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The Twins

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2014 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; femdom; twins; spandex; catsuits; fursuit; cuffs; bond; chain; bdsm; whip; strapon; facesit; anal; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

As they turned back and forth every curve of their toned bodies reflected the light differently. One moment a sensuous curve was outlined with a bright reflection, the next it was plunged into deep shadow.

There are two of them. One is named Anna, the other Barbara, but I could not tell one from the other at the moment. Both were sheathed from the tops of their snug fitting spike heeled suede boots to the crown of their heads in gleaming black lycra. Damn near every inch of their usually healthy looking flesh was covered by their skintight bodysuits.

Two slender gaps allowed me to see sparkling blue eyes with long, curving lashes looking out at me. A third space in the shiny second skin allowed a pair of brightly red lipsticked lips to smile out from the darkness at me. The rest of their beautiful faces were sheathed tightly like every other curve of their bodies.

A ring in the very crown of both outfits allowed a long ponytail of glorious auburn hair to cascade down their backs adding a whole new set of gently moving tones to the shining visions before me.

Even their hands were covered, but in each pair of hands was a whip. A long, bendy coaching whip that they were swishing back and forth with cheery abandon.

I am down on my hands and before them. Tight leather manacles have my wrists and ankles their prisoners, Not that it would help if my hands were free as damn near every inch of my flesh is covered as well. Covered by a slippery skin of lycra that stopped my hands doing anything to release myself from it’s skintight confines.

They had come to me holding a bundle of cloth I was convinced was way too small to enclose my muscular frame, and we cuddled up together in my king size bed as the handful of drinks they had bought me mixed with my male ego. I allowed them to offer it up to my naked frame and gently but insistently fit it to me.

Half asleep, and if I am honest not entirely unwillingly I allowed the fantasy of my dreams to come true as the two glorious twins I had been lusting after for more months than I cared to think about caressed my muscles and pulled that evil stretchy suit over me.

As my manhood sprang lustily to attention warm fingers fed it into a pocket in that suit that both cradled and contained it. Caressed it even as it bobbed frantically in it’s frustrated lust.

The suit felt both warm and snug, and as my brain slowly cleared I raised a hand and saw the outer surface of the outfit that now clung to my every curve was covered with a soft fur the match my own blond hair. And where my hands had been I now had padded paws that held my fingers in a soft but insistent grip. No matter how I flexed my fingers the padding snapped them back together and I realised that I no longer hand hands to help myself.

Panic rising I reached up to the neck of the costume and clutched at it. Pawed at it more accurately, and where fur met fur my enclosed hand slid away and I found I could not get a grip on the soft prison that was the size of my own body.

I rolled over and found myself on my hands and knees on the bed. The girls rolled away from me and I could hear their laughter as I tried to tug at the costume with my now useless hands. And as I looked up I took in the sight of myself in the big mirror that occupies the wall opposite my bed. For all the world I looked like a big furry animal down there on my hands and knees, and I knew as they moved towards me things were not going to get better for me.

There was one of them either side of me, and before I could move deft fingers darted beneath me and stroked my already erect manhood. As I let out a sound of sheer joy and my lips parted the other twin’s hand darted out and grasped a hood of the same furry material I had not noticed hanging lose at the nape of my neck.

She pulled hard and swift, rolling the material over my head and down over my face. I gagged as a large ball of soft material popped between my lips and instantly expanded to fill my mouth, pressing my tongue down and rendering my voice no more than an incomprehensible gurgle. I felt the tight material mould itself to my features, and as I looked up again I saw only a sculpted mask with human eyes staring back at me from above the face of the faintly feline creature I had been transformed into.

Equally swift hands fastened a wide brown collar with a gleaming brass buckle snugly about my throat. I heard the rasp of the leather tongue through the shiny clasp and nearly moved to tears as I felt them slipping the tongue finally into place and keeping the headpiece firmly in place until they chose to let me free again.

The matching leash snapped onto the collar with a sound that sealed my doom in my own mind. The tug was hard and before I could help myself I felt myself climbing down off my bed still on my hands and knees. For a moment I tried to rise and I felt a foot come down on my shoulders and shove me back down into my utterly submissive pose. In the half-light of the early morning I felt rather than saw them fastening leather manacles about my wrists and ankles before leading me away.

We were staying in a hotel and I pulled back hard on the leash as they swung open the door and started to lead me out into the brightly lit public space of the corridor. I pulled back from the brightness of the public area and received the slash of a whip across my arse for my troubles.

I twisted my face to look up at them and try to plead with them for mercy. But two pairs of bright blue eyes were staring down at me with laughter dancing around them. And both of them still had those whips in their hands as they smiled down at me and I knew I was lost.

That seems like an age ago now, and after a terrifying trip in the lift I found myself shackled to a cold concrete floor deep in the basement. My manacles snapped to brass rings bolted to the floor that kept my limbs wide spread and my head down in utter submission. And soon the now lycra-clad twins were joined by a third figure.

She was not as tall as the twins but her girth was amazing. She teetered on spindly heels that boggled the mind and her legs were broad, stretching the lycra of her bodysuit to its very limits.. A skin of black lycra covered her as it did the twins, but over hers she wore a tight basque that squeezed mighty breasts up and out against the straining fabric.

She turned to speak to the twins where they flanked her and I caught sight of a massive arse that both terrified and for a fleeting moment drove me to a terrifying place of arousal as I had a vision of it descending on my face in the way that made my manhood bob frantically in it’s tight sheath.

They slowly circled me, six stiletto heels beating out a slow rhythmic tattoo on the concrete floor while my head twisted frantically back and forth trying to keep all three of them in vision at the same time.

The first slashing pain of a whip cutting across my thinly covered arse made me yelp through my gag. I lurched forwards in my bonds and moved all of two inches before the solid steel chains brought me to a halt.

The slow march around me started again, and now I was looking around in something approaching fear as every one of them was carrying a whip. Nasty, hard edged riding whips that I knew could both caress or bite depending on the wrist of the user. Somehow I did not see a lot of caresses in my future.

Sure enough another stroke cut my arse. Harder this time, and they giggled amongst themselves as I made a stifled sound of pain, and they saw with their own eyes my frustrated arousal twitching between my legs. They started to pace again, and they exchanged words in a language I did not understand before another blow struck the tight skin of my lightly sheathed buttocks and I tried to spring away from it again, only to be kept in place by those four tight leather manacles and their gleaming chain anchors.

At the sudden silence I hauled my head up from where it was looking at the floor and beneath my skin-tight bondage I felt myself blanch.

The vast lady was standing square on to me with her hands on her wide hips, a smile dancing across her gleaming red lips. And as I watched the twins came either side of her and silently started strapping a harness about her hips. A harness of long leather straps with shiny buckles they fitted snugly about her ample curves. And hanging from the front of the harness was the thing that had filled me with fear. A strap-on stood proud from that nest of straps, standing proud, erect and massive. Lubricant gleaming along it’s length, and when the big woman swayed her hips it bounced up and down in a realistic fashion. And I was trapped down on all fours before her with absolutely no hope of escape or freedom.

She paced slowly around behind me, every step she took echoing around that concrete room until she was standing directly behind me. I felt the tears start to come as I sensed rather than saw her kneeling down behind me. I tried to leap forwards as I felt the head of the strap-on nudge up against my arsehole through a strategically arranged slit in my suit but there was no hope for me. I felt pudgy hands grasp my hips and a firm pressure against my poor virgin anus. I fought her with all the strength that part possessed but she was a strong as she was large and I heard myself squeal as she thrust herself home within me.

Things got worse as she pulled back and thrust forward again, taking her pleasure deeply on me. Forwards and back, forwards and back until I felt my body respond and against every wish I felt myself thrusting back against her and somewhere in the distance I could hear the twins laughing as they watched me being mated by the wide bitch with the strap-on. And actually enjoying it.

Things became a blur soon after that. I dimly recalled hands unsnapped those manacles from their floor rings, and being helped up on shaking legs by the twins. I recalled the bondage suit being rolled off me in a haze, and a deep bed welcoming me into it’s embrace. And only feeling panic rising again as the snug leather manacles were snapped off again to the edges of the bed and I was suddenly spreadeagled and helpless. I started to cry as I realised my torment was not finished yet.

In the half light of the bedroom I made out a shadow standing at the foot of the bed. A broad shadow sheathed in black lycra. And she was smiling. I heard myself pleading as she climbed up on the bed, walking up the bed making it move under her lycra clad feet and all I could do was stare up at her.

Moment later she was standing over me, looking down at me with sparking blue eyes. Not a word was spoken as she swung round and I had a fleeting view of her massive arse descending towards me. Mighty thighs settled either side of my face and held me fast as I saw her lycra catsuit had a strategic split all of it’s own and moments later her womanhood was pressed against my face while her vast arse pinned me tight to the bed. Unbidden my tongue leapt forth and slithered into her. I heard her gasp above me and her arse shifted slightly at my touch. She give a little sigh as my tongue moved within her and suddenly we were both in our own little heavens. And neither of us wanted to leave.

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