cum drenched towel that seemed to have materialised from nowhere in front of the bed. She then took hold of the collar still locked around my neck and pulled me wordlessly out of the room, to shower together.

While we often engage in these types of kinky, role playing, bondage sessions along with our regular sexual activities, this was certainly an unexpected surprise. I can’t wait to surprise her back by presenting her with the promised earrings after our shower, or maybe tomorrow, after breakfast, or even at dinner tomorrow night…

The End



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